Solar street light for village project in Canada

solar street light project in Canada

Solar Panel Street Light Project for a village in Canada information

Product: Palm tree Type 64w all in one solar street light| Description: 80W PV, 64W LED, 36Ah Battery

Location: Canada Quebec Village

Product Used: 64w palm tree Solar Street Light all in one type

solar street light sample picture

solar street light sample picture

Solar street light Market Outlook in Canada

There is a bright future for the solar street light in Canada. particularly, the Ukrainian-Russian war in 2022 created an energy shortage in Europe, the year 2022 was a promising one for the Canadian solar street light market and it has built a solid foundation for more solar street light project growth in 2022.

The consistent growth in the solar street light market is fueled by the increased corporate demand and the policies put in place by the government. The government in Canada will work together to reduce carbon emissions and to facilitate growth in solar street light renewable energy.

Solar street light for a village in Canada Requirements

There are hundreds and thousands of village areas in Canada. Generally, the location of rural areas is remote and it is very inconvenient to use city electricity. However, to facilitate local residents’ travel, the local government decided to install solar street light projects. but they have high lighting performance required, but the lighting lasting period is also important.

Solar energy street light Clodesun Solution

Clodesun as a solar street lighting expert has been developing its solar street lighting products and technology for over 10 years. With high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel, maintenance-free LiFePO4 battery, advanced controller with intelligent charging and discharging management ability, high quality LED and low-voltage safe system, to realize features like high efficiency, technical performance, and so on.


Clodesun palm tree solar panel lights are straightforward to install and lighting performance is very good. we’ll consider using it again in our others Villager”