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What do solar streetlights support rainy days?

Date:2019-03-05Views:265Tags:Rainy days, The number of rainy days , solar street lamps
 It is well known that solar streetlights work by receiving solar energy for optical conversion into storage batteries during the day and supplying LED lights by battery discharge at night. So when configuring solar streetlights to support rainy days is a very important reference factor. Rainy days refer to the days that solar street lamps can be used normally in the case of few or no solar energy supplement on continuous cloudy days or rainy days. When the days exceed these days, solar street lamps canno, t be used normally. Support rainy days is decided by the customer, in general, the factory default number of days is 3 days; Because of the fixed configuration of integrated solar streetlights and the final determination after many tests, the default is generally higher in rainy sky. For example, the default days of integrated solar streetlights in our company are 5 days and 7 days long in the evening. The number of rainy days determines the size of photovoltaic modules and batteries, and is an important reference parameter for configuring solar street lamps, so when you determine cloudy and rainy days, depending on your local situation, if you have more continuous rainy days, An appropriate increase of 1 / 2 days is required to avoid abnormal working conditions.

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