Clodesun is committed to developing high-quality and advanced Alpha 1080x All one solar street lights to meet different customers’ needs and requirements.

Product Item: CS-HH series

Remote control instructions

  1. Take off the insulating board at the end of the remote control
  2. Before using the remote, please make sure the product is powered “ON”. otherwise, the remote can not work.
  3. When using the remote control, please keep the distance within 10 meters away from the light, and aim at the PIR sensor.
  4. The power switch can turn on/off the light, when turned off, the light can not charge and discharge.
  5. open the switch, press the SET button, delay 3 seconds, and automatically enter the selected mode of operation. T –time control mode; I button– PIR sensor mode; T I — mixed-mode( 5 hours time control mode, after midnight with sensor mode)