Worldwide Solar Street Light Projects & Case Studies

Over the years of working as solar street light manufacture and supplier, we’ve written down these project details. We would like to share these insights as part of our series.

Solar Street Light for Highway

Solar Street Light for Highway Project

The “photovoltaic + highway” model is not a new photovoltaic application model. In 2011, Italy built the world’s first highway using solar power generation. In 2019, China Shaanxi Expressway Group built the Hanzhong section of the Shitian Expressway. The photovoltaic power generation system of Chatiaoling Tunnel was installed.

The advantages of “photovoltaic  street light+ highway”

Solar street light is an outdoor lighting fixture powered by solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. It consists of a photovoltaic panel, battery, controller, and LED light source. Its conversion of solar energy into electricity is stored in the battery during the day and used to power the LED lights at night. Nowadays, solar street lights have been widely used in highways, bridges, public place lighting, and home and industry places. Installing solar streetlights can help improve road safety and reduce crime rates. It can also improve residents’ living standards and promote economic development. Solar street light project  in Tunisia First, construction is convenient. Solar streetlights are very convenient to install. Many large construction companies can carry out photovoltaic facility construction and roads at the same time. Second, the management cost is relatively low, and the operation and maintenance management of photovoltaic facilities can be coordinated with the daily operation and management of highways. Third, solar streetlights generate electricity without any electricity bills.

Case study: Clodesun Solar Street Light Project for Highway in Tunisia

In October 2023, Clodesun participated in the Tunisian highway lighting project main road (four lanes in both directions) solar street lamps all completed installation and commissioning, and in January 2024 successfully passed the acceptance of the whole line of lights. In this project, the design parameters of 906 units of LiFePo4 battery solar streetlights are designed according to the actual situation and requirements, with a pole height of 10m, a light power is 100W, a color temperature of 5000K, an average illuminance of more than 30lux, and all of them are in line with the relevant technical standards of the international and industrial sectors.

Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

Clodesun launched a foldable design all in one solar street light in 2021, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.

    Solar street lamp in Ethiopia

    Clodesun bringing the Love Solar Street Lamp to Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, due to the lack of local electricity supply, many families have difficulty securing electricity for their daily lives. Clodesun conducted research in the region and found that there are frequent power cuts in the evenings, which cannot satisfy the needs of local students for studying in the evenings and the families for daily lighting. Clodesun urgently produced 100 solar street lamps and shipped them to Ethiopia to solve the problem of the difficulty of the local students and families in using electricity in the evenings.

    Solar street lamp in Ethiopia

    David is a fourth-grade student at the local primary school. His family of 5 has been living in Jimma Ethiopia. Due to the lack of electricity, he and his sister can not study after dark when they come home from school, and it is difficult for the family to cook and live after dark. Today he received a solar street light from our Clodesun staff. David said: The solar street light makes him feel especially warm, I can do my homework and play games with my sister at night under the solar street light. At the same time, we no longer need to sit outside to borrow the moonlight, or under the moon to eat, there are solar street lamps days so happy.

    Solar street lamp in Ethiopia


    Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan

    Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan


    The Jordan Times reports that Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Haila Zawati announced that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will launch a new tender to replace Jordan’s streetlights with energy-efficient systems, in cooperation with local administrations. Zawati made remarks at the Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise Conference organized by the Economic and Social Council. According to a statement from the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Prime Minister Razaz and other government officials attended the conference.

    Zawati noted that the tender will take place in the first quarter of 2024, and it is planned that municipal buildings across Jordan will be fitted with solar cells. During the next two weeks, the Ministry of Energy and Mines will announce the Energy Sector Strategy 2020-2030, which focuses on viable strategies to achieve energy security, diversify energy sources, cut costs, and increase dependence on local resources.

    At the meeting, Zawati also highlighted the Ministry’s efforts to improve competitiveness and productivity in industry, agriculture, and services. She noted that annually, the ministry subsidizes electricity costs in the agricultural sector to the tune of 40 million yodi, while it subsidizes electricity costs in the small-scale industrial sector to the tune of 29 million yodi. By 2020, the Ministry’s electricity subsidy for medium-sized enterprises would reach 50 million Jordanian dinars.

    Zawati reiterated that the Ministry of Energy and Mines will continue to issue licenses for renewable energy projects with an installed capacity of less than 1 MW. Since 2014, some 15,300 projects have been licensed, of which only 47 have an installed capacity of more than 1 MW. Referring to the “common misconception” that Jordan has a surplus of electricity, the Minister re-emphasized that Jordan has a surplus of generating capacity.

