Alpha 2020x  All in one solar street light made by Clodesun, our parent technology battery has 2000 cycles, and the solar street light life can last 8 -10years.

Product Item: CS-JJ series

Alpha 2020x All in one solar street light

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The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and is stored in a LiFePo4 battery via a controller, the LED light will work at night automatically by light sensor control, and provide lighting for the darkness area, the intelligence induction system can save energy when the high-brightness lighting is not necessary.

The Alpha 2020x all in one Street Light. It displays features such as its practical use, its three-way setting mode, long-lasting lighting ability, and aesthetics.

Wise shoppers choose the Solar Light Mart Alpha 2020x Street Light because it causes no higher cost in many ways. Since, the said Led lights are solar-powered, no need to worry about the additional charges in the electricity bill. Each piece can fully absorb sunlight and transform it into energy to function well.

More so, no cost for trenching, replacing, repairing, and land usage permits is required in installing the Alpha 2020x all in one solar Street Light. Since, it is solar-powered, no need for spending additional costs for creating electrical connections and buying the electric meter.

Once installed, it is noticeable that the Alpha 2020x all in one solar Street Light has upgraded three lighting modes. These are the green, blue, and red led. Green led lights provide a normal floodlight and the PIR sensor is off. On the other hand, the Blue led signals that the PIR motion is in full brightness while the Red Led rules the light to turn on or off depending on the motion that it detects.