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How solar street light controllers works

Many people do not know how to adjust the solar street light time in the process of using solar street light controllers. Today we will answer this question.

The solar street light controller is also a device for data collection and monitoring control. It has a serial communication data transmission function, manages the charging and discharging of solar street lights, and long-distance intelligent control. Many people do not know how to adjust the solar street light time in the process of using solar street light controllers. Today clodesun will answer this question for you.

There are two adjustable times for solar street light controller:

1. Street light on time

2. The time that the street light stays on

solar street light controller

Generally, the solar street light controller does not have a built-in clock, and it generally does not run according to the clock. The turn-on time is generally triggered by monitoring the power generation current of the solar panel to trigger the turn-on circuit. The current value is generally set to 5ma.

With the use time of the solar panel, the value can be adjusted accordingly. New solar street light controllers support multi-period regulation The luminous power of the lamp can be set in different time periods and should be adjusted according to actual needs.

The solar street light controller has 2 ways to control time

1. Light control

Solar street light is a basic, convenient and versatile control method. This controller does not need to adjust the time, it will automatically sense the intensity of the light to control the light on and off.

After installation, there is no need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season. It is automatically off during the day and automatically on at night. This kind of light control is widely used in Li-ion solar street lights.

solar led street light controller

Some customers will ask if the street light will automatically turn on if it is cloudy. This needs to see the cloudy effect. Under the common cloudy effect, it will not light up. It will only light up under extreme conditions.

Of course, this kind of cloudy situation also requires lighting, and solar street lights are better than commercial LED street lights * The advantage is that they can also be illuminated in extreme weather because the voltage is 12v safe electricity, not afraid of leakage.

2. Time control

Time control is also a common way to control the time of solar street lights. It is to set the time in advance and turn on or off the lights at a certain time. It is a bit more troublesome than light control. It is necessary to adjust the time of turning on and off according to the season, so as not to cause the street lights to not turn on in time. More advanced time-controlled controllers can now modify the time remotely.

Through the above two basic methods, different combinations can also be made, such as the combination of light-controlled lighting + time-controlled lighting, time-controlled lighting + light-controlled lighting. Clodesun solar street lights are mainly based on light control time, so customers do not need to take care of the time to control the time, it will not cause unnecessary waste of electricity, and the overall price is relatively cheaper.

We usually talk about the time adjustment, and the general customers are pointing to solar street light controllers, solar intelligent controllers for off-grid solar systems. It has a continuous output for 24 hours and does not require users to adjust working hours. If you have special requirements, just need to install a timer on the load side to manage the switch on the load side

The solar street light controller controls solar street light time is mainly divided into ordinary split street light controller and constant current control integrated machine.

solar led street light motion sensor

1. Press the “Cancel” key four times to cancel the keyboard lock function, and the letters displayed in the lower-left corner will be blanked.

2. Press the “Clock” key once, then press the “School Week” key, the “Time” key, and the “Minute” key to adjust the time to the current time. After setting, press the “Clock” key to confirm. The LCD screen will display the current time.

3. Press the “Timer” button, and the word “1 ON” appears on the bottom left of the LCD screen (the first time on the table), and then press the “School Week” key, the “Scheduled” key, and the “Collected” key. Enter the required on time.

4. Press the “Timer” key again, and the word “1 OFF” appears on the lower left of the LCD screen (the first time off on the table), and then press the “School Week” key, the “Time Calibration” key, and the “Collect” key. , And enter the required closing time. Press the “School Week” key to set the working mode.

5. After the timing is set, press the “Clock” key to make the LCD display the current time. If you do not press the “Clock” key, the space-time switch will automatically switch to the clock mode after 30 seconds.

6. Connect the wires correctly according to the wiring diagram. Turn on the power and the red light on the panel will turn on. After the switch is turned on, the green light will turn on and the output will have a 220V voltage output.

7. Press the “Auto / Manual” key to directly open and close the circuit. To make the switch act automatically, first press this key to turn the arrow below the display to the “OFF” position, and then turn the arrow below the display to the “Auto” position so that the space-time switch can press the set time Work to achieve automatic control.

Each solar street light controller’s adjustment time is different, with the infrared interface, dedicated data cable, and networking can be adjusted through the network. The best solution is to let the supplier help you before leaving the factory. Complete the operation.

