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In Depth Comparison: Solar Street Light VS. Traditional Street Light

What is the difference between traditional and Solar street light Prices? Clodesun will analyze the cost of the two types of street lights clearly this time. In order to solve this problem, our company’s senior engineering team collected various aspects of knowledge to analyze the cost of traditional street lighting systems and solar street lights.

If you do a quick research of the market, you will find that because the US government and world leaders are promoting renewable energy, solar street lights have rapidly become popular and grow rapidly in the past 7 years. More and more countries now advocate the use of solar renewable energy for lighting instead of traditional lighting.

Following is the analysis of the cost of the two types of street lights.


What is the price of traditional street lights?

Traditional street lighting obtains electricity by connecting to a standard power grid. The average cost of traditional street lamps (including lighting fixtures, poles, and lamp holders) is $120 per lamp. Although the cost of lamps is lower, traditional street lights need to be connected to the grid, which requires slotting and underground wiring. If added the labor costs for trenching and wiring are, the cost per meter for consumers in this process is about US$40.

Then, the average cost of traditional lighting slotting and connection will be about 3,200 US dollars, which is much higher than the price of solar streetlights. Moreover, traditional solar street lights are not energy-saving. You can imagine how much coal is consumed for 12 hours a day.

What is the price of solar streetlights?

Solar street lights obtain electricity through the process of solar panels absorbing solar energy, which converts light into usable voltage. Solar street lights (solar panels, batteries, controllers, inverters, lamp heads) require advanced technology, so the price is higher, on average about 330 US dollars per light.

Solar streetlights do not need to be connected to the power grid, they are separated from the main grid system and can be installed in remote locations. So clients can avoid the long and expensive process of slotting and wiring. Therefore, the total cost of the solar street lighting system is greatly reduced.

The price of solar street lights makes customers feel more expensive than traditional street lights initially, but when you carefully study their total cost details. You will find that the biggest difference between the price of traditional lights and solar lights is trenching, installation, maintenance, and electrical bill costs rather than just the cost of street lighting.



When comparing the total cost of traditional street lighting and solar street lighting, it is clear to distinguish who is the winner. Overall, the cost of solar street lights in 5 years is about 4,800 US dollars, while the cost of traditional street lights is as high as 8,800 US dollars, which is due to the cost of trenching and installation.

As above, this is only the cost for one street light. If one project needs to install 100 sets of street lights, and 200 sets of street lights, obviously, solar street lights are more cost-effective.

If there is a road that needs to be installed with a lighting system, will you choose traditional street lights or solar-integrated street lights? If you think that the cost of the product, maybe solar street lights are more expensive, you are wrong. Taking all the costs together, it is obvious that solar lights can win the cost battle of street lights. If you want to learn more about solar streetlights, please follow the Clodesun blog.


    how to install solar street light

    How to install integrated solar street light?

    Easy to install is one of the most important advantages of integrated solar street lights. Have you ever thought of installing integrated solar street lights by yourself? A lot of articles say it’s really fast and easy. And in fact, it is.

    In today’s article, I’m going to introduce all-in-One Solar Street Light products and how to install them.

    How to Install a Clodesun Integrated Solar Street Light?

    This is our 2020 German new design foldable all-in-one solar street light model and this is our world’s unique model patented by codes. we design this type suitable for government projects or bigger installations such as solar roadway lighting and solar highway lighting. clodesun carries designs with a range from 40W, 64w, 100w, and 120w.

    If there are still thunderstorms, it is necessary to check and maintain the battery regularly. The battery loss may be due to the battery’s long use time and normal wear and tear; it may also be caused by the construction party’s cutting corners during the original construction, the low quality of the purchased cheap product; or the installation location is not very reasonable, and the green vegetation is used as a feeder.

    At this time, it is generally sufficient to replace the battery with a new one or cut off the green plants to cover it. The lithium battery whose capacity cannot meet the usage requirements should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of solar-led street lights.

    Step 1 – Integrated solar street lights and Tools Preparation

    – All integrated solar street light parts including pole
    – Steel cage with four protruding bolts
    – Tools:
    o Wrench
    o Hoisting mechanism
    o Screwdrivers and cutters to work with wires

    When opening the package, please confirm that the parts are received as listed below:

    all in one solar street light install

    There are just 2 steps to installing our new design integrated solar-led street lamp.

    Step1. Connect the cables between solar panels and lamps

    solar street light install

    Step 2: Fix an integrated solar street light with 6 pcs screws.

    solar led street light

    Step 2 – Integrated solar street lights pole dig preparation

    Solar street lights can be installed virtually in any location. Find a level area to erect the pole on. Check the solar street light installation user manuals first, which will inform you of unique features and installation requirements.

    Before installation, a solar street light pole requires a foundation. The best choice is a metal street light installation cage embedded in concrete. You can purchase or build this metal cage if you have a production facility.

