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Solar Powered LED Street Light vs. Traditional Street Lights

Everyone wants to know LED solar street lights vs. HPS street lights which is the better option for them. Despite what you would think, LEDs and incandescent bulbs have a plethora of advantages and disadvantages. As we compare LED vs. HPS lighting systems, we want to provide you with some helpful information. It is possible to create stunning effects using LED strips that provide both comfort and creativity. 

Depending on your imagination, you may use it on headboards, crown molding, handrails, stair flooring, and many more possibilities. Cities and municipalities are transitioning away from inefficient HPS lighting and toward more energy-efficient solar-powered LED fixtures for various reasons. Both of these settings are vastly different from one another. 

Solar-powered LED fixtures not only save money on energy expenditures but may also be used with motion-sensing technology because of their low power consumption. Here we are going to discuss LED solar street lights vs. HPS street lights to see which better option for you is:

Main Differences Between LED Solar Street light and HPS Street Lights

In today’s world, LED lights are rapidly replacing HPS street lights as a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. 

  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights are a traditional sight. These bulbs emit monochromatic yellow-orange light. It’s not uncommon to still see HPS lights in huge locations like manufacturing plants and roads. As a result, they are frequently employed as plants grow lights. 
  • Solar-powered LED street lights are trendy. 

Here are the main differences between the two:

  1. Upfront Costs and Installation
  2. Lifespan 
  3. Cost of Maintenance 
  4. Resistance to Shock
  5. Motion sensor
  6. Visibility
  7. Dependence on the electricity grid


LEDs have a longer functional life than any other light source commercially available. Lamps and fixtures can last anywhere from 25,000 to 200,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Atmospheric Stress Regarding energy efficiency, sodium lamps have long been utilized for exterior street lighting in municipalities because of their long lifespan (albeit not as long as LEDs). As a general rule, an HPS bulb may expect to last about 24,000 hours. 

“HPS lamps still provide 90 percent of their initial light output at the midway of their life term,” says American Electric Lighting. After its useful life, lumen maintenance is still excellent, at a rate of roughly 80%. LPS lights have a slightly lower lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs (typically failing around 18,000 hours of operation).

Upfront Costs and Installation

In comparison to other types of lighting, solar street lights are much more expensive upfront at per unit basis. 

However, what’s often overlooked is the installation cost of traditional solar street lights. It’s not mentioned often, but there is tons of work around pavement and wiring when preparing for HPS lamps’ installation. On the other hand, LED solar street lights don’t need any of that.

Cost of Maintenance 

Over the long term, the technology pays the investor back (the payback period). Reduced labor costs and, to a lesser extent, gains in energy efficiency are the primary sources of return on investment (dependent on electricity costs). Lights made of Low and High-Pressure Sodium (LPS) are inexpensive to buy and maintain. 

As a result, even though LPS and HPS bulbs have long lifespans, they still fall short of LED bulbs. LPS or HPS lights may still need to be purchased multiple times, and the accompanying labor costs incurred to achieve the same lifespan as a single LED light. The price of LED lighting is considerable. However, it can vary widely depending on the model. Between $10 and $20 will get you a 100W-equivalent LED light. According to the type of light being used, the cost of Low and High-Pressure Sodium might vary considerably. A 100-watt incandescent-equivalent LPS or HPS bulb costs $5 to $10, which is a bargain compared to LEDs.

LED bulbs have virtually no maintenance costs, and the frequency with which they need to be replaced is the best on the market, making them the most cost-effective lighting option. In addition to the cost of labor to monitor and replace aging or expired components, a single LED will need to be replaced numerous times throughout its lifetime.

Total Price Comparison: Traditional VS. Solar Street Light

Take the 10KM main road project in Nigeria as an example to compare the cost of solar street lights and ordinary street lights. the standard main road 80W street light installation distance is 30 meters 334 one-way roads, a total quantity is needed 668 street lights.

solar street light cost

Above is the installation cost and the use of the 3-year warranty period. On the whole, the total cost of the solar street light is 327,320 US dollars, while the total cost of the street light is 409,863 US dollars. Street lights are 25% higher than solar street lights. Considering the use of electricity bills in subsequent years, this cost of street light will be higher.

When we choose LED technology to illuminate one area, solar street lights are the most efficient way. You may think that compared with traditional lighting, solar LED lighting requires more expensive maintenance and upkeep costs. To be honest, solar lights actually require less maintenance than traditional lighting systems.

The typical service life of traditional street lights is about 5,000-8,000 hours on average, which life is less than a year. while the cycle life of solar LED street lights is 5-8 years. Compared with traditional lighting methods, solar street lights also have higher power efficiency.

Resistance to Shock

You can’t damage them with physical shocks with LEDs because they are solid-state lights (SSLs). LEDs are more durable than incandescent bulbs, which are more susceptible to breakage. It’s especially true of the linear tubes that have bulbs in them. HPS and LPS lamps, like the majority of older models, use a glass bulb as their light source. Depending on the design, LEDs can be made to be as small as 2mm in certain circumstances and as huge as a meter or more in others. 

You can utilize LEDs in a wide range of applications. There are many low and high-pressure sodium lamps. However, they are often utilized in outdoor settings where size isn’t an issue. Despite this, they are rarely made in widths more petite than a centimeter, and as a result, they cannot match the compactness and robustness of an LED.

Motion Sensor

LEDs are always ready to use because they don’t require any warming-up time before producing their total light output. HPS lamps are not ideal for motion sensors since they take a long time to produce their full light output. Use motion sensors when security and visibility are critical but must reduce power consumption. Motion-sensing can function effectively thanks to the instant-on characteristics of LEDs, allowing the fixture to run either at a lower output or entirely off to on. An instantaneous switch to full brightness ensures the safety and complete visibility of all those within its vicinity.


As far as lighting is concerned, visibility is a crucial issue. The color of the light influences the way our eyes interpret our surroundings. Utilizing light near the sun’s natural light as possible enhances visibility by a factor of ten. With a CRI of 70 to 80, you can find LEDs in 2700K to 6500K color temperatures. HPS lights have improved over the past few years, but they still fall short of the brightness and efficiency of LEDs. The color temperature of an HPS light is between 1900 and 2800K, and the CRI is from 20 to 80. 

This color is more orange and does not allow the eyes to distinguish between the colors and tints of objects. The human eye cannot correctly record the information it sees, lowering safety and security and preventing security and law enforcement from conducting their jobs correctly. With a light that can be seen clearly by the human eye, there will be no mistake between one object and another, increasing safety.

Dependence on the electricity grid

Most street lights such as HPS completely depend on the electricity grid to light up. It’s typically not a problem to keep them up at night in most developed countries. However,  the electricity grid is unstable and unreliable in a lot of developing countries

Solar street lights, on the other hand, don’t get power from the electricity grid.  For example, all-in-one solar street light.

Where Do LED Streetlights and HPS Streetlights Differ?

Lumens are the key to solving this problem. There are several different definitions for lumens, but the most commonly used one is “the SI unit of luminescence, which is equal to the quantity of light-emitting every second from the same uniform source of one candela.” To avoid confusing our readers, we’re going to use the term “lumen” as the standard for measuring light when comparing solar LED street lights and HPS street lights. Light output per unit energy invested is a common topic of discussion when addressing lighting efficiency. A typical “return on investment” for light, if you will. 

