Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan

Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan


The Jordan Times reports that Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Haila Zawati announced that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will launch a new tender to replace Jordan’s streetlights with energy-efficient systems, in cooperation with local administrations. Zawati made remarks at the Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise Conference organized by the Economic and Social Council. According to a statement from the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Prime Minister Razaz and other government officials attended the conference.

Zawati noted that the tender will take place in the first quarter of 2024, and it is planned that municipal buildings across Jordan will be fitted with solar cells. During the next two weeks, the Ministry of Energy and Mines will announce the Energy Sector Strategy 2020-2030, which focuses on viable strategies to achieve energy security, diversify energy sources, cut costs, and increase dependence on local resources.

At the meeting, Zawati also highlighted the Ministry’s efforts to improve competitiveness and productivity in industry, agriculture, and services. She noted that annually, the ministry subsidizes electricity costs in the agricultural sector to the tune of 40 million yodi, while it subsidizes electricity costs in the small-scale industrial sector to the tune of 29 million yodi. By 2020, the Ministry’s electricity subsidy for medium-sized enterprises would reach 50 million Jordanian dinars.

Zawati reiterated that the Ministry of Energy and Mines will continue to issue licenses for renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of less than 1 MW. Since 2014, some 15,300 projects have been licensed, of which only 47 have an installed capacity of more than 1 MW. Referring to the “common misconception” that Jordan has a surplus of electricity, the Minister re-emphasized that Jordan has a surplus of generating capacity.

Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan

Winter evening, the day just dark, Jordan’s capital on both sides of the 500 sets of solar street lamps on both sides of gradually light up, in the light of the new street lamps, “Shanshui Avenue” both bright and open, and the road vehicles and pedestrians are endless.

“In the past, there were only a few solar-powered streetlights on this road, and we were always worried about accidents at night, so we didn’t dare to come out once it got dark. Now, with the streetlights on, it’s very safe to drive and walk at night, and we feel warm,” praised the people around us.

800 units Solar Street Light Project in Jordan

In September 2023, the first phase of the Solar Street Lighting Infrastructure Development Demonstration Project began construction by Clodesun, with about 10 kilometers of high-quality LED solar street lights. The solar streetlights are more “intelligent” and can be switched on and off automatically; the LED light source has higher brightness, better color rendering, and lower energy consumption. Compared with traditional streetlights, LED solar streetlights are safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly and can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

Solar Street Lights project In Jordan

After nearly two months of installation and construction, before Christmas 800 LED solar street lamps were all installed, road connections, street lamps first and last connection, into a ring into a network, at night, the road lights intertwined, exceptionally beautiful.

Clodesun Solar Street Lights In Jordan

The person in charge of Jordan’s infrastructure construction demonstration project said: “We are not only going to light up the ‘stars’ on the national highway road, but the lighting project of other roads is also stepping up the implementation of the project, and in 2024, we will comprehensively enhance the lighting coverage of rural roads to light up the happy road of the Jordanian people.