Solar street light project in Mexico

solar street light project in Mexico

Quantity and Specific Configuration: 119PCS all in one solar street lights palm tree 120W with 10m pole.

Description: The customer from Mexico wants to test our patented solar street lights Palm tree-120W all-in-one solar street light in a rural area. He thinks highly of Clodesun solar street light’s design and quality and will consider this model for a big quantity bid project.

solar street light project in Mexico

As Mexico city developed, Solar street lighting has become an increasingly important feature of the town’s public space. Before 2018, Mexico City had a mixed public lighting infrastructure with many various street light posts, brackets, clamps, and luminaire types. Many of those solar street light fixtures were out of date and didn’t meet high-efficiency energy requirements, and therefore the lighting system had limited opportunities for transparent and versatile operations and sharing. Clearly, the time had come for change.

Mexico’s location is located in a subtropical area of 16-30 ℃ north latitude, the latitude is, the highest temperature is, must use LiFePO4 Battery, with considerable solar radiation. More than 70% of the territory’s annual solar radiation exceeds 7200MJ/㎡, which has natural conditions for the use of solar energy. Solar lights use new energy solar energy while choosing energy-saving and low-carbon LED lighting. LED solar lights are environmentally friendly, easy to install, and long service life. Also, have low maintenance costs, and are safe.

Mexico has many plateaus and mountains. The northwest inland has a continental climate; the coastal and southeastern plains have a tropical climate. Most areas are divided into dry and rainy seasons throughout the year. The dry season is from October to April of the following year, which is very suitable to install solar street lights.

Clodesun provides customized LED solar street light products for the customer. Our products cover all areas of solar streetlights. Such as integrated solar street lights, all-in-one solar street lights, mini, home LED lighting systems, etc. We strive to provide the right solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. Our products are suitable for streets, highways, rural roads, driveways, gardens, etc.

Since 2013, we are committed to the R&D of the all-in-one solar street lights. We have 280 patents. In August 2020, we self-developed a patent for a foldable solar street light with a German new design. Because of its unique design, it is well-received by clients all over the world. We believe that only high-quality products can win the trust of customers.