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Finding the Top Solar powered Street Lights

Consider this: about 1 million solar-powered street lights are sold every single year. With the demand for renewable-environmental technology growing, opportunities are that you are in the market for a solar-powered street light as well.

What is a Solar powered Street Light?

A: Solar Powered Street Lights are raised light sources which are powered by solar panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the pole itself. The solar panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night.

Compared to traditional street lights, solar street lights have an edge on the competition because they offer the following advantages:

1. Installation choice – install anywhere(city or countryside)

2. Low -maintenance cost

3. Easy installation (5-10 minutes for palm tree foldable design solar street light)

4. Better return on investment

5. Optimum lighting

6. Renewable energy source

7. No need to dig holes and wires

So solar street lights seem like the most ideal replacement for regular street lights. What”s more, solar panels are currently becoming more cheap, meaning that they’ll become more accessible for the common person. Not only that, but the efficiency rate of the solar street light’s LiFePo4 battery and solar panel is on the rise as well.

Solar street lights do not need to connect to the country’s electrical grid, which means that solar street lights are very reliable in almost any weather condition, including snowstorms, hurricanes, and extreme weather. Solar streets light can also cut down on light pollution.

Finding the Top Solar powered Street Lights

Admit it: finding a top-quality solar-powered street light on the market isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do these years. In fact, there are thousands of companies that produce solar-led street lights out there, which can make it super hard to make sure which one is the right one for you.

To find out which brand of solar street lights is the most reliable, there are a couple of important questions that you should ask yourself. For example, Do you know the quality differences between Solar panels, solar controllers, types of batteries, types of LED lamp beads, case of solar street lights?

For example solar-powered street light Battery type

all in one solar street light battery

The main cost of solar street lights is the battery. And the cost of the battery takes part about 15% to 20% of the whole solar lights. So battery quality is the most important thing for solar lights purchasing.

When you want to buy integrated solar led street light, you may ask, should I choose a Ternary Li-ion battery or LiFePo4 battery, what is the cost, how can I choose, well, you are not alone, 95% of solar street light Customer will ask this same question.

From the comparison table above:

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from electric car(D-class), but over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use the broken lithium battery which is detached from Electricity car, the lifespan less than one year.

Although A class LiFePO4 battery is more expensive than Ternary Li-ion Lithium, offer significant advantages, including improved discharge efficiency, longer life span, and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining performance and its chemical substance inside is more stable, which makes it kind of high-temperature resistance

If you want to buy high-quality solar street lights, Belinda suggests you choose an A-class LiFePO4 battery or B-class Lifepo4 battery, Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. So, if your project is in the tropics, a LiFePO4 battery is recommended. But if the project is in northern countries, we advise ternary lithium battery.

And whether the solar-powered street light solar panels can adjust

solar led street light

As we all know. In the northern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the south, but in the southern hemisphere, the sunshine rises from the north.

That is why we need to design solar panel fold and unfold in order to ensure the solar panel face the sun on both sides of the road,

In the northern hemisphere, we can unfold on the north side of the road, fold on the south side of the road

In the southern hemisphere, we can unfold on the south side of the road, fold on the north side of the road

And different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street lights in someplace, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun,

so if the solar panel can be adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy while the lower quality solar led street light panel is fixed, causing a low conversion rate of solar and the using areas are also limited.

Pro tip: buying the best solar-powered street light. One of the most important parts of a solar floodlight is the solar panel that powers it. Collecting solar energy, this panel converts it into battery power, keeping your floodlight on for hours to come.

For those of you who are tired of unsustainable lighting fixtures, solar street lights are an environmentally friendly answer.

Interested in purchasing solar LED lighting? We’re here to help.

Honest Review: Philips Solar Street Lights’ Pro’s and Con’s

Sunlight is a non-polluting, inexhaustible, and reliable source of power. Photovoltaic (PV) technology is becoming the most efficient way of supplying energy due to air pollution, global climate change, and resource scarcity. Solar LED energy has the advantage of being an efficient alternative to CFL. 

Philips solar street lights are a great solution when electricity is erratic or unavailable in your local area. There are some urban areas where solar street lights are recommended since they reduce dependence on conventional sources of power and encourage the use of green energy. These solutions are durable and reliable to fulfill lighting needs.

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Microprocessors in Philips solar street lights determine sunset and sunrise using algorithms. Because of the A-brand quality crystalline silicon solar panel, it is efficient and durable.

Its maximum efficiency can be attributed to its high luminance LED module. Low-voltage solar controllers are known for being able to dim lights to conserve energy (electricity). Energy is stored in discharge batteries for use when needed, as well as ensuring that there is a backup power source in case of inclement weather.

Solar panels convert solar energy from the sun into electrical energy which is stored in batteries during the day. As the battery discharges during the night, electrical energy is released to power the LED luminaire. The solar hybrid input will be activated automatically if the battery is not sufficiently charged or if it drains throughout the night.


    Types of Philips Solar Street Lights

    • RoadFlair
    • RoadFlair Gen2
    • SmartBright Road
    • GreenVision Xceed Gen2
    • Smart Post-top G3
    • Luma Gen2 Solar
    • UniStreet Gen2 Solar
    • SunStay
    • GreenLine V2 Solar
    • Smart Bright Solar
    • RoadFlair Gen4 Solar
    • GreenVision Xceed Gen4.0 Solar
    • GreenVision Xceed V2 Gen4.0

    Technical Specs

    • System wattage (W):  7- 50W
    • System efficacy (lm/W):  Up to 165lm/W
    • The lumen output (lm):  2000 – 7500lm
    • Housing:  Aluminium pressure die-cast
    • Color temperature:  (K) 3000, 4000
    • CRI:  70, 80
    • IP rating:  IP66
    • IK rating:  IK10
    • Cover:  Glass cover

    Main Advantages of Philips Solar Street Light

    Solar street lights from Phillips operate independently; therefore, they have low operation costs. According to this, this type of street lighting is not connected to the electric grid and is a wireless light.