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100w solar street light

Solar street lights Advantages and disadvantages

1. When did all in one solar street lights come into our lives

Did you suddenly discover at a certain moment that the once dim road suddenly became clear, the lights that once needed coal power to illuminate were suddenly replaced by solar street lights, and new high-tech began to enter our lives and change our lives? I don’t know when, you will often hear about green-lighting projects. At that time, you didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, but now you suddenly understand that it turns out that solar street lights are green lighting. It turns out that solar street lights don’t need coal power. Into our lives.

solar powered street light

We all know that in the past, China’s electrical energy needed to be converted from coal and oil. When oil, coal, and other resources are converted into electrical energy, a large amount of waste will be generated, which seriously endangers the living environment of mankind, especially in the industrial age.

During the peak period of electricity, human beings completely ignored the pollution, and large amounts of oil and coal were exploited and used, which also caused irreversible damage to the natural environment of the earth.

As human beings continue to understand solar energy, people have begun to study how to convert solar energy into electric energy, so that it can be used by humans. In continuous exploration, solar water heaters, solar street lights, solar cars, etc. have been developed, which greatly changed human’s The living environment has also improved the condition of the earth, and people’s lives have become more convenient and better. In the future, I believe that solar energy will be more widely used and that solar energy will accompany us for a longer time.

2. Why are all in one solar street light more and more widely used

Street lights help us illuminate the way forward in the dark, and they are also an indispensable lighting method for modern cities. Especially in recent years, with the continuous development of society, the density of street lights has become denser, and we can see it everywhere on the road. But it is worth noting that the dimly yellow street lights in our memory have long been replaced by brightly lit solar street lights. Then, why are street lights replaced on a large scale? What are the advantages of new solar street lights?

As people continue to develop new energy sources, solar energy is considered to be the most potential new energy source. Because solar energy is a clean energy source, it will not cause environmental pollution, and it is an unlimited amount of energy that can be used by humans forever. Mankind began to develop tools that use solar energy, among which solar street lights have been researched and widely used.

integrated solar street light in Philippines

The biggest advantage of solar street light is that it does not need other power supply equipment, and it can convert heat energy into electric energy for its own lighting use, which can save a large part of power resources. In addition, solar roads and other high-tech products are designed to better meet the needs of modern people, and their installation is more convenient, and the service life is greatly improved. This reduces a large part of the maintenance cost and saves the expenses of related departments. It can be seen that while solar street lights bring convenience to people’s lives, they also save resources for the country. Therefore, solar street lights are more and more widely used.

In the past, we often heard about incidents of people being injured by the aging of street lamp wires. In the past, our streets and alleys were covered with various wires, and people were easily injured because of the aging and falling of the wires. But in recent years, the probability of this kind of incident will be relatively low. Some people may ask why. This is mainly because our old street lights have been slowly replaced by new solar street lights. The new solar street lights bring convenience to people. At the same time, it also makes people’s lives safer.

Solar roads and other products are ultra-low voltage products, and their voltage is within the safe range. Therefore, once a danger occurs, it will not cause any danger to humans. Therefore, many street lights in residential areas will also use solar street lights to ensure the personal safety of residents in residential areas In addition, the design of solar street lights is more user-friendly and has higher durability. Therefore, during the use of solar street lights, maintenance rarely occurs, which also reduces a lot of expenses for the maintenance of street lights.

As people’s recognition of solar street lights is getting higher and higher, municipal units also recognize the advantages of solar street lights. Therefore, China’s road administration units have begun to replace traditional street lighting equipment on a large scale and install new solar street lights, which not only saves the country In addition to a large amount of electricity consumption, solar energy is a kind of clean energy and will not cause any pollution to the earth’s environment, so it is called green energy, and solar street lights are also called green street lights.

3. Will the use of integrated solar street lights be affected by the weather?

We all know that solar street lights need to rely on solar energy to operate normally. As solar street lights continue to be widely used, people are beginning to question. Some people think that solar street lights are too restricted. If the weather is bad, solar street lights will be Unable to use it will seriously affect people’s lives, so they are skeptical of this new type of solar street light, and some people even disagree to replace the traditional street light.

In fact, people’s doubts about solar street lights are not wrong. In theory, solar street lights cannot be used normally when there is no sun, but it is worth noting that with the continuous development of modern technology, people have realized this problem. And through high-tech means, this problem has been completely solved. Solar street lights will be equipped with a power storage device when they are installed. Even when the weather is bad, solar street lights can be used normally at night.