In terms of lumens per watt, LED lights to fall somewhere between 40 and 120. You get more light-hitting things that weren’t meant to be illuminated with HPS, but the lumens-per-watt rating is higher because these lights are omnidirectional. There is less “light loss” when using an LED light source over an HPS one. A 180-degree light spread means that more light is focused on the target. It’s pointless to spend money on a lamp if half of its output is going in the wrong direction. LED comes out on top in this fight.

Conclusion: it comes down to costs! 

LED Solar Street light vs. HPS street lights is the question asked by many people.

However, using an LED street light is a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional street lights. Integrated LED street lights use less energy and require less maintenance and operation costs than another outdoor lighting. Compared to ordinary sodium streetlights, these LEDs are 50% more efficient and last 20-25 years. This is why LED outdoor lights are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The light emitted by LED bulbs has a distinct shade of blue-white. With less light pollution, newer LED street lights can create amber or yellow-warm, more animal-friendly street light v traditional light

So here is the answer. There is no wiring required for solar street lights, so it costs much less to install; No electricity is needed at all for the operation of solar street lights because they convert sunlight into electricity—–so it saves taxpayers money in the long run; Also, solar street light doesn’t depend on the electricity grid which is unable in a lot of developing countries.

Also, you can carry many productive tasks more safely using led street lights rather than HPS street lights. Machines can be dangerous to operate if they aren’t visible. An inability to see small details and a slower work pace are two consequences of poor lighting in the workplace. An energy-saving impact may be seen with the Solar LED Street light.

 This street light saves more than half of the energy required to illuminate the road than the typical high-pressure sodium bulb. Due to its pure DC operation and lack of flash frequency, it is immune to the eye strain caused by ordinary street lamp strobes.

Outdoor solar LED light with no filament or glass housing is highly resistant to impact and shock. HPS street lights are ideal for high-mounting applications, such as industrial and security lighting, because of their high-intensity lights. With 15-foot and higher heights, they’re the finest choice for mounting streetlights. These bulbs are unsuitable for applications that need excellent color accuracy, such as retail and commercial lighting. When it comes to accurately displaying the colors of objects, HPS lights fall short. Street lights that must turn on and off regularly are not suitable for HPS lighting. 

solar street light price in Nigeria

Wholesale Solar Street Light Price & Cost in Nigeria

Around 10% of the 800 million people worldwide living with no access to electricity live in Nigeria. To help give more of its citizen’s access to power, Nigeria has begun rolling out off-grid solar in the southwest of the country.

Nigeria support makes, supplies, and finances decentralized solar-powered systems for use in developing countries is striving to provide affordable energy to 20 million people by the end of the decade.“The off-grid clean energy market in Nigeria has significant untapped potential.

Nigerians are exploiting solar energy to solve their power supply. The use of solar energy as an energy source in Nigeria is becoming more prevalent. Most of the street lights in Nigeria are solar energy powered. So how much to install solar street lights in Nigeria is very significant.

solar street light price in Nigeria

The price of solar street lights in Nigeria depends on the components of Accessories

The components of solar led street lights are the LED lamp, battery, controller, and solar panel, and the price and cost of solar led street lights truly depend on the components.

The main cost of solar street lights is the battery. And the cost of the battery takes part about 15% to 20% of the whole solar lights. So battery quality is the most important thing for solar lights purchasing.

The price of solar street lights in Nigeria also depends on the solar lights watts and Capacities.

Solar street lights with higher watts usually cost more than lower watts especially for an integrated all-in-one solar street lights.

There is a specific price for very good quality all in one integrated solar street light cost and price in Nigeria which is a hot sale here.

40w all in one integrated solar street light -230$-280$
64w all in one integrated solar street light -250$-300$
100w all in one integrated solar street light -330$-400$
120w all in one integrated solar street light -390$-490$

There are bound to be disparities in the above price of solar street lights in Nigeria.

People in Nigeria want to buy the cheapest products, but the cheap ones do not mean the most cost-effective. It also depends on the effect and longevity. For example:

With the 10 years lifespan of a $300 high-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $30.

with the 1 year lifespan of a $100 poor-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $100. If it is broken, it is a waste of time and energy cost, which is actually not worth it.

Clodesun solar street lights are:

We’ve installed solar street lights projects around the world. Our solar street lights are praised by municipalities where there is not a reliable supply of grid electricity to create a more robust system that can withstand adverse weather.

Clodesun All in one solar street light smart MPPT solar charge controller

There are 2 types of controllers: PWM and MPPT in the market.

All in one solar led street lights to adopt smart MPPT controller, for, in this case, PWM will waste some energy collected by panels, while MPPT can convert all the solar energy collected into chemical energy and this smart MPPT improves battery life and provided the efficient service throughout the whole year.

Compared to our smart MPPT controller to the PWM controller, the whole solar street light efficiency increased about 30%.

Clodesun All in one solar street light LED chip lumens

What is “ >160 Lumens per watt ”? Why does this matter? Because we produce more light, using less power than our competitors.

6,400 lumens – This is our entry-level fixture.

12,800 lumens – is our medium-based selection when you need that extra amount of light.

19,200 lumens – is for the client that requires the very best. A light designed for large areas or a multiple-lane roadway.

Remember watts don’t matter – lumens do! Lumens tell you how much light you can expect from the light fixture, watts just tell you how much power it consumes. The higher the lumen per watt ratio, the better and brighter a system you can expect.

210lm/w: Brightness decay in 5 years and more than 80% brightness remained.

110lm/w: Brightness decay in 2-3 years and about 20% brightness remained.
Clodesun solar street light provided a high level of lighting output with more than over160 lumens per watt which enabled our solar street light to look bright.

Clodesun All in one solar street light case and bracket material

Quality solar street lights use a customized die-casting aluminum mold, the advantages of die-casting aluminum mold are lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant, anti-rust. Making it able to resist a strong wind load of up to 130MPH that can last more than 25 years.

stainless steel screws are used as fasteners to protect against any harsh weather. The die-casting aluminum mold is elegant and characteristics.

Lower quality solar street lights just use a mold and rough craft, the installing structure need support by knight head, to recover the structure strength issue, making install more complex, lack of stability and can not anti strong wind.

Also, this metal case has an IP66 protection level that enables codes solar street lights to operate in severe weather conditions

Clodesun All in one solar street light heat Dissipation new design between solar panel and light

In summer, the solar panel is as hot as 90°C, 70°C inside the solar lamp body. (we have tested )

Hot will damage the battery and LED source, so we separate the hot solar panel and it has a shadow, makes solar street light cool, enlarge lifespan of the battery and LED source.

all in one solar street lamp advantages

Clodesun All in one solar street light solar panel can adjust

As we all know. In the northern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the south, but in the southern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the north.

That is why we need to design solar panel fold and unfold in order to ensure the solar panel face the sun on both sides of the road,

In the northern hemisphere, we can unfold on the north side of the road, fold on the south side of the road

In the southern hemisphere, we can unfold on the south side of the road, fold on the north side of the road

And different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street lights in someplace, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun,

so if the solar panel can be adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy while the lower quality solar led street light panel is fixed, causing a low conversion rate of solar and the using areas are also limited.

A Better solar street Light in Nigeria

When we designed our solar street lights, we wanted something that would be durable and very bright.

1. After testing different options brands, our research and design center settled on the Cree160-170 Lumen per                Watt chips. This lets us deliver the most amount of lighting with a mall amount of power needed.

2. In order to create reliable and effective lighting solutions, we carefully selected components for this integrated,           all-in-one solar street light.

