Worldwide Solar Street Light Projects & Case Studies

Over the years of working as solar street light manufacture and supplier, we’ve written down these project details. We would like to share these insights as part of our series.

20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers/Brands Selling in Australia 2021

Solar power is a very sensible choice in a country that receives so much sunlight throughout the year. It’s also the right direction to take since it emphasizes renewable energies and the environment. 

    You may be wondering who are the best solar street light providers in Australia, regardless if you’re a council, government department, contractor, developer, or mining company. We’ll cover some of the top choices without mentioning any particular order in this post.

    Orca Solar Lighting

    Orca Solar Lighting is proud to have worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Blue Scope Steel, the Queensland Government, and many others.

    As a preferred supplier, the company is also an approved provider by Localbuy, Local Government Procurement, and Northern Territory Local Government Procurement for solar street lighting. By using this service, government agencies, educational facilities, and councils may purchase solar lighting without going to tender or obtaining three quotes; they will have the confidence of knowing they are purchasing on the best possible terms from a reputable supplier.

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    Solar Street Lights Australia

    The company designs manufacture and install street lights throughout Australia from its Melbourne headquarters. In addition to providing street lighting for parking lots, marinas, walkways, roads, and construction sites, the company also supplies solar-powered street lighting for applications like car parks.

    There are also outdoor solar-powered motion sensors available from Solar Street Lights Australia. The lights only come on when they are needed instead of always being on. 

    Orion Solar

    Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Orion Solar is another major solar lighting supplier. Orion Solar not only provides solar lights for outdoor lighting, but also marine, mining, construction, and aviation applications, such as marine lighting.

    In rural and remote areas where it is difficult or impossible to get on the grid, Orion likes to supply solar-powered street lighting. Orion Solar’s Team provides the ultimate environmentally friendly solution for solar lighting with solar panels.

    Solar Lighting Designs

    Commercial solar street lighting is designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed by Solar Lighting Designs. Four locations are available to customers, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

    Roads, parking lots, walkways, decks, trail markers, paths, parks, and outdoor security lighting are just a few examples of outdoor solar-powered lighting they provide. 

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    Green Frog

    Green Frog, based in Australia, manufactures and designs solar street lights. Green Frog is a global supplier of solar street lights. Their systems are designed for remote locations with limited electricity access to reduce reliance on grid energy and decrease energy bills. These companies provide custom lighting systems for a diverse range of applications and industries.

    Vizona Lighting

    Material that is resilient, long-lasting, and has a minimal carbon footprint has been incorporated into our product range. The ability to break down aluminum after 400 years makes it the preferred material for many Vizona products.

    In addition to reducing energy bills, and drastically reducing the need to replace bulbs, LED lights are extremely energy efficient and durable. They also minimize the carbon footprint, saving people money and time. 

    Plusrite® Australia

    Plusrite is Australia’s trusted partner when it comes to LED Panel lighting solutions as a manufacturer of high-quality lighting products including commercial LED lighting, LED floodlights, LED warehouse lighting, and industrial lighting.

    This company is a genuine branch of Plusrite Electric, a Chinese manufacturer whose products are affordable and dependable. Having maintained positive relationships with our suppliers, we have become a leading player in the Australian LED lighting market. 

    Engo Planet

    For four years, EnGoPlanet has been implementing solar street lights. Sandy’s destructive impact on Manhattan led to the creation of the company. In addition to high-performance solar batteries, the EnGo Planet team has developed intelligent solar outdoor lighting. The company has established great reputations in many Asian and Australian countries.

    S-Tech LED Technology

    A member of the Australian Standards Committees for LED technology, S-tech management has over 35 years of experience in the electronics, LED signage, and LED lighting industries. Among our many accomplishments are designing, manufacturing, and managing installations both in Australia and internationally.

    Electrical safety standards are Australia-designed, tested, and certified by S-tech LED products. Through quality manufacturing and component arrangements with leading manufacturers, S-tech customers both locally and internationally can be assured that our product standards are a major concern

    Solar Online Australia

    Solar Online Australia is one of the largest suppliers and integrators of renewable energy products in Australia. We have been Australia-owned and operated since 2000, originally as E-Lec Engineering Pty Ltd, and in 2001 we launched Australia’s first online solar store.

