Top 7 Advantages of Solar Street Lights

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solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, ease of installation, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar streetlights have become more widely used in the world.

Following are the advantages of solar streetlights.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Electricity supply for traditional grid-connected street lights is a drain on local government funds and is the largest source of carbon emissions. They make up 30% of a local government’s total emissions. Solar-powered street lights are easier on the environment as the solar panels are only dependent on the sun for power and their operations produce zero carbon emissions.

Solar street lights provide great coverage and with a newly designed system such as, you’re not simply getting solar lights, but LED fixtures with super sharp cut-off optics that help reduce lighting glare.

2. High light efficiency advantage

Solar streetlights do not have the problem of insufficient brightness as people imagine. On the contrary, the probability of failure of ordinary street lights is quite common. As the fourth-generation new light source, LED has been effectively used in urban lighting and beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting, and other fields of lighting and applications, especially in remote areas without electricity, Solar lighting lamps are more It has wide range of application prospects.

However, the traditional LED light source has a small opening angle, high brightness of the spot area, and strong directivity of light scattering. The light source is easy to form a spot, and the light uniformity is not good, which restricts its application in the lighting field.

Compared with ordinary electric lights, Integrated solar street lights do not consume conventional energy, do not need to install ditching and wiring, independent power generation lighting system, and automatically turn on and off without special personnel control.

 3. Easier to install and maintain

Solar street lighting is mainly used in power-deficient areas and new urban and rural roads. The main advantage is that it saves the cost of power cable laying and pipeline excavation, can flexibly place products, and can realize automatic openings according to sunlight conditions. Turn off the light control and other intelligent controls, solve the problem of inflexible installation, and realize quick installation,

From the perspective of market demand, integrated solar streetlights have achieved new breakthroughs in improving light efficiency. They are favored by customers in all aspects of cost performance. These breakthroughs of integrated solar street lights not only make the same wattage and better brightness but also save the cost to customers.

Solar street lighting systems are essentially maintenance-free. When they are correctly installed, solar streetlights only require periodic cleaning of the solar panel and the optics. Considering the fact that the solar panels have self-cleaning glass and are positioned at the optimum angle to obtain the maximum cleaning effect of the rain, they often require no maintenance.  In addition, if you’ve chosen Leadsun, we provide an industry-leading 10-year battery performance guarantee on our unique patented lithium-ion battery management systems.

4. Lifespan Increased 

Solar street light has made great breakthroughs not only in terms of light efficiency, but also in terms of product appearance, waterproofing, and even the connection between cables and components. The quality of solar streetlights has been effectively improved.

The built-in photosensitive system automatically turns on the lighting at night, and it can be normally illuminated even in rainy weather for a week. According to estimates, these solar streetlights can save nearly 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

In addition, the advantages of energy saving cannot be ignored. Integrated solar streetlights mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity during use, which can save a lot of electricity.

5. More Reliability

Solar-powered streetlights can work all night regardless of power outages, grid failures, power interruptions due to natural disasters, and many other factors that can impact the proper functioning of grid-dependent traditional streetlights.

Using smart MPPT controller technology, solar streetlight operators can configure lighting schedules, collect data like energy consumption, temperature, and efficiency of each individual fixture, and be alerted in real time of different kinds of issues like malfunctions or lack of connectivity.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Solar street lights are powered by energy from the sun. They don’t use fuel, gas, oil, electricity, or any other limited resource. Solar energy is 100% free, unlimited, and renewable.

One of the primary advantages of solar street lights is that they are cost-effective in the long run. Although the initial investment for purchasing and installing the lights may be higher, they do not require any additional costs such as wiring, trenching, and utility bills. Additionally, the lights are maintenance-free, which further reduces the overall cost.

7. No Cable-Related Worries

In some remote or underdeveloped areas, cable theft is rampant, and this poses a problem with conventional street lights. In areas like these, installing cabled street lights is not recommended because the cables, which are quite costly, might end up being stolen.

With solar street lights, there are no cables involved, so cable theft is the least of your worries.


The biggest feature of Clodesun series integrated street light housing produced by Belinda: With light-sensing structure, intelligent control, and standby position design, it can automatically light up when the sun goes down and the sky gets darker, and the illuminance of the lamp can be automatically halved after midnight; After dawn, the light can be automatically extinguished; under special circumstances, people can manually control it; and when the lamp fails, the intelligent control system can automatically alarm. Especially suitable for solar street lights, suitable for European and African standards, easy to use, safe, and fast!

Clodesun believes that our integrated solar streetlights will be widely used in the global market and our lives in the near future to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.