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Solar street light price in Nigeria

Nigeria has the world’s largest market for solar led street lights, and the solar street light price in Nigeria competition is very fierce these years.

Many Nigerian traders import all in one solar street lights from China, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and Yangzhou, There is a very large solar street light market in Lagos Nigeria, which specilize in sells solar street lights.

1. solar street light price in Nigeria survey

Nigeria is the world’s largest market for solar street lights, because Nigeria is the largest economy country in Africa, but Nigeria’s electricity is very scarce, and the power supply is very backward. According to the calculations of Nigeria’s power department, about 55% of Nigeria’s residents have no electricity available. It has become one of the main problems hindering the economic development of Nigeria, so the market for solar street lights in Nigeria is very large.

These dealers are very sensitive to the price of solar street lights. There are also many solar street light engineering companies. Their solar street light projects are cover all over Africa. They pay more attention to the  quality of solar street lights but not just the low price.

split solar street light

2. solar street light price in Nigeria analysis

There are two types of solar street lights, split solar street lights and integrated solar street lights. Now 90% of the market needs are split solar street lights. Integrated solar street lights account for about 10%, but the demand for integrated street lights every year All are increasing, and may reach 20% in the next few years.

The price of integrated solar street lights is relatively higher than that of split solar street lights. Because integrated solar street lights are of better quality and easier to install, they are more and more popular with consumers. In other countries, most of them choose to use split solar street lights, but in Nigeria, more and more customers choose to use integrated solar street lights, so integrated street lights are getting better and better in the Nigerian market.

However, consumers in Nigeria prefer solar street lights with relatively low prices. They are not particularly concerned about the quality of solar street lights. Nigeria’s civilian market is very sensitive to the price of solar street lights.

Therefore, many traders are working in China in order to obtain higher profits. Zhongshan, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, and other places import very cheap solar street lights. In fact, the quality of these solar street lights is very poor. Usually, the solar street lights do not light up in less than half a year, and their life expectancy will not exceed two years.

3. why solar street light price in Nigeria is very cheap

Because Nigerian customers want to buy solar street lights at the lowest price, solar street light manufacturers just have very low profits. Therefore, in order to get higher profits, solar street light manufacturers have to reduce the configuration of solar street lights or use very poor materials.

Although the price of solar street light products is very cheap, the quality is very poor. Many Nigerian consumers don’t know that they just see the appearance of solar street lights and they all look the same, so they are more willing to buy cheap solar street lights, which leads to very chaos in the industry , Even many consumers think that the quality of solar street lights is very bad, and they are no longer willing to buy solar street lights.

This idea is actually wrong. In fact, the technology of solar street lights is very mature now. A good quality solar street light can last for more than five years, and some can last for 8-10 years, but usually the price of such high-quality solar street lights is not very cheap.

We have several customers from Nigerian engineering companies. When they find us, they don’t ask for the price of solar street lights, but visit our factory first. After we exchange some technical parameters, they will come to our production area. , Test the parameters and quality of our solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers, and then talk about the price of solar street lights.

solar street lights price

After customers have tested the accessories and materials of our solar street lights, they know that we are using the best materials, so they are not very sensitive to the price, but the quality requirements are indeed very high, and the after-sales service requirements are also particularly high.

Although the solar street light market in Nigeria is very large, the price of solar street lights is in a mess. most of solar street light in Nigeria in a very poor quality, and the price is very low.

clodesun hope that Nigerian customers will change their views and care more the quality of solar street lights not just careful the lower price of the product in the future.

Solar led street lights project in Nigeria

Solar led street lights project in Nigeria

300 pieces solar led street lights project in Nigeria was success finished installed by clodesun, which was praised by the local government and the university.

Case Study: Foldable all in one solar street light project for Nigeria customer

all in one solar street light

On March 20th, 2019, I got an inquiry From Nigeria customer for the 80w solar led street light. We have quoted the solar street light 800 pcs to them. The customer accepted the price but they need some time to audit our company.

They were asking a lot of questions about the solar street light specifications; I also filled a lot of supplier audit forms. ISO9001/TS16949/IP66 was requested by them as well. They spent a half a year investigating our company’s ability. Our engineer team and I were very patient to answer all the questions they had.

But after every investigation and audit were passed end of the 2019. They still not release order to us. I was follow every month, but no reply from customer side. April of 2020 I had receive an e-mail from customer side they told they decided to visit our factory in June. I was very excited when received this mail as it was been half year no news from this customer. They spent 1 week to audit our factory in June. Finally they were happy with our company process and quality.

On June 15th  2020,  I received a 80w solar street light PO from this client. it took almost 3 months to follow this customer, finally I got a PO from them. As these samples ready produce and it was taking one and half year to confirm the samples, During this 1.5 year we have sent 6 times samples to them for confirmation. Finally we got approve for the samples end of 2020.

On Jan 17th 2020, I got the production PO from this customer. It was taking us 1.5 years to got this project successful. But it was worthy this is what we need to do for our clients. We also believe supplier and clients always need to do win-win business relationship.

Up to now, client has placed back orders and quite satisfied with our quality and plan to have long term forecast with us for 10 years production contract signed .