    Top Solar Street Lights In Jordan

    Winter evening, the day just dark, Jordan’s capital on both sides of the 500 sets of solar street lamps on both sides of gradually light up, in the light of the new street lamps, “Shanshui Avenue” both bright and open, and the road vehicles and pedestrians are endless.

    “In the past, there were only a few solar-powered streetlights on this road, and we were always worried about accidents at night, so we didn’t dare to come out once it got dark. Now, with the streetlights on, it’s very safe to drive and walk at night, and we feel warm,” praised the people around us.

    800 units Solar Street Light Project in Jordan

    In September 2023, the first phase of the Solar Street Lighting Infrastructure Development Demonstration Project began construction by Clodesun, with about 10 kilometers of high-quality LED solar street lights. The solar streetlights are more “intelligent” and can be switched on and off automatically; the LED light source has higher brightness, better color rendering, and lower energy consumption. Compared with traditional streetlights, LED solar streetlights are safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly and can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

    Solar Street Lights project In Jordan

    After nearly two months of installation and construction, before Christmas 800 LED solar street lamps were all installed, road connections, street lamps first and last connection, into a ring into a network, at night, the road lights intertwined, exceptionally beautiful.

    Clodesun Solar Street Lights In Jordan

    The person in charge of Jordan’s infrastructure construction demonstration project said: “We are not only going to light up the ‘stars’ on the national highway road, but the lighting project of other roads is also stepping up the implementation of the project, and in 2024, we will comprehensively enhance the lighting coverage of rural roads to light up the happy road of the Jordanian people.




      Solar street light project in Tunisia

      Case Study: Solar street light project in Chile

      Solar Street Light in Chile Overview

      Chile has a diverse climate with varying conditions across different regions. The climate in Chile can be broadly categorized into several zones, including the desert climate of the Atacama Desert in the north, the Mediterranean climate in central Chile, and the subpolar climate in the southern regions. The climate conditions can influence the performance and design considerations for solar street lights. Here are some general points to consider:

      Sunlight Availability: Chile, especially in the northern regions, receives abundant sunlight. This makes solar energy a viable and sustainable option for powering street lights. The Atacama Desert, in particular, is one of the driest places on Earth and has high solar radiation.

      Temperature Extremes: Some parts of Chile, especially in the northern desert regions, can experience extreme temperatures. Solar streetlights are generally designed to withstand a range of temperatures, but it’s important to consider the specific conditions in the installation area to ensure proper functioning.

      Dust and Sand: In desert regions like the Atacama, dust and sand can be prevalent. Regular maintenance to keep solar panels clean is crucial for optimal energy capture. Additionally, choosing solar street lights with features to minimize the impact of dust and sand can be beneficial.

      Moisture and Corrosion: In coastal areas, there may be increased exposure to moisture and salt in the air, which can lead to corrosion. Using materials that resist corrosion and ensuring proper sealing of components are important considerations.

      Altitude: Some parts of Chile, especially in the Andes mountain range, are at high altitudes. Solar panels generally perform well at high altitudes, but it’s important to consider any specific requirements for the solar street light components.

      Regulations and Standards: Ensure that the solar street lights comply with local regulations and standards. Chile may have specific standards or guidelines for outdoor lighting installations.

      Battery Performance: Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance. It’s important to choose batteries that can handle the temperature range of the specific location.

      2024 Solar street light project in South America

      Luz al Barrio project

      Techo Peru is actively engaged in installing 100 solar streetlights in two informal settlements in Lima. In addition, the company will organize energy efficiency classes for volunteers and residents of the beneficiary communities.

      Luz Limpia al Barrio project

      “Luz Limpia al Barrio will continue to install solar streetlights with photovoltaic panels in poor communities in Chile, to improve security lighting. The 12-month project will install 100 public lighting systems in four regions of Chile.

      Luz al barrio Colombia project

      Techo Colombia is installing 100 solar streetlights with photovoltaic panels in 6 informal settlements in the cities of Bogotá, Cali, and Soacha. Through close collaboration with local communities and the involvement of Nexans employees, this initiative will improve safe lighting in public spaces in these disadvantaged neighborhoods.

      Community energy

      This project will install a photovoltaic power generation system in a community center near Rio de Janeiro. Through this unique project, Nexans Brazil will train community members in the installation of photovoltaic equipment. The project will provide new careers and job opportunities to improve the quality of life of the people in the community and advance the development of change agents.

      Using solar energy and the Internet to lift people out of poverty

      This is a project aimed at improving the lives of communities in Colombia. The 24-month project will provide internet connectivity in three communities and install 45 affordable, smart solar streetlights.