    According to the height of the pole and the weight of the solar street light, we determine the length, width, and height of the hole, for example, for a 6m pole, the dig hole long:50 cm, Wide:50cm, the depth:80cm, and ensure there aren’t any obstructions such as rocks or pipes.

    solar street light pole
    Tips of the Foundation Of The Pole
    The steel cage that serves as an anchor should have four metal bolts. Most solar street light poles have bases with holes to fit through these bolts. The cage is secured with cement. You need to simply anchor the cage with some cement at the bottom of the hole. You can then fill the hole when you’re done with the installation.

    Step 3- Inject cement and put the flange in the cement.

    1. Please make sure the flange Is flat.

    solar street light flange


    2. After 3 days, the cement is dry.

    solar street light pole

     Step 4-Install the solar street light on the pole in advance.

    solar street light installaton

    Step 5-Put the pole into a flange with screws

    solar street light pole install

    There are also have 4 Tips When Installing Integrated Solar streetlights

    1. Make sure the solar street light panel faces the sun on both sides

    Before you install your first All-in-One Solar Street Light, make sure to follow these tips so you won’t have a problem with its operation.

    As we all know. In the northern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the south, but in the southern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the north.

    That is why we need to design solar panels to fold and unfold in order to ensure the solar panel face the sun on both sides of the road,

    In the northern hemisphere, we can unfold on the north side of the road, fold on the south side of the road

    In the southern hemisphere, we can unfold on the south side of the road, fold on the north side of the road

    The great thing about this foldable model is you can flexibly adjust the solar panel to face the sun on both sides of the road.


    2. Make sure that the solar panel orientation faces the sun at 2:00 pm

    As the solar panel is a fixed component, make sure that when you install the solar street light, the solar panel orientation faces the direction of the sun at its highest peak. This is from around 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

    solar led street light

    During these hours, the sun’s intensity is very high and your solar panel can receive as much energy as it can. To make your solar street light work more efficiently, be sure to set the direction of the panel in such a way that it faces the sun at 2 pm.

    3. Pole does not exceed the lamp too long, in case of shadows on a solar panel to Keep a Short Distance Between the Pole and the Lamp

    This tip is to maximize the efficiency of your solar panel so that the battery can be fully charged.

    solar led street light

    4. Trees or buildings do not exceed lamps too high in case of shadows on solar panel

    Nowadays, our country pays more attention to greening projects, leading to many solar streetlight projects that will follow greening projects. However, in summer thunderstorms, the trees near the solar streetlights are easily blown down by strong winds, destroyed, or directly damaged. Therefore, the trees around the solar streetlight should be pruned regularly, especially in the case of the wild growth of plants in summer. Ensuring the stable growth of trees can reduce the damage to solar streetlights caused by dumping trees.

    To ensure that the panel does not get any shadow from any object including the pole.

    solar street lamp pole

    5. Don’t install near other light sources

    Solar street light has a control system that can recognize when it is light and dark. If you install another power source next to the solar street light, when the other power source lights up, the solar street light’s system will think it is daytime, and it won’t light up at night.

    How It Should Work After Installation

    After you install you are all in one solar street light, it should be able to automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn. It must also work automatically from dim to full brightness, depending on your specified time schedule profile setting.

    For its original factory setting, the solar street light would automatically dim or decrease its intensity to 30% of its full brightness when it does not detect any passersby.

    solar street light pole


    What an integrated solar street light is, is an amazing innovation of the traditional solar street light. It’s very easy to install and needs less of your time and energy. I hope this article has cleared some clouds of confusion on how to install integrated all-in-one solar streetlights.

    If you want to buy foldable integrated all-in-one solar street lights with high-quality parts, you might want to read top-quality all-in-one solar street light manufacturers and suppliers before you find your supplier. This blog is an eye-opener on how All-in-One Solar Street lights can be really affordable when you pick the right manufacturer

    60w solar street light price

    Price Breakdown: How Much Do Solar Street Lights Cost?

    Solar street lights have been gaining dramatic popularity in recent years. Solar street lights is a good eco-friendly and renewable alternative lighting solution that captures the hearts of people, particularly those green movement supporters and those who want to sustain and protect the environment they’re living in.

    People purchase different types of solar street lights for a variety of purposes. Some purchase to provide enough light on their house street, backyard, and garden, while others need it for commercial business’ parking lot, public’s general areas, and roadsides.

    Of course, the first question you might have when considering buying from solar street light suppliers is their prices. So today, I am going to shares my professional insights as a solar street light exporter.

    What is a solar street lamp?

    This kind of solar street lamp is generally composed of solar panels and several sets of bulbs or led lights. Most of them are 5 or 6 meters in height.

    The traditional solar street lights in cities are mostly composed of several sets of bulbs and are generally divided into two headlights to illuminate the sidewalk and motor vehicle lanes respectively. The road conditions in rural areas are relatively simple, so the general street lights often only illuminate the motor vehicle lanes.