    Lighting depends on heat energy from the sun, and streetlights store much solar energy during daylight hours. Solar street lights are less complicated to maintain and risk overheating less than conventional street lights.

    By not having external wires on the solar wires, accidents have been minimized during installation. Electrocution or strangulation can be the result. It is environmentally friendly because Philips solar street lights are solar-powered; hence, they do not contribute to carbon footprints.

     It has become an efficient and handy solution to the lighting difficulties due to certain solar street lighting systems’ parts’ simplicity of transportation.

    Within the first five hours of the night, the system performs at medium brightness. As the intensity of light decreases, the PIR sensor is activated by the movement of humans or until dawn.

    If it senses movement within a certain radius of the luminaire, it automatically turns on the full brightness.

    Solar outdoor luminaires require virtually no maintenance in comparison to conventional street lights.

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    Main Disadvantages of Philips Solar Street Light

    Philips street light is more expensive compared to conventional street lights. This is the major reason why some people have never considered buying it.

    Rather than considering the benefits of solar street lights in the long term, they think about the cost. Their non-wired nature makes their theft a high risk.

    A high monetary value makes them more susceptible to theft than traditional streetlights, which are low in value. It is possible to accumulate moisture, snow, and dust on the horizontal PV panels.

    The result could be a reduction in energy production or even the cessation of it entirely. It is important to check the Philips solar street light regularly, particularly if it is installed in a location with severe weather conditions that can shorten or damage its life.

    There are rechargeable batteries that need to be replaced now and then within the lifetime of the fixture. The total cost of the lighting system increases as a result. Battery maintenance costs include replacing rechargeable batteries, since they may be exhausted like some components.

    Philips solar street lights offer both advantages and disadvantages, so an objective evaluation of their overall benefits is your responsibility. Determine whether it is worthwhile to purchase them. Despite this, Philips solar street lights tend to be more popular; therefore, you need to give them a try.

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    Customer Reviews

    Philips street lights have been regarded as one of the best street lights available in the market and thousands of customers have reviewed them. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

    Murali J says: “Excellent lamp. Good coverage of light. Strong built glass and metal parts. Since branded item at a higher price. But worth product.”

    Dhruv Vats says: “It spreads in a wide area when placed at an appropriate height. For just 25W it covers a lot of areas if placed at a good height from the ground .soft white light somewhat similar to moonlight .perfect at this watt for a street light.”

    Mr. Ganess Ch. Datta says: “Light is extremely bright….easy to fit at my home roof…illuminated sufficiently….very very energy-saving…….only 15 wt consumption …….pure white light. After 6 months I am bound to update my review… is extremely a matter of great regret that my roof light is completely out of order even like a branded company PHILIPS……purchase from a local authorized dealer of Philips.”


    In regions where power outages are common, solar and solar hybrid street lights excel. Crime can be deterred and communities can be made safer and more resilient.

    In the end, solar lighting is an accessible, efficient, and future-proof solution to community development that could contribute greatly to global economic recovery both on and off the continent. More than 1 billion people on Earth have no access to electricity after sunset, which is about 17% of the global population. Investing in lighting technology that enhances lives and enhances communities is at the core of Philips Lighting’s mission.

    20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers in the USA in 2021

    Want to light your garden or roads with solar lights? Searching for an excellent provider of solar street lights? We can help you!These are the top 20 solar street light manufacturers in the USA. Each one is a guaranteed manufacturer, so you can pick whichever suits your needs, budget, or preferences.

      I’d like to give a brief overview of the solar street light market in America. In terms of the development and support of solar street lights, America has been the most promising country so far. Recent research has shown that coastal states such as California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Oregon have the highest demand for integrated solar street lights.

      Greenshine New Energy

      The Greenshine New Energy team is composed of exceptionally talented, certified individuals who are committed to providing renewable energy services. With 30 years of combined experience under one roof, they can respond to your solar lighting project in lightning-fast time. With over 5000 installations around the world, they specialize in cost-effective lighting systems that combine monocrystalline solar panels to produce significant electrical power even on overcast and cloudy days.Due to the off-grid design of the lights, most of their clients save several thousand dollars from day one on their projects. Solar light towers, solar signage, solar street lights, portable lighting systems, and solar street lighting are some of the services they provide. Related article: Best 20 Solar Street Light Manufacturers in Europe


      The Carmanah Technologies Corporation provides solar lighting and signaling solutions for infrastructure projects around the world. Due to the quality of their street and school zone lighting projects, they are ubiquitous in many communities in 110 countries. Innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions have been developed by them using their global expertise.Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Carmanah was established in 1996. Sabik Offshore and Sol, two brands in their portfolio, are each known for offering LED lighting products that are built to function in some of the harshest environments in the world.

      Solar One

      In addition to designing, manufacturing, and selling commercial-scale solar-powered LED lighting systems, SolarOne Solutions, Inc. offers outdoor signage and lighting systems for applications such as outdoor shelters, parking lots, pathways, streets, and pedestrian areas.  SolarOne began as an environmental technology company in 2004.  By reducing the cost of photovoltaic and LED light fixtures, the company gradually shifted its focus toward off-grid lighting solutions. Related article: 20 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers/Brands Selling in Australia 2021


      EATON, a power management company with a lighting division, offers a range of innovative and reliable lighting systems built indoors or outdoors. As a reputable lighting company with qualified energy products for the North American market, they serve the industrial, institutional, retail, and commercial sectors. Its success in 2017 was valued at 20 billion dollars, establishing it as a lighting leader.


      In North America and select international markets, Acuity Brands offers lighting and building management solutions for residential, institutional, commercial, institutional, industrial, and infrastructure applications. Throughout 2018, net sales for the company exceeded 4 billion dollars. Acuity employs more than 12,000 people. With operations spread throughout Asia and Europe, their headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.Lighting and solutions from the company include luminaires, lighting controls, components, controllers for various building systems, power supplies, and prismatic skylights. 

