Worldwide Solar Street Light Projects & Case Studies

Over the years of working as solar street light manufacture and supplier, we’ve written down these project details. We would like to share these insights as part of our series.

Solar street light project in Kuwait

Solar street light project in Kuwait

In Kuwait City, our solar street lights are perfect for lining highways, providing safe neighborhoods, and creating attractive tourist destinations.

The 12-meter-wide highway leads to the Al Jahra Governorate Kuwait, Clodesun suggests using our new patent design 100w palm tree solar street light with an 8m pole, and considering the project located on the highway, we also need to increase the battery capacity.

The solar poles, measuring 8 meters high, will allow surveillance and improve security at the site and must provide constant illumination for 10 to 12 hours every night of the year. The amount of illumination required will be calculated in accordance with the Middle east roadway lighting standard.

Clodesun is located in Shenzhen China. Clodesun Solar Street Lights are used in the Kuwait government project, where 350 pieces have been installed. This project’s success has interested other engineering company too, such as Saudi Aramco which are considering the installation of over 1,500 units in the next years.

solar street light lumens

Clodesun Featuring solar panels ranging from 60W to 180W, the palm tree foldable system solar-powered light is perfect for lighting large public areas such as car parks and city plazas. Double-sided monocrystalline PV units optimize efficiency by capturing reflective solar energy and a Pulse-Width Modulation (MPPT) smart controller enables smooth and responsive dimming via activation of the built-in motion sensor.

Added to this, the pre-programmed LED power output enables the use of smaller solar panels and batteries whilst still providing ample light when required. The solar module integrates all the key electronic components including an innovative A-class LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery system that withstands frequent charging & discharging cycles, delivering sustained and reliable power throughout the night. Best-in-class LED chips to ensure bright and crisp illumination for up to 10-15 years.

This is a set-and-forget standalone solution.

Palm tree series solar-powered light is wholly modular, making maintenance and upgrading quick, easy, and affordable. Combine it with a pole, and installation becomes a two-man job done in a matter of minutes.

Clodesun focuses on custom solutions for LED solar street light projects, we have offered projects for the US, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. Our systems are installed at over 500 locations all around the world. Since 2013, we have offered projects for over 100 countries and regions.

Clodesun hopes we will have more all-in-one solar street light projects in Kuwait and we will insist on producing the best quality solar street light.

    solar street light project in Saudia Arabia

    236 pieces solar street lights project in Saudi Arab

     Solar street light project in Saudi Arabia analysis

    Saudi Arabia is a country known for its abundance of oil, and burning oil has been its primary source of electricity. However, as both the oil prices and the electricity demand increased, the Saudi government has turned to the notion of solar power, so solar streetlights will have a huge market in Saudi Arabia in the future.

    236 pieces of government all-in-one solar street lights project, completed in May 2021 in Saudi Arabia by Clodesun.

    solar street light project in Saudi Arbia

    solar street light project in Saudi Arabia

    Palm tree foldable design series is an all-in-one solar street with a patented German new design, the most prominent advantage, are three-type high-brightness 12 hours one light, LED module available, adjustable angle, High-temperature resistance, A class LiFePo4 battery, adjustable solar panel, and very good quality materials became the most important advantage of this solar street light projects in Saudi Arabia.

    Clodesun 2020 German new patented design with appearance and performance upgrade. Foldable solar panel design, 25 degrees optional. Using high-light famous brand oversea Bridgelux chips, lumen up to 160-210LM/W. Using A class LifePo4 battery, Adopt 140 degrees light-emitting lens with, the same height but a greater exposed area. Four lighting modes can be set by remote control within 30 meters.

    After finished installing the 236 solar street light projects in Saudi Arabia in May 2021, Maybe the government is very satisfied with the solar street light effect, quality, and our after-sales service, the Saudi government plans to purchase another 800 sets of 100w palm tree integrated solar street lights from clodesun in 6 months to install in their capital, we hope the day will come soon.

      solar street light project in UAE

      All in one solar street light project in UAE

      All in one solar street light project in UAE

      Upgrade the road lighting with Clodesun Freedom Lite series battery backup LED street lights in UAE.

      FREEDOM Lite series battery backup LED street light is specially designed against the power outages challenge for blackout-prone areas. It works at full power with electricity and automatically switches to use backup power that will last illumination for a maximum of 10 hours (saving mode) during a power cut at night to ensure the security of the person and property. By adopting the best material and unique design, FREEDOM Lite series outdoor LED lighting offers a practical solution to meet not only the critical requirements for outdoor lighting but also for high ROI.

        solar street light project in Saudi Arabia

        solar street light project in South Africa

        Solar led street light project in South Africa

        With unprecedented numbers of people accessing public recreational areas across South Africa due to COVID-19 – and councils needing to provide safe access to those spaces – we’ve been busier than ever bringing the light of day into the night for safer, more active communities.

