What is Smart IOT solar street light

Intelligent monitoring system for solar street lights

In recent years, with the maturity of intelligent Internet technology, that lighting towards the road of intelligence. The concept of a “smart city” has become a blue ocean market for which all related industries are competing.

In the construction process, cloud computing, big data, and other new-generation information technology innovation applications become mainstream. Lighting, as an indispensable element in urban construction, IOT smart solar street light has become a breakthrough in the construction of smart cities.

 Benefits of IoT smart solar street light

 Real-time monitoring and viewing of the operation status:

Traditional solar street light needs to be regularly checked the lamp usage by workers. And if one of the solar street lights or several solar street lights is not on, or the lighting time is short, which greatly affects the customer experience, the IoT solar street light can be viewed in real-time through the computer platform or APP at any time and at anyplace, no need send any personnel to the site. If an IoT solar street light does not turn on, you can send a worker to check and repair it. If the lighting time is short, you can analyze the cause according to the actual situation.

 The IoT smart solar street light can greatly reduce power consumption

For example, working longer in winter and shorter in summer, and can adjust the brightness according to the specific needs. This is also an effect that traditional solar streetlights cannot achieve. Because once the traditional solar street light is programmed in the factory, the solar street light cannot be changed after shipping.

The function of adjustable brightness

The IoT solar street light can increase lighting in high crime areas or emergency situations, which is convenient and fast. for example, to increase or decrease the lighting according to weather events and at different times of the day.

 Smart solar street light alarm function

In addition to adjusting brightness and power consumption, IoT solar street light also has an alarm function, and real-time data on the platform can provide corresponding data for analysis.

Two kinds of IoT solar street light telecommunication solutions

Lora/Zigbee + Concentrator.

Each Solar light with a built-in SIM card.

Lora/Zigbee + Concentrator(with a SIM card inside)

This is the first generation IoT solar street light that has existed since 6 years ago. Each Light has a built-in Lora/Zigbee module, and Lights will send its information to the concentrator by Zigbee/Lora signal, then the concentrator with a SIM card will send all the information to the server every hour.

However, the signal is not stable, clients bought it with amazing, but

It is often disconnected after being installed.

If the concentrator is broken, all the lights which are in charge of the concentrator will be disconnected.

Installation is a little complicated, and the concentrator needs to be put far away from the lights because the GRPS signal will be disturbed by the Zigbee/Lora.

Each Solar light with a built-in SIM card

Clodesun is the leading company to use this technology- the New Generation of IoT solutions. Each Light with an in-built SIM card, so that the lights can send their information to the server directly without sending it to the concentrator in transit. So that the signal is very stable. and installation is clear and simple.

To apply this system, and make customized modular, we need to know which telecom company is in your local country. It is better if you can send us a local SIM card for testing.

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