      Urban Solar

      LED lighting solutions and solar power systems are manufactured by Urban Solar for applications including parking lots, pathways, streets, and other public areas that require lighting. Solar-powered LED illumination is the core of Urban Solar’s expertise in public lighting systems. Each project is designed and implemented with the customer’s needs in mind.


      The Selux Group has accumulated quite a bit of experience over the years. The manufacturer specializes in high-efficiency indoor or outdoor lighting systems, originally branded as Semperlux. Currently, their offices are located in 12 different countries around the world. By combining their extensive lighting knowledge with their exceptional materials knowledge, the company “accomplishes the extraordinary.”. 

      Signify (Phillips)

      Signify combines the best of both worlds with high-quality lights that are Internet-connected (IoT). The company provides its customers with energy-efficient lighting products and systems that deliver superior light in any environment. Utilizing their innovative lighting systems, they improve public safety and corporate productivity. There is no other lighting system that can compare to them.

      Green Frog

      A quality manufacturer and designer of solar street lamps based in Australia, Green Frog provides lighting for pedestrian walkways and streets. Green Frog supplies solar street lights that can be installed worldwide. To reduce reliance on grid energy and cut out costly energy bills, their systems are designed for remote locations with limited electricity access. For a wide range of industries and applications, they can design custom lighting systems.


      These are just a few characteristics that describe First Light Technologies perfectly: 90+ years of experience, more than 20 thousand lighting systems manufactured and shipped, and over a thousand percent growth in five years. This year, the company has already experienced some growth. They manufacture solar lights for a variety of clients such as Mariott, American Express, and the Luxor resort in Las Vegas.

      Solar Street Lights the USA

      One of the best manufacturers on this list is Solar Street Lights USA. Solar street lights from this company have impressed the solar lighting industry with their reliability for 30 years. In addition to off-grid solar power solutions, the company produces and engineers solar lighting solutions that include LED lights and on-grid street lighting.


      Founded over 24 years ago, Oksolar is a manufacturer of solar street lights. They provide solutions for the military and government sectors.As a mission-critical company, Oksolar has sustained highly visible projects in refugee camps and conflict zones. It offers low-priced products that can be customized according to your needs. The companies they provided services to include Amtrak, the American Red Cross, Chevron Oil, and the U.S. Navy.


      Solar street lights have been designed, manufactured, marketed, and distributed by SEPCO for over 26 years.With its off-grid solar-powered street lights, SEPCO is one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector. SEPCO offers many solar street light products. The company currently distributes over 2,100 different models of solar street lighting. 

      Solar Path Solutions

      Many different solar-powered applications have been provided by SolarPath Sun Solutions. Solar street lighting technology has been developed, marketed, and sold in the company for over 15 years.In addition to engineering design and customization, Solar Path Solutions offers solar street lights tailored to the needs of customers. Many different types of outdoor lighting solutions have been created by them, including solar traffic calming systems, solar LED fixtures, and many others.


      Having over 30 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, SOL is highly competitive. A subsidiary of Carmanah Technologies Corp., another world-class company in the solar industry. As a result, the company has been able to produce solar LED outdoor lighting solutions of the highest quality since its inception.

      Solar Illuminations

      Our company has been manufacturing and designing solar lighting systems for commercial uses for over 11 years. Over 150,000 solar street light projects have been completed by the company worldwide, making them one of the world’s leaders in solar street lights. Several high-profile companies in Britain and the United States rely on their services.

      Valen Energy

      The solar street light manufacturer Valen Energy has been in business for over 12 years. Solar energy stations that are independent of the grid are designed and manufactured by the company in Texas. In addition to their products, the company exports internationally.Ember LED is a leading provider of LED lighting solutions and solar street lighting and has teamed up with Valen Energy. Ember LED uses the most advanced technology to market and design solar street lights.

      Engo Planet

      The solar street light industry has benefited from EnGoPlanet’s experience in the field for 4 years. The company was founded in response to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact on Manhattan. The EnGo Planet team has developed several high-performance solar batteries and smart solar street lights.Having conquered a large market in dozens of Asian countries and countries in Australia, the company has earned a great reputation thus far. 

      Universal Green Industries Group Corp.

      An energy-saving system manufacturer. Solar panels, LED bulbs, tubes, lights, and lamps are just some of the variety of products available. We also have water pumps, cooking oils, controllers, stents, milk powder, cream, butter, ureas, sugar, and rice.LED street light distributor offering energy-saving products. It has a voltage range of 90VAC to 264VAC and a power capacity of 30W/60W/100W to 150W/200W. The heating design comes with various features, including water resistance, bent arms, and wide beam angles. 

      Brandon Industries, Inc.

      This company specializes in the construction of park and garden signs, retail centers, plazas, courtyard, residential, municipal, and commercial signs. The most common kinds of signs are crosswalks, letters, and graphics, as well as safety, warning, sidewalk, traffic, and street names. There are also custom traffic signs such as stop, yield, speed limit, 4-way, keep right, do not enter, etc. A one-year warranty is included. 


      After reading this guide to the 20 best solar street lights manufacturers in the USA, you probably have a good idea of which one can meet your needs the best. Taking the first step towards realizing your solar lighting vision requires that you contact the company or companies you’re interested in working with.

      Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

      ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products to Europe.

      Clodesun launched a foldable design all in one solar street light in 2021, which are designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar street lights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.

      solar led street light project in Ghana

      Top 10 All-in-one Solar Street Light of 2021

      Due to the threat of climate change, many manufacturers in all sectors are starting to produce products that use renewable resources.  In fact, the most common sector that is now gradually embracing a more eco-friendly act is the energy sector, particularly the most widely used renewable energy source—solar energy.

