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Many people do not know how to adjust the solar street light time in the process of using solar street light controllers. Today we will answer this question.

The solar street light controller is also a device for data collection and monitoring control. It has a serial communication data transmission function, manages the charging and discharging of solar street lights, and long-distance intelligent control. Many people do not know how to adjust the solar street light time in the process of using solar street light controllers. Today clodesun will answer this question for you.

There are two adjustable times for solar street light controller:

1. Street light on time

2. The time that the street light stays on

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Generally, the solar street light controller does not have a built-in clock, and it generally does not run according to the clock. The turn-on time is generally triggered by monitoring the power generation current of the solar panel to trigger the turn-on circuit. The current value is generally set to 5ma.

With the use time of the solar panel, the value can be adjusted accordingly. New solar street light controllers support multi-period regulation The luminous power of the lamp can be set in different time periods and should be adjusted according to actual needs.

The solar street light controller has 2 ways to control time

1. Light control

Solar street light is a basic, convenient and versatile control method. This controller does not need to adjust the time, it will automatically sense the intensity of the light to control the light on and off.

After installation, there is no need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season. It is automatically off during the day and automatically on at night. This kind of light control is widely used in Li-ion solar street lights.

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Some customers will ask if the street light will automatically turn on if it is cloudy. This needs to see the cloudy effect. Under the common cloudy effect, it will not light up. It will only light up under extreme conditions.

Of course, this kind of cloudy situation also requires lighting, and solar street lights are better than commercial LED street lights * The advantage is that they can also be illuminated in extreme weather because the voltage is 12v safe electricity, not afraid of leakage.

2. Time control

Time control is also a common way to control the time of solar street lights. It is to set the time in advance and turn on or off the lights at a certain time. It is a bit more troublesome than light control. It is necessary to adjust the time of turning on and off according to the season, so as not to cause the street lights to not turn on in time. More advanced time-controlled controllers can now modify the time remotely.

Through the above two basic methods, different combinations can also be made, such as the combination of light-controlled lighting + time-controlled lighting, time-controlled lighting + light-controlled lighting. Clodesun solar street lights are mainly based on light control time, so customers do not need to take care of the time to control the time, it will not cause unnecessary waste of electricity, and the overall price is relatively cheaper.

We usually talk about the time adjustment, and the general customers are pointing to solar street light controllers, solar intelligent controllers for off-grid solar systems. It has a continuous output for 24 hours and does not require users to adjust working hours. If you have special requirements, just need to install a timer on the load side to manage the switch on the load side

The solar street light controller controls solar street light time is mainly divided into ordinary split street light controller and constant current control integrated machine.

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1. Press the “Cancel” key four times to cancel the keyboard lock function, and the letters displayed in the lower-left corner will be blanked.

2. Press the “Clock” key once, then press the “School Week” key, the “Time” key, and the “Minute” key to adjust the time to the current time. After setting, press the “Clock” key to confirm. The LCD screen will display the current time.

3. Press the “Timer” button, and the word “1 ON” appears on the bottom left of the LCD screen (the first time on the table), and then press the “School Week” key, the “Scheduled” key, and the “Collected” key. Enter the required on time.

4. Press the “Timer” key again, and the word “1 OFF” appears on the lower left of the LCD screen (the first time off on the table), and then press the “School Week” key, the “Time Calibration” key, and the “Collect” key. , And enter the required closing time. Press the “School Week” key to set the working mode.

5. After the timing is set, press the “Clock” key to make the LCD display the current time. If you do not press the “Clock” key, the space-time switch will automatically switch to the clock mode after 30 seconds.

6. Connect the wires correctly according to the wiring diagram. Turn on the power and the red light on the panel will turn on. After the switch is turned on, the green light will turn on and the output will have a 220V voltage output.

7. Press the “Auto / Manual” key to directly open and close the circuit. To make the switch act automatically, first press this key to turn the arrow below the display to the “OFF” position, and then turn the arrow below the display to the “Auto” position so that the space-time switch can press the set time Work to achieve automatic control.

Each solar street light controller’s adjustment time is different, with the infrared interface, dedicated data cable, and networking can be adjusted through the network. The best solution is to let the supplier help you before leaving the factory. Complete the operation.

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