3. A high efficient solar panel is able to properly and quickly charge the A class LiFePo4 battery using the MPPT             controller with intelligent charging mode.

4. With LED efficiency of 160wm/w, coupled with a motion sensor, this integrated solar street light will provide bright and effective lighting by consuming a minimal amount of energy.

5. What sets our charge controller apart is that it uses a patented MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)               charging technology. Through this design, we are able to increase charging efficiency by up to 30%. Combined with more efficient solar panels, we are convinced that we have one of the best solar charging systems on the market.

6. Additionally, our lights are easy to assemble. No trenching or auxiliary power is required.

From parking lots to highways, we have a light for every need. Our standard lighting configurations include:

  • 40w foldable design solar street light 6400 lumens
  • 64w foldable design solar street light 10240 lumens
  • 100w foldable design solar street light 12800 lumens
  • 120w foldable design solar street light 19200 lumens

100w solar street light


There are many brands and companies that sell solar street lights in Nigeria and each comes with a different price because of different quality, but usually, quality products will usually not let you down.

Our goal is to help Nigeria people to get the most from each light and to help you create an off-grid solar street light system that your community will be proud of.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Nigeria is 50 Lights or 50 Poles.

smart IoT soalr street light

What is Smart IOT solar street light

In recent years, with the maturity of intelligent Internet technology, so that lighting towards the road of intelligence. The concept of “smart city” has become a blue ocean market that all related industries are competing for.

In the construction process, cloud computing, big data, and other new-generation information technology innovation applications become mainstream. Lighting, as an indispensable element in urban construction, IOT smart solar street light has become a breakthrough in the construction of smart cities.

 Benefits IoT smart solar street light

1. Real-time monitoring and viewing of the operation status:

Traditional solar street light needs to be regularly checked the lamp usage by workers. And if one of the solar street lights or several solar street lights is not on, or the lighting time is short, which greatly affects the customer experience, the IoT solar street light can be viewed in real-time through the computer platform or APP at any time and at anyplace, no need send any personnel to the site. If an IoT solar street light does not turn on, you can send a worker to check and repair it. If the lighting time is short, you can analyze the cause according to the actual situation.

2. The IoT smart solar street light can greatly reduce power consumption

For example, working longer in winter and shorter in summer, and can adjust the brightness according to the specific needs. This is also an effect that traditional solar street lights cannot achieve. Because once the traditional solar street light is programmed in the factory, the solar street light cannot be changed after shipping.

3. The function of adjustable brightness

The IoT solar street light can increase lighting in high crime areas or emergency situations, which is convenient and fast. for example, to increase or decrease the lighting according to weather events and at different times of the day.

4. Smart solar street light alarm function

In addition to adjusting brightness and power consumption, IoT solar street light also has an alarm function, and real-time data on the platform can provide corresponding data for analysis.

Two kinds of IoT solar street light telecommunication solutions

1. Lora/Zigbee + Concentrator.

2. Each Solar light with a built-in SIM card.

Lora/Zigbee + Concentrator(with a SIM card inside)

This is the first generation IoT of solar street light which has been existed since 6 years ago. Each Light has a built-in Lora/Zigbee module, and Lights will send its information to the concentrator by Zigbee/Lora signal, then the concentrator with a SIM card will send all the information to the server every hour.

However, the signal is not stable, clients bought it with amazing, but

It is often disconnected after being installed.

If the concentrator is broken, all the lights which are in charge by the concentrator will be disconnected.

Installation is a little complicated, and the concentrator needs to be put far away from the lights because the GRPS signal will be disturbed by the Zigbee/Lora.

Each Solar light with a built-in SIM card

Clodesun is the leading company to use this technology- the New Generation of IoT solutions. Each Light with an in-built SIM card, so that the lights can send their information to the server directly without sending it to the concentrator as a transit. So that the signal is very stable. and installation is clear and simple.

To apply this system, make customized modular, we need to know which telecom company is in your local country. It is better than you can send us a local SIM card for testing.

If you have any questions about IoT smart solar street lights, please Email us.



solar street light ip65

What is Solar Street Light IP65 (INGRESS PROTECTION)?

The IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection system was drafted by the IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION) to classify electrical appliances according to their dust and moisture-proof characteristics. The first number indicates the level of dust proofing and protection of the appliance from foreign objects, while the second number indicates the degree of sealing of the appliance against moisture and water intrusion. A higher number indicates a higher level of protection.


Solar Street Light Dust protection level.

0: No protection

No special protection against external people or objects

1: Protection against solid foreign objects larger than 50 mm in diameter

Protects the human body (e.g. palm) from accidental contact with the internal parts of the appliance and from the intrusion of foreign objects of larger size (diameter greater than 50 mm)

2: Prevent the intrusion of solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm

Prevent human fingers from touching the internal parts of the appliance, and prevent the intrusion of foreign objects of medium size (diameter greater than 12.5mm)

3: Prevent the intrusion of solid foreign objects larger than 2.5mm in diameter

Prevent the intrusion of tools, wires, and similar small foreign objects with a diameter or thickness greater than 2.5mm from coming into contact with the internal parts of the appliance

4: Prevent the intrusion of solid foreign objects larger than 1.0mm in diameter

Prevent the intrusion of tools, wires, and similar small foreign objects with a diameter or thickness greater than 1.0mm from coming into contact with the internal parts of the appliance

5: Protection against foreign objects and dust

Completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects, although not completely preventing the intrusion of dust, the amount of dust intrusion will not affect the normal operation of the appliance

6: Protection against foreign objects and dust

Completely prevented from foreign objects and dust intrusion

Solar Street Light Waterproof rating.

0: No protection

No special protection against water or moisture

1: Protected against water droplets

Vertical falling water droplets (e.g. condensation) do not cause damage to the appliance

2: Protected against water drops when tilted 15 degrees

When the appliance is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees, dripping water will not cause damage to the appliance

3: Prevents intrusion of sprayed water

Rainproof or prevent damage caused by water sprayed in the direction of the vertical angle of fewer than 60 degrees into the appliance

4: Protection from splashing water

Prevent splashing water from all directions from intruding into the appliance and causing damage

5: Prevention of water intrusion by jets

Prevent damage caused by water coming from all directions from the nozzle into the appliance

6: Protection from large waves

The electrical appliances installed on the deck are protected from damage caused by heavy waves.

7: Protection against water intrusion during submersion

Electrical appliances immersed in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard can ensure that no damage is caused by water immersion

8: Prevention of water intrusion during submersion

The appliance is submerged under the specified water pressure for an indefinite period of time to ensure that no damage is caused by submersion.

The protection level of CLODESUN integrated solar street light components basically exceeds IP67 level, that is, the protection level of integrated solar street light is also IP67, the scope of the certification test is IP65, CLODESUN all outdoor products have reached IP65 protection level.

solar led street light project in Ghana

Top 10 All-in-one Solar Street Light of 2021

Due to the threat of climate change, many manufacturers in all sectors are starting to produce products that use renewable resources.  In fact, the most common sector that is now gradually embracing a more eco-friendly act is the energy sector, particularly the most widely used renewable energy source—solar energy.

Many products are now equipped with and powered by solar power systems. Aside from using photovoltaic modules to power a residential or commercial property, solar energy is also becoming famous and effective as an outdoor lighting solution.

When you look outside, particularly at the roadside and in public streets, you’ll see a lot of traditional street lights which are powered by the electric grid. But if you’ll keenly observe, some areas are now transitioning from traditional street lights to solar street lights. Why? Because of its abundant benefits not only in the environment but also in every consumer. However, with the large market of solar lights, you might find it challenging to choose what product to buy.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a list of promising top 10 all-in-one solar street lights in the market in 2021.