    Solar street lights are generally purchased in large quantities. Then, what is the wholesale price of solar street lights? Let everyone know!

    Wholesale solar street light price

    What is the wholesale price of solar street lights?

    In fact, due to the different specifications, the price of solar street lights has a wide range. For example, in a wholesale setting, they may only cost 50 US dollars per piece (with regular specifications), or can easily reach 150 US dollars per piece (with higher specifications).

    Compared to solar-powered ones, the price of traditional street lamps is about 100 dollars.

    Example: Prices of 60w Solar Street Light

    Many people asked me how much the price of 60w solar street light with 6000 Lumens recently, 60w solar street lights are the best-hot selling street lights in the market these years. Because 60w solar street lamp not only can be used in solar street light projects but also can be used in civil projects.

    Next, we will introduce the price of 60w solar street lights and their specifications.

    Typical specifications of 60w solar street lights

    price of solar led street light

    • Light source power: 60W
    • Height of street light from the ground: 6 to 8 meters
    • Light color: white
    • CCT: 5000K (3500-6000K can be customzied)
    • Light Efficiency: 160lm/w
    • Daily working hours: about 10 hours when fully charged
    • Induction method: light control + remote control
    • Working hours per day: 10 hours
    • Work time: Continuously 3-5 rainy days, 12 hours per night
    • Recommand installation distance: 20-25m
    • Light pole diameter: 40-140mm
    • French flange: 950*550*63mm
    • Battery capacity: 24AH LiFePo4 battery
    • Photovoltaic panel power: monocrystalline silicon 80W High-efficiency Monocrystalline silicon
    • Photovoltaic panel material: tempered glass 3.2mm, light transmittance 91%
    • Lamp head style: flat type
    • Lamp holder material: aluminum alloy pressing
    • Waterproof grade: IP65
    • Working environment: -40°-85°

    Retail vs. wholesale prices of 60w solar street light

    Not including shipping, tariffs or other costs, you may pay about US$250/piece for a very high-quality 60w solar street light.  30$ for the maintenance and electricity costs per unit,

    Cost comparison with traditional street lights

    In many places in the world, traditional street lights are getting replaced with solar-powered street lights. Main reason? The long-term cost advantage.

    • Upfront purchase cost: in most cases, solar LED street lights are much more expensive. This is the main reason that most buyers think twice before making a decision.
    • Installation cost: this might be surprising to you, but installing traditional street lights require wiring and underground trenching to connect to grid lines creating enormous additional costs,
    • Maintenance cost: Solar-powered LED street light poles need battery replacement every 5-7 years. Traditional street lights simply can’t compete with that.

    To summarize, solar street light has a much lower lifetime cost. Over 10-year period, traditional street lights installation, maintenance, and electricity cost per unit ranges from U$8,000-12,000 while solar street powered LED light cost is estimated at 4,000-6,000 USD over the same period of time.

    How to buy the best-quality integrated solar street lights?

    This is the doubt of many purchasers. What are the tips for purchasing integrated solar street lights? Next, Belinda will introduce you to the precautions for purchasing high-quality solar street lights.

    1. Battery life: The service life of high-quality solar street lithium iron phosphate batteries can be as long as eight years, and the service life of low-quality batteries is only a few months, half a year, you need to replace the new battery.

    2. Lamp bead brightness: Solar street lights do not mean that the greater the power of the light source, the more manufacturers falsely report the power, or buy low-lumen lamp beads to reduce costs. In fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the light source power, the better.

    Power saving, the luminous efficiency of LED light sources of other companies on the market is now 80-100Lm/W, and the light decay is high, the light decay reaches 15%-30% in one year, and the angel eye LED light source uses high-quality LED chips, And the low light attenuation structure and process of the patented technology, the luminous efficiency reaches 130Lm/W, the actual light attenuation is only about 2-3%, and the patented lamp mold can better use the light source.

    3. Resistant to the low-temperature environment:

    Clodesun company equipped with an exclusive patented ultra-low temperature protection device, which can work at -40 ℃, even in high and cold areas.

    all in one solar light

    In order to ensure the working state and efficiency of led solar street lights, it is necessary to consider whether the storage battery can meet the use conditions of solar street lights, and check the use of the storage battery in time. The price of led solar street lights is determined by the materials used and the fineness of the workmanship of the led solar street lights. It needs to be selected before installation.

    Now that the world Internet is very developed, people’s ability to obtain information is becoming easier, so now everyone can understand some things relatively easily with integrated solar street light suppliers. It can be said that in the current solar street light market, everyone now values the quality of integrated solar street lights a lot, but is not so concerned about the price. So the era of seizing the market by fighting the price war has passed. If the quality of the integrated solar street light suppliers is not doing well, then it is likely that consumers will be lost.

