Solar street light project in Vietnam

solar street light project in Vietnam

Solar street light project in Vietnam Case study: 100 sets of 64w palm tree series solar led street light with 6-meter poles, pole and pole distance is 20m.

Description: Used on a walkway road in Vietnam. Considering good sunshine and wind sometimes in Vietnam Whether, the customer prefers to cost-efficient integrated all in one solar street lights. Our patented new design palm tree foldable design solar light is recommended. The community is quite pleased with the results and we look forward to working with them on future solar lighting projects with us.

solar street light project in Vietnam

Approved, 100 pieces of solar LED street lights project will be implemented across some walkways in Northern 2022 with a total distance of 2 km by Clodesun.

We presented a 64W solar street light with a 6M pole hot-dip galvanized and powder coating. The customer advised that they need passivating treatment for their pole, and they also need a battery under solar panels.

Ambassador Solar Lights are changing the lighting industry altogether. Solar lights in the past have been criticized for being inconsistent, expensive, and aesthetically unappealing luminaries. However, thanks to the extensive research and development programs at Ambassador Lighting we have successfully incorporated a new product division named – Ambassador Solar lights. Ambassador’s lighting has immensely contributed to this new endeavor.

Now that after 12 years of consistent efforts, we have managed to develop over 125 unique designs for the landscape arena, we have been victorious in manufacturing one of the most durable street lighting products in the market. By now in the year 2022, we have over 20 various solutions for the street lighting segment alone, Solar street lighting systems will reduce labor costs, as well as electricity bills.

Clodesun provides customized LED solar street light products for the customer. Our products cover all areas of solar street lights. Such as integrated solar street lights, all-in-one solar street lights, mini, home LED lighting systems, etc. We strive to provide the right solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. Our products are suitable for streets, highways, rural roads, driveways, gardens, etc.

Since 2013, we are committed to the R&D of the all-in-one solar street lights. We have 280 patents. In August 2020, we self-developed a patent for a foldable solar street light with a German new design. Because of its unique design, it is well-received by clients all over the world. We believe that only high-quality products can win the trust of customers.