Top 10 Solar Street Light Manufacturer South Africa[2024]

Solar street lights are lighting systems that rely on solar power to deliver illumination. Such a first lighting system was developed in Japan, and then it spread all across into other countries. The technology has brought a revolution to outdoor lighting campaigns that benefit both environmental conservation and energy savings along with reducing carbon footprint. 

1. SoLight

Solight solar lights are the new personal devices, thoughtfully designed to provide individualized access to solar energy. We don’t need to wait years for large, expensive, solar infrastructure to act. We believe that each of us has the power to create change now.

SoLight is one of your greatest options for solar streetlight manufacturers in South Africa if you’re looking to collaborate with a business headquartered in South Africa. One of the top producers of solar street lighting products in the nation is this business. These superior multi-purpose solar lighting options will guarantee security and dependability while cutting carbon emissions.

SoLight was established to introduce sustainable, quality solar lights and solar lighting solutions to the South African market. With the current unstable and failing electricity supply from Eskom in South Africa

2. Clodesun’s Solar Street Light

clodesun solar streetlight logo

Clodesun has been a reputable supplier for the South African market for years.

Clodesun launched a new solar street light product which they call “foldable design all-in-one solar street light this year. The product was designed by their German team for almost one year and tested for two years before its actual launch. With its commendable features and specs, this solar street light made a high edge among various integrated solar street lights in the market. Currently, it is widely used by solar enthusiasts all over the world.

Product Features:

  • Foldable Design
  • Better Heat Transfer.
  • Easy & Quick Installation– When you install their solar street lights, you don’t have to use any power or cables, and it only requires 2 mounting steps to install.​
  • Wider in Size and Larger in Capacity-
  • A-class LiFePO4 Lithium.

Clodesun | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

3. Signify

Signify also called Philips, is a market leader in producing solar and LED lighting systems. This business is present in the majority of markets, including South Africa. Signify customers can benefit from their high-quality lighting products, systems, and services, which also increase productivity in enterprises. Their products range from commercial to residential solar solutions.

4. Eurolux

Eurolux has been crucial in bringing the most recent solar lighting industry advances to South African businesses and consumers for more than 25 years, The Eurolux team successfully combines its wide range of knowledge from the previous two decades to make sure that we continue to lead the nation’s solar lighting solutions industry.

5. Future Light

Future Light is one of the top solar street light manufacturers in South Africa over 20 years, they have worked in R&D, production, and sales. Their entire line of solar lighting products is constructed from materials of the highest caliber and is weather resistant. Even a small amount of solar energy can be used to power them.

Solar lights with excellent brightness and a long lifespan are their primary offering. They provide a variety of high-brightness, dependable solar street light models.

6. LEDtronix

LEDtronix is One of the most skilled solar street light manufacturers in South Africa is LEDtronix, which also engages in R&D, production, and sales. They can offer a variety of high-quality LED lighting goods, including solar lights, LED floodlights, and others.

Customers may get premium solar lights from them; they ship their products all over the world. Due to the high standards, they have established for themselves, and their products have received widespread recognition from their clients.

7. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has a solid reputation for making the Super series solar streetlights and consistently adding new product ideas to its line-up. They have thus stayed abreast of the most recent developments in solar lighting solutions. Schneider Electric has been inventing and implementing technologies using the best components that have been thoroughly studied and field-tested.

8. Etenda 

Etenda has a long history of innovation in the field of LED design and production dating back to 2000 when they first integrated their expertise with research into outdoor lighting engineering series like floodlights for homes or roadways that use less energy than traditional ones while still achieving high-quality results. Since its establishment, Etenda has been devoting itself to providing customers with high-quality LED lighting fixtures. Products are widely used for commercial lighting, decorative lighting, landscape lighting, stage performance, and stadium sports field lighting.

9. Voltex

Voltex prides itself on being one of South Africa’s leading electrical wholesalers of the finest electrical products and services. Founded in 1964 and still growing, our mission includes providing Southern Africa with the best supplies available both locally and internationally. We have trusted, expert advice and solutions and an extensive product inventory consisting of both well-known local and leading international brands.

Our extensive offering includes solutions to all things relating to power generation, renewable energy, and commercial and industrial lighting.  Voltex does it all – If you or your business needs solar and electrical supplies, expert advice, or tailor-made solutions, there’s no doubt we have the perfect solution for you.


SOLAR STREET LIGHTS AFRICA is a manufacturer based in Johannesburg South Africa. they supply many different models of solar street lights and designs catering from Lead Acid to Lithium battery designs.


Now that you have read about these 20 Best Solar Street Light Suppliers Manufacturers in South Africa, hopefully, this will help you get better service and know exactly where your lighting needs to go!