Solar street light Philippine Government project

solar street light Philippine Government project

Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

Clodesun finished 860 pieces 64w with 6m pole solar street light Philippines government project, is a trustful all-in-one solar street light supplier.

Name of project: solar street lights government project in the Philippine

Location of works: Manila Philippine

Progress of work: completed

Number of street lights: 864 sets

solar street light Philippine Government project

Case Brief.

CLODE finished 860 pieces 100w with 8m pole solar street light government project in the Philippines, is the trustful solar street light supplier. we got 108 pieces and 300 pieces project again in Mindanao Philippines, many more and more customers want to be our foldable all-in-one solar street light agent or distributor in the Philippines.

I hope that our newly designed solar street lights will quickly open up the market in the Philippines and have already gained the approval and trust of some of our customers!