After solving this problem, many developers have seen the prospects and advantages of solar street lights. Therefore, many new buildings and residential areas have also begun to use this new type of solar street lights. First, it can increase the high-end of residential areas and add luster to buildings. It can save power consumption for the group and save a lot of expenses. Such a double-eyed thing has attracted the favor of major developers and road administrations, and they have begun to use this new type of solar street light.

4. Will the cost of integrated solar street lights be higher than traditional street lights?

When it comes to high-tech products such as solar street lights, many people think that the price is very high. In fact, this is the case. Relatively speaking, the development and use of high-tech products will have more advantages than traditional products. But in the long run, high-tech products will create more value. Therefore, when evaluating a product, do not care about its own price. What we need to consider is how much value the product itself will bring to us.

With the continuous changes in various national policies, we will develop that the traditional street lights around us are slowly being replaced by solar roads. Many people think that the government is nothing to look for. The cost of solar street lights is much higher than that of traditional street lights. It is recommended not to replace traditional street lights, continue to maintain the previous state, and reduce certain road administration expenses. These people’s vision is short-sighted. They have not seen that you can save a lot of money when the new solar street lights are used and maintained in the later stage.

all in one solar street light

According to incomplete statistics, the cost of maintaining and using traditional street lamps is as high as hundreds of millions. This is a huge figure. Behind the figure is the cost of electric energy as high as 90% of the total cost. Solar street lamps can completely eliminate this part of the expenditure. Through the conversion of heat energy into electrical energy for its own lighting, it saves a lot of electricity consumption costs. In addition, solar street lights are more durable, so the repair costs will be reduced, and the overall road management expenses will also be reduced to facilitate The country gets better development.

5. Is solar street light popularized by the country?

Integrated solar led street light

Roads are very important to the development of a country, and road infrastructure is even more important. Therefore, the country spends a lot of money every year on road repairs and road infrastructure maintenance.

In road infrastructure, street lights are the top priority. Street lamps are a must for every road at night. Therefore, street lights in our country can be seen everywhere. Behind the huge street lamps, there are huge maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, how to find a street lamp that can save resources is also a problem that the relevant departments have been working on.

The emergence of solar street lights has solved this problem. We all know that a huge number of street lights need high power resources to support them. The cost of paying for street lights in China is as high as hundreds of millions every year. The emergence of solar street lights has successfully solved the problem. In order to solve this problem, solar energy is a clean resource and an unlimited amount of energy. Solar street lights can be powered by solar heating, which reduces the supply of electricity and saves a lot of money for the country.

In addition, the design of solar street lights is more practical and the overall structure is more concise, so it is more convenient to install and easier to maintain, which saves us a large part of natural labor. In addition, solar roads are high-safety street lights. When a dangerous accident occurs again, solar street lights can better protect humans from death due to electric shock. These advantages will inevitably make the country begin to vigorously promote solar street lights, make people’s lives more convenient, and at the same time, let the human natural environment be well protected.

6. Which places are solar street lights used?

Many people know that solar street lights are emerging products and are environmentally friendly products. The sides of large highways are more convenient for people to travel. In fact, the potential of solar street lights is constantly recognized by people, so many companies have begun to try to use this kind of street light. The most representative one is during the Olympic Games. Most of our parks adopt this kind of street lights, including signal lights, landscape lights, Lawn lights, etc., add luster to the scenery of the park, and reflect the widespread use of high-tech products in China.

solar street light battery difference

Many people think that solar street lights are only a manifestation of scientific and technological strength. In fact, this sentence is not a problem. The wide application of solar street lights shows the strength of our country’s use of high-tech products, but it is more noteworthy that we apply Solar street lights are also widely recognized and promoted because this kind of energy is clean energy. It will not pollute the surrounding environment and harm the living environment of human beings.

Another reason for large-scale units to adopt this kind of street lamp is that this kind of street lamp is relatively economical. Although it is a high product in terms of installation and product costs, it does not need to consume external power when used in the later stage. The heat energy is converted into the electric energy needed by oneself, so it will save a lot of electricity costs. In addition, its later repairs will be relatively small. Such street lights are really beneficial to the country and the people, and the credit will go for generations.

7. How long can solar street lights be used?

The installation fee and product cost of solar street lights are relatively high. This is a well-known thing. In addition, solar street lights are high-tech products. Therefore, many people worry that their service life will be shorter. Many companies consider this aspect. Will give up the use of this kind of street lamp, and still adopt the traditional street lamp.

