Intelligent monitoring system for solar street lights

Intelligent monitoring system for solar street lights

An intelligent monitoring system for solar street lights includes 4 parts.

smart IoT soalr street light

1. The composition of the Internet of Things street lamp system:
The IoT solar controller, wireless communication module, cloud server, and client (mobile app, WBE terminal) consist of 4 parts.

2. Internet of Things solar controller: Intelligent solar controller can collect the current, voltage, temperature, power generation, power consumption, and other information of the system (battery panel, battery, LED load, etc.), and transmit the data to the communication module through the interface. It can receive commands from the client to switch lights and parameter adjustments.

3. Wireless communication module: Transmit the information of the solar controller to the cloud platform through the network, which is a bridge connecting the controller and the cloud platform.

4. Cloud server: The cloud server is deployed on Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Cloud and is responsible for system scheduling, data storage, data processing, logical transaction processing, etc. It is the subject of the Internet of Things.

5. Client: The client includes web and mobile apps. The user can view the data of the cloud service through the client, and at the same time control the switch lights and adjust the street light parameters through the cloud server.