      Many products are now equipped with and powered by solar power systems. Aside from using photovoltaic modules to power a residential or commercial property, solar energy is also becoming famous and effective as an outdoor lighting solution.

      When you look outside, particularly at the roadside and in public streets, you’ll see a lot of traditional street lights which are powered by the electric grid. But if you’ll keenly observe, some areas are now transitioning from traditional street lights to solar street lights. Why? Because of its abundant benefits not only in the environment but also in every consumer. However, with the large market of solar lights, you might find it challenging to choose what product to buy.

      Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a list of promising top 10 all-in-one solar street lights in the market in 2021.

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      Top 10 All-in-one Solar Street Light in 2021

      If you search all-in-one solar street lights on the internet, you will probably see hundreds of choices, making you confused about which is the best one to choose, especially if it’s your first time purchasing one. We understand the frustrations it may cost you, so we make a brief and concise review about each all-in-one solar street light that appears to be popular today.

      1.  Clodesun’s Foldable Design All-in-one Solar Street Light

      Clodesun launched a new solar street light product which they call “foldable design all-in-one solar street light this year. The product was designed by their German team for almost one year and tested for two years before its actual launch. With its commendable features and specs, this solar street light made a high edge among various integrated solar street lights in the market. Currently, it is widely used by solar enthusiasts all over the world.

      Product Features:

      solar street lights

      Foldable Design– Due to its folded feature, you can raise and fold the solar panels which helps in getting better sunlight since you can easily adjust the solar panels facing the sun in the direction on both sides of the road.

      Better Heat Transfer– Solar panels can absorb high temperatures ranging from 70°C to 90°C inside its solar lamp body, which will then damage the LED bulb and its battery. Therefore, separate solar panels to their battery and LED source. Since they are separated, they will not conduct heat to each other, making the lamp body cool, and prolonging its lifespan and efficiency.

      Easy & Quick Installation– When you install their solar street lights, you don’t have to use any power or cables, and it only requires 2 mounting steps to install.​

      Wider in Size and Larger in Capacity- The width of Clodesun’s foldable all-in-one solar street light is 500mm, while the standard size of others ranges from 330mm to 430mm. A larger solar panel also has a larger capacity supplying you with abundant brightness and longer backup time. In addition, their solar street lights are compatible with 40-115mm poles, while others can only fit a specific pole diameter.

      A-class LiFePO4 Lithium: A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from electric car(D-class), but over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use the broken lithium battery which is detached from Electricity car, the lifespan less than one year.

      Clodesun A-class LiFePO4 battery. Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. So, if your project is in the tropics, a LiFePO4 battery is recommended. But if the project is in northern countries, we advise ternary lithium battery.

      outdoor solar street light

      2. DEL All-in-one Solar Street Light

      DEL is one of the leading R&D centers of LED in the world. They offer an all-in-one solar LED street light designed by their German team and delivers to China. DEL  all-in-one solar LED street lights are compacted with solar panels, LED Lamp, Lithium Battery, MPPT Controller and offered with an intelligent lighting system at a very fair price.

      Product Features:

      Easy & Quick Installation – With the new technology that their product has, you no longer need cable or digging battery holes underground to install the light. It will be very easy and quick to install. There will be no more settings after your installation.

      Intelligent Lighting System – DEL’s all-in-one solar street light has adopted the most latest intelligent lighting system, wherein the lamp can automatically power on at night and off during daylight.

      Added Technology – The all-in-one solar street light can sensor motion has time control and internet control that traditional solar street lights don’t have.

      Low Maintenance & Long Lifespan – Compared to other lead-acid solar street lights their product claims a much longer lifespan and much lower maintenance fee.

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      3. Nomo’s Robotic Cleaning All-in-one Solar Street Light

      NOMO’s All-in-one solar street light has a smart labor-saving robotic self-cleaning system. The product is specially designed to offer a wide variety of applications, particularly in areas where it seldom rains or dust is inevitable. It is integrated with an LED light source, high capacity lithium battery, and mono-crystalline solar module, and automatic controller. Its LED light sources are powered by photovoltaic panels.

      Product Features:

      Advanced Technology- With its advanced state-of-the-art technology the street light can clean the dust or any other particles from the solar panel’s surface, on its own.

      Motion Sensor- Nomo’s all-in-one solar street light is equipped with a body sensor function, when it detects the body, the lamp automatically becomes brighter.

      Intelligent controller – The photovoltaic solar panels charge their rechargeable battery through the help of their intelligent controller, powering the LED light source at night.

      High Capacity and Long Lifespan- With its Lithium battery it can last up to 5 theoretical working years. Plus, it has a high capacity and high-temperature resistance, making it more sturdy.

      Easy to Ship and Install – With its simple and handy styles, it is easy to transport and install. Once installed, there will be no more addition or external operation.

      4. LeadSun’s AE2 All-in-one solar street light

      LeadSun‘s AE2 All-in-one solar street light series is one of the first made all-in-one solar street light powered by LED lights. The product has a compact design and is fully integrated with solar components and a motion sensor. The AE2 series is also perfect for U.S weather conditions as it captures abundant energy from the sun and it doesn’t require power from the grid. Generally, it is designed as redefined solar street light in both intention and extension.

      Product Features:

      High Light Efficiency– AE2 is not only good for energy saving but also improves light efficiency.

      Longer Lifespan- SInce it has an advanced li-ion battery and is made with corrosion-resistant materials, it has a three times longer lifespan compared to others.

      Easy & Quick to Install – With its extremely simple design and features, it is way easier to install than standard solar street light equipped with a lead-acid battery.

      Advanced Technology- The product is made with modern and world-class solar lighting engineering design with wireless SMART control technologies.

