Industrial Solar Street Lights Install in Dubai

Industrial Solar Street Lights Install in Dubai

Solar street light suitable for installation in Highway lighting/Street/road lighting/Walkway/pathway lighting
Parking lot lighting/Residential public lighting/Park/campus/tourist resort lighting/Industrial park/construction site lighting/Sign/Billboard lighting/Security/Temporary lighting/Rural area/Farming lighting and so on.

Industrial Solar Street Light project in Dubai analysis

Dubai is a district known for its abundance of oil, and burning oil has been its primary source of electricity. However, as both the oil prices and the electricity demand increased, the government has turned to the notion of solar power so that solar street lights will have a huge market in Dubai in the future.

Dubai is also one of the largest developers of solar street lighting systems in the United Arab Emirates. Recently, they decided to install 500 pieces of integrated solar street lights in an industrial area, with some manufacturers in the city’s main areas. Often exploited at night by families due to extreme weather conditions in summer, they are very popular. Dubai has a mission: to be a city at the forefront in terms of renewable energy. Thus, it is obvious that the parks could only be lit by solar energy.

Dubai has a hot desert climate. Summers in Dubai are extremely hot, prolonged, windy, and humid, with an average high of around 40 °C (104 °F) and overnight lows of around 30 °C (86 °F) in the hottest month, August. Most days are sunny throughout the year. Winters are comparatively cool, though mild to warm, with an average high of 24 °C (75 °F) and overnight lows of 14 °C (57 °F) in January, it is very suitable for installing solar street lights.

500 pieces of government industrial all-in-one solar street lights project, completed in May 2022 in Dubai by Clodesun.

solar street light in Dubai

solar street light in Dubai

Clodesun industrial all-in-one solar street light

Clodesun all-in-one solar street with a patented German new design, the most prominent advantage, are three-type high-brightness 12 hours light, an LED module available, adjustable angle, High-temperature resistance, A class LiFePo4 battery, adjustable solar panel, and very good quality materials became the most important advantages of this solar street light projects in Dubai.

Clodesun new patented design with appearance and performance upgrade. Foldable solar panel design, 25 degrees optional. Using high-light famous brand oversea Bridgelux chips, lumen up to 160-210LM/W. Using A class LifePo4 battery, Adopt 140 degrees light-emitting lens, same height but greater exposed area. Four lighting modes can be set by remote control within 30 meters.

After finished install the 500 solar street light projects in Dubai in May 2022, Maybe the government will be very satisfied with the solar street light effect, quality, and our after-sales service, the government plans to purchase another 600 sets of 100w integrated solar street lights from Clodesun in 3 months to install in their capital, we hope the day will come soon.