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Installation options- easy to install - Easily install solar poles in just a few minutes without the need to hire an electrician. Includes installation hardware. Mount directly on a wall or pole. The bracket is suitable for 2-3.5 inch rods. We recommend using a very strong rod about 3 inches in diameter.

Long life battery and better solar panels - Advanced LiFePO4 12.8V 18000mah battery can run for years, years and years. The solar panel is a premium 17.6 volt and 45 watt polysilicon panel. Make sure to fully charge in about 8 hours.

Quality and warranty - High quality aluminum design with IP65 protection. The device is backed by a 3-5 years warranty

High power-100W solar panels 196 LED 50 lumens, it supports up to 300 square meters of lighting, such as 4 to 6 units to light the basketball court, 12 units to illuminate half of the football field.

Remote control-With the remote control, it can be easily used in multi-mode, all-optical mode, semi-bright mode, 15/5/5/8-hour timing mode.

Battery charging and working- Built-in 36000mah battery, 8 hours solar charging time, sunny, full power 10 hours working hours, from dusk to dawn, rain IP 67 rain.

 Easy to install-There are two installation methods, one is hanging and the other is screw. The package contains 4 screws. In addition, a 5 meter cable connects the solar panel to the floodlight.

Warranty-UL, CUL, DLC, CE, FCC, RCM, CB certification. Provide 36 months warranty