Top 5 Brands (Manufacturers) of Solar street light

Top 5 Brands (Manufacturers) of Solar street light

The top 5 brands of solar Street lights are PHILIPS Lighting, OPPLE Lighting, NVC Lights, Clodesun Lighting, and FSl Lighting.  

1. PHILIPS Solar Street Light

Philips solar streetlights are a great solution when electricity is erratic or unavailable in your local area. There are some urban areas where solar street lights are recommended since they reduce dependence on conventional sources of power and encourage the use of green energy. These solutions are durable and reliable to fulfill lighting needs.

Microprocessors in Philips solar street lights determine sunset and sunrise using algorithms. Because of the A-brand quality crystalline silicon solar panel, it is efficient and durable. Its maximum efficiency can be attributed to its high-luminance LED module. Low-voltage solar controllers are known for being able to dim lights to conserve energy (electricity). Energy is stored in discharge batteries for use when needed, as well as ensuring that there is a backup power source in case of inclement weather.


Recommended evaluation: energy saving, economic, LED lights material is quality, fine craftsmanship, high brightness.

Philips solar street light

Philips solar street light


2. OPPLE solar Street lights

Opple Lighting was founded in 1996 and is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and service.

Opple Solar Street Light

Opple Solar Street Light

OPPLE LED solar street light is an outdoor high-power bright outdoor street light rural floodlight garden light with intelligent photosensitivity and remote control adjustment functions. Whether it’s a large yard or a rural road, this solar light can bring brightness with high efficiency.

The intelligent light-sensing function allows this solar lamp to automatically sense external light conditions and automatically turn it on or off as needed. No manual operation is required, and you can easily enjoy the convenience of intelligence.


Recommended evaluation: Very easy to install; smart, satisfactory quality, and fine workmanship.  

3. NVC solar street light

NVC Lighting is a subsidiary of NVC Lighting Holdings Co., Ltd. It was founded at the end of 1998. It always adheres to independent innovation in product research and development and is committed to healthy and comfortable lighting environments and lighting solutions.LL

NVC solar light

NVC solar street light

This NVC solar garden light is waterproof, ensuring it can work properly even in harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s rainy or snowy, it can reliably provide lighting needs. Moreover, this solar garden light also has a remote control function, making it easy to adjust and control the brightness and mode of the light. Through the remote control, you can select the appropriate lighting brightness according to your needs and easily change the color of the light.

NVC solar garden lights have a power of 1200 watts and can illuminate an area of about 120 square meters. Its lighting range is wide so that the entire courtyard can be fully illuminated. NVC solar lights can provide bright and long-lasting light for courtyards, roads, or outdoor spaces. This lamp uses efficient LED technology to ensure energy saving, environmental protection, and long-lasting durability.


Recommended evaluation: NVC Solar streetlights are lighting equipment powered by solar energy and can be widely used on various outdoor roads and public places. They are suitable for a variety of different scenarios including city streets, parking lots, parks, campuses, and remote areas. At the same time, due to the renewable nature of solar energy, they can also reduce the consumption of traditional energy and have a good energy-saving effect.  

4. Clodesun  Solar Street Light

Clodesun  Lighting is a well-known solar LED lamp brand in China and a leading domestic LED packaging and LED application new technology industry company.

Clodesun solar street light

Clodesun solar street light

Clodesun solar street lights have high-power integrated solar street lights of 120w and 180w. They can provide very good lighting for the road. Whether it’s a patio, garden, or path, this fixture brings bright, comfortable light. With the help of a solar charging system, it can automatically absorb sunlight energy and provide long-term lighting at night. At the same time, its durable material and waterproof design can work normally in various harsh weather conditions.

Clodesun has offered projects for over 100 countries and regions. Such as the US, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Ghana, Spain, Nigeria, etc. After years of hard work, we have become the top solar street light brand in China.

Recommended review: German design, high quality, very bright, long life span.

5. FSL Lighting Solar Lights

Foshan Lighting was founded in 1958 and has long been committed to the research and development, production, and promotion of high-quality green and energy-saving lighting products. FSL Lighting Solar Lights Are you worried about outdoor lighting? Solar lights are the obvious choice. This intelligent light-controlled remote-controlled solar lamp not only has a beautiful appearance but also uses tempered glass material to ensure its durability and safety. No need to worry about the wiring layout.


Recommended review: Nice solar lamp, very bright at night


These are some of the best solar light manufacturers that are fulfilling the needs of the people. Moreover, their products are high-class genuine, and long-lasting. Some of them like Philips,  OPPLE Lighting, NVC Lights, Clodesun Lighting, and FSl Lighting the top three leading solar street light manufacturers. Among China’s top solar street light manufacturers, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom have the most revenue. Despite high manufacturing demands, there is not enough local production to meet them.

The other companies are also part of this emerging and rapidly developing market and they are covering now not only Europe but Asia, America, and Africa region.

    Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

    ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

    Clodesun launched a foldable design all-in-one solar street light in 2021, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.

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