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In Depth Comparison: Solar Street Light VS. Traditional Street Light

What is the difference between traditional and Solar street light Prices? Clodesun will analyze the cost of the two types of street lights clearly this time. In order to solve this problem, our company’s senior engineer team collected various aspects of knowledge to analyze the cost of traditional street lighting systems and solar street lights.

If you do a quick research of the market, you will find that because the US government and world leaders are promoting renewable energy, solar street lights have rapidly become popular and grow rapidly in the past 7 years. More and more countries now advocate the use of solar renewable energy for lighting instead of traditional lighting.

Following is the analysis of the cost of the two types of street lights.


What is the price of traditional street light?

Traditional street lighting obtains electricity by connecting to a standard power grid. The average cost of traditional street lamps (including lighting fixtures, poles, and lamp holders) is $120 per lamp. Although the cost of lamps is lower, traditional street lights need to be connected to the grid, which requires slotting and underground wiring. If added the labor costs for trenching and wiring, the cost per meter for consumers in this process is about US$40.

Then, the average cost of traditional lighting slotting and connection will be about 3,200 US dollars, which is much higher than the price of solar street lights. Moreover, traditional solar street lights are not energy-saving. You can imagine how much coal is consumed for 12 hours a day.

What is the price of solar street lights?

Solar street lights obtain electricity through the process of solar panels absorbing solar energy, which converts light into usable voltage. Solar street lights (solar panels, batteries, controllers, inverters, lamp heads) require advanced technology, so the price is higher, on average about 330 US dollars per light.

Solar street lights do not need to be connected to the power grid, they are separated from the main grid system and can be installed in remote locations. So clients can avoid the long and expensive process of slotting and wiring. Therefore, the total cost of the solar street lighting system is greatly reduced.

The price of solar street lights makes customers feel more expensive than traditional street lights initially, but when you carefully study their total cost details. You will find that the biggest difference between the price of traditional lights and solar lights is trenching, installation, maintenance, and electrical bill costs rather than just the cost of street lighting.



When comparing the total cost of traditional street lighting and solar street lighting, it is clear to distinguish who is the winner. Overall, the cost of solar street lights in 5 years is about 4,800 US dollars, while the cost of traditional street lights is as high as 8,800 US dollars, which is due to the cost of trenching and installation.

As above, this is only the cost for one street light. If one project needs to install 100 sets of street lights, and 200 sets of street lights, obviously, solar street lights are more cost-effective.

If there is a road that needs to be installed with a lighting system, will you choose traditional street lights or solar integrated street lights? If you just think that the cost of the product, maybe solar street lights is more expensive, you are wrong. Taking all the costs together, it is obvious that solar lights can win the cost battle of street lights. If you want to learn more about solar street lights, please follow the Clodesun blog.


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Advantages of integrated solar street light

Integrated solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, easy to install, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar street lights have become more wildly used in the world.

Following are the advantages of integrated solar street lights.

Integrated solar street light with the high light efficiency advantage

Integrated solar street lights do not have the problem of insufficient brightness as people imagine. On the contrary, the probability of failure of ordinary street lights is quite common. As the fourth-generation new light source, LED has been effectively used in urban lighting and beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting, and other fields of lighting and applications, especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting lamps are more It has a wide range of application prospects.

However, the traditional LED light source has a small opening angle, high brightness of the spot area, and strong directivity of light scattering. The light source is easy to form a spot, and the light uniformity is not good, which restricts its application in the lighting field.

Compared with ordinary electric lights, Integrated solar street lights do not consume conventional energy, do not need to install ditching and wiring, independent power generation lighting system, and automatically turn on and off without special personnel control.

Integrated solar street light is easier to install

Integrated solar street lighting is mainly used in power-deficient areas and new urban and rural roads. The main advantage is that it saves the cost of power cable laying and pipeline excavation, can flexibly place products and can realize automatic opening according to sunlight conditions. Turn off the light control and other intelligent control, solve the problem of inflexible installation and realize quick installation,

From the perspective of market demand, integrated solar street lights have achieved new breakthroughs in improving light efficiency. They are favored by customers in all aspects of cost performance. These breakthroughs of integrated solar street lights not only make the same wattage more Good brightness but also save the cost to customers.