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Top 10 All-in-one Solar Street Light in 2021

If you search all-in-one solar street lights on the internet, you will probably see hundreds of choices, making you confused about which is the best one to choose, especially if it’s your first time purchasing one. We understand the frustrations it may cost you, so we make a brief and concise review about each all-in-one solar street light that appears to be popular today.

1.  Clodesun’s Foldable Design All-in-one Solar Street Light

Clodesun launched a new solar street light product which they call “foldable design all-in-one solar street light this year. The product was designed by their German team for almost one year and tested for two years before its actual launch. With its commendable features and specs, this solar street light made a high edge among various integrated solar street lights in the market. Currently, it is widely used by solar enthusiasts all over the world.

Product Features:

solar street lights

Foldable Design– Due to its folded feature, you can raise and fold the solar panels which helps in getting better sunlight since you can easily adjust the solar panels facing the sun in the direction on both sides of the road.

Better Heat Transfer– Solar panels can absorb high temperatures ranging from 70°C to 90°C inside its solar lamp body, which will then damage the LED bulb and its battery. Therefore, separate solar panels to their battery and LED source. Since they are separated, they will not conduct heat to each other, making the lamp body cool, and prolonging its lifespan and efficiency.

Easy & Quick Installation– When you install their solar street lights, you don’t have to use any power or cables, and it only requires 2 mounting steps to install.​

Wider in Size and Larger in Capacity- The width of Clodesun’s foldable all-in-one solar street light is 500mm, while the standard size of others ranges from 330mm to 430mm. A larger solar panel also has a larger capacity supplying you with abundant brightness and longer backup time. In addition, their solar street lights are compatible with 40-115mm poles, while others can only fit a specific pole diameter.

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium: A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from electric car(D-class), but over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use the broken lithium battery which is detached from Electricity car, the lifespan less than one year.

Clodesun A-class LiFePO4 battery. Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. So, if your project is in the tropics, a LiFePO4 battery is recommended. But if the project is in northern countries, we advise ternary lithium battery.

outdoor solar street light

2. DEL All-in-one Solar Street Light

DEL is one of the leading R&D centers of LED in the world. They offer an all-in-one solar LED street light designed by their German team and delivers to China. DEL  all-in-one solar LED street lights are compacted with solar panels, LED Lamp, Lithium Battery, MPPT Controller and offered with an intelligent lighting system at a very fair price.

Product Features:

Easy & Quick Installation – With the new technology that their product has, you no longer need cable or digging battery holes underground to install the light. It will be very easy and quick to install. There will be no more settings after your installation.

Intelligent Lighting System – DEL’s all-in-one solar street light has adopted the most latest intelligent lighting system, wherein the lamp can automatically power on at night and off during daylight.

Added Technology – The all-in-one solar street light can sensor motion has time control and internet control that traditional solar street lights don’t have.

Low Maintenance & Long Lifespan – Compared to other lead-acid solar street lights their product claims a much longer lifespan and much lower maintenance fee.

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3. Nomo’s Robotic Cleaning All-in-one Solar Street Light

NOMO’s All-in-one solar street light has a smart labor-saving robotic self-cleaning system. The product is specially designed to offer a wide variety of applications, particularly in areas where it seldom rains or dust is inevitable. It is integrated with an LED light source, high capacity lithium battery, and mono-crystalline solar module, and automatic controller. Its LED light sources are powered by photovoltaic panels.

Product Features:

Advanced Technology- With its advanced state-of-the-art technology the street light can clean the dust or any other particles from the solar panel’s surface, on its own.

Motion Sensor- Nomo’s all-in-one solar street light is equipped with a body sensor function, when it detects the body, the lamp automatically becomes brighter.

Intelligent controller – The photovoltaic solar panels charge their rechargeable battery through the help of their intelligent controller, powering the LED light source at night.

High Capacity and Long Lifespan- With its Lithium battery it can last up to 5 theoretical working years. Plus, it has a high capacity and high-temperature resistance, making it more sturdy.

Easy to Ship and Install – With its simple and handy styles, it is easy to transport and install. Once installed, there will be no more addition or external operation.

4. LeadSun’s AE2 All-in-one solar street light

LeadSun‘s AE2 All-in-one solar street light series is one of the first made all-in-one solar street light powered by LED lights. The product has a compact design and is fully integrated with solar components and a motion sensor. The AE2 series is also perfect for U.S weather conditions as it captures abundant energy from the sun and it doesn’t require power from the grid. Generally, it is designed as redefined solar street light in both intention and extension.

Product Features:

High Light Efficiency– AE2 is not only good for energy saving but also improves light efficiency.

Longer Lifespan- SInce it has an advanced li-ion battery and is made with corrosion-resistant materials, it has a three times longer lifespan compared to others.

Easy & Quick to Install – With its extremely simple design and features, it is way easier to install than standard solar street light equipped with a lead-acid battery.

Advanced Technology- The product is made with modern and world-class solar lighting engineering design with wireless SMART control technologies.

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5. Sparkle T Series All-in-One Solar Street Lights

Sparkle T series all-in-one solar street lights are composed of an impact-resistant mono-crystalline solar panel, a Phillips 5050 SMB LED Chips, and a LiFePO4 battery. It has an aesthetically pleasing and low profile design but with decent light efficiency. This solar street light is perfect for rural and urban road lighting solutions such as parking lots, playgrounds, even industrial zone. It can be used for monitoring and lighting doorways, and courtyards.

Product Features:

Decent Light Efficiency – these lights are great for those who prefer a decent amount of light for their outdoor area.

Equipped with Controllers – it has an MPPT charge controller and you can use a remote control to program it.

Built-in Passive Infrared Motion Sensor- Since it has a built-in passive infrared motion sensor, it automatically regulates the LED light output from lower level to full brightness when it detects movement. It works well for short distances.

Easy to Install- it has a simple set-up and low-profile design, making solar fixtures easy to install. There is also a kit in the package, containing all the required brackets, to make it much easier and quicker to install.

6. Sokoyo’s Nova All-in-one Solar Street Light

The NOVA all-in-one light system is a small solar light that stores power in its lithium batteries and supplies the power from the lithium batteries to its LED lights. This all-in-one solar street light is mainly composed of solar panels in 60w systems, lithium batteries, photovoltaic controllers, LED lamps, modules and other patent solar accessories.

Product Features:

Modern Design- with its LED modules modern design, these all-in-one solar street lights are easy to navigate and low in maintenance.

Smart Control System- it is equipped with a smart control system with an automatic microwave sensor. It also has an adjustable lighting system that can detect how much light is needed.

Long lifespan- since it is equipped with a lithium battery it has good quality and a long lifespan so it can work for a long period without any replacement.

Energy-Saving- with an MPPT controller it saves more energy while power consumption is reduced.

7. Philips’ SmartBright All-in-one Solar Street Light

Philips’ SmartBright All-in-one Solar Street Light is composed of replaceable Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries, solar panels, microwave-based motion sensors for optimizing battery function, and a charger built into the luminaire. It also has an independently tilt-able LED source with a pole mounting bracket, allowing the light beam to steady on the road.

Product Features:

High Light Efficiency- it has high luminous efficacy up to 150 lm/Watt, maximizing its battery’s performance.

Smart Controllers- it is equipped with an MPPT charge controller, maximizing its efficiency and performance.

