Integrated solar street light in Philippines

Integrated solar street light in Philippines

Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

As the prospects for integrated solar street lights in the Philippines become better, Clodesun plans to build a warehouse and supply new designs in the Philippines. Since 2017, the government began large-scale support for the development of solar energy. The Philippines has become the second-largest integrated solar street light market.

Advantages of integrated solar street light in the Philippines

1. Philippine government policy support Integrated solar street light in the Philippines

integrated solar street light in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the ASEAN member states. The annual GDP growth rate in 2017 was as high as 6.685%. The outside world generally holds a positive attitude towards the future economic outlook of the Philippines.

Like many countries in Southeast Asia, it is also facing the dual challenges of population growth and rising energy demand. The Philippines is determined to strengthen energy security.

Since in 2017, the government has issued various policies to promote renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energies. Efficient and clean solar energy is becoming more and more important. So the market for solar street lights is also very promising in the Philippines. The number of integrated solar street lights imported by the Philippines is increasing rapidly every year.

2, Rich solar resources is good for integrated solar street light in the Philippines

integrated solar street-light in Philippines 1

The Philippines has a monsoon tropical rainforest climate. The average annual temperature is about 27°C. The Philippine’s latitude is close to the equator, there is plenty of sunshine every year. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and has abundant geothermal resources. It is very suitable for installing integrated solar street lights.

Our integrated solar street light advantages in the Philippines

Clodesun has focused on integrated solar street lights for more than 6 years. Our integrated street lights can rank among the top three in the industry. We have more than 50 integrated street light projects in the Philippines. Including 8 government projects. We have very rich experiences with an integrated solar street lights in the Philippines. Our integrated street lights have received very good reviews in the Philippines.

We plan to have our own integrated solar-led street light warehouse and office in the Philippines. Our German new design will meet our Customers in Philippines needs. Clodesun also can communicate with customers to determine lighting needs and recommends solar street light styles and solutions based on geographic location and climate characteristics and needs. To determine the installation height, power, and lighting time of the street light.