Integrated Solar street light quality is improved

The integrated solar street light has made great breakthroughs not only in terms of light efficiency, but also in terms of product appearance, waterproofing, and even the connection between cables and components. The quality of solar street lights has been effectively improved.

integrated solar street light

The built-in photosensitive system automatically turns on the lighting at night, and it can be normally illuminated even in rainy weather for a week. According to estimates, these solar street lights can save nearly 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

In addition, the advantages of energy saving cannot be ignored. Integrated solar street lights mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity during use, which can save a lot of electricity.

The biggest feature of clodesun series integrated street light housing produced by Belinda: With light-sensing structure, intelligent control, and standby position design, it can automatically light up when the sun goes down and the sky is getting darker, and the illuminance of the lamp can be automatically halved after midnight; After dawn, the light can be automatically extinguished; under special circumstances, people can manually control it; and when the lamp fails, the intelligent control system can automatically alarm. Especially suitable for solar street lights, suitable for European and African standards, easy to use, safe, and fast!

Clodesun believes that our integrated solar street lights will be widely used in the global market and our lives in the near future to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

integrated solar led street light price

Integrated solar led street light price?

Although the integrated solar led street lights price is higher than traditional street lights, it is energy-saving and does not need maintenance frequently. that is why the current traditional street lights are replaced by integrated solar street lights.

Integrated solar street light

With its energy-saving and environmentally friendly features, integrated solar led street lights have been admired by people in recent years. They are charged during the day and illuminated at night without the need to lay complicated wires and pipes. It has many advantages, low maintenance costs, power-saving, and durability, saving the city. More resources are in line with the development concept of green earth, energy-saving, and emission reduction.

The most important part of the procurement process is to judge the price list of integrated solar led street lights. First, we must take a rough look at the price of solar street lights, and then analyze in-depth, analyze the cost, configuration, value, and other aspects of solar products to see if the price list of solar street lights provided by solar street light manufacturers is true.

Integrated Solar street lights may have the same price and different configurations; there are also the same configurations, but the prices are different. Under these circumstances, we have to analyze and judge the price list of integrated solar street lights, following three points:

1. Is the configuration of the integrated solar led street light price list complete?

All in one solar led street light

During the procurement process, solar street light buyers will ask solar street light manufacturers for a solar street light price list. The complete solar street light price list should have the basic information of the solar street light manufacturer.

Followed by the product description, which includes the total number of products. Prices, price details, pictures, materials, dimensions, specifications, etc., and also pay attention to the product’s warranty description and delivery form. The more complete the solar-led street light quotation table, the more trustworthy it is.

2. Is the configuration of integrated solar led street lights price reasonable?

In addition, to check whether the solar street light quotation table is complete, it also depends on whether the solar street light configuration is reasonable. The configuration of the solar street light is communicated in advance between the purchaser and the manufacturer because the solar street light manufacturer makes a reasonable configuration according to the needs of the purchaser, and the configured combination must meet the needs of users without excessive waste.

3. Compare several integrated solar led street light manufacturers price

If the price list of integrated solar led street lights is complete and the configuration is reasonable, the next step is to look at the price of solar street lights. You can find different manufacturers with the same configuration for comparison. If the price quoted by the solar street light manufacturer is significantly lower than the market reasonable price, it indicates that the product itself will have some problems, and the price is higher than the market reasonable price and will not be considered cost-effective, so we must carefully consider before making a decision.

Integrated Solar street lights are developing in the direction of high quality and high added value, but it is inevitable that some manufacturers will shoddy, so you must be careful when purchasing, and you must follow the above points when choosing to avoid falling The trap of product quality.

Integrated solar street light in Philippines

Integrated solar street light in Philippines

Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

As the prospects for integrated solar street lights in the Philippines become better, Clodesun plans to build a warehouse and supply new designs in the Philippines. Since 2017, the government began large-scale support for the development of solar energy. The Philippines has become the second-largest integrated solar street light market.