Advanced Sensor Technology- it has a light factory reset that dims the light and produces enough light once the microwave sensor detects movements.

Replaceable Battery- it carries a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery which you can replace if needed, making it last for a long lifespan.

8. BR Solar Group’s All-in-one Solar Street Light

BR Solar Group’s All-in-one Solar Street Light integrates a solar panel, LED lamp source and LiFePO4 battery into a single compacted light product. Their product also has a human intelligence induction system that controls the lighting mode automatically when detected movements. It is offered at a very affordable cost compared to their traditional solar led lights.

Products Features:

Great Heat Dissipation- Since its solar panel, battery, and light body are not connected directly, they will not conduct heat and pass to one another which supports good heat dissipation.

Adjustable Solar Panel Angle- it has adjustable solar panels that can move in vertical and horizontal directions, ensuring a maximum conversion of solar energy.

Easy & Quick Installation- it doesn’t require power, cables, and other extension operation process. It’s easy to ship and install.

Smart Technology- the product is built with a micro-computer controlled-combine motion sensor system, light control system, and time control system.

9. Tapetum Solar LED Street Light

Tapetum Solar LED Street Light is an integrated solar street light with a 5 V, 9W solar panel, 10-watt LED solar street light, and 18000 mAh battery lifespan. It is designed to deliver excellent light performance in many areas such as parks, pathways, and streets.

Product Features:

Long Lifespan- it claims to have a lifespan of 10 years because of its  18000 mAh battery, plus it has affordable pricing.

Smart Technology- the solar street light has automatic on and off power features, with 100 percent brightness in the beginning. It is also built with radar motion sensors, wherein when there is no motion detected, the brightness will reduce to 15 percent.

Durable Materials- it is an IP 65 rated solar street light, which is highly protected against water damage. Plus, it has an anti-corrosion surface feature, offering greater durability and longevity.

10. SolMitra Power and Steel PVT’s 20W All in One Solar Street Light

Soumitra Power and Steel PVT’s 20W All-in-One Solar Street Light offers a hassle-free solar lighting solution for having state-of-the-art technology, aesthetically-made structure design, and good features inclosed in one product. It has an easy to mount structure, a top solar panel with a lithium (LifePO4) battery, infrared motion sensor, control card, and high light efficiency LED source.

Product Features:

Modern and Smart Design- it has a Uni-body lightweight design and Patented die-casted panel housing with zinc plated materials ensuring anti-rust and anti-corrosion features.

Automation and Sensor- it has built-in automated dusk to dawn operation that power on and off the light when needed. Plus, it has an in-built infrared motion sensor with smart functioning.

Long Lifespan- the product has Lithium LIFEPO4 batteries that have class-leading high-temperature sustainability which makes it last longer.

Final Verdict

Before you plan to switch on solar street lights, particularly in all-in-one solar street lights, you should consider some factors. Note that choosing the right one for you might be a challenging task. Especially nowadays, since there are many existing brands and products to choose from. Not to mention that these solar street lights also differ in terms of the features, specs, power ratings, etc., which affects your decision.  We hope that this article helps you decide what product to choose.

Clodesun provided 5 years warranty on all in one integrated solar street lights, we can offer this longer warranty as we are focus on using only high-quality components from reputable products.

solar street light with pole price

Solar street light with pole price?

Due to the multiple commendable benefits that solar street lights can provide to their users, it becomes more evident nowadays across different states and other countries outside the United States.

Aside from not being connected to the electrical power grid, which avoids you from hefty electricity bills, it also consumes less energy with the help of state-of-the-art modern technologies that manufacturers used to build it. No doubt that people are eventually switching to these street lights or using them as a good alternative to the traditional street lights. The questions now are, how much does integrated solar street lights cost? Is it worth your investment?

In today’s article, we are going to give you an idea of how much these solar street lights with poles cost and why it is better than the traditional street lights that you have right now?

What is Solar Street Light?

From the word itself, street lights are generally a light source mounted on any lighting structure, walls or commonly integrated with a pole producing light from solar energy to brighten your dark streets. Solar street lights provide light sources which are generated and powered by photovoltaic solar panels. Its photovoltaic panels emit natural light from the sun then convert it into solar power. Generally, it uses a rechargeable battery, which stores solar energy and powers either an LED or fluorescent lamp to produce light at night.

solar street light price with pole

How do Solar Street Lights Work?

Integrated solar street lights are light sources that are used outside to light the streets. They are usually integrated into a pole or mounted on street walls and other lighting structures. These lights are composed of solar batteries and photovoltaic panels, which charge the battery to power the LED lamps or fluorescent light at night.

Generally, the battery-powered solar street light is a standalone system that stores and generates energy emitted by the photovoltaic solar panels. Each street light type is made with dusk to dawn sensors, making the lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down and turn off automatically when the sun is up. During the daytime, the solar street lights are charging and storing enough solar power.

How Much Do Solar Street Lights with Pole Cost?

Solar Street Lights is a good eco-friendly and renewable alternative lighting solution that captures the hearts of people, particularly those green movement supporters and those who want to sustain and protect the environment they’re living in. People purchase different types of solar street lights for a variety of purposes. Some purchase to provide enough light on their house street, backyard, and garden, while others need it for commercial business’ parking lot, public’s general areas, and roadsides.

If you plan to buy these street lights for better and eco-friendly lighting solutions, then this price list can help you prepare your budget.

Price of Solar Street Light with Pole

If you are planning to get a solar street light for your street house, backyard, or parking lot, you must be thinking about its purchase pricing. To give you an idea the initial investment for these off-grid solar lights is almost double the investment for a traditional street light system. Therefore, you have to prepare a much bigger budget for the entire lighting system as well as for its installation.

But, the good catch for investing in solar street lights is its abundant benefits; and one of these is to avoid the hefty electric bills you have to pay monthly. To give you an estimate, over the 8 years you may pay about $10,000 for the maintenance and electricity costs. On the other hand, if you will invest in a solar street light, the cost will become much lesser, let’s say approximately $5,000, which is only half of your expenses on standard street lights.

Different Types of Solar Street Lights and its Cost 

Solar street lights are available in a variety of styles, designs, features, and purposes. They are:

  1. Split Solar Street Light

A Split solar street light generates power from its power supply system and is not connected to the electric grid. It is composed of solar panels, a lamp head, a lamp pole, based and a control box with the controller and battery. Typically, these street lights are available in two types of solar street lamp systems: 12V and 24V. The split solar street light is flexible enough to adjust where the sunlight is to absorb more heat because it is composed of a rotatable solar panel.

Besides, you can use any size of solar panel to generate and store more solar power to make it stay longer during winter nights. The split-type solar street lamps use a large-capacity lead-acid battery, particularly a gel battery, which provides a 100-percent luminous light all night.

A Split-type solar street light pole is usually more than 5m in height with high gravity center while its solar panels are designed in hanging type to make the whole equipment set more wind resistant.


Split solar street light’s cost varies according to its materials, poles, and installation. Typically, the entire set costs double the price of an integrated solar street light with its average cost ranging from $150 to $400. The installation is not yet included in this average total cost.

  1. All-in-one Solar Street Lights

All-in-one solar street lights are the new generation set of solar-led street lights built with batteries, LED lights, and controllers in one body lamp. Unlike, split-type solar street lights, these lights are all compact with one body. The battery that can be used with these is a lithium battery and lead-acid battery. Also, it only carries a smaller size than the split-solar street lights since all-in-one solar street lights equipment are combined to make one lamp body. Since it was compacted into one body and operates as one, a constant heavy rain might lessen its performance.