In fact, people’s worries are superfluous, because the solar street light’s battery panel has a useful life of 25 years, which is longer than traditional street lights. In addition, high-tech products have many advantages of their own, and they don’t need other electricity. As support, it only needs its own battery panels to convert heat energy into electrical energy for its own use. This saves a lot of expenses. In addition, its installation cost will be cheaper, and there is basically no need for maintenance in the later period. Therefore, the overall cost is much lower than the cost of traditional street lights.

In addition, it is worth noting that the application of solar energy resources has also attracted more and more attention. It will not only save a lot of living expenses but also belong to new energy sources. It will not generate a large amount of waste and will not cause harm to the environment. And the use of energy is long-term use. On the whole, solar energy is one of the best energy sources in modern society. It will be used by people to the greatest extent in the future society and will bring more convenience to people’s lives.

8. What are the disadvantages of integrated solar street lights?

Solar street lights are one of the new energy applications. Because they are full of the color of the technology and do not require the assistance of additional power, they have become green street lights and are highly sought after by adults. There are many advantages of solar street lights, but some of the disadvantages still keep many people away, and they are unwilling to accept emerging high-tech products. Then, let’s take a look today. What are the disadvantages of solar street lights?

The biggest shortcomings of solar products are electricity storage and weather problems. Solar street lights are no exception. Solar street lights cannot be used at all in areas where there is no sunlight all year round. These areas have insufficient sunlight all year round, which seriously affects the use time of street lights. Therefore, these areas can only use traditional electric lighting. In addition, my country still has a lot of shortcomings in terms of electricity storage. Therefore, it is better to use traditional street lights in areas with insufficient light.

Integrated solar street light

3 factors affecting the life of solar street lights

There are 3 main factors influenced the life span of solar street lights includes LED Chip, solar street light controller, and solar street light batteries.

1. solar street light Lights source 

solar led street light

General street light sources include low-pressure sodium lamps, low-voltage electrodeless lamps, LED lights, etc. Solar street lights use LED light sources. The biggest feature of LED light sources is that they have a long life of 50,000 hours.

Assuming that they are used for 10 hours a day, the life is at least In the year, LED light source is more expensive than ordinary light source, but its quality is reliable.

2. solar street lights Controller

The function of the solar controller is to control the solar cell panel to charge the battery and power the solar street light. A stable solar controller plays an important role in battery life.

3. Solar street lights batteries

solar street light battery difference

The quality performance of the battery directly affects the life of the street light. Generally, the battery is selected to have a relatively stable quality, so the price will be more expensive than that of ordinary manufacturers, and a good battery will last a long time.

Paying more attention to the above points in the design of solar street lights can better extend the service life of solar street lights.

all in one solar street light install

All in One Solar street lights install

Although the All in One Solar street lights installation is becoming more easily, there are still many notices that need attention during the installation process.

The preparations of All in One Solar street lights installation are as follows:

1. Selection of disassembly and assembly locations

2. Installers and tools

3. Inventory the lamps according to the shipping list

4. Check the nameplate on the back of the solar cell module, and check whether the specifications, models, and quantities meet the design requirements

5. Check whether the surface of the solar cell module is damaged or scratched
Visual inspection of the battery at the installation site

When the lower light pole component is placed, the upper end of the lower light pole component needs to be supported by an iron frame to facilitate the installation of the upper light pole component.

All in one solar street light features

All in one Solar LED street lights are mainly composed of solar battery components, controllers, batteries, LED light sources, light poles, and structural parts. Assemble the solar LED street light with reference to the solar street light assembly drawing.

All in one solar street lights arm install.

solar street light with pole

Use a thin iron wire to fasten the bare sheath wire end on the lower light pole and wrap it with black tape; the other end of the thin wire passes through the lamp arm assembly; slowly pull the thin wire at the top of the lamp arm assembly to make the fine wire Drive the sheath wire through the clamp arm assembly.

And at the same time, the clamp arm assembly gradually approaches the lower lamp post until the panel on the lamp arm is aligned with and close to the lamp arm boss on the lower lamp post, and then the lamp is secured with a suitable bolt The arm assembly is on the lower light pole.

When fixing the clamp arm assembly, avoid the clamp arm assembly from squeezing the sheath wire and causing the sheath wire sheath to be damaged or even cut off. Disconnect the thin wire from the sheath wire.