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      5. Sparkle T Series All-in-One Solar Street Lights

      Sparkle T series all-in-one solar street lights are composed of an impact-resistant mono-crystalline solar panel, a Phillips 5050 SMB LED Chips, and a LiFePO4 battery. It has an aesthetically pleasing and low profile design but with decent light efficiency. This solar street light is perfect for rural and urban road lighting solutions such as parking lots, playgrounds, even industrial zone. It can be used for monitoring and lighting doorways, and courtyards.

      Product Features:

      Decent Light Efficiency – these lights are great for those who prefer a decent amount of light for their outdoor area.

      Equipped with Controllers – it has an MPPT charge controller and you can use a remote control to program it.

      Built-in Passive Infrared Motion Sensor- Since it has a built-in passive infrared motion sensor, it automatically regulates the LED light output from lower level to full brightness when it detects movement. It works well for short distances.

      Easy to Install- it has a simple set-up and low-profile design, making solar fixtures easy to install. There is also a kit in the package, containing all the required brackets, to make it much easier and quicker to install.

      6. Sokoyo’s Nova All-in-one Solar Street Light

      The NOVA all-in-one light system is a small solar light that stores power in its lithium batteries and supplies the power from the lithium batteries to its LED lights. This all-in-one solar street light is mainly composed of solar panels in 60w systems, lithium batteries, photovoltaic controllers, LED lamps, modules and other patent solar accessories.

      Product Features:

      Modern Design- with its LED modules modern design, these all-in-one solar street lights are easy to navigate and low in maintenance.

      Smart Control System- it is equipped with a smart control system with an automatic microwave sensor. It also has an adjustable lighting system that can detect how much light is needed.

      Long lifespan- since it is equipped with a lithium battery it has good quality and a long lifespan so it can work for a long period without any replacement.

      Energy-Saving- with an MPPT controller it saves more energy while power consumption is reduced.

      7. Philips’ SmartBright All-in-one Solar Street Light

      Philips’ SmartBright All-in-one Solar Street Light is composed of replaceable Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries, solar panels, microwave-based motion sensors for optimizing battery function, and a charger built into the luminaire. It also has an independently tilt-able LED source with a pole mounting bracket, allowing the light beam to steady on the road.

      Product Features:

      High Light Efficiency- it has high luminous efficacy up to 150 lm/Watt, maximizing its battery’s performance.

      Smart Controllers- it is equipped with an MPPT charge controller, maximizing its efficiency and performance.

      Advanced Sensor Technology- it has a light factory reset that dims the light and produces enough light once the microwave sensor detects movements.

      Replaceable Battery- it carries a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery which you can replace if needed, making it last for a long lifespan.

      8. BR Solar Group’s All-in-one Solar Street Light

      BR Solar Group’s All-in-one Solar Street Light integrates a solar panel, LED lamp source and LiFePO4 battery into a single compacted light product. Their product also has a human intelligence induction system that controls the lighting mode automatically when detected movements. It is offered at a very affordable cost compared to their traditional solar led lights.

      Products Features:

      Great Heat Dissipation- Since its solar panel, battery, and light body are not connected directly, they will not conduct heat and pass to one another which supports good heat dissipation.

      Adjustable Solar Panel Angle- it has adjustable solar panels that can move in vertical and horizontal directions, ensuring a maximum conversion of solar energy.

      Easy & Quick Installation- it doesn’t require power, cables, and other extension operation process. It’s easy to ship and install.

      Smart Technology- the product is built with a micro-computer controlled-combine motion sensor system, light control system, and time control system.

      9. Tapetum Solar LED Street Light

      Tapetum Solar LED Street Light is an integrated solar street light with a 5 V, 9W solar panel, 10-watt LED solar street light, and 18000 mAh battery lifespan. It is designed to deliver excellent light performance in many areas such as parks, pathways, and streets.

      Product Features:

      Long Lifespan- it claims to have a lifespan of 10 years because of its  18000 mAh battery, plus it has affordable pricing.

      Smart Technology- the solar street light has automatic on and off power features, with 100 percent brightness in the beginning. It is also built with radar motion sensors, wherein when there is no motion detected, the brightness will reduce to 15 percent.

      Durable Materials- it is an IP 65 rated solar street light, which is highly protected against water damage. Plus, it has an anti-corrosion surface feature, offering greater durability and longevity.

      10. SolMitra Power and Steel PVT’s 20W All in One Solar Street Light

      Soumitra Power and Steel PVT’s 20W All-in-One Solar Street Light offers a hassle-free solar lighting solution for having state-of-the-art technology, aesthetically-made structure design, and good features inclosed in one product. It has an easy to mount structure, a top solar panel with a lithium (LifePO4) battery, infrared motion sensor, control card, and high light efficiency LED source.

      Product Features:

      Modern and Smart Design- it has a Uni-body lightweight design and Patented die-casted panel housing with zinc plated materials ensuring anti-rust and anti-corrosion features.

      Automation and Sensor- it has built-in automated dusk to dawn operation that power on and off the light when needed. Plus, it has an in-built infrared motion sensor with smart functioning.

      Long Lifespan- the product has Lithium LIFEPO4 batteries that have class-leading high-temperature sustainability which makes it last longer.

      Final Verdict

      Before you plan to switch on solar street lights, particularly in all-in-one solar street lights, you should consider some factors. Note that choosing the right one for you might be a challenging task. Especially nowadays, since there are many existing brands and products to choose from. Not to mention that these solar street lights also differ in terms of the features, specs, power ratings, etc., which affects your decision.  We hope that this article helps you decide what product to choose.

      Clodesun provided 5 years warranty on all in one integrated solar street lights, we can offer this longer warranty as we are focus on using only high-quality components from reputable products.

      solar street light with pole price

      Solar street light with pole price?

      Due to the multiple commendable benefits that solar street lights can provide to their users, it becomes more evident nowadays across different states and other countries outside the United States.

      Aside from not being connected to the electrical power grid, which avoids you from hefty electricity bills, it also consumes less energy with the help of state-of-the-art modern technologies that manufacturers used to build it. No doubt that people are eventually switching to these street lights or using them as a good alternative to the traditional street lights. The questions now are, how much does integrated solar street lights cost? Is it worth your investment?