Advantages of integrated solar street light in the Philippines

1. Philippine government policy support Integrated solar street light in the Philippines

integrated solar street light in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the ASEAN member states. The annual GDP growth rate in 2017 was as high as 6.685%. The outside world generally holds a positive attitude towards the future economic outlook of the Philippines.

Like many countries in Southeast Asia, it is also facing the dual challenges of population growth and rising energy demand. The Philippines is determined to strengthen energy security.

Since in 2017, the government has issued various policies to promote renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energies. Efficient and clean solar energy is becoming more and more important. So the market for solar street lights is also very promising in the Philippines. The number of integrated solar street lights imported by the Philippines is increasing rapidly every year.

2, Rich solar resources is good for integrated solar street light in the Philippines

integrated solar street-light in Philippines 1

The Philippines has a monsoon tropical rainforest climate. The average annual temperature is about 27°C. The Philippine’s latitude is close to the equator, there is plenty of sunshine every year. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and has abundant geothermal resources. It is very suitable for installing integrated solar street lights.

Our integrated solar street light advantages in the Philippines

Clodesun has focused on integrated solar street lights for more than 6 years. Our integrated street lights can rank among the top three in the industry. We have more than 50 integrated street light projects in the Philippines. Including 8 government projects. We have very rich experiences with an integrated solar street lights in the Philippines. Our integrated street lights have received very good reviews in the Philippines.

We plan to have our own integrated solar-led street light warehouse and office in the Philippines. Our German new design will meet our Customers in Philippines needs. Clodesun also can communicate with customers to determine lighting needs and recommends solar street light styles and solutions based on geographic location and climate characteristics and needs. To determine the installation height, power, and lighting time of the street light.

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LED integrated solar street light advantages

LED integrated solar street light has the advantages of long time life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economy Practical.

LED integrated solar street light is powered by monocrystalline silicon solar battery, lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, ultra-bright Prey 45ML light source, and is controlled by independent research and development of intelligent charge and discharge controller, intelligent control in rainy days, used to replace traditional public Electric lighting street lamp. No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity costs; DC power supply.

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Can be widely used in the construction of new rural roads, urban main, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

LED integrated solar street light Basic introduction

LED integrated solar street light is powered by monocrystalline silicon solar battery, lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, ultra-bright Prey 45ML light source, and is controlled by independent research and development of intelligent charge and discharge controller, intelligent control in rainy days, used to replace traditional public Electric lighting street lamp.

No need to lay cables, no AC power supply, no electricity costs; DC power supply, light sensitivity and human body induction / time control; good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, environmental protection, economy Practical advantages.

Can be widely used in the construction of new rural roads, urban main, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

LED integrated solar street light System composition

LED integrated solar street light advantages

The entire system consists of an integrated lamp head (solar panel, controller, lithium battery, light source) and a light pole, which is simple to install and easy to maintain.

LED integrated solar street light system can guarantee normal work for more than 2-20 days in rainy weather! The controller intelligently regulates rainy days. Its system consists of two parts (including a bracket), an integrated lamp holder (solar panel, controller, lithium battery, light source) and a light pole.

Monocrystalline silicon solar cell modules are generally used for solar cell modules; high-power LED light sources are generally used for LED lamp heads; the controller is generally integrated in the lamp head, with human sensing, light control, time control, overcharge and over discharge protection, and reverse connection protection. Mobile phone APP intelligent control function, rainy weather intelligent adjustment function, etc .;

Lithium battery is also in the integrated lamp holder, generally use ternary or lithium iron phosphate battery. Solar luminaires work fully automatically and do not need to dig trenches, but the light poles need to be installed on embedded parts (concrete base).