      Piura Resilient Medical Centre

      An ongoing project to improve healthcare infrastructure in the cities of Suyo and Buenos Aires in northern Peru. In two years, more than 30,000 people will benefit from it.

      Clodesun Solar street light project in Chile

      Antofagasta is a region and a city located in northern Chile. The region is known for its arid climate and is part of the Atacama Desert, one of the driest deserts in the world. The city of Antofagasta, the regional capital, is a major port on the Pacific Ocean.

      The climate in Antofagasta is classified as a desert climate, characterized by very low precipitation and high temperatures. The summers are generally warm, with temperatures reaching well above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), while winters are mild and cooler. Due to its arid nature, the region experiences limited rainfall, and water scarcity is a significant concern.

      The Solution

      Planners and engineers selected Clodesun’s CF series LED solar street light system for the massive project. The lights highlighted the architectural detail and natural view of the coastal walk.

      A total of 220 units of integrated solar street light systems were installed along the coastal edge using Clodesun’s products which exceeded in satisfying all their requirements.

      The new installation from Clodesun illuminated the whole region with solar and created a center of activity for the local community and visitors while enhancing the vibrant coastal front and encouraging further development.


      Solar Street Lights Project in Colombia

      1500 Solar Street Lights Project in Colombia

      Why Solar Street  light Is a Good Choice for Colombia

      Colombia can be a suitable location for installing solar streetlights for several reasons:

      Abundant Sunshine: Colombia is located near the equator, and it experiences a tropical climate with relatively consistent sunlight throughout the year. This makes it an ideal candidate for solar energy systems, as the ample sunlight can be harnessed to generate electricity.

      solar street light project in Colombia

      Reduced Dependence on the Grid: Installing solar street lights can help reduce dependence on the traditional power grid. In regions where the grid infrastructure may be unreliable or expensive to extend, solar street lights provide a decentralized and sustainable solution.

      Environmental Benefits: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power, and using solar street lights helps to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

      Cost Savings: While the initial investment for solar streetlights may be relatively high, they offer long-term cost savings as they don’t require ongoing fuel costs and have minimal maintenance needs. Over time, investment in solar street lights can lead to significant economic benefits.

      Remote and Off-Grid Areas: Colombia has remote and off-grid areas where extending traditional electricity infrastructure may be challenging. Solar street lights can provide lighting solutions in these areas without the need for a centralized power grid.

      Community Development: Installing solar street lights can contribute to community development by improving safety and security, particularly in rural or less developed areas. Well-lit streets can enhance public spaces, encourage outdoor activities, and reduce the risk of accidents.

      Government Initiatives: If the government in Colombia has implemented policies or incentives to promote renewable energy, including solar power, this can make the installation of solar street lights more attractive and economically viable.

      Technological Advances: Advances in solar technology, such as improved efficiency and reduced costs of solar panels, make solar street lights more accessible and efficient.

      Clodesun Solar Street Light Project in Colombia

      In September 2023, construction began on the first phase of a demonstration project for the development of solar street lighting infrastructure in Colombia, with a first phase of approximately 76 kilometers…

      The Colombian Ministry of Transport has invested in the use of high-quality LED solar streetlights. Solar streetlights are smarter and can be switched on and off automatically; LED light sources are brighter, with better color rendering and lower energy consumption.

      1500 Solar Street Lights Project in Colombia

      Compared with traditional street lights, LED solar street lights are safe, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly and can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

      After nearly three months of intensive construction, on the eve of New Year’s Day, three roads on both sides of the 1500 LED solar street lamps are installed, to the night, the road lights intertwined, exceptionally beautiful.

      solar street light project in Colombia

      The person in charge of the solar street light infrastructure construction demonstration project of the Colombian Transportation Bureau said: “We not only want to light up the ‘stars’ on the highway but also step up the implementation of the lighting project on rural roads.
      In 2024, we will comprehensively increase the lighting coverage of rural roads and illuminate the path to happiness for rural residents. ”



        Solar street light project in Brazil

        216 Units Solar Street Light Project in Brazil

        Recently, 216 Solar streetlights have been installed in São Paulo, Brazil, effectively addressing the issue of nighttime illumination for the local population.

        Solar street light project in Brazil

        Solar street light project in Brazil

        This pertains to a key transportation artery. The road segment underwent widening and renovation last year, making it more convenient. However, the absence of streetlights made it unsafe. With the installation of the new lights, people can now confidently venture out at night.

