Solar street light project in Tanzania

Solar street light project inTanzania

Solar street light project in Tanzania case study: 300pcs Palm tree all in one  100W solar street lights with 8-meter poles, pole and pole distance is 30m in Tanzania.

Solar street light project in Tanzania Description: This project is a public highway project for the new local president to provide lighting to underdeveloped areas. In response to the actual lighting needs of the project, Palm tree all in one  100W solar street lights with 8-meter poles, pole and pole distance is 30m. we provided customers with  At present, the project has been in the good running, and it has successfully brought light to the local people and has been appreciated by the local people in Tanzania.

Solar street light project inTanzania

In the Tanzanian government’s budget for the fiscal year 2019-2022, the city supporting construction has also become one of the main projects in the country, the backward infrastructure in Tanzania has always been the focus of public criticism. Among them, lighting is one of the big problems.

Many sections of the road in Tanzania are dark at night because they do not have enough solar street lights. In order to expand the visibility, many drivers have to turn on the far lights, which leads to frequent serious traffic accidents. Especially many roads are open to traffic in both directions, but there is no line in the middle of the road, so the hidden danger to safety is greater.

In fact, the bigger problems than street lamp installation are the power supply. There is a serious shortage of electricity in the central and western parts of Tanzania, and the normal electricity consumption of the residents is still unsatisfactory, let alone the street lamp power supply.

The country of Tanzania offers plenty of sunshine. Our street light system is optimized to efficiently capture that sunlight, Suitable for installing solar street lights.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar street lights have become the best choice. With its multiple advantages of technology, price, and after-sales service, Clodesun has taken the task of erecting a solar street light system in some sections of Tanzanian.

Clodesun focuses on custom solutions for LED solar street light projects. Our all-in-one solar streetlight systems are installed at over 500 locations all around the world. Since 2013, we have offered projects for over 100 countries and regions such as the US, UK, the Philippines, Malaysia, Ghana, Spain, Nigeria, etc.



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