    When we buy integrated solar street light products, we must remember to compare over 3 manufacturers, only by comparing you will know which product is good quality, the price is affordable, and the after-sales service is relatively late to improve. For non-professionals, it is impossible to judge the quality of products by appearance, especially for users who lack professional knowledge, so Belinda recommends the buyers buy some samples to test first, samples can prove everything.

    If you care about quality, please respect its price; if what you want is cheap, please don’t assume that there will be good quality! No matter how beautiful the language is, it is a lie! remember forever.

    Have more questions?

    Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world

    led solar street light

    solar street light Lithium-ion battery

    Solar street light Li-ion battery Wiring method

    solar street light li ion battery

    1. Wiring method of lithium-ion battery pack and solar LED light, load output: positive and negative (red wire represents positive electrode, black wire represents negative electrode); the positive electrode is connected to the positive electrode of the LED light, and the negative electrode is connected to the negative electrode of the LED light.

    2. Wiring method of lithium-ion battery pack and solar panel, solar input: positive and negative (red wire represents positive electrode, black wire represents negative electrode); the positive electrode is connected to the positive electrode of the solar panel, and the negative electrode is connected to the negative electrode of the solar panel.

    Li-ion battery for solar street light installation steps

    battery of solar street light

    1. Connect all connecting wires and check whether the charging indicator (green light G) is on normally.

    2. If it is on normally, unplug the solar input after 10 seconds, the load output LED light is on normally.

    3. Reconnect the solar input and the load output LED will go out after 10 seconds.

    4. After all the above steps are over, the solar street light can be used normally

    integrated solar led street light price

    Integrated solar led street light price?

    Although the integrated solar led street lights price is higher than traditional street lights, it is energy-saving and does not need maintenance frequently. that is why the current traditional street lights are replaced by integrated solar street lights.

    Integrated solar street light

    With its energy-saving and environmentally friendly features, integrated solar led street lights have been admired by people in recent years. They are charged during the day and illuminated at night without the need to lay complicated wires and pipes. It has many advantages, low maintenance costs, power-saving, and durability, saving the city. More resources are in line with the development concept of green earth, energy-saving, and emission reduction.

    The most important part of the procurement process is to judge the price list of integrated solar led street lights. First, we must take a rough look at the price of solar street lights, and then analyze in-depth, analyze the cost, configuration, value, and other aspects of solar products to see if the price list of solar street lights provided by solar street light manufacturers is true.

    Integrated Solar street lights may have the same price and different configurations; there are also the same configurations, but the prices are different. Under these circumstances, we have to analyze and judge the price list of integrated solar street lights, following three points:

    1. Is the configuration of the integrated solar led street light price list complete?

    All in one solar led street light

    During the procurement process, solar street light buyers will ask solar street light manufacturers for a solar street light price list. The complete solar street light price list should have the basic information of the solar street light manufacturer.

    Followed by the product description, which includes the total number of products. Prices, price details, pictures, materials, dimensions, specifications, etc., and also pay attention to the product’s warranty description and delivery form. The more complete the solar-led street light quotation table, the more trustworthy it is.

    2. Is the configuration of integrated solar led street lights price reasonable?

    In addition, to check whether the solar street light quotation table is complete, it also depends on whether the solar street light configuration is reasonable. The configuration of the solar street light is communicated in advance between the purchaser and the manufacturer because the solar street light manufacturer makes a reasonable configuration according to the needs of the purchaser, and the configured combination must meet the needs of users without excessive waste.

    3. Compare several integrated solar led street light manufacturers price

    If the price list of integrated solar led street lights is complete and the configuration is reasonable, the next step is to look at the price of solar street lights. You can find different manufacturers with the same configuration for comparison. If the price quoted by the solar street light manufacturer is significantly lower than the market reasonable price, it indicates that the product itself will have some problems, and the price is higher than the market reasonable price and will not be considered cost-effective, so we must carefully consider before making a decision.

    Integrated Solar street lights are developing in the direction of high quality and high added value, but it is inevitable that some manufacturers will shoddy, so you must be careful when purchasing, and you must follow the above points when choosing to avoid falling The trap of product quality.

    solar led street light project in Ghana

    Do solar street lights need to replace the battery?

    The life of other accessories of solar street lights can last over 10 years, but solar street light battery usually needs to be replaced after 3-5 years, so the key is the battery life and quality that influenced the solar street lights’ life.

    All in one solar street light is an independent power generation lighting system, it is composed of a battery, solar street light pole, LED lights, battery, solar street light controller, and other components.

    No need to connect to the mains, the solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy during the day and stores it in the solar battery, at night the battery supplies power to the LED light source to make it shine.

    solar street lights battery

    1、Solar led lights panels

    We all know the solar panel, it is the whole system of power generation equipment, it is composed of silicon wafers, the service life is very long, can reach about 20 years of life.

