Solar Street Light with Intelligent Monitoring System

Solar Street Lighting Monitoring System

Why Clodesun launched the solar street light intelligent monitoring system solution

The deployment of green energy solutions, such as solar street lights, plays a crucial role in modern urban development with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Solar street lamps harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, providing a clean and renewable source of power for outdoor lighting. Here are some key advantages and contributions of green energy initiatives like solar street lamps

With the expansion of solar street light application and market, many problems in solar street light management are becoming more and more prominent, due to the installation of solar street lights in remote areas, the later inspection and maintenance workload is large, and the equipment also lacks unified management.

Clodesun has launched the solar street light intelligent monitoring system solution, to help solar street light efficient and unified intelligent management, and has been widely used in many countries at home and abroad.

To better change the traditional solar street light control and maintenance problems, Clodesun relies on our Internet of Things (IoT) technology advantages, through the remote terminal control equipment – and solar lighting control platform, to build a solar lighting intelligent monitoring system. Real-time monitoring of solar panels and batteries, equipment operation, and all-round enhancement of the level of remote intelligent control of solar street lights, to achieve a more efficient and convenient level of operation and maintenance.

Solar Lighting Intelligent Control


Solar street light intelligent monitoring system advantages

Intelligent control

Remote control of the solar street light switch, brightness, timely grasp of the operating status of the equipment, abnormal alarms, and other information

Automated operation

Remotely formulate, issue, and update preset strategy tasks, intelligent operation without manual intervention, record equipment warning information in all aspects, automatic inspection without manual intervention.

Convenience and Flexibility

Support real-time query of solar panel/battery voltage, current, power, and other operating data, and quickly generate various data reports.

Efficient Management

Realize solar street light remote unified centralized control and management, make solar street light more intelligent and energy-saving.

IOT solar street light system

Solar street light Intelligent monitoring System Case study

Malaysia Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

Malaysia is a tropical country located in the equatorial region, so this country enjoys an abundance of sunlight. In particular, the country’s average solar radiation ranges between 4.7 and 6.5 kWh/m2. For this reason, Malaysia is a strong contender for using solar energy as its primary source of power.

Furthermore, just like other developing countries, Malaysia faces the problem of a rapid rise in energy consumption due to an increasing population. And since fossil fuels are not renewable, nor are they healthy for both the environment and people, the government has to seek an alternative quickly. Solar energy is the best option for them.

Clodesun provided the solar lighting intelligent control system for this project, realizing the remote intelligent management of solar street lights.

The project uses high luminous efficiency LED chips, which greatly reduce the power of the whole lamp, and also uses the latest solar power supply technology, which can be charged normally even on cloudy and rainy days.

Through the solar lighting monitoring system, it realizes intelligent dimming, intelligent power reduction, time division to control light illumination, remote light switching, and remote fault inspection, which greatly reduces the artificial maintenance cost and improves the efficiency of street light management.



Cameroon Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

In 2019 August, Cameroon power utility company Energy of Cameroon S.A. (Eneo) approved a consortium led by Norwegian solar developer Scatec Solar for the construction of two PV plants with a total installed generation capacity of 25 MW. So far, Cameroon has a total installed solar power capacity of around 1.3 GW and a population of 24 million people.

As one of the largest cities in Cameroon, this project provides solar street lighting for several roads in the park. Clodesun uses the latest solar-powered technology to help achieve intelligent control of high-efficiency solar lighting in the streets of Douala through solar lighting terminal control devices.

solar street light project in Camernoon

Thailand Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

Thailand is indeed located in Southeast Asia and has a tropical monsoon climate. It is situated roughly between latitudes 5°37’N and 20°27’N and longitudes 97°22’E and 105°37’E. This geographical location places Thailand close to the equator, contributing to its tropical climate.

Clodesun is contributing to the development of Thailand’s solar photovoltaic industry by providing intelligent management solutions for solar street lights. Using solar terminal controllers can be a smart approach to optimize the efficiency of street light management. Here are a few potential benefits and features associated with such systems

solar street light project in Thailand

Clodesun’s Solar Street Lighting Monitoring System is designed to create a network of intelligent solar streetlights for efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Such systems often aim to enhance the overall performance, monitoring, and management of solar streetlights. Here’s an overview of potential features and benefits associated with a solar street lighting monitoring system.