solar panel street light factories in China

solar panel street light

Solar-panel street light is entirely self-contained, making them ideal for isolated locations, without all the costs of cabling and grid connection. Also called photovoltaic or PV streetlights, they’re quick and easy to install, with no earthwork or trenches needed, so the range of possible applications is virtually limitless.

The key difference between these two kinds of public lighting is their power source. Solar-panel streetlights use renewable energy. And because solar energy is free and will never run out, photovoltaic streetlights are an ecologically friendly, cost-efficient, and completely autonomous solution. They’re a perfect fit with the energy transition led by the French government. Solar lighting also offers better availability, since it’s not affected by power outages.

The key benefits of clodesun solar panel streetlights are:

– no major works needed — no civil engineering, trenches, grid connection, or electrical cabinets

– no more electricity bills

– 100% green energy

– smaller carbon footprint

– no maintenance for the first 10 years

The solar PV panels on top of the pole capture the Sun’s rays, turn them into electrical energy and store them in our A class LiFePo4 battery system, with Power365 technology. Then as the Sun begins to set, the built-in dusk sensor tells the streetlight to switch on.

The level of lighting power is pre-adjusted as part of the project to meet the specific requirements of each customer. For example, it can be set to produce brighter lighting at nightfall and in the early morning, with a lower level of illumination in the middle hours of the night to limit light nuisance and pollution.

Clodesun solar panel street light

Clodesun solar streetlights provide guaranteed lighting 365 nights a year, whatever the weather.

The poles we use for our solar streetlights are designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, including the highest wind loads, in compliance with the European standard. Our Power365 battery technology can put up with temperatures from –40°C to +65°C. Plus, our America-manufactured solar PV panels are specially developed for all types of conditions, including high winds, snow, and sandstorms. These design features make our off-grid streetlights the ideal public lighting solution for all types of projects and environments.

Clodesun solar streetlights are manufactured in China and have four main components:

CB certificate solar street light

– a high-performance LED light unit, rated at 40 to 120 watts

– a Power365  LiFePo4 battery system for guaranteed lighting 365 nights a year, with customized smart programming

– a PV module composed of high-efficiency monocrystalline cells

– a pole and crosspiece, designed to withstand the highest wind loads and with optional surface treatment for projects where corrosion is an issue.

Every Smartlight solar panel streetlight factory at our Lot-et-Garonne plant in southeast China undergoes stringent quality control before being shipped to locations in France or around the world. On-site installation is quick and easy, taking less than two hours. Once installed, it’s immediately ready to use.

A solar streetlight costs about 10 to 20% more than a conventional streetlight. That’s because, unlike their grid-connected counterparts, our solar streetlights incorporate a host of clever technologies, including a smart energy management system, which is fully programmable for powerful off-grid illumination.

Over time, solar solutions are proven to be much more cost-efficient than grid-connected lighting. Installation of a PV streetlight doesn’t require any major work, such as groundwork, trenches, cable laying, or electrical cabinets. Our solutions don’t need any maintenance for the first 10 years. What’s more, by choosing streetlights running on green energy, there are no more electricity bills. Together, these savings make solar streetlights much more competitive than their conventional, grid-tied counterparts. Today, the return on investment is very quick on some projects and immediate on others.

The components of our off-grid solar streetlights are all designed with durability and performance in mind. Our products are fully covered by a five-year warranty. And the first service isn’t needed until 10 years after installation.

– our PV module guarantees optimal power delivery for 25 years.

– our LED light unit has a service life of 20 years.

– the Power365 battery has a lifespan of 10 years or 2000 charge-discharge cycles.


Clodesun off-grid streetlights aren’t fitted with motion detectors. Constantly switching on and off the LED light unit significantly reduces the battery’s useful life and makes it hard to predict energy consumption with any accuracy. Plus, the detection range of motion detectors is limited.

In all cases, the Clodesun team is always on hand and guarantees fast after-sales service and support everywhere in the world.