Product Item: CS-EE series

Clodesun focuses on using high lumens led recourses, as our 60w solar street light lumens is 9600lumens-12000lumens, so our 60w is hot sell around the world.

60w solar street light Generation smart remote control manual

  • Press the OFF button to turn off the whole lamp; press the ON button to turn on the whole lamp, which can be set using the remote control.
  • Working mode Select key: T / I / TI indicates time control/induction/mixing mode respectively.
  • Working time Selection keys: 12H, 9H, 6H indicate working hours at night.
  • Working power selection button: 100%, 70%, 50% means working power, the factory default 100%
  • Function setting method: Make sure that the light is on, then press the SET button, the light source and the indicator light will be all off, press the working mode selection button, the blue indicator light will be on; press the working time selection button, the green indicator light will be on; press the working power selection button, the red indicator light will be on; Finally press the OK button to complete the setting.