All in one solar street lights light body install

Check whether the light source specifications, models, and quantities meet the design requirements. If there are any discrepancies, the goods should be immediately replaced and replaced, and construction cannot be forced.

Check whether the surface of the light source is scratched and whether the lamp is cracked or damaged, and some pictures are replaced immediately. Assemble, thread, and connect the light source and lamp cover to ensure that the positive and negative connections are correct. Verify if there is a problem with the light source and its wiring. If there is a problem, the cause should be found and resolved in a timely manner.

Assemble the upper and lower light pole components (upper and lower light pole components, light arm components, solar cell module fixing structures).

After disassembling the upper light pole component, the lower light pole component, the solar battery module angle steel fixing frame, and the light arm component, check them one by one to make sure that there are no scratches and paint can be assembled.

According to the assembly drawing of the solar LED street light structure, connect the angle steel fixing frame of the solar cell module with the upper light pole. The threaded connection should be uniformly stressed;

While connecting the solar street light bracket and the angle steel frame, a thin iron wire is used to guide the sheath wire from the light pole through the component bracket into the angle steel frame. The solar cell module protective plate is placed in an angle steel frame, and then the solar cell module is placed on the protective plate.

When installing solar cell modules, the junction boxes are all high. When the solar cell module is placed horizontally, the junction box should be moved closer to the light pole module.

Some solar LED street lights need to wear a sheath line when connecting the light pole to the angle fixing frame of the solar cell module. Pay attention to protect the sheath line from being damaged when threading.

The cable of the solar cell module should be put into the solar panel bracket according to the regulations. After putting it on, put on the glass glue to ensure that rainwater will not invade and adjust the direction and angle of the solar cell module.

Solar street light operation & maintenance

All in one Solar street lamps

All in one Solar street lamps quality depends on the accessories meterials, such as the panel, LED chip lumens, shell material, Motion sensor, and battery type. Below clodesun will give you some suggests how to distinguish the quality solar street lamps.

 1. All in one Solar street lamps panel

Solar panels are one of the key components of solar street lamps, which collect solar energy, convert it into electrical energy, and then store the energy in the battery to power the street light.

Solar panel type. Basically, there are three types of solar panels for solar lighting – monocrystalline silicon solar panels, polycrystalline silicon solar panels, and amorphous silicon (thin film) solar panels. Monocrystalline silicon panels are considered to be the most efficient.

with photoelectric conversion efficiency (how much solar energy can be collected and converted into electrical energy) between 15-21%, but they are also the most expensive panels, monocrystalline silicon solar cells The board is mainly used for power supply of high-power electrical equipment such as photovoltaic power stations.

solar powered street light

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon panels can reach 16%, and is now adopted by most lighting manufacturers due to its low manufacturing cost. Polycrystalline silicon panels are typically dark blue, which also makes these panels easily distinguishable from other panels.

Because of the high photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon panels, they are commonly used in large solar systems that provide electricity for residential and commercial buildings, and these panels can also be used for higher power solar streetlights. Amorphous silicon (thin film) solar panels are the least efficient, 10% or less, and are primarily used to charge low-power electronic devices. This type of solar panel is also cheaper.

In short, if you only want to use a low-power solar light to illuminate your front door or yard, you don’t have to worry too much about which type of solar panel is used on the lamp. Because the dimensions of these panels are typically very small (compared to panels used to power high-power appliances), their efficiency differences are virtually insignificant.

 2. All in one Solar street lamps watts

solar street lamps

One of the most important measurements for solar panels is the wattage. It shows the amount of electricity produced by a solar panel under ideal conditions. For example, a 10 watt solar panel will output 10 watts (Wh) of electricity per hour.

The greater the brightness of the illumination, the higher the power required by the luminaire. For example, low-power lamps that produce hundreds of lumens of light can be charged with 5-8 watts of solar panels, while lamps with larger fluxes require at least 10-20 watts of solar panels.

In most cases, larger solar panels will produce higher power because there are more solar panels to collect. Sometimes you will see that high-power solar street lights are not only equipped with one, but also equipped with two or more solar panels that generate enough energy to charge their large-capacity batteries size.

As mentioned earlier, the size of the solar panel will depend on the intensity of the light and what material the panel is made of. Single crystal/polycrystalline silicon solar panels and thin film solar panels produce the same amount of energy and require less area.

