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What is the lumen value of an integrated solar street light?

Date:2019-10-07Views:209Tags: The maximum power , rural area,the solar panel of the solar street lamp

The so-called lumen is the unit of luminous flux. Luminous flux refers to the radiant power of visible light that can be perceived by the human eye. It is equal to the product of the radiant energy of a certain band per unit time and the relative visibility of the band.

First-class Ming refers to a candlelight (cd, Candela Candela, luminous intensity unit, equivalent to the luminous intensity of an ordinary candle) in a solid angle (a spherical cone corresponding to a 1 square meter spherical crown on a unit sphere with a radius of 1 meter) The angle represented, which corresponds to the total emitted luminous flux produced at a central angle of the middle section of about 65°).

At present, the finished lumen value of the Clode integrated solar street lamp reaches 130LM/W. Here is the output lumen value of the LED finished product of the angel eye integrated solar street lamp, not the output lumen of the LED lamp bead (clode if the lamp bead output lumen is greater than 130LM/W ). For more information about lumens, you can visit the official website of the CLODE integrated solar street lamp to learn about optical knowledge such as "Lumen".

Company Introduction: Shenzhen Clode Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is a new energy company of “solar and LED”. It is a platform for the construction of a clean energy human destiny by building a “One Belt, One Road” platform – to light The world products are solar street lights, solar LED lights, off-grid solar lighting, solar photovoltaic products, engineering lights.

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