China 2022 New Camera monitoring all-in-one solar street light with CCTV camera is used as remote security monitoring by WIFI, optional 4G, 5G network.

Product Item: CF-GG series

Solar street lights with CCTV cameras are one of the revolutionary innovations in solar technology, which satisfied clients from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Model East. Browse our full range of solar street lights for your streets, gardens, patio, and outdoors.

integrated solar street light with CCTV Camera

integrated solar street light with CCTV Camera

The integrated new design, lithium battery with long life, and a built-in infrared motion sensor make us the professional solar street light manufacturer. The compact volume and light weight make it easier to install the lights.

The rust-proof, dustproof, and waterproof lights mean easy maintenance and higher reliability. As these lights run on solar power, they are energy-saving and maintenance-free.

Solar street lights with CCTV Camera Benefits

  • 100% powered by solar, without electricity bill
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery storage for both camera and light
  • Remote transmission is possible without wiring, saving installation cost
  • With 24-hour surveillance, the crime rate will be decreased significantly.
  • Remote live view (images and videos) anytime from Anywhere (iPhone iPad Android PC)
  • Guaranteed for 24/5/365 Operations at your Project Locations
  • Simple Installation. Compact Connected. Self-powered.

Clodesun’s SOLAR CCTV Lighting system is an ideal solution for Parking Lots, Street Lighting, Highway Lighting, Security Perimeter Lighting, Hospital Lighting, Bridge Lighting, Airport Lighting, Industrial Lighting & practically everywhere, it provides a wireless surveillance system combined with outdoor lighting alongside security.