Clodesun bringing the Love Solar Street Lamp to Ethiopia

Solar street lamp in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, due to the lack of local electricity supply, many families have difficulty securing electricity for their daily lives. Clodesun conducted research in the region and found that there are frequent power cuts in the evenings, which cannot satisfy the needs of local students for studying in the evenings and the families for daily lighting. Clodesun urgently produced 100 solar street lamps and shipped them to Ethiopia to solve the problem of the difficulty of the local students and families in using electricity in the evenings.

Solar street lamp in Ethiopia

David is a fourth-grade student at the local primary school. His family of 5 has been living in Jimma Ethiopia. Due to the lack of electricity, he and his sister can not study after dark when they come home from school, and it is difficult for the family to cook and live after dark. Today he received a solar street light from our Clodesun staff. David said: The solar street light makes him feel especially warm, I can do my homework and play games with my sister at night under the solar street light. At the same time, we no longer need to sit outside to borrow the moonlight, or under the moon to eat, there are solar street lamps days so happy.

Solar street lamp in Ethiopia


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