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Best Solar Street lights Manufacture in China

The best solar street light Manufacture in China are implementing many new design in order to improve solar street light solutions with high quality components.

Recently, a Malaysian and Australian customer was sad to talk with me and said that they no longer wanted to sell solar street lights because the life of the solar street lights they bought never exceeded two years, I sympathize with their experience deeply.

the solar street light market is very confusing these years, there is no industry standard, customers are always looking for low prices, many solar street light factories in order to get higher profits, they can only reduce the price of their products.

Configured or with very poor quality materials, customers was happily think they are buying cheap and good products, but in fact the quality of these solar street lights do not work half a year or even less than two months, which led to more and more people no longer trust in solar street lights.

Following Belinda want to guide you how to distinguish the difference between good quality and poor quality solar street lights.

First : Solar Panel Street light Battery life

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from electric car(D-class), over 90% Solar street light manufacturer use the broken lithium battery which is detached from Electricity car, the lifespan less than one year.

If you want to buy high-quality solar street lights, Belinda suggest yousolar street light battery difference choose A class A-class LiFePO4 battery or B class Lifepo4 battery, Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. if you need to install solar street lights in places where the sun is not particularly sufficient, we can also choose to use Ternary lithium battery.

Second: Solar panel size

The wider solar panel size means Large load power, high capacity, which can increase the solar panel Efficiency , could offer enough power for bearing power and is an ensurance of brightness and longer backup time during cloudy days.

But the low quality solar panel size configuration is less than two and half times load power. If the cloudy days exceed more than expected design requirements, the led light would not work.

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Third: Solar Panel Street light LED Chip Lumen

210lm/w: Brightness decay in 5 years and more than 80% brightness remained.

110lm/w: Brightness decay in 2-3 years and about 20% brightness remained.

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Fourth: Solar Panel Street light Case and Bracket Material

Quality solar street light use customized die-casting aluminum mould, the advantages of die-casting aluminum mould are: light weight, strong and corrosion resistant , anti rust. Making it able to resist strong wind load of up to 130MPH, stainless steel screws are used as fastener to protect against any harsh whether. The die-casting aluminum mould is elegant and characteristics.

Lower quality solar street light just use mould and rough craft, the installing structure need support by knighthead, to recover the structure strength issue, making install more complex, lack of stability and can not anti strong wind.

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Fifth: Whether have heat Dissipation between solar panel and light

In summer, the solar panel temperature in summer is as hot as 90°C, 70°C inside the solar lamp body. (we have tested )
Hot will damage battery and LED source, so we separate the hot solar panel and it has a shadow, makes solar street light cool, enlarge lifespan of battery and LED source.

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Six: Whether solar panel can adjust

Different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street light in some place, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun, so if the solar panel can adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy while the lower quality solar led street light panel is fixed, causing low conversion rate of solar and the using areas are also limited.

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Conclusion: Solar street lights are project products, usually a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street lights, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers to choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, and I hope that my summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.

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Best quality solar led street light in China

There are many solar-led street light manufacturers in China. So where we can buy the best quality solar led street lights in China is very important?

When we negotiate with integrated solar street lights manufacturers, we need to have a good knowledge of integrated solar street lights, such as color, style, configuration. If these aspects are different, the price of integrated solar street lights will also be very different. If you understand these specifications, you will naturally reduce the chance of being cheated.

The feature of the solar street light industry at present is that the production process of the product is messy. Solar street light products are mostly patchworked, rather than independent research and development, and even many lighting companies do not have factories. These companies often cut corners and make indiscriminate production in the production process, thereby bidding at low prices, making the industry low-quality and low-cost garbage solar street lights in a mess.

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It is indeed almost maintenance-free to buy solar street lights of good quality. There will not be too many problems after 3-5 years of use. The controller may be changed in about 3 years, but it will not waste a lot of maintenance costs.

However, if you buy low-quality solar street lights, you may have a problem that the lighting time is getting shorter and shorter in three or five months. Although the manufacturer promises to guarantee 3 years warranty, the cost of returning the accessories to the factory, the cost of the accessories, and the assembly are not It will be borne, which is also caused a lot of loss.

The main reason for this problem is the configuration and quality of solar street lights. In order to sell products, some solar street light manufacturers often attract customers by lowering the price of solar street lights, and there is no other way to do so, only to reduce the configuration of the solar street lighting system. And quality, to reduce the cost of solar street lights.

Therefore, the price of solar street lights is low, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. Everyone pays more attention to the quality of solar street lights while paying attention to the price of solar street lights because quality is really too important.

It is very necessary to understand the parameters and performance of led solar street lights in detail. The conditions for installing solar-led street lights in different regions are different and are determined by the region, local humidity, sunshine hours, peak sunshine hours, temperature, wind force, etc. Whether it is suitable for solar street lights must be investigated in advance.