Therefore, before purchasing solar lamps, you should consider not only whether there is enough sunlight during the day in the installed area, but also whether there are enough physical areas to install the solar panels (if you want to use high-power lights).

 3. All in one solar street lamps Shell material 

Outdoor solar street lamps must be properly water- and dust-proof, and can withstand the wind, sun and rain under any conditions throughout the year.

Light body material. The solar street lamps housing is usually made of plastic or aluminum. Most high power floodlights are aluminum enclosures to maximize protection of the lamp’s internal components from any external impact that could damage the lamp body.

However, there are also some cheaper spotlights made of plastic casing. Of course, plastic does not always mean poor quality, because most manufacturers’ lamps use a very durable ABS plastic casing (except for some bad manufacturers), which not only protects the lamp from impact and water intrusion, but also High and low temperature resistance.

If you find a solar projector with a very low-priced aluminum casing, don’t think that you have found the baby, because these lamps may be poorly waterproof or the manufacturer may cut corners elsewhere.

After determining the material of the lamp body for the manufacturer, another important indicator is to determine the size of the lamp body. Do not ask the wattage of the lamp. The important thing is to say 3 times! ! ! Never ask the watt.

 4. All in one Solar street lamps Motion sensor. 

The motion sensor is responsible for detecting motion within a certain range around the solar street lamps and turning it on when motion is detected. The three most common types of motion detectors are active sensors (which detect motion by transmitting microwaves and monitor changes in wave response time), passive infrared sensors or PIR (detecting motion by scanning infrared thermal changes in the monitored area) and combined sensors.

In fact, all solar sensors with motion sensing use PIR sensors to detect motion because they are easy to adjust and do not pick up the movement of random objects such as branches or wind blowers that are common outdoors.

 6. All in one Solar street lamp battery.

solar street light battery difference

There are currently four different types of rechargeable batteries on the market for solar street lamps – lithium phosphate (Lifepo4), lead acid, metal hydride nickel (nickel hydrogen) and cadmium nickel (nickel cadmium).

Some low-power solar lights are powered by standard AA or AAA battery-sized nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries. These batteries are small, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to replace, making them ideal for low-power solar lighting.

If you choose to use a nickel-cadmium battery or a nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-metal hydride batteries have many advantages over nickel-cadmium batteries. For example, the capacity of a single charge is larger and the working time is longer. These characteristics are very practical for solar lamps.

Lithium-ion batteries are the only battery that has a larger capacity than nickel-metal hydride batteries, and the cost is higher.

Although you will find that nickel-cadmium batteries are almost exclusively used in low-power solar lamps, nickel-metal hydride batteries are used in a wider range of applications, including some high-power solar lamps, sometimes using nickel-metal hydride batteries.

On the other hand, high-power solar lamps generally use lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries (it is now rare to use lead-acid batteries). Lithium phosphate (Lifepo4) batteries have a higher specific energy than lead-acid batteries (which means the battery can carry more energy) while maintaining a smaller size and weight, with a cycle life of up to 2000 cycles.

As the cost of lithium phosphate batteries continues to decline, the use of lead-acid batteries in solar lamps is also decreasing. (About the battery, I will write an article later to introduce.)

Lead acid battery

The capacity of the rechargeable battery shows the maximum energy that can be stored in the battery, measured in ampere-hours (Ah) or milliampere-hours (mAh).

In general, the larger the capacity of the battery, the longer it lasts. On average, nickel-cadmium batteries have the smallest solar cell capacity of about 600 mAh, followed by 2000 mAh nickel-metal hydride batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a wide range of solar lamps ranging from 2000 mAh to 6000 mAh.

The capacity of the battery alone can’t tell you how long a solar light can be bright (brightness, solar panel wattage, motion sensor and other factors are also important), but it gives you a deeper understanding of the overall quality of the lamp.

If you see a high-power solar street lamps, it is equipped with a small capacity (less than 2000 mAh) Ni-MH battery or lithium-ion battery, it is best to look at other manufacturers’ products, because this configuration is not May store enough charge during the day to provide overnight lighting

In order to increase the duration of the illumination, the solar light is equipped with a motion sensor that turns on the light at a given time interval (usually within a few seconds) and turns off the light after a preset time when motion is detected in front of the light. This helps save energy and provides continuous illumination.

Well, the above is a few aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing a All in one solar street lamp.