Solar street light project in Oman

solar street light project in Oman

Solar street light project in Oman Case study:

Description: This is a port solar street lighting project in Oman Salalah. Thanks to the customer’s requirements, Clodesun provided our self-developed 100w-Integrated solar street lights and we helped them determine the position and orientation of the solar light poles. The project service and product quality are highly recognized by the Oman project team.

The Port of Salalah is the largest port in Oman. Situated in the Dhofar Governorate, on the Arabian Sea which is on the northern part of the Indian Ocean, it is centrally located at the crossroads of trade between Asia and Europe. With over 2.5 billion consumers, it serves the markets of East Africa, the Red Sea, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Arabian/Persian Gulf on its doorstep.


solar street light project in Oman


Clodesun provides customized LED solar street light products for the customer. Our products cover all areas of solar streetlights. Such as integrated solar street lights, all-in-one solar street lights, mini, home LED lighting systems, etc. We strive to provide the right solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. Our products are suitable for streets, highways, rural roads, driveways, gardens, etc.

Since 2013, we are committed to the R&D of the all-in-one solar street lights. We have 280 patents. In August 2020, we self-developed a patent for a foldable solar street light with a German new design. Because of its unique design, it is well-received by clients all over the world. We believe that only high-quality products can win the trust of customers.