    2、Solar led LED light source

    LED light source is composed of at least a few dozen light beads containing LED chips, theoretical life of 50,000 hours, normal is can reach about 10 years.

    3、Solar led Street light pole

    Solar Street light pole is made of Q235 steel rolled pole, the whole hot-dip galvanized treatment, hot galvanized anti-rust, and anti-corrosion ability are strong, so at least to ensure 15 life.

    4、 Solar-led street light Controller

    General controller waterproof sealing grade is high, the normal use of 10-15 years is no problem.

    5、 Solar-led street light Battery

    Solar street lights are currently mainly used in the battery a gel maintenance-free battery and lithium batteries. Gel battery life is normal 2 to 3 years and lithium battery life is normal for 5 to 8 years. In normal use, 3 to 5 years is the time to replace the battery, because, by 3 years or 5 years, the actual capacity of the battery is much lower than the initial capacity, affecting the lighting effect.

    In general, the key to the service life of solar street lights is the battery, when buying solar street lights, it is recommended that the battery should be configured to be larger, to develop the life of the battery is its cyclic discharge life, complete discharge is about 500 to 800 times.

    If the capacity of the battery is only enough to discharge every day, then the battery is easily damaged, but the capacity of the battery is several times the daily discharge, which means a few days to have a cycle, which greatly increases the life of the battery, and the capacity of the battery is several times the daily discharge, is to ensure that the number of consecutive rainy days is longer.

    The service life of solar street lights also lies in the usual necessary maintenance, in the early stages of installation, to strictly follow the construction standards to do, in the configuration is also as reasonable as possible with, increase the capacity of the battery, so as to extend the life of solar street lights.

    all in one solar led street light

    The current 8-year non-replacement battery has in fact been such a product, the battery used in our solar street lights is designed not to be replaced for 8 years. Let’s put it this way, there is a lithium-ion battery with a cycle count of 2,000 cycles, which means no replacement within 5 years,

    Our new German-designed solar street light has been on the market since 2008, according to all the statistics conducted worldwide the proportion of bad batteries after use is less than 0.5% (no need to replace)

    The fact that the batteries in our products are not replaced within 5 years is very normal and a fact, plus our new invention of a battery technology patent (a technology to extend the life of the battery) in 2012 on the basis of which the life of the design is 8 years without replacement.

    solar street light pole

    How to judge the quality of Led Solar Street Light with Pole

    How to judge the quality of led solar street lights?

    We did a clear investigation so that we can choose high-quality LED solar street light poles?

    With green energy-saving and emission reduction is getting more and more attention, Led solar street lights are also widely used in road lighting. The increase in the number of peer companies has also intensified the competition for solar street lights. In order to pursue profits, some companies began to cut corners on the supporting components used in solar street lights with poles.

    solar street light with pole

    First: first look at the plate of the LED solar street light pole.

    Many unscrupulous manufacturers use the substandard thickness of steel or non-standard steel to fill the good. High-quality steel can withstand more than twelve levels of natural wind, but will not produce shaking or deformation.

    The quality of substandard manufacturers use non-standard steel, in order to reach acceptance will be sprayed several times to increase the thickness of the solar street light pole.

    So to determine whether the quality of the pole is up to standard, it is actually very simple. If you find that the thickness of the pole meets the standard, then you can test the weight of the pole, if the actual weight does not meet the standard.

    then the possibility of spraying to increase the thickness exists. At this point, you can determine whether the light pole is up to standard by hanging off the spray plastic with a blade.

    Second: looking at the workmanship of the solar street light pole.

    The production of light poles requires that there is no leakage of welding, a false welding phenomenon. Welding should be beautiful to ensure that the welding is secure and durable.

    Third: look at the galvanization of the solar street light pole.

    Legitimate manufacturers are using Q235 steel for the overall hotness of the way to ensure that the light pole will not rust or become rotten. But some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often using cold galvanized ways of processing light poles.

    Although the light pole for cold galvanized will feel the light pole surface bright, the thickness of the zinc layer is only a few tenths of the hot-dip galvanized light pole, its anti-corrosion performance than hot galvanized is also far from. So if you are a purchaser of solar street lights, then this is something you have to pay attention to.

    Finally: we must also look at the spraying treatment of the solar street light pole.

    Before doing the spraying treatment again, be sure to polish the light pole again. So that the light pole for spraying is only uniform, more pure color. At the same time if the light pole to do the color separation requirements, must observe the color of the light pole at the color separation is clear, is not clear also belongs to substandard products.

    And we need to know the general wall thickness of the solar street light pole.

    Solar street light pole with how thick, usually depends on how high the pole, single-arm or double-arm lights, 2-4 meters of solar street lights on the general wall thickness of 2.5 cm, 4-8 meters of solar street lights on the general use of 2.5-3.0 cm, 8-15 solar street lights on the general use of 3.0-4.0 cm, this is only the general standard, specific but also according to the wind requirements are different, the light pole thickness is also different.

    led solar street light with pole

    The commonly used light pole is a steel tapered pole, which is characterized by beautiful, strong, durable, and easy to make a variety of shapes, simple processing technology, high mechanical strength.

