Solar street light project in Kenya

Solar street light project in Kenya

Taita-Taveta District (Wundanyi) Government installed 170 pieces Clodesun foldable design 64w with 6m pole solar street light project in Kenya.

Gov. Taita-Taveta District (Wundanyi) led the groundbreaking for the concrete lamp post pedestal in northern Kenya town on Saturday, April 5, 2022.

Solar street light project in Kenya

Gov. led the groundbreaking for the concrete lamp post pedestal in Taita-Taveta District (Wundanyi) on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Also to get solar-powered LED street lights are the two other solar street light projects, which is Mombasa District (Mombasa).

Last Dec. 14, during the yearend assembly of the Taita-Taveta District at the City Sports, had announced plans to illuminate barangay roads.

Garcia said the Province had initially bought about 500 solar lamps, with a repeat order of that in the works.

She said the priority for the lamps would be given to paved barangay roads.

The governor said then that the Taita-Taveta would receive 1.5 million worth of aid from the Kenya Government in 2022, as well as assistance for water development and road concreting.

Clodesun off-grid streetlights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and adapt to variations in weather conditions in countries just like Kenya. They provide guaranteed powerful lighting 365 nights a year, with no risk of outages or disruption.

Quality has always been the principle that our company adheres to. Although our solar street lights are tens of dollars more expensive than other factories, we insist on using high-quality materials. The local government in Kenya is also very satisfied with the effect of this installation.