      In today’s article, we are going to give you an idea of how much these solar street lights with poles cost and why it is better than the traditional street lights that you have right now?

      What is Solar Street Light?

      From the word itself, street lights are generally a light source mounted on any lighting structure, walls or commonly integrated with a pole producing light from solar energy to brighten your dark streets. Solar street lights provide light sources which are generated and powered by photovoltaic solar panels. Its photovoltaic panels emit natural light from the sun then convert it into solar power. Generally, it uses a rechargeable battery, which stores solar energy and powers either an LED or fluorescent lamp to produce light at night.

      solar street light price with pole

      How do Solar Street Lights Work?

      Integrated solar street lights are light sources that are used outside to light the streets. They are usually integrated into a pole or mounted on street walls and other lighting structures. These lights are composed of solar batteries and photovoltaic panels, which charge the battery to power the LED lamps or fluorescent light at night.

      Generally, the battery-powered solar street light is a standalone system that stores and generates energy emitted by the photovoltaic solar panels. Each street light type is made with dusk to dawn sensors, making the lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down and turn off automatically when the sun is up. During the daytime, the solar street lights are charging and storing enough solar power.

      How Much Do Solar Street Lights with Pole Cost?

      Solar Street Lights is a good eco-friendly and renewable alternative lighting solution that captures the hearts of people, particularly those green movement supporters and those who want to sustain and protect the environment they’re living in. People purchase different types of solar street lights for a variety of purposes. Some purchase to provide enough light on their house street, backyard, and garden, while others need it for commercial business’ parking lot, public’s general areas, and roadsides.

      If you plan to buy these street lights for better and eco-friendly lighting solutions, then this price list can help you prepare your budget.

      Price of Solar Street Light with Pole

      If you are planning to get a solar street light for your street house, backyard, or parking lot, you must be thinking about its purchase pricing. To give you an idea the initial investment for these off-grid solar lights is almost double the investment for a traditional street light system. Therefore, you have to prepare a much bigger budget for the entire lighting system as well as for its installation.

      But, the good catch for investing in solar street lights is its abundant benefits; and one of these is to avoid the hefty electric bills you have to pay monthly. To give you an estimate, over the 8 years you may pay about $10,000 for the maintenance and electricity costs. On the other hand, if you will invest in a solar street light, the cost will become much lesser, let’s say approximately $5,000, which is only half of your expenses on standard street lights.

      Different Types of Solar Street Lights and its Cost 

      Solar street lights are available in a variety of styles, designs, features, and purposes. They are:

      1. Split Solar Street Light

      A Split solar street light generates power from its power supply system and is not connected to the electric grid. It is composed of solar panels, a lamp head, a lamp pole, based and a control box with the controller and battery. Typically, these street lights are available in two types of solar street lamp systems: 12V and 24V. The split solar street light is flexible enough to adjust where the sunlight is to absorb more heat because it is composed of a rotatable solar panel.

      Besides, you can use any size of solar panel to generate and store more solar power to make it stay longer during winter nights. The split-type solar street lamps use a large-capacity lead-acid battery, particularly a gel battery, which provides a 100-percent luminous light all night.

      A Split-type solar street light pole is usually more than 5m in height with high gravity center while its solar panels are designed in hanging type to make the whole equipment set more wind resistant.


      Split solar street light’s cost varies according to its materials, poles, and installation. Typically, the entire set costs double the price of an integrated solar street light with its average cost ranging from $150 to $400. The installation is not yet included in this average total cost.

      1. All-in-one Solar Street Lights

      All-in-one solar street lights are the new generation set of solar-led street lights built with batteries, LED lights, and controllers in one body lamp. Unlike, split-type solar street lights, these lights are all compact with one body. The battery that can be used with these is a lithium battery and lead-acid battery. Also, it only carries a smaller size than the split-solar street lights since all-in-one solar street lights equipment are combined to make one lamp body. Since it was compacted into one body and operates as one, a constant heavy rain might lessen its performance.


      The cost may differ according to the installation cost and the product materials it has. The cost of all-in-one solar street lights is much cheaper than that of Split-type solar street lights. Its average cost ranges from $90 to $200. The installation cost is not included in the given price.

      1. Two-in-one Solar Street Lights

      Two-in-one solar street lights have a solar panel installed on the body lamp’s top powered by batteries, LED fixtures, and controllers. Since it is made with a solar panel bracket design, it is not capable of carrying a solar panel power capacity bigger than 50W. For that reason, the led power should be under 30w – 40W only to ensure a longer lighting time. Same with other solar street lights, it also generates and converts solar energy to solar power without depending on the grid. It also has a pole to support its base.


      The cheapest cost of two-in-one solar street lights spans from $20 to $40 but these lights only last for a year.  Whereas, its average price ranges from $60-$150. This price is only for the lights and poles.

      1. Solar CFL Street Light

      Solar CFL street light is an independent solar PV street lighting system composed of a solar photovoltaic module that works for battery charging, a rechargeable lead-acid battery that works as power storage; a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) as a light source; a high-efficiency electronic inverter and controllers for the lamp operation, battery charging and discharging; and a hard-ware like a pole and battery box.  It is also equipped with automatic dusk to dawn sensors and a pre-set timer. It carries 12,15,18, and 24 W of solar capacity.

      This street light produces a high luminous light efficiency which is highly in demand in the market for crossroads and streets located in areas that are far from the electric grid.


      Its average price rolls down into a cheaper price today as compared to its pricing a few years ago. Currently, solar CFL street lights cost around $130 to $200 which is close enough to all-in-one solar street lights.

