solar street light in Saudi Arabia

Led solar outdoor lighting projects in Indonisia

Name of project: solar street lights in Indonesia

Location of works: Indonesia Jakarta

Progress of work: completed

Number of street lights: 500 sets

Case Brief.

The case is located in Indonesia, Jakarta

solar led street light project in Indonisia

Indonesia is the largest country in the southern hemisphere of Asia (Timor-Leste is also a southern hemisphere country), as it straddles the equator (12°S to 7°N) and more than 70 percent of its territory is in the southern hemisphere. With a longitude spanning 96°E to 140°E and an east-west length of more than 5,500 km, Indonesia is the most extensive country in Asia, excluding China. It has a typical tropical rainforest climate, with an average annual temperature of 25-27°C, and no four seasons.

Indonesia consists of 17,508 small and large islands between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, of which about 6,000 are inhabited.

There are more than 400 volcanoes, 77 of which are active. There are two major seismic zones in the world: the Pacific Rim Seismic Zone and the Mediterranean-Himalayan Seismic Zone. Indonesia is in the Pacific Rim seismic belt and is an earthquake-prone country. The coastline is 35,000 km long.

Based on the monsoon tropical rainforest climate, high temperature, rain, high humidity and typhoons, and other climatic characteristics, we communicate with customers to determine the lighting needs, combined with geographical location and climate characteristics and needs, we recommend solar street light styles and solutions. Determine the solar street light installation height, power, lighting time, and so on.

Because of the high demand for solar street lights in Indonesia, the geographical location and lighting conditions are very suitable for the installation of solar street lights, so Clodesun is planning to promote our new design solar street lights in Indonesia.

    solar street light project in Tailand

    Solar led street light project in Tailand

    420 pieces foldable all in one solar led street light install in Tailand, Thanks for our customers’ good feedback and trust.

    Name of project: solar street lights in Tailand

    Location of works: Haad Yai Tailand

    Progress of work: completed in 2019

    Number of street lights: 420 sets 64w with 6m pole palm tree solar street light

    solar led street light in Tailand

    —Supplied by Integrated Solar Street Light Supplier in Tailand

      all in one solar street light project in Nigeria

      Solar led street lights project in Nigeria

      300 pieces solar-led street lights project in Nigeria was success finished and installed by Clodesun, which was praised by the local government and the university.

      Case Study: Foldable all-in-one solar street light project for Nigeria customer

      all in one solar street light

      On March 20th, 2019, I got an inquiry from a Nigerian customer for the 80w solar-led street light. We have quoted the solar street light 800 pcs to them. The customer accepted the price but they need some time to audit our company.

      They were asking a lot of questions about the solar street light specifications; I also filled out a lot of supplier audit forms. ISO9001/TS16949/IP66 was requested by them as well. They spent half a year investigating our company’s ability. Our engineering team and I were very patient to answer all the questions they had.

      But after every investigation and audit was passed at end of the 2019. They still have not placed the order. I followed up every month, but no reply from the customer side.

      In April 2020, I received an e-mail from the customer side they told me they decided to visit our factory in June. I was very excited when received this mail as it was been half year and no news from this customer. They spent 1 week auditing our factory in June. Finally, they were happy with our company process and quality.

      On June 15th, 2020,  I received an 80w solar street light PO from this client. it took almost 3 months to follow this customer, and finally, I got a PO from them. As these samples were ready to produce and it was taking one and half years to confirm the samples, During these 1.5 years we have sent 6 times samples to them for confirmation. Finally, we got approval for the end of the sample of 2020.

      On Jan 17th, 2020, I got the production PO from this customer. It was taking us 1.5 years to get this project successful. But it was worth this is what we need to do for our clients. We also believe suppliers and clients always need to do win-win business relationships.

      Up to now, the client has placed backorders and is quite satisfied with our quality and plans to have a long-term forecast with us for 10 years production contract signed. Since then, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in Nigeria.