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Why all in one solar street lights widely used?

With the development of science and technology of All in one solar street light, some obvious problems have always been the biggest constraint on the development of the traditional lighting industry. That is the development trend, green energy conservation and work efficiency, the use of solar energy and wind energy is the inevitable trend of lighting industry development, then in lighting choice, how to choose? Today, we will make a comparison between the traditional sodium lamp and the solar LED lamp, and take a brief and clear look at it!

First, energy compared to solar energy is inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free and renewable green energy. Solar power generation, unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, photovoltaic energy is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21 century.

Lights only need solar power to maintain normal daily work, without the need for standard electricity to provide lighting. Solar energy or clean renewable energy, in line with the concept of green environmental protection. They are not connected to the grid infrastructure, but are completely independent or offline.

And under the same operating conditions, the solar LED lamp has low power and low energy consumption. Conventional (metal halide or high-pressure sodium) streetlights generate electricity from the standard grid, which generates energy from fossil fuel (non-renewable) sources. Second, the structure comparison from the structure, solar street lamps do not need to lay cables, no AC power supply, do not generate electricity; DC power supply, control.

Second, Long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. Can be widely used in the main city, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking and other places. Self-made system, do not need market power support, even if there is a fault, maintenance is also very convenient, just need to replace the corresponding module.

But the traditional street lamp needs the market electricity to run, the whole system will be paralyzed because of the breakdown of the city electricity, each lamp of the solar street lamp is an independent system, even if one lamp breaks down, it will not affect the work of the other lights! Solar energy lamps are relatively extensive and adequate, long-life and maintenance-free are far from comparable to electricity.

Third, the efficiency of solar street lamps through photoelectric conversion, solar street lamps using the new LED technology, can provide brighter light, reduce the use of energy. LED lamps with fewer watts are more efficient than traditional lamps, helping to reduce energy consumption while providing higher luminosity. Led lamps are also less likely to fail, with an average operating time of 50000 hours.

While the working hours of traditional street lamps are between 5000 and 8000 hours, and the failure rate is higher and the brightness is higher, the power consumption is 1/10 of the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp is 1/3, but the life span of the lamp is 50 times that of the incandescent lamp, and the life of the fluorescent lamp is 20 times that of the fluorescent lamp, which is the successor to the incandescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps after the fourth generation of lighting products.

With the development of solar energy becoming more and more mature, technology becoming more and more perfect, the application field of solar energy is more and more extensive. Compared with other fields, the application of solar energy in lighting system is relatively mature, while science and technology are still developing continuously.

The basic development of traditional lighting industry has come to an end, so solar road lighting system has become an inevitable trend of development! At the same time, compared with the application and development of solar energy on the ground, entrepreneurs are more interested in the benefits brought by the solar lighting system.

the solar street light system has a high cost, a large profit manufacturer likes, and at the same time, because of its convenient use and beautiful appearance, Energy conservation, environmental protection, advanced technology, at present more and more enterprises have developed in this field, the major manufacturers, including municipal, and even civil demand, complete the transformation step by step.

The first is the promotion of market demand, the second is the trend of scientific and technological progress, the third is the concept of green energy-saving and environmental protection. All pointed out the direction of the development of solar lighting system, so that the development prospects of this field is only just beginning, there is still a large market worth exploring in the future!

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