        CLODESUN solar street light in Brazil

        CLODESUN solar street light in Brazil

        It is worth noting that the primary area for installing these streetlights is a main road adjacent to the hospital. Starting from October 15th and spanning over a month, the county’s transportation department closely monitored every aspect, from material procurement to installation and testing. They rigorously supervised project quality and adhered to timelines, overcoming factors such as holidays and adverse weather conditions, ensuring the progress and quality of the installation. As of now, all 216 solar streetlights have been successfully installed and tested, and they are now officially in use.

          solar street light controller

          Top 7 Advantages of Solar Street Lights

          solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, ease of installation, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar streetlights have become more widely used in the world.

          Following are the advantages of solar streetlights.

          1. Environmentally Friendly

          Electricity supply for traditional grid-connected street lights is a drain on local government funds and is the largest source of carbon emissions. They make up 30% of a local government’s total emissions. Solar-powered street lights are easier on the environment as the solar panels are only dependent on the sun for power and their operations produce zero carbon emissions.

          Solar street lights provide great coverage and with a newly designed system such as, you’re not simply getting solar lights, but LED fixtures with super sharp cut-off optics that help reduce lighting glare.

          2. High light efficiency advantage

          Solar streetlights do not have the problem of insufficient brightness as people imagine. On the contrary, the probability of failure of ordinary street lights is quite common. As the fourth-generation new light source, LED has been effectively used in urban lighting and beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting, and other fields of lighting and applications, especially in remote areas without electricity, Solar lighting lamps are more It has wide range of application prospects.

          However, the traditional LED light source has a small opening angle, high brightness of the spot area, and strong directivity of light scattering. The light source is easy to form a spot, and the light uniformity is not good, which restricts its application in the lighting field.

          Compared with ordinary electric lights, Integrated solar street lights do not consume conventional energy, do not need to install ditching and wiring, independent power generation lighting system, and automatically turn on and off without special personnel control.

           3. Easier to install and maintain

          Solar street lighting is mainly used in power-deficient areas and new urban and rural roads. The main advantage is that it saves the cost of power cable laying and pipeline excavation, can flexibly place products, and can realize automatic openings according to sunlight conditions. Turn off the light control and other intelligent controls, solve the problem of inflexible installation, and realize quick installation,

          From the perspective of market demand, integrated solar streetlights have achieved new breakthroughs in improving light efficiency. They are favored by customers in all aspects of cost performance. These breakthroughs of integrated solar street lights not only make the same wattage and better brightness but also save the cost to customers.

          Solar street lighting systems are essentially maintenance-free. When they are correctly installed, solar streetlights only require periodic cleaning of the solar panel and the optics. Considering the fact that the solar panels have self-cleaning glass and are positioned at the optimum angle to obtain the maximum cleaning effect of the rain, they often require no maintenance.  In addition, if you’ve chosen Leadsun, we provide an industry-leading 10-year battery performance guarantee on our unique patented lithium-ion battery management systems.

          4. Lifespan Increased 

          Solar street light has made great breakthroughs not only in terms of light efficiency, but also in terms of product appearance, waterproofing, and even the connection between cables and components. The quality of solar streetlights has been effectively improved.

          The built-in photosensitive system automatically turns on the lighting at night, and it can be normally illuminated even in rainy weather for a week. According to estimates, these solar streetlights can save nearly 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

          In addition, the advantages of energy saving cannot be ignored. Integrated solar streetlights mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity during use, which can save a lot of electricity.

          5. More Reliability

          Solar-powered streetlights can work all night regardless of power outages, grid failures, power interruptions due to natural disasters, and many other factors that can impact the proper functioning of grid-dependent traditional streetlights.

          Using smart MPPT controller technology, solar streetlight operators can configure lighting schedules, collect data like energy consumption, temperature, and efficiency of each individual fixture, and be alerted in real time of different kinds of issues like malfunctions or lack of connectivity.

          6. Cost-Effectiveness

          Solar street lights are powered by energy from the sun. They don’t use fuel, gas, oil, electricity, or any other limited resource. Solar energy is 100% free, unlimited, and renewable.

          One of the primary advantages of solar street lights is that they are cost-effective in the long run. Although the initial investment for purchasing and installing the lights may be higher, they do not require any additional costs such as wiring, trenching, and utility bills. Additionally, the lights are maintenance-free, which further reduces the overall cost.

          7. No Cable-Related Worries

          In some remote or underdeveloped areas, cable theft is rampant, and this poses a problem with conventional street lights. In areas like these, installing cabled street lights is not recommended because the cables, which are quite costly, might end up being stolen.

          With solar street lights, there are no cables involved, so cable theft is the least of your worries.


