20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Selling in the Philippines[2024]

The Philippines is a developing country experiencing rapid economic growth in the past few years, which has led to an increase in demand for products such as solar street lights. With so many suppliers available on the market today, it can be challenging to choose which one to purchase from which company. 

20 Best Solar Street Light Suppliers in the Philippines

This blog post will provide information about 20 of the Philippines’ best solar street light manufacturers/suppliers. 

Clodesun’s Solar Street Light

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Clodesun has been long been a reputable supplier for the Philippines market for years.

Clodesun launched a new solar street light product which they call “foldable design all-in-one solar street light this year. The product was designed by their German team for almost one year and tested for two years before its actual launch. With its commendable features and specs, this solar street light made a high edge among various integrated solar street lights in the market. Currently, it is widely used by solar enthusiasts all over the world.

Product Features:

  • Foldable Design
  • Better Heat Transfer.
  • Easy & Quick Installation– When you install their solar street lights, you don’t have to use any power or cables, and it only requires 2 mounting steps to install.​
  • Wider in Size and Larger in Capacity-
  • A-class LiFePO4 Lithium. Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. So, if your project is in the tropics, a LiFePO4 battery is recommended. But if the project is in northern countries, we advise ternary lithium batteries.

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Shenzhen Etenda Lighting Co., Ltd. has been an industry leader in producing and distributing LED outdoor lighting engineering series for over a decade and household energy-saving products such as dimmable LEDs and CFLs with extended life spans. With its rich experience in producing and designing outdoor LED lighting and household energy-saving products such as lights with remote control or sensors that turn on when you enter your home.

Wo Link

Wolin Lighting Limited is a high-tech enterprise established in 2010, specializing in manufacturing LED indoor lighting and other related products. They meet or exceed all standard requirements (I9001:2000) while maintaining an excellent customer service approach, making us well-known within this industry.

Beatles Energy Technology

Shenzhen Beatles Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of solar products with an experienced staff that is always available to discuss your requirements and ensure complete customer satisfaction for over ten years now. In recent times, this company’s dedication to research helped us develop new technologies in innovative areas such as Solar Street/Garden Lights or Water Pumps.

Yinghao Solar Technology

Zhongshan Yinghao Solar Technology Co.Ltd has passed the ICS audit and ISO9001 certification, an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D for solar LED outdoor decoration lighting products and indoor home lightings like lamps or spotlights; they also research future energy sources such as hydrogen fuel cells! Their product range includes Solar Street Light (Streetlamp), Garden LandscapeLighting Systems (Garden landscape light), and other categories to suit your needs – there’s something perfect waiting Just For You.


Zhongshan Balin Lighting Co., Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer in the LED industry, specializing in manufacturing and designing lights. They have an R&D team responsible for coming up with new products and producing them on-site at their factory located outside Shanghai, China! With over 50% market share within this sector alone, they are one of China’s most successful companies in innovation, which has led to many significant projects around Asia, including some very prestigious hotels like The Peninsula Tokyo.

Foshan Kaicheng 

Foshan Kaicheng Lighting Co., Ltd has a long history of providing high-quality products to its customers. It specializes in LED production and has vast space for working tirelessly and equipment that provides us with state-of-the-art optoelectronics devices like those we manufacture here at FKL!

The company was founded back in 1983 when it first started out producing lightbulbs before moving onto other types of lights which now account for over 80% of total sales volume from both domestic markets all across China.

Kai Fan 

Shenzhen Kai Fan Lighting Co., Ltd. manufactures LED Wall lamps, Led Flood Light, and more with a solid technical force that can meet continuously changing economic needs and social ones. With a wide variety to choose from in addition to good quality at reasonable prices, they have something for everyone! They welcome new customers who want stylish designs alongside high-performance products while also welcoming old loyal patrons looking for fresh innovation in the marketplace.


Zhongshan Alltop Lighting Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and has won the title of “high-tech enterprise.” The company is located in a city known as “The Capital Of LED Lights,” Guangdong Province. It covers over 30000 sqm with 300 senior skilled workers who are professional engineers or have engineering degrees from universities such as Peking University (PLU). In addition, 30 robust R&D departments ensure efficient industry operations on behalf of 42 overseas market sales staff, ensuring quality control.

