Clodesun Hopes that the World will Develop Together and Make Progress Together

Clodesun has undertaken a series of important solar projects with the help of the government. Our projects include solar integrated streetlights and solar energy storage products, and we have made our own efforts for rural construction in China.

2013-2014: CLODE self-developed CSS products sell well both at home and abroad.

In 2015: independent research and development products such as UFOs and sunflowers were also welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

In 2016: Launched Kong Kong KK series

In 2017:  Sun series launched

In 2018:  the moon series was launched.

Clodesun hopes to help countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and the world to use our solar products. We have always felt that solar energy is a trustworthy choice, and we have implemented many large suns for rural China.

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