          The biggest feature of Clodesun series integrated street light housing produced by Belinda: With light-sensing structure, intelligent control, and standby position design, it can automatically light up when the sun goes down and the sky gets darker, and the illuminance of the lamp can be automatically halved after midnight; After dawn, the light can be automatically extinguished; under special circumstances, people can manually control it; and when the lamp fails, the intelligent control system can automatically alarm. Especially suitable for solar street lights, suitable for European and African standards, easy to use, safe, and fast!

          Clodesun believes that our integrated solar streetlights will be widely used in the global market and our lives in the near future to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

          Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

          Case Study: Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

          People are afraid to go out in the past at night in Burkina Faso, After installing the solar street light in 2023, we can often come out at night and have a walk “, “We do not need a torch at home at night, When the solar street light is on, even if there is no one on the road, the heart is also solid.” Light up the village entrance, a safe way home …… On the evening of 19 March 2023, villagers in Boromo Burkina Faso Village said happily.

          Project Name: 171 Set of 80w All-In-One Solar Street Light Project with 7m pole in Boromo Burkina Faso

          Date: March 2023

          Project Type: Government solar street light project

          Project Site: Boromo Burkina Faso

          Boromo is a town in the Boromo Department of Balé Province in Burkina Faso. It is the capital of both the department and the province, and it has a population of 20,193

          Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

          Case Study: Solar Street Light Project in Burkina Faso

          Calabash makers in Boromo

          Boromo is located directly between the two major cities of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, and Bobo-Dioulasso. It is a city with many natural resources, including gold and fish. The major activity in this zone is agriculture. Boromo is a “melting pot” where you will find many ethnic groups, including Mossi, Dioula, Dafing, Bobo, and Winiens (or Kos).

          Location within Burkina Faso, French West Africa
          Coordinates: 11°45′N 2°56′W

          So far, 174 solar street lights have been installed in the area of Boromo Burkina Faso Village By Clodesun . The installation of solar streetlights also will be carried out one after another on several highway roads.

          Today, the emergence of solar street lights not only improves the public lighting infrastructure, but also provides bright road lighting for vehicles and the masses traveling at night, and a clear and good line of sight provides a guarantee for the safe driving of passing vehicles. After the installation of street lights, road traffic accidents on this road section have been significantly reduced, and the sense of security and happiness of the masses has been greatly improved.






          Solar street light project in Bahrain

          1200 Sets Solar Street Lights Project in Bahrain

          Project Name: 1200 Sets of All In One Solar Street Light Project in Bahrain

          Date: Aug 2023

          Project Type: Government solar street light project

          Project Site: Bahrain

          Solar street light project in Bahrain

          Solar street light project in Bahrain

          Quantity and specific configuration: 1200pcs Clode-CF 100W All In One Solar Street Light with 10-meter poles

          Description: This solar street light project is located on the road still under construction in Bahrain. Due to the high cost of laying cables in this area, the government requires solar street lights as the main road lighting. In order to meet the requirements of traffic driving, Clodesun Solar provides 10 meters high light poles and is equipped with our self-developed product CLODE-CF 100W integrated solar-powered highway lights, Pole and pole distance is 25m. The road has been opened to traffic and all lamps are working well.


            solar street light project in Botswana

            Case study: Solar street light project in Botswana

            📣A project of Palm tree 100W in Botswana—-Clodesun Solar Street Light

            solar street light project in Botswana

            solar street light project in Botswana

            🎉🎉Good news !! Clodesun has cooperated with Botswana commercial area for a parking lot solar street light project successfully. 👍In order to ensure the driving safety of the parking lot in the commercial area, our client strictly control the product quality, and finally chose 151pcs of palm tree 100w foldable design double-sided solar panel solar street light. And our client is very satisfied with the result of this project.

            Do you want to try our palm tree foldable design solar street light?
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            Solar power has emerged as one of the most promising solutions to the world’s energy problems, enabling countries to find the proper balance between energy security, economic progress, and environmental sustainability. 🙌
            🎉🎉The solar industry is experiencing an acceleration in innovations that improve solar performance.
            Clodesun has continued to develop more-efficient solar energy equipment and to be your best partner. 💪

            Are the street lights in your city bright enough?💡

            What factors will you consider when buying street lights⁉️
            A good street lamp should consider the battery capacity, the power of the solar panel, the material of the lamp body, the irradiation distance, the quality of the lamp, etc.🔮

            Clodesun has been successfully installed in many countries🎉🎉🎉
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            👉Clodesun solar street lights are suitable for government bidding projects, highway lighting, sidewalks, squares, parks, yards, coastal areas, etc.
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