      1. Solar LED Street Light

      Solar LED street light comprises Solar PV Module for battery charging, inverter, controllers, poles, and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps for its light sources. Among other lamps, LED is one of the practical and common lamps because many Solar LED Street Light manufacturers offer them in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. It’s durable making it last for as long as 50,000 hours in use. LED only requires very little current to work, that’s why it is smaller than other lamps. Although it is small in actual size it can still handle 6W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, and 24W solar capacity. One of its main advantages is they are easy to install which also makes the installation fee much cheaper than other solar street lights.


      The average cost of solar LED-powered street lights varies depending on the materials. However, unlike other solar street lights, LED lights only cost around $10 to $50 without the installation fee and pole.

      Installation Cost

      Although the installation of conventional electrical street lights is more affordable than solar-powered lights, you can still earn more savings by investing in solar street lights, when you compute your expenses on electric-powered lights over time.

      To give you an idea, a typical high-pressure sodium street light powered by electricity costs around $1,350.00 including the pole. While its installation costs, to set up the pole and connect the electrical wire from the pole to the transformer, might cost you about $4,550.00. Take note that your monthly electric bill is not yet included in the computation.

      On the other hand, Solar street lights with poles and installation fees can cost around $1,800.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the system that you need. Its installation is quick and easy as it is not connected to the grid, making it more affordable.  For this initial investment, you can save money from the 25 years of electrical bills for your lights, not to mention the other benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in solar street lights.

      Benefits of Solar Street Lights

      1. Lifespan – Compared to traditional street lights, solar-powered lights can last longer. How? a conventional street light can last for approximately an average of 5,000 to 8000 hours or to make it simpler, it can only last for a year or less of usage. On the other hand, solar-powered lights’ lifespan is around 5 to 7 years, making it ahead of the traditional lights.
      2. Energy-efficient – One of its advantages is its ability to save energy while producing enough solar power to light the streets at night. Generally, the energy that can be saved from solar lights is around 40 to 60% as compared to the traditional high-intensity discharge light products that consume a lot of energy.
      3. Eco-friendly – For being solar-powered street lights, they offer an eco-friendly lighting solution. Besides, it is a good alternative to the conventional street light system. Aside from it generates power from renewable energy, it also has no mercury in the structure. It also has much sturdy and durable combined materials contributing to its longer life span which reduces more waste compared to traditional street lights.
      4. Less light waste – Street lights powered by solar are made with direct refractors that help in lessening the undue loss of light, leading to high-quality performance. Besides, the light from the solar lamps reaches where it is positioned, so there will be little to no light energy waste.
      5. Low greenhouse gas emission – One of the main reasons for intense global warming is the constant release of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Thus, it should be lessened, if it cannot be avoided. By using solar-powered street lights, you can help in eliminating carbon emissions since it does not release greenhouse gases.

      Is it Worth it to Buy and Install Solar Street Lights?

      Given the average cost of solar street light, its installation plus its abundant benefits to users, we must say that it is indeed worth your money and effort. As compared to standard electric street lights, solar street lights are one step ahead. This light can provide more benefits to its users due to its state-of-the-art and smart technology that blends with the world we have today. Although it cost a big amount of money, you can guarantee that you’re paying for a lifetime investment that can return your initial expenses for the next coming years.

      To learn more: please email

      LED integrated solar street light advantages

      5 Best Solar Street Lights Reviews 2021 in China

      If you are looking for the best quality solar street light, in this article, Clodesun will discuss the top 5 best solar street lights reviews 2021 in China.

      5 key points on when buying solar street lights

      For customers, what they consider about the solar street lights they will buy will be different. And here we list the 5 key standards that the customers will consider to choose the best solar street lights for their projects

      Brightness: It is the lumens, not the led power to judge the brightness of lamps.
      Lighting time: How many hours lighting in one night & How many cloudy days lighting
      Life span : / warranty: 1 year / 2 year / 3 year / 5 year
      Price: Price for personal use, projects for the town, and the city are different
      Outlook: Part of the customers will care about the outlook of the solar street lights lamps

      In this article, you will learn, Here Are The Top 5 Best quality Solar Street Lights company in China:

      1. Leadsun Outdoor Solar Street Lights
      2. DEL all in one solar street light
      3. Clodesun Solar LED street Lights Outdoor
      4. SOKOYO  split solar street light
      5. Nomo smart solar street light

         1. Leadsun outdoor solar street light

      Leadsun solar street light

      LEADSUN is continually striving to provide our customers with the most intelligent and easy-to-install solar lighting solution, it’s our constant focus on innovation and quality that makes LEADSUN distinct from any other solar lighting company.

      Combining modern, world-class solar lighting engineering design with wireless SMART control technologies, Leadsun truly is at the forefront of the solar street lighting industry. Providing everything from development and manufacturing to innovative installation solutions, Leadsun offers clients a comprehensive, end-to-end solar lighting solution that includes full system design engineering support on all products.

      Currently holding international patents for our ‘All-In-One’ solar lighting technology, Leadsun are industry pioneers, proud to have helped revolutionize solar lighting from ‘simple lighting’ to ‘intelligent lighting’.

      PROS: Long last time, Long life span, Long last time, Good outlook.

      CONS: High price

         2. DEL all in one solar street light

      DEL solar street light

      DEL designed all in one solar street light. It is the leading R&D center of LED in the world. What’s more, their team have 10 years experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs.

      In addition, all DEL products are patent designs. You can only find this kind of product in our company, so it will be very good for your sales and marketing.

      PROS: Long last time, Long life span, Good outlook.

      CONS: High price, short last time,

          3. Clodesun Solar LED street Lights Outdoor

      clodesun solar street light

      Clodesun is the top solar street light manufacturers and suppliers are already implementing many new designs in order to improve all in one solar street lamp solutions, one of the top solar street light manufacturers and suppliers in the world is Shenzhen based company Clodesun,

      It developed a completely new design solar street light mode that uses the best class battery and MPPT controller high efficiency, monocrystalline solar panel, smart MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, > 160 lumens per watt adjustable LED modules, a long life LiFePO4 battery, microwave sensor control that allows 365 days of smooth operation.

