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Product Item: CS-BB series

Solar Street Light Introduction & User Manual     


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  • “ Solar street light”can not work without sunshine charging, pleaseselect the suitable product model according to the local sunshine radiation and the annual total radiation.
  • “ Solar street light” adopts the long-lifespan lithium battery for storing energy, charging temperature at day time is between: 0°C~+60°C, when temperature goes lower than 0°C, the control system will stop charging automatically to protect the battery, and it will revive to charge the battery while temperature goes higher than 0°C. Discharging temperature at night is between: -30°C~+70°C, any ambient beyond will bring damage to the battery. Please confirm your local extreme temperature is suitable for above while selecting the solar light.
  • Battery of the “ semi-integrated solar street light”can be stored for 6 months after full charged, and please examine, charge it periodically after long time transportation to prevent damage.
  • While the solar light be installed in Northern Hemisphere, please make sure the surface of the solar panel to be facing the South to collect maximum sunshine radiation, While installed in Southern Hemisphere, please make sure the surface of the solar panel to be facing the North to collect maximum sunshine radiation. At the same time please keep it away from any shadow of house, trees etc.
  • Keep cleaning the surface of these mi-integrated solar street light with normal detergent to get maximum power generation, clear the dust or tree leaves or any grease.


Operation Instructions

1.How to Turn On/Off?

  • If Battery inside the lamp,turn on/off the lamp as follow pictures:

solar street lights home depot

  • If with an external battery box, there is a lamp cable and a solar panel cable coming out from the battery box, First, connect the lamp cable to the lamp,the solar panel cable to the solar panel,and then the lamp will start working.Please noted that solar panel must be in the dark environment.

In the case of solar panel connected to a lamp, it shall be automatically switched on/off based on light control, which means the lamp shall be switched on at dusk, and switched off at dawn.


2.How to use the remote control?

  • Before using the remote control, make sure  the lamp is street light with motion sensor
  • Use the remote controller to operate the lamp.

For details, refer to the instruction printed on

the remote controller cover.

  • If press“DEMO” button, even at daytime, the lamp shall be switched on 3 seconds delay and keep lighting for 1 minute, then off.




3. How to install solar street light based on distance?

  • Note:If the solar street light is without solar panel

bracket, please prepare it by yourself before installing it.

solar light street light


1.Please Charge All Model of light (without discharge at night) for 3 days before installing;

2.Please notice to install the light to the place without any shade and

better face to south to get good sunlight for charging.

3. Please remove the plastic isolation film on the transparent lampshade if any before using;

4. Keep the device away from fire, water and moist places in order to avoid explosion, leakage, moisture;

5. Any severe shock or smash to the light is not recommended;

6. No one expects professional technician should attempt to disassemble to the light in order to avoid damaging the light.

Solar street light project applications

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