Endurance 300w Solar Street Light

Endurance 300w Solar Street Light

Four reasons why you should choose Endurance 300w solar street light

 Integrated design, easy installation

Integrated design is, that solar panels, batteries, LED lamp heads, and controllers are integrated into one. All wires are pre-connected when the product leaves the factory, and no wiring is required during installation, which is a great convenience for installation. You only need to fix the lamp head on the lamp pole, and there will be no more complicated connection procedures. The simplified installation steps greatly reduce labor costs and construction time.

300w Solar Street Light

Large area lamp beads are evenly distributed to increase the lighting area

①The lamp head contains 2 groups of lamp beads, each group of lamp beads is responsible for illuminating different areas to achieve a more uniform lighting effect.

②Large area lens laying and self-tilt angle complement each other, and the light irradiation range is wider.

③High brightness with high lamp pole to maximize the lighting effect.

Solar street light project in Malaysia

Solar street light project in Malaysia

High brightness design: ultra-high power, large-capacity battery

High-brightness street lights require more electricity to support their lighting. The newly upgraded ultra-large size lamp head is equipped with a high-power battery panel (330W), which generates more electricity under the same sunshine conditions.

25.6V 75AH ultra-large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery provides sufficient storage space and stable power support to ensure lighting quality. It can meet the needs of continuous high brightness of street lights or normal operation under multiple rainy days and low light conditions.

(High-efficiency monocrystalline battery panel)

A class solar street light battery

 Environmental protection, long life, 0 electricity bill, wide application

Using solar photovoltaic power generation technology, solar energy is converted into electricity, without a city electricity supply (lifetime 0 electricity bill), avoiding the energy consumption and pollution problems of traditional street lights. Solar energy is a renewable and inexhaustible energy source.  solar streetlights can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and is conducive to protecting the environment and mitigating global climate change.

Clodesun 300w solar light using 12.8V lithium iron phosphate battery,12 hours 100% power, low-voltage DC power supply, safe and reliable; super endurance, high and low-temperature resistance, long cycle life. Imported high-lumen LED lamp beads, high brightness, lifespan up to 100,000 hours, no need to frequently replace light sources, greatly reducing maintenance costs; the product has a wide range of applications, from the equator to the North and South Poles -47℃-70℃ can be used, ten-year warranty, reliable quality, worry-free after-sales.

400w solar street light 40000 lumens

Clodesun 300w Solae Street Light Product Configuration

Product model: CM-300w

 Solar panel :36V 330W(Imported High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon)
Battery capacity: 25.6V 75AH (±5) Ah LiFePo4 Battery
Luminous: 63000lm
Control mode: 12 hours 100% power, Lights on all night, 6+X/intelligent control mode, with remote control function, brightness, and mode adjustment
Recommended installation height:10-12 meters
Recommended installation distance: 40-50 meters

300w solar street light with 30000 Lumens

300w Solar Street Light Installation Recommendations

300w solar street lights are mainly used for lighting in highways, urban streets, rural roads, communities, factories, schools, parks, scenic spots, and areas with no or little electricity. The product is easy to install, does not require wiring, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, does not cost electricity, and has a long life.

solar street light government project