Why do solar street light batteries need to be buried underground?

Endurance Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are loved by people because of their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, durability, low maintenance costs, cleanliness, and no pollution, and have become the main application of outdoor lighting in rural areas.

solar street light batteries

The Lifespan of solar street lights is 4 or 5 years, but the battery is relatively easy to break. Generally speaking, the batteries of solar street lights are buried underground, but do you know the reason why the batteries of solar street lights are buried underground? Let me take you through the analysis below:

1. Anti-theft

The battery is an important part of the solar street light, and the price is also relatively expensive, naturally, it will be targeted by some criminals. Therefore, the battery must be buried deep in the ground, and can not be buried too shallow, otherwise it will provide a convenient way for thieves.


2. Prevent water from entering the battery

Batteries are afraid of water intrusion, and storage batteries are no exception. Although the outer layer of the battery has waterproof measures, to achieve a better waterproof effect, it needs to be covered with cement around it. Some constructions also use waterproof battery boxes. for waterproofing.

3. Antifreeze

Batteries can generally be used normally at minus 30°C to 60°C, but in extremely cold environments, the battery’s endurance will be reduced, and in rare cases, it will stop working.

Therefore, if you want to install solar street lights in the colder north, it is still necessary to bury the battery more than 2 meters deep to maintain a certain temperature.

Nowadays, some solar street light batteries generally use gel batteries, which are larger in size and weight and cannot be installed on lamp holders or poles, so they can only be buried underground.

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