How to design solar street light pole height and distance

solar street light pole

If you have one solar street light project in hand, the solar street light suppliers usually will ask you such questions: Could you kindly tell me the width of the road or the height of the pole? We can supply the 3D Dialux simulation photometric according to your information.

    So how to determine the installation distance between solar power street lights? It can be considered from the following points:

     solar street light Lighting method

    Solar power street lights generally have three lighting methods when installed: single-sided lighting, cross lighting on both sides, and symmetric lighting on both sides. Special roads such as crossroads, T-shaped intersections, Lighting in the middle of two roads, and bends can be lit according to the actual situation. Usually, solar street light projects use single-sided or two-sided two-way lighting can be used.

    solar street light pole Dialux

     Height of the solar street light pole

    The height of the solar power street light directly affects the illumination range of the LED lamps. The higher the light pole, the wider the illumination range according to the Pythagorean theorem.

    For our palm tree foldable all-in-one solar street light as an example:

    6m pole, pole to pole distance is 22m, with 64W foldable all-in-one solar street light
    8m pole, pole to pole distance is 30m, with 100W foldable all-in-one solar street light
    9m pole, pole to pole distance 35m, with 120W affordable all-in-one solar street light

    palm tree solar street light

    Scenic spots and parks are generally suitable for installing solar power street lights of about 7 meters, At night, the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on rural roads is not large, so it is generally installed by one-sided interactive lighting, and the installation distance is about 20-25 meters. If it is less than 20 meters, part of the lighting will be affected. In addition, one more street light should be installed at the corner to avoid lighting blind spots.

    solar power street light installation 3D photometric drawing

    If you want to install a solar power street light with a pole height of 8 meters, you must ensure that the distance between the street lights is 25-30 meters. You should use the cross-lighting method for installation on both sides. This method is mostly used for road lighting with a width of 10 -15 meters.

    For roads with 12-meter light poles, the longitudinal spacing of solar power street lights is generally recommended to be 30-50 meters. Symmetrical lighting on both sides should be used, and the road lighting width needs to exceed 15 meters.

    A detailed description of the components and installation methods of solar street lights, including the layout of solar panels, the installation height of lamps, etc.

    1. According to the width of the road and lighting requirements, choose the lighting installation method:

    a. One-sided arrangement

    b. Bilateral staggered arrangement

    c. Bilateral symmetrical arrangement

    solar street light pole design

     LED light source power

    The power of the LED light source will also affect the installation spacing of solar LED streetlights. If it is the same height, although the irradiation range is the same, the power is different, the lighting efficiency is very different. The effect of low wattage is not as good as that of high wattage. At this time, we must consider shortening the installation distance of solar power street lights and making them closer together, which will improve the lighting effect.

    Installation by the above requirements can greatly ensure the road lighting requirements without causing a waste of resources. when you have a solar street light project need to design it. Please consult a professional solar power street light manufacturer, who can customize it according to the client’s road or application situation.

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