    Commonly used tapered light pole cross-sectional shapes are round, hexagonal, octagonal, etc., the taper is mostly 1:9-1:15, wall thickness according to the force of the pole is generally selected in 2.5-5mm.

    Solar street light poles are used outdoors, in order to prevent the pole from rusting and corrosion and reduce the structural strength, the pole must be galvanized and sprayed with plastic.

    Hot-dip galvanizing spraying is mainly a preventive measure against the causes of rust and corrosion. Hot-dip galvanizing spraying can avoid or mitigate the effects of humidity, high temperature, oxidation, chlorides, and other factors. The commonly used methods are as follows.

    1、Light pole hot-dip galvanizing: The process and method of dipping the pre-treated parts into the molten zinc solution to form zinc and zinc-iron alloy coating on its surface, with a zinc layer thickness of 65-90 um. The zinc layer of the galvanized parts should be uniform, smooth, free of burrs, dripping tumors, and excess lumps, and the zinc layer should be firmly bonded to the steel pole, with no peeling and no bulging of the zinc layer.

    2、Light pole plastic spraying treatment: hot-dip galvanizing and then plastic spraying treatment, plastic spraying powder should be selected outdoor special powder, the coating shall not have flaking, cracking phenomenon. Plastic spraying treatment can be higher to improve the anti-corrosion performance of the steel pole, and greatly improve the beauty and decorative solar street light pole, the color can also have a variety of choices.

    For example, 6m solar street light with pole parameters specifications.

    1. 1、Specification: Light source is 6 meters from the ground, the material of the pole is Q235 carbon steel.
    2. 2, technical requirements (in line with and not less than national standards).

    ①The light pole adopts a conical single bent arm light pole, with a bottom diameter of 154mm and a top diameter of 60mm.
    ②The light pole adopts hot-dipped galvanized internal and external surface corrosion treatment, in line with GB/T13912-92 standard, the galvanized surface should be smooth and beautiful. Provide galvanized test report. Galvanized thickness is not less than 85μm.
    ③Light pole wall thickness ≥4mm, light pole chassis thickness of 22mm.
    ④Welding surface without cracks, porosity, biting edge, not welded full defects.
    The supplier shall ensure that the light pole meets the wind pressure requirements of Wutai County and ensure the normal use of the light pole.
    ⑤ service life of 20 years or more.
    ⑥The width of the weld seam is 4-9mm, and the height of the weld seam is 0-3mm.
    ⑦The supplier shall carry out quality inspection of the products before they leave the factory, and carry out a comprehensive inspection of the welding quality, dimensional deviation, and surface quality.

    If it is a 20m width road, it should be considered as the main road, so it needs to be bilaterally laid light before it can be. In addition, the lighting requirements of the road mainly include illumination requirements, illumination uniformity of two,

    where the uniformity of the general to be above 0.3, the greater the uniformity, indicating that the solar street light of the light scattered more open, the better the lighting effect.

    solar street light project

    Therefore, we can assume a double row of symmetrical layout, the height of the street lamp pole is at least greater than 1/2 the width of the road, so the height of the pole to 10-12 meters; assume a 10-meter pole, the installation spacing of street lights is generally about 2 times the height of the pole, so the spacing of at least 30 meters;

    then assume that the solar street lights have a 30-meter spacing, the height of the pole is 10 meters, the power of the solar street lights, in this case, should be more than 100W, in order to basically meet the lighting requirements of the main road.

    Secondly, illumination and power are related to the installation height of the lamps. For solar street light, we hope that the larger the angle of illumination, the better, so that the uniformity will also be good, and can make the spacing of the poles larger, reducing the number of poles installed, saving costs.

    Conclusion: Today Belinda introduces some specifications about the led solar street light pole, hope I can give our clients some suggestions which will help you to choose good quality led street light pole.

    Solar street light Road simulation

    Solar led street light battery capacity

    With the continued development of solar-led street lights, solar street light battery types changed from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. So how to calculate the battery capacity of solar-led street lights?

    Many manufacturers use 20AH lithium batteries with a false mark capacity to impersonate 80AH to customers, access to large profits, 2014 to 2016, many manufacturers earn a lot of profit by lithium batteries these years.

    solar led street light battery

    12V 60Ah lithium battery, for example, the normal use of 3.7V 2Ah cells, 60Ah ÷ 2Ah × 3 = 90 section. When you learn that a 90-section cell has a 12V 60AH capacity, cutting corners requires another upgrade.

    Yes, the battery cells give you 90-knot cells, but quietly give you 3.7V 1AH instead. At this point, the capacity is only 30AH, and all of a sudden a lot of cost reduction, for dishonest businesses, this could be profit, or a nuclear weapon to seize the market.