Hyundai-Qk Electronics

Jiangmen Hyundai-Qk Electronics is one of the most innovative Chinese lighting companies, providing engaging LED designs. It aims to deliver high-quality products with professional services essential to its success as an industry leader in this type of light.

The company sells outdoor lights, including underwater bulbs buried underwater or on land. Spotlights focus on one specific area but still illuminate everything around it so they can be used anywhere without being too bright like traditional street lamps.

Guangdu Lighting Technology 

Zhongshan Guangdu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of LED growth lights, was established in 2010 to meet the growing demand for horticulture light solutions. With over 20 years of experience and an office location conveniently located within easy reach from any central metropolitan area or export market hub on earth (Zhongshan), They are committed not only ́by namê but also through actions-to providing our clients with high-quality products at competitive prices coupled by excellent customer service!

Sunland Optoelectronic

Shenzhen Sunland Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is committed to producing top-quality LED indoor, outdoor, or decorative lights that meet international quality standards while also being appreciated by many different markets worldwide! With its location just outside Shenzhen City’s airport zone (it doesn’t get much more convenient than this), you can be sure your order will reach its destination quickly with no hassle from border crossings at customs.

Star Dance 

Zhongshan Star Dance Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional LED solar lighting designing, manufacturing, and marketing factory. This company mainly manufactures LED street lights for both rural areas as well as more urban ones. With an emphasis on the latter’s residential use-cases like streets or parks where they can be used to illuminate night skies while providing safety at intersections without adding additional light fixtures to buildings themselves (saving money).

Yincheng Outdoor 

YinCheng Lighting is located to enjoy the “China lamp” reputation of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Guzhen town. The factory was established in 1991 with a modern standard factory building of 48200 square meters and an outdoor exhibition hall of 3000 sq ft which includes their departments under the development department design engineering graduate school for stainless steel forgings aluminum lamps plastic marketing laboring logistics management team members work together as one cohesive unit!

Jpungsun Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.

Jpungsun Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.

Jpungsm Sci & Tech is one of the leading solar light suppliers makes sure all products meet international standards so they can be exported across different countries with success! One great thing about working here at Jpungsun Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.? You get access not only to an incredible amount of knowledge but also to many resources.


Youheng Lighting is a professional supplier and service in outdoor Lighting. Youheng Lighting always insists on being user-centered, which enables them to gain the trust of its customers. 

Their products are used for various urban ambient lighting, urban landscape lights, or building illumination systems that require high-quality results with low maintenance costs.


Tianhong lighting is the leading LED manufacturer and distributor, manufacturing high-quality domestic or commercial lights for both home use as well as business applications. With many years of experience in an ever-expanding market, they specialize in producing quality lamps that can be found throughout China-wide! 

Jiangmen Mingwei Electric 

Jiangmen Mingwei Electric CO., LTD is a lighting company that has been in operation since 1989. They produce led lights for any application, and They’re also an exporter, providing their products all over Asia with exceptional quality at competitive prices. Ming Wei’s core belief: “Stable Quality First.” 

Socreat Electronics Technology Limited

Socreat Electronics Technology Limited is an enterprise from Hong Kong and the Mainland specializing in research& development, production & sales of intelligent LED lighting. They are headquartered in Shenzhen with over 3000 square meters of factory area–based on the “Come to From Nature Create Our Future” conception. They devote themselves to R&D along with its products’ high qualities outdoor led lights, solar streetlights, motion sensor led Lights, and portable solar lighting systems.


Zhongshan Boshun Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd is high technology enterprise (certificate number: GR201644004025) with 28 utility models, patent products, and seven high-tech product lines. 


It specializes in scientific research, production, sales & service as one of China’s leading commercial lighting companies.LAP has two central departments: the indoor commercial department, which covers interior spaces like buildings or homes.


Established in 2016, Shenzhen Triple Lighting Co., Ltd. is a world-class lighting company specializing exclusively in LED bulbs and other products such as solar lights for streets or candles with dimmable LEDs inside! They take “high quality” seriously because they know how important it can be when you need light quickly – which leads them to an excellent customer service team who will provide whatever assistance is needed quickly, so your home never feels dark again.


I think you’ve seen these lights before, but if not, this is your chance to get them at a discounted price! They are high-quality products that will provide years of service, and the prices are low enough that anyone should be able to afford them. These brands represent some of the best lighting manufacturers in China today – I hope this article has helped you find the perfect lights for your home or business!