    Electricians, Electronics Technicians, and Electrical Engineers, as well as other skilled professionals, make up our knowledgeable and passionate team. We also maintain a large inventory of equipment. 


    Australia is a world leader in environmentally-friendly investments, so Leadsun is highly sought-after there. The Australian design industry is renowned for supporting minimal and modular designs that support sound environmental causes. Leadsun became the nation’s top choice after all, how did that happen?

    Our company, Leadsun, has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing solar street lights for over 13 years. Founded in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the company has its headquarters there. 


    With more than 12 years of experience manufacturing solar street lights, Sokoyo has a lot to offer. In total, there are 70 exporting countries for the company, with the majority of exports coming from Asia, Africa, and Australia. Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, is their main factory, but they recently opened a branch in the Philippines.

    Having their molds and a professional R&D team, Sokoyo is one of the best brands in the solar street light market. Solar LED street lights from this company are of high quality and last a long time.

    Lightsense Australia

    With LEDs as the only viable environmental option, Lightsense Australia is the perfect source of high-quality LED lighting for commercial applications. Developed specifically for Australian conditions and standards, Lightsense’s LED products offer a range of commercial LED lighting products.

    MOMA Solar

    With MOMA Solar, we work with the environment and use resources that are available to us all for free. With all of our experience, we can provide solar energy lighting for any remote region, including rural, council, commercial, hazardous area, mining, and remotely located homes.

    Using Solar as an alternative to electricity has become more cost-effective and technically feasible. It’ll be cheaper and easier to maintain if you switch to solar power.


    As China’s leading manufacturer of commercial solar-powered LED lighting, clodesun is known as the world’s rising star of the solar street lighting industry. Commercial grade LED outdoor lighting systems designed for outdoor use

    These solar lighting products are brought by Clodesun months and sometimes years before larger corporations can adapt. Our ability to offer the latest, most innovative LED products in the market will help us stay competitive. LED products are rapidly improving in technology. 


    HIGHLUX offers industrial-grade solar solutions all across Australia. The company was founded in 2012, is wholly owned and operated by Australians, and has been supplying its solutions since then.

    From the surf coast to the snowy mountains, our product range is tried and tested in extreme Australian weather conditions.  The company provides solar solutions for remote and challenging locations, such as the Pilbara, Wheatbelt, and Kimberley regions of Western Australia and the Barkly region of the Northern Territory.

    Solar G

    Integrated solar lighting and signaling systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by Solar G. Our systems integrate LED lighting and lithium batteries with the latest in advanced technology. As of 1995, we have focused primarily on providing solar-powered systems for government infrastructure. This includes roads, parks, wharfs, and their common areas.

    Among our current clients, our ability to provide turnkey solar lighting solutions has proved to be appealing. Starting with the first site survey or plan, we offer an initial consultation, which continues to final system design, manufacturing, and quality control.

    LDC Equipment

    With nearly 30 years of experience in traffic control equipment, traffic management signs, LED displays, and solar lighting towers, LDC Equipment has gained a reputation for superior quality. An Australian company with ISO-9001 quality assurance, Global Traffic Equipment, awarded us the marketing and distribution rights in 2006.

    In addition to supplying premium quality products that are locally designed and manufactured, we provide excellent value for money. We have an extensive customer base in a variety of industries, including civil construction, roadworks, traffic control, retail, public sector, mining, and other industries.

    Energy Matters

    Solar energy solutions and storage systems are exclusively offered by Energy Matters, one of Australia’s largest companies. Solar systems were installed on more than 30,000 homes, schools, and commercial buildings by the award-winning company since 2005. In Melbourne, there is a 400kW rooftop solar array – Australia’s largest privately funded solar panel project.

    Crystal Solar Energy

    Through innovative technologies and processes, Crystal Solar Energy seeks to provide Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. When it comes to energy efficiency, the rule is to use less energy to perform the same task – or eliminate any energy waste.

    The benefits of energy efficiency are many: lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy imports, and lowering our costs on a household and economy-wide basis. However, improving energy efficiency is often the cheapest and most immediate means of achieving these objectives. 


    These solar street lighting manufacturers are bringing solar energy to commercial projects, and their efforts should be lauded. The long-run will bring additional innovation, better solutions, and better-patented designs, but for now, you need to choose a manufacturer that offers high-quality, scalable street light options to fit your budget. Please make sure you get a written estimate ahead of time.

    Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

    ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products to Europe.

    Clodesun launched a foldable design all in one solar street light in 2021, which are designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar street lights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.

    solar street light project Malaysia

    All in one solar street light project in Malaysia

    Clodesun has finished 4 government All one solar street light projects in Malaysia and 5 private projects of German design solar street light.

    Case Study: Foldable design all in one solar street light project in Malaysia.

    In June 2019, our company received an inquiry e-mail from Malaysian clients. After that, our project engineer has immediately analyzed and evaluated the road drawing provided by the customer, moreover, providing quotation in 3 hours for the customer. The customer accepted our quotation and placed the order to our company for mold.

    Three weeks later, the Malaysia customer received the samples we made and was very satisfied with the quality of our new design solar street light. Thus, inviting the customer to inspect our factory for establishing the cooperation which is beneficial to mutual understanding.

    All in one solar street light project in Malaysia

    Furthermore, the CEO from Malaysia company have visited our factory in the middle of September with giving a high degree of evaluation to our company team and our factory’s quality system and have promised to cooperate with our company.

    The order has been completed within the time required under strict process control and quality control.

    Since then, we have established a good relationship of cooperation and trust, our company continues to provide high quality and affordable all in one solar street lights to our customers.

    solar street light project in Nigeria

    Solar street light project in Nigeria works at night

    ” I am very impressed with your palm tree integrated solar street lights“, says Wada of Nigeria, which is based in the Nigerian capital Abuja. Together with clodesun’s, we designed a solution to solve two of their problems.

    Firstly, the local grid was unreliable and power outages were disrupting evening performance, so we needed solar lighting to improve local lighting conditions.

    solar street light project in Nigeria

    Then, inadequate lighting was also a problem for operator security and equipment theft. LED solar lighting was the preferred solution, even in a country that has had problems with “solar” in the past due to poor equipment, so we gave a high-quality solar street lighting solution that successfully solved the problem of solar street lights often needing to be followed up in six months to one year.


    solar street light project in Philippines

    All in one solar street light project in Philippine

    Name of project: solar street lights in the Philippines

    Location of works: Philippines

    Progress of work: completed

    Number of street lights: 314 sets

    Case Study Summary

    The case is located in the Philippines. The Philippines, located in the Western Pacific Ocean, southeast Asia, north across the Bus Strait and Taiwan Province of China, south, and southwest across the Sulawesi Sea, Pallabac Strait and Indonesia, Malaysia, west of the South China Sea, east of the Pacific Ocean.

    Based on the monsoon tropical rainforest climate, high temperature, rain, high humidity and typhoons, and other climatic characteristics, we communicate with customers to determine the lighting needs, combined with geographical location and climate characteristics and needs, we recommend solar street light styles and solutions. Determine the solar street light installation height, power, lighting time, and so on.

    Because of the high demand for solar street lights in the Philippines, the geographical location and lighting conditions are very suitable for the installation of solar street lights, so Clodesun is planning to rent a warehouse in Manila next year, which will help customers to get goods directly from our warehouse, which will save customers’ time.

    Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

    solar street light project in Libya

    Solar street light project in Liberia installed by Clodesun

    Liberia’s mayor revealed that it had installed a 45 nos clodesun Palm tree foldable pilot solar-powered solar street light in Monrovia. The project was implemented with the  Liberia Water Ministry and funded by Liberia’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


    Commenting on the project, Liberia’s mayor said that access to uninterrupted solar clean energy in Liberia is crucial for the survival of people and the fight against the Coronavirus. It said it has been scaling up its light, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) assistance in Liberia to ensure sustainable services.

    Solar-powered street light systems are clean, green, and make use of renewable energy in abundant supply in Liberia, it added.

    Clodesun is one of the main suppliers of the solar street lights to the populous Sug Juma area in Liberia.

    Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world.

    Editor: Belinda whatsapp:+8618123831633

    solar street light Philippine Government project

    Solar street light Philippine Government project

    Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

    Clodesun finished 860 pieces 64w with 6m pole solar street light Philippines government project, is trustful all in one solar street light supplier.

    Name of project: solar street lights government project in the Philippine

    Location of works: Manila Philippine

    Progress of work: completed

    Number of street lights: 864 sets

    solar street light Philippine Government project

    Case Brief.