    So it is very important to know how to calculate the solar street light battery capacity, sometimes you can avoid being cheated.

    How do you calculate the configuration of lithium-ion battery solar street lights?

    Let’s take a 40W LED light source as an example: the customer requires 8 hours of lighting per day, and 3 days for rainy days.

    Let’s take the 18650 lithium ternary battery as an example.

    Known conditions: the nominal voltage of a lithium-ion secondary battery is 3.7V; the system voltage of a 40W LED light source is 12V; the platform voltage of three lithium-ion batteries combined in series is 11.1V, and the standard charging voltage of the battery plate is 17.5V.

    Let’s popularize the conversion of Ah (amp-hours) to Wh (watt-hours) units.

    Wh (watt-hours) and Ah (amp-hours) are both ways to measure battery capacity is a measure of the capacity of an electrical storage device, meaning that the product of current (amperes) and discharge time (hours) in units of capacity [AH] can be satisfied by conforming to the discharge curve (a similar inverse proportional curve).
    We often see a number in Wh next to the mAh.
    The work done by the battery W = UIt = voltage (V) * current (A) * time (h).
    Voltage U*Current I=Power P (Watt, letter “W”)
    Therefore, the work done by the battery W=P*t, the unit is Wh.
    Ah = Work (W)/Voltage (U)

    Daily power required by 40W LED light source = 40W*8H=320Wh
    The solar street light design needs to take into account the day’s rainy weather conditions, for example, 3 days in Nanjing design.

    Then 3 days 40W LED light source needs total power = 320Wh * (3 + 1) days = 1280Wh
    Then lithium battery capacity = work (W) / voltage (U) = 1280Wh/11.1V = 115AH

    Through the calculation of solar street light battery capacity, the next time we buy solar street lights, we can better identify whether the manufacturers deceive us, so as to buy a good price, more suitable for our products.

    solar street light price

    30w all in one solar led street light price

    When you ask the solar street light manufacturers “the price of 30w all in one solar led street light?” customers will receive many quotes for different prices. Some quotes are high, some are very low, and the competition for solar street light prices varies, why is this? Since there is no unified standard and uniform configuration parameters for integrated solar street lights, different solar street light manufacturers have different prices.

    Therefore, The price market of solar street lights is chaotic. More than 90% of solar street lights are of substandard quality because they often do not manufacture according to contract standards or replace materials with worse quality in order to obtain higher profits. The main reason for this is that LED lighting, photovoltaic panel wattage, and lithium battery capacity all have different levels, and generally inexperienced customers cannot perceive the difference in quality.

    What are the factors that affect the 30w solar street light price?

    price of solar led street light

    1、Battery components
    The power of the solar module and the capacity of the battery. High power, large capacity configuration, is bound to pay a higher cost; otherwise, it is lower.

    2、Galvanization method
    Galvanizing poles are hot and cold plating, cold plating is directly electrolytic to galvanize, the process is simple, so the cost will be low, but cold plating will make the poles are not very rust-proof, and the hot galvanizing process is more complex, need to heat the electricity, galvanized again, consume more energy than cold plating, the price is higher than cold galvanizing a gear, of course, hot galvanizing can make the poles 20 years without rust.

    3、Use of equipment and materials
    The production of solar street lights is inseparable from these two, good equipment, solar lamps complete collection of information, then the price of solar street lights also rose!

    4. Regional
    The region is also one of the important factors affecting the price of solar lights, not the same region to withstand the sun is also a limit because of the impact of the time of year and climate, the price of solar street lights is not the same.

    5, the size of the solar street light manufacturers
    Street light manufacturers large scale, clear division of labor, large volume, but the price will be low, and at the same time have a professional after-sales service, on the contrary, a lot of small manufacturers of the expenses, the price will naturally go up.

    Clodesun 30w all in one solar street light product configuration reference:

    light height: 4-5m material steel tube + anti-corrosion treatment + hot-dip galvanizing + spraying

    solar modules: high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon/polysilicon / thin-film solar panels Power: solar panels Lifespan: 25 years

    Light source: super bright high-power LED Power: DC12V/24V,15W-60W Lifespan: 50,000 hours Battery: maintenance-free lead-acid battery / buried colloidal sealed battery Capacity: DC12V 60Ah-400Ah

    Control system. Micromotion sensor intelligent control, anti-over-charge, over-discharge, moisture-proof, output short-circuit protection and light control + time control automatic on, off lights

    Operating environment: -30-60 Lighting time: 8-12 hours of lighting per day, continuous lighting for 3-5 rainy days.

    Solar street light operation & maintenance

    Solar street light operation & maintenance

    Although the installation of integrated solar street lights is very simple, Solar street light operation & maintenance is not easy, we may encounter many problems during the installation process, and after the installation is completed, later maintenance is also very important, which can assure our solar street lights for a long life span.

