Solar led street lights project in Angola

solar street light project in Angola

Recently we were approached by a customer to assist in helping them to provide quality all-in-one solar led street lights in Angola that would meet the end-user customer’s expectations for a 5km highway road.

solar street light project in Angola

As 10 years, solar LED street lighting solution manufacturers we informed them that we can provide a full turn-key solution however this exercise would not fall within their budget.

A compromise was made with our clients in Angola. As we understand that Angola like many developing countries find it hard to pay for very good quality products however we were able to assist our customer to execute the LED solar street lighting project.

Clodesun has created a high-quality 2020 new unique design foldable all-in-one street lamp that is now offered for delivery to the country of Angola.

These solar streetlights are designed to function as a stand-alone installation and require no modification to any existing infrastructure. One of the advantages of our integrated solar street light is that it is simple to install and light in weight. Generally, two workers do not need heavy equipment and tools, only one wrench in one product can be installed in just 5 minutes.

we have been implementing solar street lighting projects around the globe since 2014. This experience has enabled us to adjust our design and develop highly durable and reliable products.

Premium Solar LED Lighting
We are excited to offer our solar lighting system solutions to the country of Angola.

From Ambriz to Bailundo in Angola, our innovative system is perfect for lighting city blocks, parks,s and highways. Major ports like the Port of Luanda and Port of Cabinda could take advantage of our lighting.

Some of the benefits of our lights include:
100% Unique patent design
Designed To Withstand High Winds(we have many projects in the Philippine seaport)
Designed To Work in High Temperatures(A grade LiFePo4 battery)
Optimized For Lower Maintenance Requirements and Costs
without the added cost of trenching and wiring for the street lights while promoting energy efficiency.

When a large number of city lights have been converted to solar power, it relieves energy demands on the grid, allowing that energy to be used elsewhere and saving grid expansion costs.

The 5km road project in Angola took 4 months from the design making, purchasing of solar street lights, transportation, and completion of installation. Now it has been installed for two years, and there have not been any quality problems. The 160 pieces solar street light system is still very bright. , This is one of our very successful case projects in Angola.