Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

Solar street light is a new generation Zero Emissions, Zero Fuel or Running Costs, Zero Maintenance of energy conservation, and environmental protection product, solar street lights are a combination of two aspects of technology: solar power generation technology and LED lighting technology, completing two technologies with complementary advantages.

Because of the limitations on solar battery power and battery technology, using solar power makes it hard to satisfy the lighting time, especially on a rainy day in the circumstances, to avoid this case, lack of light, street light section and therefore we have developed a main complementary solar energy street lamp lighting plan.

Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

What is the Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light principle?

Hybrid Grid power complementary solar-led street lights, or we may also be called it on-grid solar-led street lights can solve the problem of insufficient solar light in high latitude areas and the long rainy season in certain areas. Compared with the ordinary solar street lamp, it solves the problem of light-off caused by rainy days and insufficient light. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Such technology could be also used in solar flood lights, solar parking lot lights, and integrated solar street lights.

Solar cell conversion power through the charger to the battery to save electricity, center control at any time to collect information about the battery, avoid excessive charging and discharging, the maintain the battery; At night when the battery power savings by an inverter into 220 v alternating current to the lamp power supply.

The technology used by the grid power complementary solar street lights is not a traditional grid-tied technology. It does not upload solar power to the grid. Its grid connection means that when it encounters a long rainy day and the solar power supply is insufficient, it switches to the grid power supply.

The difference between traditional solar light and the  hybrid complementary solar street lamp

The difference between traditional solar lights and the solar energy complementary solar street lamp is that the city electricity complementary solar street lamp needs to connect a group of electric power cables to the controller, and needs a transformer to convert grid AC electricity to suitable DC electricity. and the power supply is converted to the power supply when the battery is short of power.

The main advantage of a hybrid complementary solar street lamp

1. High-power solar street light is available

2. Strong environmental adaptability for solar street light

3. Do not need high requirements for batteries, solar panel

The main disadvantage of a hybrid complementary solar street lamp

1. Need cable and complicated installation

2. Additional switching power supply and constant current source are required

There are 2 types of Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light

1.  220V city electricity as main power, when it is cut off, the solar power starts to supply energy as a backup Emergency light.

2. Solar Power is the main power, When it has a long rainy day, and the battery has low energy, the 220V city power starts to supply energy.

(90% of the market uses this solution, solar power as the main power could save a lot of electricity costs)

Hybrid Mains Complementary Solar Street Light Application Case

We will introduce a kind of solar street light with grid power complementary. Its main function is to switch to grid power when solar power is insufficient. In this way, when experiencing a long rainy season, or in areas with insufficient light at high latitudes, solar street lights can function well without the lights shut down.

Complementation of 220V city electricity solar street lights are widely used, In some important roads or highways, the lights are not allowed to be turned off. People either use solar energy as a backup emergency light or use 220V city electricity as a complementation.

hybrid solar street lights

hybrid solar streetlights


Clodesun has produced 220V electricity power hybrid complementary solar street lights and has 10 years of experience. We will add a smart Solar controller and a ( High quality) 220V electricity power driver. The cost just needs to add $45-60$ for the sulotion.