    CLODE finished 860 pieces 100w with 8m pole solar street light government project in Philippine, is trustful solar street light supplier. we got 108 pieces and 300 pieces project again in Mindanao Philippines, many more and more customers wants to be our foldable all in one solar street light agent or distributor in Philippines.

    I hope that our newly designed solar street lights will quickly open up the market in the Philippines and have already gained the approval and trust of some of our customers!

    solar led street lights project in Ghana

    Solar led street lights project in Angola

    solar led street light project in Ghana

    Recently we were approached by a customer to assist in helping them to provide quality all-in-one solar led street lights in Angola that would meet the end-user customer’s expectations for a 5km highway road.

    As 10 years, solar LED street lighting solution manufacturers we informed them that we can provide a full turn-key solution however this exercise would not fall within their budget.

    A compromise was made with our clients in Angola. As we understand that Angola like many developing countries find it hard to pay for very good quality products however we were able to assist our customer to execute the LED solar street lighting project.

    Clodesun has created a high-quality 2020 new unique design foldable all-in-one street lamp that is now offered for delivery to the country of Angola.

    These solar street lights are designed to function as a stand-alone installation and require no modification to any existing infrastructure. One of the advantages of our integrated solar street light is that it is simple to install and light in weight. Generally, two workers do not need heavy equipment and tools, only one wrench in one product can be installed in just 5 minutes.

    we have been implementing solar street lighting projects around the globe since 2014. This experience has enabled us to adjust our design and develop highly durable and reliable products.

    Premium Solar LED Lighting
    We are excited to offer our solar lighting system solutions to the country of Angola.

    From Ambriz to Bailundo in Angola, our innovative system is perfect for lighting city blocks, park,s and highways. Major ports like the Port of Luanda and Port of Cabinda could take advantage of our lighting.

    Some of the benefits of our lights include:
    100% Unique patent design
    Designed To Withstand High Winds(we have many projects in Philippine seaport)
    Designed To Work in High Temperatures(A grade LiFePo4 battery)
    Optimized For Lower Maintenance Requirements and Costs
    without the added cost of trenching and wiring for the street lights while promoting energy efficiency.

    When a large number of city lights have been converted to solar power, it relieves energy demands on the grid, allowing that energy to be used elsewhere and saving grid expansion costs.

    The 5km road project in Angola took 4 months from the design making, purchasing of solar street lights, transportation, and completion of installation. Now it has been installed for two years, and there have not been any quality problems. The 160 pieces solar street light system is still very bright. , This is one of our very successful case projects in Angola.

    solar street light project in Ghana

    Libya solar street light project

    100 pieces 64w with 6m pole Libya solar street light project success install. This all in one solar street light project install in a remote district in Libya.

    solar street light price in Nigeria

    Solar street light price in Nigeria

    Since 2016, ClodeSun has become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in Nigeria.

    Nigeria has the world’s largest market for solar-led street lights, and the solar street light price in Nigeria competition is very fierce these years.

    Many Nigerian traders import all-in-one solar street lights from China, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and Yangzhou, There is a very large solar street light market in Lagos Nigeria, which specializes in sells solar street lights.

    1. solar street light price in Nigeria survey

    Nigeria is the world’s largest market for solar street lights because Nigeria is the largest economic country in Africa, but Nigeria’s electricity is very scarce, and the power supply is very backward. According to the calculations of Nigeria’s power department, about 55% of Nigeria’s residents have no electricity available. It has become one of the main problems hindering the economic development of Nigeria, so the market for solar street lights in Nigeria is very large.

    These dealers are very sensitive to the price of solar street lights. There are also many solar street light engineering companies. Their solar street light projects are cover all over Africa. They pay more attention to the quality of solar street lights but not just the low price.

    split solar street light

    2. solar street light price in Nigeria analysis

    There are two types of solar street lights, split solar street lights and integrated solar street lights. Now 90% of the market needs are split solar street lights. Integrated solar street lights account for about 10%, but the demand for integrated street lights every year All is increasing and may reach 20% in the next few years.

    The price of integrated solar street lights is relatively higher than that of split solar street lights. Because integrated solar street lights are of better quality and easier to install, they are more and more popular with consumers. In other countries, most of them choose to use split solar street lights, but in Nigeria, more and more customers choose to use integrated solar street lights, so integrated street lights are getting better and better in the Nigerian market.

