Integrated Solar Street Lights with with Motion Sensor

Integrated solar street lights are also called All-In-One Solar Street Lights

With a steady cost decline of solar panels, solar-powered street lights are widely used now, which has advantages of lower energy consumption, longer life span, and environmental benefits.

Integrated solar street light is taking the world by storm. Currently, most of the manufacturers in the world are based in China.

What is a motion sensor?

The sensor device which detects object motion is known as a motion sensor. There are two types of motion sensors viz. active and passive.

  • Active motion sensor transmits radio frequency towards the person/object and analyzes received frequency to determine the motion. An example of active motion sensor is a microwave motion sensor.
  • Passive motion sensor senses heat and light to determine the change in motion.

Microwave Motion Sensor

An example is the PIR sensor which receives a change in thermal energy to determine the motion of object or person. PIR stands for Passive Infrared Sensor. PIR measures infrared light radiating from objects in its FOV (Field of View). By default it generates energy based on observed heat surrounding it. When human or any body comes nearby, it receives more thermal energy compare to normal condition. This way it determines presence or absence of the object or person.

PIR motion sensor

Advantages of motion sensor

Following are the advantages of motion sensor of active and passive types:

  • ➨It can be used in very harse environment having irregular heat cycles (Active Motion Sensor).
  • ➨It has more lifespan which is about 100000 Hrs (Active type).
  • ➨It detects motion in light and dark conditions reliably in indoors. (Passive motion sensor)
  • ➨It helps in providing security by detecting suspicious movement.
  • ➨It is easy to install motion sensors.