integrated solar street light install

How to install integrated solar street light

Easy to install is one of the most important advantages of integrated solar street light. Have you ever thought of installing integrated solar street lights by yourself? A lot of articles say it’s really fast and easy. And in fact, it is. In today’s article, I’m going to introduce clodesun’s all in One Solar Street […]

all in one solar street light

Top quality all in one solar street light manufactures and suppliers

As all in one solar street light market continue to grow rapidly with more than 25%, more and more companies are start to provided different solar led street light solutions, some of those companies provided very good and high quality products, but unfortunately most of companies started to introduce to market some very cheap and […]

60w solar street light price

How much the price of 60W solar street light

Why traditional street lamps are gradually replaced by solar street lights? The first reason is that in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, solar street lights have the characteristics of energy saving. Solar street lights use solar energy to supply power, while traditional street lamps use ordinary city electricity. That is coal resources, so […]

led solar street light

Lithium ion battery for solar street light

Li-ion battery for solar street light Wiring method 1. Wiring method of lithium ion battery pack and solar LED light, load output: positive and negative (red wire represents positive electrode, black wire represents negative electrode); the positive electrode is connected to the positive electrode of the LED light, and the negative electrode is connected to […]

all in one solar street light

Price of solar street light in Nigeria

Nigeria is the world’s largest market for solar street lights, because Nigeria is the largest economy country in Africa, but Nigeria’s electricity is very scarce, and the power supply is very backward. According to the calculations of Nigeria’s power department, about 55% of Nigeria’s residents have no electricity available. It has become one of the […]

integrated solar led street light price

Integrated solar led street light price

Although the price of integrated solar led street lights is higher than traditional street lights, it does not waste electrical energy and uses natural light to convert into electrical energy lighting; it does not require frequent maintenance and repairs, which is why the current traditional street lights are replaced by integrated solar street lights. With […]

all in one solar street light

Do solar street lights need to replace the battery?

The all in one solar street light is an independent power generation lighting system, it is composed of battery, solar street light pole, LED lights, battery, solar street light controller and other components. No need to connect to the mains, the solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy during the day and stores it […]

Integrated solar street light in Philippines

Integrated solar street light in Philippines

As the prospects for integrated solar street light in Philippines become better, Clodesun plans to built a warehouse and supply new design in Philippines. Since in 2017, the government began large-scale support the development of solar energy. The Philippines has become second largest integrated solar street light market. Advantages of integrated solar street light in […]

led solar street light with pole

Led Solar Street Light with Pole

With green energy energy saving and emission reduction is getting more and more attention, Led solar street light are also more often used in road lighting. The increase in the number of peer companies has also intensified the competition of solar street lights. In order to pursue profits, some companies began to cut corners on […]

100w solar street light

What is the best Solar Panel Street light

Recently, a Malaysian and Australian customer was sad to talk with me and said that they no longer wanted to sell solar street lights because the life of the solar street lights they bought never exceeded two years, I sympathize with their experience deeply. the solar street light market is very confusing these years, there […]