Philips Solar Integrated Street Light

Philips Solar Integrated Street Light

With the increasing shortage of energy in the world and the country’s vigorous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar power is increasingly valued by people, and the use rate of solar street lights is also increasing.

Philips’ new BRP715 Solar series adopts an integrated simple design: elegant, beautiful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, economical and practical, easy to install, and widely used. It is suitable for places where it is inconvenient to access the power network.

This solar street light is a 100% pure green solar power supply, greatly improving the lighting effect and enhancing the safety of night activities. There are also five different configuration products, which are convenient for users to choose freely according to their needs.

Philips Solar Integrated Street Light

Philips Solar Integrated Street Light

Simple and beautiful

The solar panel and lamp head are integrated, breaking through the limitations of traditional street lamp design, beautiful and generous, meeting the needs of various environments. It improves the night lighting effect and has a perfect decorative effect on the environment.

Flexible design

Taking into account the regional differences and different lighting conditions, the lamp head is specially designed with an adjustable angle, which is convenient for users to adjust the position of the lamp head and the solar panel according to different lighting locations to absorb solar energy fully; at the same time, the street lamp part can also be adjusted to provide more flexible lighting at different angles.


Strong power storage and long life. Built-in monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and controllers, up to 2000 cycles, effective service life of up to 10 years. Not only that, it can also store electricity on cloudy days, and the lights can be used continuously for 3 days.

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Timed dimming

Innovative use of mobile microwave induction, the light turns on when the car comes, achieving maximum energy saving. At the same time, with mobile induction, the lighting system is set to time dimming, and the factory configuration is as follows:

Remote control
In addition, a handheld remote control can be purchased to adjust the system’s timed dimming settings.

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Widely used

Philips solar integrated street light BRP715 Solar is widely used in roads, streets, parks and squares, parking lots, residential communities, shopping centers, corporate parks, industrial parks, school campuses, and other outdoor places. It is beautiful, atmospheric, and energy-saving.

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