Solar Home LED lighting system is a portable mini off-grid system, Clodesun provides a selection of solar home LED lighting system includes mini and small. They are perfect for off-grid homes, cabins, or other buildings. The system lets you use solar energy in an efficient and cheap way. Our Mini solar LED Lighting home system is widely used at home in Africa.

Solar Home LED lighting system working principle

The solar panel undergoes photoelectric conversion under light to generate current and voltage. The electric energy is stored in the battery through the controller. The battery outputs DC5V for charging mobile phones and other digital products, and DC12V for LED light source lighting and decoder power supply.

Solar Home LED lighting system Features

The product has one switch to control the switching and charging of the battery, three DC current-limiting output ports, two DC12V/1A current-limiting output ports, and one USB DC5V/1A(Max) current-limiting output port.

Professional design can better protect your Mobile phones, digital products, LED light sources, etc., are equipped with decoder and radio functions at the same time so that you can entertain and relax while charging your digital products.

Solar Home LED lighting system Scope of application

Solar Home LED lighting system can be widely used in wild tourism, wild exploration, wild hunting, long-distance travel, marine ships, night market vendors, home lighting, emergency lighting for dormitories, emergency lighting for offices, etc.

Solar Home LED lighting system Precautions

1. Before the first use, the user needs to fully charge the battery.

2. The control box is fixed with screws, and an illegal opening is prohibited. Once a problem occurs, it needs to be checked and repaired by the company’s authorized technicians to avoid danger.

3. Please keep the product away from fire, water and other dangerous materials, and store it in a dry and ventilated environment.

4. Other improper use such as beating, burning, heating, immersion, burial, etc., is prohibited.

5. Please place the solar panel facing up in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

Clodesun 2w mini Solar Home LED lighting system

1, model: Clodesun20

2: solar panel: 20W

3: LED light: 12V/2W

4, battery: built-in 12V/20AH lead-acid battery.

5. Controller: DC12V/5A

6. Weight (net weight): 7.6kg without solar panel

7. Dimensions: 220*150*180mm

8. Color: Red and black double color

9. Accessories: 1 USB 1 to 10 adapter cable, E27 screw lamp holder contains 1 wire and 1 threaded lamp holder. 1 12V/3W LED.

10. solar panel bracket (optional accessory).

11. inverter 12V/200W.

Clodesun 2w mini Solar Home LED lighting system

Nowadays, solar energy is widely recognized as a sustainable clean energy. It is becoming one of the most cost-effective energy sources on earth and will play an important role in responding to the climate crisis.

Therefore, the energy and light of the sun can also be displayed in a beautiful way.

Clodesun is the first step towards the routineization of household solar energy.

In accelerating the transformation of solar energy conventionalization, this kind of clean energy can benefit everyone, as well as all places, and accelerate the global energy transition.

clodesun’s modern solar home led lighting system design combines art, sustainability and technology to create the future of indoor light.