        This month, we highlight how we lit up Middle Arm Road in South Africa and finished a milestone project lighting 10 kilometers of walkways and cycle paths. We also share 6 advantages of SMART public off-grid solar lighting and let the numbers do the talking with a grid-vs-grid-free cost comparison.

          solar led street light project in

          Solar led street light project in Qatar

          260 units solar led street light project in Qatar

          Qatar Planners and designers selected clodesun palm tree series LED solar street light system for the massive project. The lights highlighted the architectural detail and natural view of the coastal walk.

          A total of 260 units of LED solar street light systems in Qatar were installed along with the coastal edge using clodesun’s products which exceeded in satisfying all their requirements.

          The new installation from clodesun illuminated the whole region with solar and created a center of activity for the local community and visitors while enhancing the vibrant coastal front and encouraging further development.

            solar street light project Malaysia

            All in one solar street light project in Malaysia

            Clodesun has finished 4 government All one solar street light projects in Malaysia and 5 private projects of German design solar street light.

            Case Study: Foldable design all in one solar street light project in Malaysia.

            In June 2019, our company received an inquiry e-mail from Malaysian clients. After that, our project engineer has immediately analyzed and evaluated the road drawing provided by the customer, moreover, providing quotation in 3 hours for the customer. The customer accepted our quotation and placed the order to our company for mold.

            Three weeks later, the Malaysia customer received the samples we made and was very satisfied with the quality of our new design solar street light. Thus, inviting the customer to inspect our factory for establishing the cooperation which is beneficial to mutual understanding.

            All in one solar street light project in Malaysia

            Furthermore, the CEO from Malaysia company have visited our factory in the middle of September with giving a high degree of evaluation to our company team and our factory’s quality system and have promised to cooperate with our company.

            The order has been completed within the time required under strict process control and quality control.

            Since then, we have established a good relationship of cooperation and trust, our company continues to provide high quality and affordable all in one solar street lights to our customers.

              solar street light project in Nigeria

              Solar street light project in Nigeria works at night

              ” I am very impressed with your palm tree integrated solar street lights“, says Wada of Nigeria, which is based in the Nigerian capital Abuja. Together with clodesun’s, we designed a solution to solve two of their problems.

              Firstly, the local grid was unreliable and power outages were disrupting evening performance, so we needed solar lighting to improve local lighting conditions.

              solar street light project in Nigeria

              Then, inadequate lighting was also a problem for operator security and equipment theft. LED solar lighting was the preferred solution, even in a country that has had problems with “solar” in the past due to poor equipment, so we gave a high-quality solar street lighting solution that successfully solved the problem of solar street lights often needing to be followed up in six months to one year.


              solar street light project install

              All in one solar street light project in Philippine

              Name of project: solar street lights in the Philippines

              Location of works: Philippines

              Progress of work: completed

              Number of street lights: 314 sets

              Case Study Summary

              The case is located in the Philippines. The Philippines, located in the Western Pacific Ocean, southeast Asia, north across the Bus Strait and Taiwan Province of China, south, and southwest across the Sulawesi Sea, Pallabac Strait and Indonesia, Malaysia, west of the South China Sea, east of the Pacific Ocean.

              Based on the monsoon tropical rainforest climate, high temperature, rain, high humidity and typhoons, and other climatic characteristics, we communicate with customers to determine the lighting needs, combined with geographical location and climate characteristics and needs, we recommend solar street light styles and solutions. Determine the solar street light installation height, power, lighting time, and so on.

              Because of the high demand for solar street lights in the Philippines, the geographical location and lighting conditions are very suitable for the installation of solar street lights, so Clodesun is planning to rent a warehouse in Manila next year, which will help customers to get goods directly from our warehouse, which will save customers’ time.

              Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

                solar street light project in Libya

                Solar street light project in Liberia installed by Clodesun

                Liberia’s mayor revealed that it had installed a 45 nos clodesun Palm tree foldable pilot solar-powered solar street light in Monrovia. The project was implemented with the  Liberia Water Ministry and funded by Liberia’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


                Commenting on the project, Liberia’s mayor said that access to uninterrupted solar clean energy in Liberia is crucial for the survival of people and the fight against the Coronavirus. It said it has been scaling up its light, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) assistance in Liberia to ensure sustainable services.

                Solar-powered street light systems are clean, green, and make use of renewable energy in abundant supply in Liberia, it added.

                Clodesun is one of the main suppliers of the solar street lights to the populous Sug Juma area in Liberia.

                Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world.

                  Editor: Belinda whatsapp:+8618123831633

                  solar street light Philippine Government project

                  Solar street light Philippine Government project

                  Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

                  Clodesun finished 860 pieces 64w with 6m pole solar street light Philippines government project, is a trustful all-in-one solar street light supplier.

                  Name of project: solar street lights government project in the Philippine

                  Location of works: Manila Philippine

                  Progress of work: completed

                  Number of street lights: 864 sets

                  solar street light Philippine Government project

                  Case Brief.

                  CLODE finished 860 pieces 100w with 8m pole solar street light government project in the Philippines, is the trustful solar street light supplier. we got 108 pieces and 300 pieces project again in Mindanao Philippines, many more and more customers want to be our foldable all-in-one solar street light agent or distributor in the Philippines.

                  I hope that our newly designed solar street lights will quickly open up the market in the Philippines and have already gained the approval and trust of some of our customers!