Why People Don’t trust China’s Solar Street Lights Now

solar street light quality in China

Recently, a Malaysian and Australian customer was sad to talk with me and said that they no longer wanted to sell solar street light systems because the life of the solar street lights they bought never exceeded two years, I sympathize with their experience deeply, the solar street light market is very confusing these years.

Solar Street Light Failure Project Analysis

In 2015, for Pakistan’s 40,000 sets of solar street lights project, a Pakistani female senior official personally searched for Chinese factories.

A good quality factory quoted a minimum price of 1,300 RMB per unit, but the Pakistani female senior officials demanded 900 RMB per unit, the factory refused as the price was not enough to buy the required materials.

Meanwhile, another factory promised that it could be done for 900 RMB, and even gave the senior woman a “kickback” commission of 200 RMB per unit, leaving the price of solar street light products at only 700 RMB per unit. How was that possible? To cut costs, the supplier used cheap materials of poor quality.

It turned out, that nearly all 40,000 sets of lamps were broken in less than 6 months. This high-level female official was arrested and has been in jail ever since.

There is no industry standard, customers are always looking for low prices, many solar street light factories in order to make higher profits, can only reduce the price of their products. Configured or with very poor quality materials, customers happily thought they were buying cheap and good products, but in fact, the quality of these solar street lights does not work for half a year or even less than two months, which led to more and more people no longer trust in solar street lights.

 Don’t just look at the solar street light parameters only

When we buy quality solar streetlights, we must not just look at the specifications advertised by the suppliers. Because the battery that the supplier may advertise is 100Ah, the actual product purchased is only 10Ah. Even with the same capacity, the available capacity of batteries of different grades is different. For the same solar street light, some suppliers label 60W, and some may label 300W.

The solar street lighting system is very different from the traditional utility city street light, such as in terms of the power of LED lights, You may often see 300W and 500W power solar street light systems in the market, As we all know, a 300W solar street light work 12 hours need power is 3600WH every night, so the power of solar panels need at least 800W. This is undoubtedly an unreasonable configuration for a solar street road system, especially an all-in-one solar street light.

Cheap & low-quality solar street lights= Waste of Money

People want to buy the cheapest products, but the cheap ones do not mean the most cost-effective. It also depends on the effect and longevity. For example:

With the 10-year lifespan of a $300 high-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $30.

With the 1 year lifespan of a $100 poor-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $100. If it is broken, it is a waste of time and energy, which is actually not worth it.

To get more business, some greedy manufacturers produce low-quality products with shoddy standard parameters, causing a large number of performance issues which lead to many people opting for electric street lights instead of solar street light products.

Some customers lost faith in Chinese products. They think that Chinese products break easily. Here are some of the “horror stories” I’ve personally known over the years.

 How to distinguish the difference between good quality and poor quality solar street lights.

First: Solar street light Battery life

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from the electric car(D-class), over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use broken lithium battery which is detached from Electricity car, lifespan less than one year.

If you want to buy high-quality solar street lights, Belinda suggests you choose an A-class A-class LiFePO4 battery or a B-class Lifepo4 battery, Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. if you need to install solar street lights in places where the sun is not particularly sufficient, we can also choose to use a Ternary lithium battery.

 solar street light battery types

Solar streetlight battery types

The battery capacity directly affects the performance and functionality of solar streetlights. A battery with a larger capacity can power brighter LED lights, cover a wider area, and provide enhanced lighting intensity. This results in improved visibility, increased safety, and better security in the illuminated areas. Consequently, solar street lights with higher battery capacities offer superior performance, but their advanced capabilities contribute to their higher prices

Second: Solar street light Solar panel size

The wider solar panel size means Large load power, and high capacity, which can increase the solar panel Efficiency, could offer enough power for bearing power, and is the insurance of brightness and longer backup time during cloudy days.

However, the low-quality solar panel size configuration is less than two and a half times the load power. If the cloudy days exceed more than the expected design requirements, the LED light would not work.

Solar Panel Capacity: Assess the solar panel capacity accurately. Higher solar panel capacity means more energy can be captured and converted into usable power. This directly impacts the charging capabilities and overall performance of the lights, especially during low sunlight conditions.

solar panel led street light size

solar panel led street light size

mono solar pv VSpoly solar pv

mono solar pv VSpoly solar pv

Third: Solar street light LED Chip Lumen

210lm/w: Brightness decayed in 5 years and more than 80% brightness remained.

110lm/w: Brightness decayed in 2-3 years and about 20% brightness remained.

Lumen Output: Look beyond the wattage! The lumen output directly determines the brightness and effectiveness of the lighting solution. Don’t be misled by inflated numbers. Ask for verified lumen output data to ensure you get the desired illumination for your project.



solar led street light

Fourth: Solar street light Solar panel size Case and Bracket Material

Quality solar street lights use a customized die-casting aluminum mold, The advantages of die-casting aluminum mold are lightweight, strong corrosion-resistant, and anti-rust. Making it able to resist a strong wind load of up to 130MPH, stainless steel screws are used as fasteners to protect against any harsh weather. The die-casting aluminum mold is elegant and characteristic.

Lower quality solar street lights just use mold and rough craft, the installing structure needs support by Knighthead, to recover the structure strength issue, making installation more complex, lack of stability, and not anti-strong wind.

 solar street light Bracket Material

Bracket Material

Fifth: Whether heat Dissipation between solar panels and light

In summer, the solar panel is as hot as 90°C, and 70°C inside the solar lamp body. (We have tested )

Hot will damage the battery and LED source, so we separate the hot solar panel and it has a shadow, makes solar street light cool, and enlarges the lifespan of the battery and LED source.

Solar led street light battery temperature

Solar-led street light battery temperature

Six: Whether Solar street light Solar panel size  solar panels can adjust

Different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street lights someplace, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun, so if the solar panel can be adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy while the lower quality solar led street light panel is fixed, causing low conversion rate of solar and the using areas are also limited.

solar street lamps panel fold

solar street lamps panel fold

adjust solar panel street light

Adjust solar panel street light


In recent years, many customers often complain that the solar street lights they bought do not work properly or do not work even in less than six months. Because some suppliers are looking for quick profits in a hurry but do not pay attention to the quality standard of their brand products. A very good quality solar street light can last more than 5-8 years.

Solar street lights systems are project products, usually, a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street light, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, and I hope that my summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.