LED integrated solar street light Product parameters

Body material: The light pole is all-steel structure, overall hot-dip galvanized / plastic sprayed

Solar cell module: monocrystalline silicon 18v 10-150WP (configured according to load)

System working voltage: DC 12V

Controllers: dedicated controllers for solar lamps, human body induction + light control, human body induction + time control, intelligent control (sky light turns on automatically, day light turns off, people come with full power, people walk with half power, more energy-saving and environmental protection, Enhance battery life)

Energy storage battery: lithium iron phosphate battery 12V4Ah—100Ah (based on load configuration)

Light source type: Purui 45ml (can be configured according to customer requirements)

Protection level: IP65

Operating temperature: -30 degrees to 60 degrees

Lighting time: 4 to 12 hours (can be adjusted as required)

Light pole height: 2m ~ 12m (can be made according to customer requirements)

Continuous work in rainy days can ensure that the rainy days are illuminated all year round (smart adjustment by different controllers in different regions / seasons)

This product does not need to lay underground cables and does not need to pay lighting electricity charges. It is mainly suitable for lighting in new rural road construction, courtyard roads, park roads, urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park green belts and other places.

The company uses high-quality raw materials and standardized production processes, from raw material procurement-qualified incoming inspection-arrange production plans-make finished products-inspection OK-product aging 3 days-shipping-freight-customer acceptance-installation guidance-after-sales support .

LED integrated solar street light working principle

LED integrated solar street light working principle description: Under the control of intelligent controller, solar street light is illuminated by sunlight in the daytime, the solar panel absorbs solar light and converts it into electric energy. The solar battery component charges the lithium battery during the day and the lithium battery provides at night.

The electric power supplies power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function. The DC controller can ensure that the lithium battery is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge. At the same time, it has PIR human body sensing, light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection and reverse polarity protection.

LED integrated solar street light Installation

When LED integrated solar street lights are installed, there is no need to set up complicated lines and dig battery pits, only a cement base can be used, and it can be fixed with galvanized bolts. Compared with the traditional solar street light installation, the integration is more quantitative, the installation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the transportation space is saved, and freight and labor installation costs can be eliminated.

There are complicated operating procedures in the construction of relatively city circuit lights. First of all, it is necessary to set up auxiliary cables, dig trenches, lay pipes, thread inside pipes, backfill and other large-scale civil construction, which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Finally, you need to debug, and if there is a problem, it will cause a lot of consumption.

LED integrated solar street light Cost

LED integrated solar street lights benefit from a long-term investment. Because no wires are needed, the lamps and poles are directly fixed to each other, the anti-theft bracket is installed, the lamp switch is turned on, and the poles can be fixed with screws. 0 maintenance costs, 0 electricity costs. 3-4 years to recover the cost, saving electricity and maintenance costs later.

Traditional solar street lights are inconvenient to transport, and installation requires complicated work such as buried batteries and cables. It takes a lot of labor.

The electricity cost of the city’s circuit lights is high, and the lines are complicated, and the lines need to be maintained for a long period of time. In the case of special voltage instability, it is inevitable that the sodium lamp is susceptible to damage. With the extension of the service life, the aging of the line and the maintenance cost increase year by year.

LED integrated solar street light Safety

LED integrated solar street light is an ideal product for ecological community and road administration department because it adopts 12 low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation and no hidden dangers.

There are many hidden dangers to the safety of circuit lights in the city, and people’s living conditions are constantly changing. Road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, abnormal power supply, and cross-construction of water and gas pipelines have brought many hidden dangers.

LED integrated solar street light Environmental / lifetime

The LED integrated solar street light is designed as human body induction + light control or human body induction + time control. It operates intelligently according to the set parameters and avoids manual maintenance costs. This design is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and increases product life.

Traditional solar street lights use full power, so the capacity of solar panels and batteries needs to be large, which will increase the cost. As the number of discharges increases, the battery life is shortened.

LED integrated solar street light Features:

Energy saving: The use of solar photoelectric conversion to provide electrical energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation.

Safety: No accidents such as electric shock and fire.

Convenient: Independent installation and convenience, no need to wire or “open the door” to dig the ground, and there are no concerns about power cuts and power restrictions.

Long life: the product has high technology content, the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality.

High-grade: scientific and technological products, green energy, using units attach importance to science and technology, improve the green image, upgrade the grade.

