Solar street light with camera is a security light that delivers surveillance to any location, it can well protect the safety and security of your property. The led outdoor solar street light with camera monitoring has many advantages.

Nowadays, monitoring equipment is usually installed at home. But in the outdoors, the installation of monitoring equipment power supply is also a problem, because it is easily disturbed.

The amount of data is large, the processing is complicated, and it needs to occupy a lot of MCU resources. Orchards, farmland, fish ponds, forest gardens, scenic spots, no electricity, and fear of thieves, need lighting at night, no electricity, and no electricity, how should we solve this problem?

With the continuous development of technology, solar-powered equipment has entered different neighborhoods; such as solar water heaters, solar street lights, solar batteries, solar cars, and so on. Solar energy equipment has quietly entered our daily lives.

solar street light with camera

However, in the field of security, solar monitoring is still a new thing, but with the continuous improvement of solar technology and the continuous improvement of power storage technology, solar energy can be easily applied to the field of security monitoring.

After a long period of research and development and continuous product improvement, finally! Ushered in a breakthrough development of integrating solar street lights with camera!

Advantages of solar street light with camera

1. Mobile phone monitoring, real-time interactive dialogue, master the scene
When an accident is detected, it is set to automatically send an early warning signal to the owner to prevent accidents. Insert the card to turn on the video, not afraid of the thief, easily view the playback, high-definition transmission full-color high-quality real-time video

2. The resolution of 1080P high-definition picture quality is upgraded to 1080p, the picture quality of 2 million pixels is clearer, WDR wide dynamic, even if the backlight still allows the picture to retain more details

3. Use in multiple scenarios
It is suitable for outdoor environment with sufficient sunlight, which can both illuminate and monitor.
Orchards, farms, fish ponds, villas, construction sites, river banks, rural public places, outdoor hunting.

4. IP66 waterproof and lightning protection, not afraid of rainstorms
High-density die-cast aluminum, professional waterproof design, battery life in rainy and cloudy days;

Independent research and development of SA core technology, automatic adjustment of lighting consumption in rainy and cloudy days; no need to worry about rain and damp; illuminate anytime and anywhere you need to meet indoor and outdoor use

5. Automatic charging in the sun during the day
Day time: Automatically turn off the lights at dawn for charging. Night time: Feel the light changes and automatically turn on the lights
The large solar panel has long-lasting battery life, and the battery life is up to 12 hours

6. Multi-player online real-time viewing supports 136 national languages ​​around the world, supports mobile phone, tablet sharing and viewing, and can share up to 16 devices

7. Support 3G/4G equipment, equipped with wireless WIFI, 4G and device local hotspot connection function

8. Simple installation method: no need for someone to come to install, download the app and install it according to the steps, no installation cost

9. Infrared night vision
When the monitoring area moves, it will automatically switch to “full-color night view” to emit strong light to restore color

Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable green energy source. With solar lights, don’t worry about the high electricity bills, not being bright enough! Power saving, environmental protection, zero wiring, solar street light with camera monitoring equipment, can well monitor and protect the safety and security of your property.