    Pre-operation of solar street lights

    Solar street light project is a long-term and arduous process, which requires a long-term investment of the construction unit, but also requires the common attention and efforts of the whole society. At present, Clodesun has installed nearly 8000 sets of solar street lights.

    solar led street light install

    Following are the steps of solar street light installation?

    1 – Foundation pouring

    Determine the location of the standing light pole; reserve (excavate) a compliant pit at the location of the pole; the pit should be poured concrete capable of carrying 1.5 times the weight of the pole, and the pole should be placed in a ground cage with an embedded part.

    The embedded part is placed in the center of the square hole, with one end of the PVC threading pipe placed in the center of the embedded part and the other end placed in the battery storage area.

    Care is taken to keep the embeds, base, and original ground at the same level (or the tops of the screws at the same level as the original ground, depending on the needs of the site) and one side must be parallel to the road; this ensures that the light poles are upright and the back end is straight and not skewed.

    They are then poured and secured using concrete not low in C20. After the construction is completed, the mud residue on the positioning plate is cleaned in time, and waste oil is used to clean the impurities on the bolts.

    2-Mounting the solar module

    Measures must be taken to avoid short-circuiting the solar panel before connecting the positive and negative outputs of the solar panel to the controller.

    The solar module must be securely and reliably connected to the mounting bracket; the module’s output wires should be protected from exposure and secured with cable ties, and the solar panel should be oriented with the compass pointing south.

    3-Lithium battery installation

    Batteries must be handled with care when placed in the control box to avoid damage to the control box. The wires connecting the batteries to each other must be bolted to the battery terminals and copper spacers should be used to enhance conductivity; after connecting the output wires to the batteries, short-circuiting is prohibited under any circumstances to avoid damaging the batteries; the output wires of the batteries must be connected to the controller on the pole through PVC pipe.

    After completing the above operation, please check the wiring of the controller to prevent short circuits. After checking the wiring, please close the door of the control box.

    4-Lamp head parts installation

    Fix the components of each section: fix the solar panel to the solar rack, fix the lamp head to the pick arm, then fix the rack and pick arm to the main pole and run the connection cable through the control box (battery box).

    Then check that the simple commissioning system is working properly. Loosen the solar panel cable from the controller to make the light work; connect the solar panel cable and turn off the light; at the same time, watch carefully for any changes in the indicator lights on the controller; all being well, lift and install and place the batteries in the battery box.

    Debug the system to see if it is running properly; release the solar panel cable on the controller, and the light is on; at the same time, connect the solar panel cable, and the light is off; then carefully observe the changes in the indicator light on the controller; everything is normal, before sealing the control box.

    How to maintain solar integrated street lights

    Solar street lights installed outdoors should pay attention to the following issues: anti-corrosion of all exposed parts;  wind resistance of all connected components;

    solar panel bird protection; solar panel security; street light access lines and control room rain; battery insulation in winter and summer cooling; battery room ventilation; battery room waterproof; battery security; lighting rain, insects, hail. Lamps to facilitate maintenance and replacement; controller to facilitate maintenance and testing.

    Solar street lights have zero electricity, are easy to install throughout the year, energy-saving and environmental protection, but solar street lights can not be used in any one environment, solar street lights are not only geographical requirements, but there are also requirements for temperature and humidity, today let’s talk about the extreme environment can not use solar street lights!

    First of all, in windy areas, solar street lights are generally wind-resistant grade 12, for more than 12 typhoons in the region, if you use solar street lights, it will cause immeasurable impact, but the domestic wind is generally below grade 8, so the general domestic areas can be used!

    Secondly, Solar street light working temperature between -50 ° C and 70 °, if the temperature is too high, the normal operation of the various components of the solar street light will have an impact, but also because the solar street light is an electrical system, in the use of the process will generate heat

    The temperature is too high not only on the normal functioning of the components have an impact, but also prone to fire, resulting in losses, if the temperature is too low, the operation of the solar street lamp system will slow down, especially the battery activity will be reduced with the lower temperature, easy to slow down the operation of the system.

    Thirdly, Solar street lights in the 8 earthquake area are not good to use, the general level of earthquake resistance of the solar street lights is 8, if installed in the earthquake zone, it is easy to cause unpredictable damage to the solar street lights.

    Finally, Solar street lights in the humidity greater than 80% of the area can not be used normally, humidity is too high, the electronic components are susceptible to moisture oxidation, resulting in unstable electronic components link, it is easy to affect the normal lighting of the solar street lamp system.

    In order to ensure the quality of the project, Clodesun devoted a lot of energy to assist the construction side to develop a set of project management methods, directly involved in the quality control of solar street light components, on-site materials.

    And the quality of the project. And quality inspection of components, quality control of the installation process, as well as the implementation of solar street lamp post-management responsibility system.