The cost may differ according to the installation cost and the product materials it has. The cost of all-in-one solar street lights is much cheaper than that of Split-type solar street lights. Its average cost ranges from $90 to $200. The installation cost is not included in the given price.

  1. Two-in-one Solar Street Lights

Two-in-one solar street lights have a solar panel installed on the body lamp’s top powered by batteries, LED fixtures, and controllers. Since it is made with a solar panel bracket design, it is not capable of carrying a solar panel power capacity bigger than 50W. For that reason, the led power should be under 30w – 40W only to ensure a longer lighting time. Same with other solar street lights, it also generates and converts solar energy to solar power without depending on the grid. It also has a pole to support its base.


The cheapest cost of two-in-one solar street lights spans from $20 to $40 but these lights only last for a year.  Whereas, its average price ranges from $60-$150. This price is only for the lights and poles.

  1. Solar CFL Street Light

Solar CFL street light is an independent solar PV street lighting system composed of a solar photovoltaic module that works for battery charging, a rechargeable lead-acid battery that works as power storage; a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) as a light source; a high-efficiency electronic inverter and controllers for the lamp operation, battery charging and discharging; and a hard-ware like a pole and battery box.  It is also equipped with automatic dusk to dawn sensors and a pre-set timer. It carries 12,15,18, and 24 W of solar capacity.

This street light produces a high luminous light efficiency which is highly in demand in the market for crossroads and streets located in areas that are far from the electric grid.


Its average price rolls down into a cheaper price today as compared to its pricing a few years ago. Currently, solar CFL street lights cost around $130 to $200 which is close enough to all-in-one solar street lights.

  1. Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED street light comprises Solar PV Module for battery charging, inverter, controllers, poles, and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps for its light sources. Among other lamps, LED is one of the practical and common lamps because many Solar LED Street Light manufacturers offer them in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It’s durable making it last for as long as 50,000 hours in use. LED only requires very little current to work, that’s why it is smaller than other lamps. Although it is small in actual size it can still handle 6W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, and 24W solar capacity. One of its main advantages is they are easy to install which also makes the installation fee much cheaper than other solar street lights.


The average cost of solar LED-powered street lights varies depending on the materials. However, unlike other solar street lights, LED lights only cost around $10 to $50 without the installation fee and pole.

Installation Cost

Although the installation of conventional electrical street lights is more affordable than solar-powered lights, you can still earn more savings by investing in solar street lights, when you compute your expenses on electric-powered lights over time.

To give you an idea, a typical high-pressure sodium street light powered by electricity costs around $1,350.00 including the pole. While its installation costs, to set up the pole and connect the electrical wire from the pole to the transformer, might cost you about $4,550.00. Take note that your monthly electric bill is not yet included in the computation.

On the other hand, Solar street lights with poles and installation fees can cost around $1,800.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the system that you need. Its installation is quick and easy as it is not connected to the grid, making it more affordable.  For this initial investment, you can save money from the 25 years of electrical bills for your lights, not to mention the other benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in solar street lights.

Benefits of Solar Street Lights

  1. Lifespan – Compared to traditional street lights, solar-powered lights can last longer. How? a conventional street light can last for approximately an average of 5,000 to 8000 hours or to make it simpler, it can only last for a year or less of usage. On the other hand, solar-powered lights’ lifespan is around 5 to 7 years, making it ahead of the traditional lights.
  2. Energy-efficient – One of its advantages is its ability to save energy while producing enough solar power to light the streets at night. Generally, the energy that can be saved from solar lights is around 40 to 60% as compared to the traditional high-intensity discharge light products that consume a lot of energy.
  3. Eco-friendly – For being solar-powered street lights, they offer an eco-friendly lighting solution. Besides, it is a good alternative to the conventional street light system. Aside from it generates power from renewable energy, it also has no mercury in the structure. It also has much sturdy and durable combined materials contributing to its longer life span which reduces more waste compared to traditional street lights.
  4. Less light waste – Street lights powered by solar are made with direct refractors that help in lessening the undue loss of light, leading to high-quality performance. Besides, the light from the solar lamps reaches where it is positioned, so there will be little to no light energy waste.
  5. Low greenhouse gas emission – One of the main reasons for intense global warming is the constant release of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Thus, it should be lessened, if it cannot be avoided. By using solar-powered street lights, you can help in eliminating carbon emissions since it does not release greenhouse gases.

Is it Worth it to Buy and Install Solar Street Lights?

Given the average cost of solar street light, its installation plus its abundant benefits to users, we must say that it is indeed worth your money and effort. As compared to standard electric street lights, solar street lights are one step ahead. This light can provide more benefits to its users due to its state-of-the-art and smart technology that blends with the world we have today. Although it cost a big amount of money, you can guarantee that you’re paying for a lifetime investment that can return your initial expenses for the next coming years.

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solar street light pole

How to design solar street light pole height and distance

If you have one solar street light project in hand, the solar street light suppliers usually will ask you such questions: Could you kindly tell me the width of the road or the height of the pole? We can supply the 3D Dialux simulation photometric according to your information.

So how to determine the installation distance between solar power street lights? It can be considered from the following points:

 solar street light Lighting method

Solar power street lights generally have three lighting methods when installing: single-sided lighting, cross lighting on both sides, and symmetric lighting on both sides. Special roads such as crossroads, T-shaped intersections, Lighting on the middle of two roads, and bends can be lighted according to the actual situation. Usually, solar street light projects using single-sided or two-sided two-way lighting can be used.

solar street light pole Dialux

 Height of the solar street light pole

The height of the solar power street light directly affects the illumination range of the led lamps. The higher the light pole, the wider the illumination range according to the Pythagorean theorem.

For our palm tree foldable all in one solar street light as an example:

6m pole, pole to pole distance is 22m, with 64W foldable all in one solar street light
8m pole, pole to pole distance is 30m, with 100W foldable all in one solar street light
9m pole, pole to pole distance 35m, with 120W affordable all in one solar street light

palm tree solar street light

Scenic spots and parks are generally suitable for installing solar power street lights of about 7 meters, In night, the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on rural roads is not large, so it is generally installed by one-sided interactive lighting, and the installation distance is about 20-25 meters. If it is less than 20 meters, part of the lighting will be affected. In addition, one more street light should be installed at the corner to avoid lighting blind spots.

solar power street light installation 3D photometric drawing

If you want to install a solar power street light with a pole height of 8 meters, you must ensure that the distance between the street lights is 25-30 meters. You should use the cross-lighting method for installation on both sides. This method is mostly used for road lighting with a width of 10 -15 meters.

For roads with 12-meter light poles, the longitudinal spacing of solar power street lights is generally recommended to be 30-50 meters. Symmetrical lighting on both sides should be used, and the road lighting width needs to exceed 15 meters.

 LED light source power

The power of the LED light source will also affect the installation spacing of solar LED street lights. If it is the same height, although the irradiation range is the same, the power is different, the lighting efficiency is very different. The effect of low wattage is not as good as that of high wattage. At this time, we must consider shortening the installation distance of solar power street lights and make them closer together, which will improve the lighting effect.

Installation in accordance with the above requirements can greatly ensure the road lighting requirements without causing waste of resources. when you have a solar street light project need to design it. Please consult the professional solar power street light manufacturer, who can customize it according to the client’s road or applications situation.

Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world.

all in one solar street light

What is Integrated All-in-One Solar Street Light?

In our modern world, technology and innovations keep on improving every now and then. Inventions are constantly emerging in many industry sectors which also include the solar lighting technology sector. Since its initial production and launching, it has developed considerably and been continuously changing and improving its features and performance.

From the usual rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, concentrating solar power, to solar-grid integration, solar energy sectors also managed to use solar panels in powering street lights. Through technology breakthroughs, the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels has significantly improved, creating a more sophisticated solar street lighting system.

Traditional street lighting system users are now gradually switching to the solar street lighting system. With the help of remarkable advancements in clean technology and their visions to produce cost-effective compact solar street lights, they have created integrated solar street lights. These street lights have high efficiency, prolonged backup and acquire the best overall performance better than the older versions of solar street lights, making them widely used today.

In today’s article, we are going to break down why integrated solar street lights are gaining so much popularity recently.

Definition: Integrated  Solar StreetLight

Integrated solar street light or also called all-in-one solar streetlight is the newly designed street light with a compact lighting solution. From the word itself, “integrated” combined several components in one product. The package is made with high-quality materials that can withstand all the elements in the environment where it will be installed. It comes with solar panels, LED fixtures, LED driver technology, a lithium-ion battery with advanced charging technology, a PIR motion sensor, and other smart technologies and electronics all compacted in one body with a mounted pole stand. All-in-one solar street light is compact and can easily be mounted on a pole top.

all in one solar street light installed on both sides of a deck

This all-in-one solar street light product also comes with a motion sensor and smart technologies yet providing a low-energy consumption solution to consumers. Not to mention that it has a long-lasting life span and high luminosity with low maintenance. The intelligent controller and sensor have different control requirements depending on the product. It also has a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery that can provide longer backup time and a better lifespan.

However, although the components are integrated into one unit, these solar street lights’ solar panels are separated from the LED, battery, units, and controllers to not cause overheating to other components. Since the solar panel comes as an independent part, you can adjust it according to the direction of the sunlight to maximize heat absorption.

Furthermore, some integrated models produce consistent 100% brightness from dusk until dawn making it more ideal for areas where night-long light is required. On the other hand, some types of integrated light operate at full brightness for a few hours, then later on it will operate at a lower level for the rest of the night not unless it detects body movement.

How Integrated Solar Street Light Work?

The integrated solar street light uses a PIR motion sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED light when it detects movement at a near distance. When it detects any body movement near the light post, the LED fixtures will adjust and produce full brightness. Then, when it no longer detects movement, it automatically reduces its brightness.

On the other hand, with its time sensors (dusk to dawn operation) and controller, the solar lights can intelligently power on and off its light. When dawn comes, the LED lights will automatically turn off since during this time solar panel voltage tends to rise at 5v, and it can already detect little sunlight in the morning. When there is enough sunlight during the day, the solar panel will work together with its battery to charge and convert the solar energy into power. The solar charge controller helps in preventing overcharge, protecting its batteries.

Components of Integrated Solar Street Lights

When you purchase an all-in-one solar street light, it comes in one compact package but has several components. From the word itself “integrated” or “all-in-one”, these components are individually made then corporated to make an innovative product which is a solar street light.  Generally, an integrated solar street light has four main components, they are solar panels, LED fixture/source, batteries, and mounting pole.

clodesun all in one solar street light

Solar Panel

Solar panels are one of the most essential components of an all-in-one solar street light. These panels are responsible for emitting sunlight and converting the gathered solar energy into electricity. When it comes to solar panels, you have two options to choose from. The two main types of solar panels available in the global market are mono-crystalline & poly-crystalline. Both of these panels convert solar energy, the only difference is the conversion rate and efficiency of polycrystalline solar panels are low compared to monocrystalline solar panels. Thus, if you need high power capacity, the latter one is the right panel for you.

solar panel street light

LED Source

To make the solar street produce light, an LED fixture is needed. Among the other light fixtures, LED is the most preferred one for modern solar street light as it produces more luminous and can withstand outside elements. Another good thing about LED fixtures is they provide higher lumens with low energy consumption. This feature will save you more energy while getting its best performance. In fact, LED’s energy consumption is only about half of what traditional HPS fixtures consume. Also, LED lacks warm-up time making them more ideal for motion detectors and body sensors, which is also one of the best features of all-in-one solar street lights.

solar led street light

Rechargeable Batteries

Another important component to make integrated solar street lights work is their batteries, whether it’s LiFeP04 battery, lithium-ion batteries, gel cell deep cycle batteries, or lead-acid batteries. The battery acts as the power storage of solar street lights. It stores electricity during the daytime while producing electricity to light the LED or fluorescent bulb at night. Battery capacity plays a vital role in the life span of the all-in-one solar street lights, so considering what type of battery to choose is crucial. Among the battery types, lithium-ion batteries are the most preferred nowadays due to their compact size, eco-friendly features, and it suits well in solar street lights.

solar street light battery price

Mounting Pole

Above all else, to make solar street lights more effective and efficient, mounting poles are also needed. PV panels, fixtures, batteries, and other electronics are integrated into the pole itself particularly those newer designs. When it comes to poles, you should choose a sturdy and strong pole since the components of integrated solar street lights are mounted on top of it. You should also consider the wind resistance factor when choosing poles as it accounts for the successful installation of your solar street light.

How to Install Integrated Solar Street Light?

Installing integrated all-in-one solar street lights must be easy and quick. If you have no idea how to do it, you may refer to the instructions below.


Before anything else, you must choose a suitable area to install the street light. It is recommended to choose an area that directly receives abundant sunlight. Next, familiarize yourself with the manual included in your integrated solar street lights package, and makes sure all kits are complete.

Secure the Foundation.

Once you figured out how to install it, prepare your foundation. Make sure that the surface is flat and has no curve patterns to ensure that the pole is securely fastened to the ground.

Install Battery Box.

By installing the battery box, you also need to install the battery itself. It is often recommended to place your battery underground to prevent the direct impact of the sun.

Solar Street Lamp Installation.

Make sure you get the proper connections between the solar panels, batteries and other components. Install the lights onto the pole ensure to secure the LED bulbs in the lamp holder.

Check all Connections and the Pole.

Go and check if all connections work properly. Also, make sure that the lamp pole laps perfectly with the bottom foundation.

Benefits of Integrated Solar Street Light

The integrated solar street light will not gain popularity nowadays without its abundant and unending benefits to the environment and consumers. If you’re still undecided whether to switch on solar street lights or stay with the traditional one, you should consider checking out all-in-one solar street lights’ benefits. Below are some of its common advantages:

  1. Easy transport and installation.

With its compact size, it is easy to ship plus it has an easy installation process that can be done in a few minutes only. When installing integrated solar street lights, there is no complex wiring process, unlike the traditional street lights. If you’re only new to this, you can still install it without any hassle since it doesn’t require an engineering or electrical background and skills in setting it up. All you need to do to finish the product installation successfully is the 12 pieces fastening screws.

  1. More than half lesser energy consumption than traditional street lights.

The light sources of the standard solar street lights were Metal Halide(MH) or High-Pressure Sodium(HPS), which means the luminous efficacy is about 60 to 80 lumens per watt. Fortunately, with the help of clean technology sectors, a cutting-edge LED lighting system is invented. An LED source has significantly boosted the luminous efficacy up to 200 lumens per watt. Also, with the aid of solar batteries, consumers can still get the same brightness at night while consuming much less energy.