Less investment: one investment, long-term use.

Wide application: can be used where there is sunshine

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10 reasons for choosing solar led street lights

solar street lights it’s one of the systems where people use them the most. Here are 10 reasons why people prefer choosing solar-led street lights.

solar new clean energyWhile there are many nations that’ve been pushing the use of solar energy for street lights, there are still some nations that haven’t followed the same pattern due to various reasons. Some have ignored its potential, some don’t have the funds for it, some are working on it and some just don’t get enough sunlight.

We should push more and more people to use solar power and more specifically solar integrated street lights as it’s one of the areas where people use it the most. It offers a wide range of benefits and today we have ten of them listed below.

Renewable Energy Source:

Solar integrated street lights use renewable energy which means that there are no harmful byproducts. It does not have a negative impact on the environment and neither does it require an investment that big power plants like hydro and geothermal need. They always get replenished right away and never get depleted. This ensures that there’s never any absence of energy source except of course some cloudy days.

Unlimited Energy:

Solar energy is practically unlimited. The Sun is very massive and the amount of energy it has is just as much. The star was born millions of years ago and still stands strong with its light and heat energy. It is not going to die in millions of years to come so that makes it pretty much unlimited. It would be foolish not to tap into it and enjoy its benefits

Minimum Operational Cost:

While setting up solar panels the initial costs may seem overwhelming but after that, the costs of operations are quite minimal. With the off-grid nature of solar street lights, the operational costs incurred are very low. Each has its own solar panels and a battery that is damaged doesn’t affect the rest of the lights in the same street. It only needs light regular servicing as it isn’t as complicated as traditional street lights. They have minimal complexities and hence do not need frequent repairs.

Conserve energy:

Almost all solar-integrated street lights make use of sensors to toggle the lights on and off. Most of them nowadays have light sensors that trigger the lights depending on the amount of light available. When it gets dark, the lights turn on and when it starts getting brighter, the lights turn off. This is pretty smart and needs to be implemented everywhere. Some traditional street lights do have some automatic system but most of them are just timers. With our solar-integrated street light, we assure you that you definitely will conserve a significant amount of energy.

No accidents:

These lights come as standalone units and are fitted into a single piece of technology. There are no wires that dangle outside and it’s just a single piece of hardware. Such an absence of external wires makes it much safer than conventional street lights. With zero dangling wires, solar street lights pose no threats of accidents like overheating, strangulation and electrocution.

Save Money:

Getting electricity from a grid will cost a lot of money, especially considering that the street lamp will be lit up throughout the night. Instead of doing that we can instead go solar street lights as they don’t have fees like power grid lines. Yes, countries do charge tax for it but that’s way lesser than the fees for regular electricity lines.

Almost zero power cuts:

Solar street lights are super-efficient and hardly get a breakdown. Furthermore, since they’re not connected to any central grid or plant, they light up the streets throughout the night irrespective of any power cuts or grid failures. They run on their own and even if they do break down, it doesn’t happen to the lights at once. And since they have their own independent units, one’s breakdown doesn’t really affect the other.

Easy to install:

Solar integrated street lights have a very simple setup. They do not have a complicated wiring system like traditional street lights. Solar street lights come with minimal setup needs and have very few steps to follow before the lights are up and running.

Government offers:

In many countries, the government is giving lucrative offers to promote the use of solar panels. They have deals like interest-free loans, heavy discounts, tax discounts, rewards, exchange programs, and so on. We should take this opportunity and tap into the market. We should make use of such offers and get solar integrated electronics before they get over and you get obliged to buy them without any deals.


Solar integrated street lights are also quite flexible. They come in handy for remote areas which are far off any power grid. Such places often have difficulties in accessing electricity, but these solar street lights just need the sun’s rays and nothing more. They can enjoy the features of street lights even without having any power grids nearby.


The integration of solar street lights is the future development trend of street lights. I hope that everyone will seize the opportunity to break through some technical problems of solar street lights, the clodesun is always with you, and we will concentrate on solar street lights in the future