    However, consumers in Nigeria prefer solar street lights at relatively low prices. They are not particularly concerned about the quality of solar street lights. Nigeria’s civilian market is very sensitive to the price of solar street lights.

    Therefore, many traders are working in China in order to obtain higher profits. Zhongshan, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, and other places import very cheap solar street lights. In fact, the quality of these solar street lights is very poor. Usually, the solar street lights do not light up in less than half a year, and their life expectancy will not exceed two years.

    3. why the solar street light price in Nigeria is very cheap

    Because Nigerian customers want to buy solar street lights at the lowest price, solar street light manufacturers just have very low profits. Therefore, in order to get higher profits, solar street light manufacturers have to reduce the configuration of solar street lights or use very poor materials.

    Although the price of solar street light products is very cheap, the quality is very poor. Many Nigerian consumers don’t know that they just see the appearance of solar street lights and they all look the same, so they are more willing to buy cheap solar street lights, which leads to very chaos in the industry, Even many consumers think that the quality of solar street lights is very bad, and they are no longer willing to buy solar street lights.

    This idea is actually wrong. In fact, the technology of solar street lights is very mature now. A good quality solar street light can last for more than five years, and some can last for 8-10 years, but usually, the price of such high-quality solar street lights is not very cheap.

    We have several customers from Nigerian engineering companies. When they find us, they don’t ask for the price of solar street lights but visit our factory first. After we exchange some technical parameters, they will come to our production area. , Test the parameters and quality of our solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers, and then talk about the price of solar street lights.

    solar street lights price

    After customers have tested the accessories and materials of our solar street lights, they know that we are using the best materials, so they are not very sensitive to the price, but the quality requirements are indeed very high, and the after-sales service requirements are also particularly high.

    Although the solar street light market in Nigeria is very large, the price of solar street lights is in a mess. most solar street lights in Nigeria in very poor quality, and the price is very low.

    clodesun hope that Nigerian customers will change their views and care more about the quality of solar street lights not just be careful about the lower price of the product in the future.

    Integrated solar street light in Philippines

    Integrated solar street light in Philippines

    Since 2016, we’ve become a top Solar Street Light Supplier in the Philippines.

    As the prospects for integrated solar street lights in the Philippines become better, Clodesun plans to build a warehouse and supply new designs in the Philippines. Since 2017, the government began large-scale support for the development of solar energy. The Philippines has become the second-largest integrated solar street light market.

    Advantages of integrated solar street light in the Philippines

    1. Philippine government policy support Integrated solar street light in the Philippines

    integrated solar street light in Philippines

    The Philippines is one of the ASEAN member states. The annual GDP growth rate in 2017 was as high as 6.685%. The outside world generally holds a positive attitude towards the future economic outlook of the Philippines.

    Like many countries in Southeast Asia, it is also facing the dual challenges of population growth and rising energy demand. The Philippines is determined to strengthen energy security.

    Since in 2017, the government has issued various policies to promote renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energies. Efficient and clean solar energy is becoming more and more important. So the market for solar street lights is also very promising in the Philippines. The number of integrated solar street lights imported by the Philippines is increasing rapidly every year.

    2, Rich solar resources is good for integrated solar street light in the Philippines

    integrated solar street-light in Philippines 1

    The Philippines has a monsoon tropical rainforest climate. The average annual temperature is about 27°C. The Philippine’s latitude is close to the equator, there is plenty of sunshine every year. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and has abundant geothermal resources. It is very suitable for installing integrated solar street lights.

    Our integrated solar street light advantages in the Philippines

    Clodesun has focused on integrated solar street lights for more than 6 years. Our integrated street lights can rank among the top three in the industry. We have more than 50 integrated street light projects in the Philippines. Including 8 government projects. We have very rich experiences with an integrated solar street lights in the Philippines. Our integrated street lights have received very good reviews in the Philippines.

    We plan to have our own integrated solar-led street light warehouse and office in the Philippines. Our German new design will meet our Customers in Philippines needs. Clodesun also can communicate with customers to determine lighting needs and recommends solar street light styles and solutions based on geographic location and climate characteristics and needs. To determine the installation height, power, and lighting time of the street light.