All-in-one solar street lights equipped with this kind of light source can easily get 5+ days autonomy, making it possible to operate normally in areas with constant rainy seasons or get less sunlight.

  1. High hurricane/typhoon and shocking resistance ability.

All-in-one integrated solar street lights are made and designed with compact style, unlike with that of split-types solar street lights, in which solar panels are separated from the LED fixtures. Due to its compact structure, it can withstand hurricanes/typhoons while offering better performance at the same time. Besides, it’s applicable for outdoors since has dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, and shocking resistant features.

  1. Lower shipping cost.

Because integrated solar street lights are compact in structure and have an all-in-one design, it also has lower shipping cost. Besides, these lights are lightweight which makes the transportation and installation effortless.

If you are planning to resell it, you should consider a compact design factor since it can affect your profit margin. The full shipping container loads of solar street lights could be twice or three times compared before. Today, the rent of a warehouse can cost much lesser than before.

  1. Minimal to zero maintenance.

Compared to traditional street lights, all-in-one solar street lights require minimal to zero maintenance due to their materials and compact design. Plus, some models have their cleaning features.

  1. Ideal for almost every environment.

You can install all-in-one and integrated solar street lights almost everywhere and anywhere such as street corners, roadsides, highways, driveways, parking lots, gardens, patio, backyards, pathways, playgrounds, parks and even in the remote areas as long as the area receives sufficient direct sunlight.

  1. Low risks of thefts and fewer accidents.

Since these street lights have no external wires and cables used for components connection, they will not cause any accidents such as electrocution, overheating, and strangulation. Also, there will be lower risks of theft since all of its components are placed on the top of the pole.

Why Choose Integrated Solar Street Lights?

From what is stated above, there are many reasons why everyone prefers to use integrated all-in-one solar street light. One of those reasons is that these street lights make life easier and lighter with their features and simple installation process. Also, most of its components are made from high-quality materials and equipped with the latest smart technologies and electronics.

Apart from their specific features, solar street lights generally have delightful effects on our environment. These street lights can provide a significant lowering of the carbon emissions created by people, residential, commercial and industrial operations. Besides, in terms of its overall cost, solar street lights are a way better investment compared to traditional street lights, considering the initial investment and O&M costs of the latter one. All in all, integrated solar street lights are a perfect eco-friendly lighting solution and alternative to conventional street lights.

Clodesun provided 5 years warranty on all-in-one integrated solar street lights, we can offer this longer warranty as we are focus on using only high-quality all-in-one integrated solar street light components from reputable products.

all in one solar street light

Integrated solar street light VS. Split lamps?

Maybe it is hard to decide to choose all in one solar lamp or split lamps, today, we will conclude why to choose all in one solar street light than split lamps.

After analyzing the sales data, we have found out that clients are preferring to integrated into one solar street light instead of a split or semi-split type solar light. Customers are more likely to purchase integrated solar street LED lights, even if most of them have purchased split-type lights before.

The research data can better help you know the market trends to choose a better type of solar street light for your future project or invest in your business.

Following are the 3 reasons why choose All in one solar street light

(1): All in one solar street light install in very easy and save time

Integrated all-in-one solar lamps installation is very simple and quick. It only takes 5 minutes for skilled workers to complete all of the installation processes. If you have a large solar street light project, and split solar street light requires a gel battery pit, and gel batteries are hanging on sole light poles. This complicated installation method is a big problem when the construction project deadline is rushed.

So integrated all-in-one solar street light can reduce installation errors, fast construction speed, and save labor costs, which is a comparative advantage to split type solar lamps.

(2): The total cost of all in one solar street light is low

The total cost involves two parts. one is the cost of labor. From the analysis of the above, we know that the longer the installation time, the higher the labor costs. So the contractor will tend to choose a lower-cost way.

Another part of the cost relates to solar street light batteries. The gel battery for split-type solar outdoor lights is bulky and Pollution by the environment, not clean energy.

For example, 100W split street lights need to use 180AH batteries, which must match with 330W solar panels, while 100W all-in-one solar street lights just need to use a 39Ah LiFepo4 battery and 140w solar panel.

We can clearly see that the same wattage of solar panels used for integrated solar-based lights is at half price compared to split type.

(3) All in one solar street lights are more intelligent

Integrated solar lamps generally use intelligent MPPT controllers. Based on big data analysis and human flow judgment, the controller may adopt the modes of time control and/or human induction mode intelligently. When people are close to the light, the light is full power 100% and when there is no movement, the light power can adjust to 30% automatically.

all in one solar light

But for split type solar street light, 100% luminance output configuration, almost half of the night is a waste.

In summary, integrated solar street lights are becoming more and more popular, and will become a trend in the future. Compared with split solar street lights, they are more worthy of investment.

solar led street light project in Ghana

Advantages of integrated solar street light

Integrated solar street lights have good advantages in energy saving, high light efficiency, easy to install, and very good quality with the technique improved now, in modern society, even in a small town, the total power consumption of traditional street lights is quite amazing. In this case, Integrated solar street lights have become more wildly used in the world.

Following are the advantages of integrated solar street lights.

Integrated solar street light with the high light efficiency advantage

Integrated solar street lights do not have the problem of insufficient brightness as people imagine. On the contrary, the probability of failure of ordinary street lights is quite common. As the fourth-generation new light source, LED has been effectively used in urban lighting and beautification, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting, and other fields of lighting and applications, especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting lamps are more It has a wide range of application prospects.

However, the traditional LED light source has a small opening angle, high brightness of the spot area, and strong directivity of light scattering. The light source is easy to form a spot, and the light uniformity is not good, which restricts its application in the lighting field.

Compared with ordinary electric lights, Integrated solar street lights do not consume conventional energy, do not need to install ditching and wiring, independent power generation lighting system, and automatically turn on and off without special personnel control.

Integrated solar street light is easier to install

Integrated solar street lighting is mainly used in power-deficient areas and new urban and rural roads. The main advantage is that it saves the cost of power cable laying and pipeline excavation, can flexibly place products and can realize automatic opening according to sunlight conditions. Turn off the light control and other intelligent control, solve the problem of inflexible installation and realize quick installation,

From the perspective of market demand, integrated solar street lights have achieved new breakthroughs in improving light efficiency. They are favored by customers in all aspects of cost performance. These breakthroughs of integrated solar street lights not only make the same wattage more Good brightness also save the cost of customers.

Integrated Solar street light quality is improved

The integrated solar street light has made great breakthroughs not only in terms of light efficiency, but also in terms of product appearance, waterproofing, and even the connection between cables and components. The quality of solar street lights has been effectively improved.

integrated solar street light

The built-in photosensitive system automatically turns on the lighting at night, and it can be normally illuminated even in rainy weather for a week. According to estimates, these solar street lights can save nearly 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

In addition, the advantages of energy saving cannot be ignored. Integrated solar street lights mainly rely on solar energy to generate electricity during use, which can save a lot of electricity.

The biggest feature of clodesun series integrated street light housing produced by Belinda: With light-sensing structure, intelligent control, and standby position design, it can automatically light up when the sun goes down and the sky is getting darker, and the illuminance of the lamp can be automatically halved after midnight; After dawn, the light can be automatically extinguished; under special circumstances, people can manually control it; and when the lamp fails, the intelligent control system can automatically alarm. Especially suitable for solar street lights, suitable for European and African standards, easy to use, safe, and fast!

Clodesun believes that our integrated solar street lights will be widely used in the global market and our lives in the near future to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.