      Clodesun is a leading supplier of commercial All in one solar LED lights that meet your need for various outdoor lighting applications – from commercial solar street lights and solar home system lights to the residential pathway and signage projects One of 5 Best Solar Street Light Manufacturers Brand in China, Clodesun is more focused on spending time and money on product design and development and controlling product good quality.

       PROS: Long last time, Long life span, Long last time, Good outlook, lower price

      CONS: New design, not popular.

             4. SOKOYO  split solar street light

      SOKOYO solar street light

      SOKOYO has been in this line since 1996. In the past years, SOKOYO has now become a group company with 4 factories, 2 overseas branch offices, and a foreign company.

      We have been certified by ISO9001 and TUV. With a yearly capacity of over 100,000 sets of solar street lights, SOKOYO has become the third-largest manufacturers in China.

      SOKOYO has taken part in establishing the Technical Criterions for Solar Outdoor Lighting and is one of the constitutions for the Solar Lighting Industry Standard in China. As the one and only in China that is capable of producing all components on our own, we have a strict quality controller, comprehensive technical support, and a shorter lead time.

      PROS: Long last time, Good outlook, Good price.

      CONS: short last time, short life span.

          5. Nomo smart solar street light

      Nomo solar street light

      Nomo has established its own R & D center, incorporating the latest trends and state-of-the-art technology into product design each year, keeping their products at the forefront of the trend. At the same time, Cohering a large number of hardcore staff from the world’s top manufacturers of hardware and software technology who has accumulated rich experience in project management.

      Nomo ensures products meet world-class standards with an Independent development body, structured, scientific, and standardized innovation system, continuous R & D investment. Nowadays, Nomo Products is highly favored by uses for its reliable product quality.

      PROS: Long last time, short last time, good outlook.

      CONS: short life span.High price.


      Above are the 5 Best Solar Street Lights Reviews 2021 in China, hope this article will give you some help in choosing good quality solar street light, As we all know, good quality products will not let you down.

      solar street light pole

      3 tips to choose solar street lights?

      Different roads situations, the size, height, shape, and material of the solar street light for pole are different. So how we choose solar street lights pole, following are 3 tips guidance.

      Solar street lights are composed of solar panels, batteries, LED lights, controllers, etc. When choosing solar street lights, people pay more attention to the quality of these accessories but ignoring the poles. Even light poles just play a role in supporting solar street lights. In fact, the selection of solar street lights poles is also very important.

      1. Solar street lights poles height requirements

      Taking rural roads as an example, most of the lamps and lanterns used are within 20W, installed at a height of 5-6 meters pole, with a spacing of about 20 meters and an average illumination of 5-10lx.

      Urban road traffic flow is busier, the illumination requirements of the road are also relatively high. Most of the lamps and lanterns used in the power of 15W to above, the installation height of 5-10 meters pole, spacing of 15-30 meters or so, the average illumination in 8-20lx, part of the highway or the main road will be higher.

      Generally, 5-6m light poles are suitable for rural roads, and 6-12m solar led street light poles are used for dual-lane country roads. In addition, the traffic flow on the road must also be taken into consideration.

      palm tree solar street light

      2. Solar Street Lights Pole Material requirements

      The material of the solar-led street lamp pole will directly affect its lifespan. Nowadays, the common light poles are rolled from Q230 steel. The corrosion resistance of this material itself is bad, so the surface will be galvanized to enhance the corrosion resistance of the light pole.

      solar street light pole

      solar street light pole

      For example, hot-dip galvanizing or cold-dip galvanizing. Relatively speaking, the anti-corrosion performance of the hot-dip galvanizing light pole is better. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the light pole treated in this way when purchasing. In addition, some of the solar-led street light poles that are often seen now also have surfaces that are stainless steel or anodized. The corrosion resistance of these two materials is also particularly excellent. However, these two types of light poles are more expensive. Users can choose according to their own budget.

      3. solar street lights poles diameter thickness

      The diameter thickness of the solar street light pole can affect wind resistance and sufficient load-bearing capacity. so the wall thickness should be determined according to the specific scene of solar street lamp power, size, and weight. For example, 3~5m street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 2.5cm, 5~10m street lights must have a wall thickness of 4~4.5cm, and 8~15m high street lights must have a wall thickness of at least 6-cm. If the solar street light is installed where there are strong typhoons and heavy snow, the thickness of the diameter of the light pole needs to be thicker.


      All these factors people need to considered when choosing solar street light poles. For every street lamp, the pole height setting is reasonable, too high or too low will affect its use efficiency, The material and thickness determines the price of the solar street light pole, we recommend that people do not choose a low-priced solar street light pole for the sake of cheap, because they may cause safety problems.

      Editor: Belinda

      solar street light pole

      How to design solar street light pole height and distance

      If you have one solar street light project in hand, the solar street light suppliers usually will ask you such questions: Could you kindly tell me the width of the road or the height of the pole? We can supply the 3D Dialux simulation photometric according to your information.

      So how to determine the installation distance between solar power street lights? It can be considered from the following points:

       solar street light Lighting method

      Solar power street lights generally have three lighting methods when installing: single-sided lighting, cross lighting on both sides, and symmetric lighting on both sides. Special roads such as crossroads, T-shaped intersections, Lighting on the middle of two roads, and bends can be lighted according to the actual situation. Usually, solar street light projects using single-sided or two-sided two-way lighting can be used.

      solar street light pole Dialux

       Height of the solar street light pole

      The height of the solar power street light directly affects the illumination range of the led lamps. The higher the light pole, the wider the illumination range according to the Pythagorean theorem.

      For our palm tree foldable all in one solar street light as an example:

      6m pole, pole to pole distance is 22m, with 64W foldable all in one solar street light
      8m pole, pole to pole distance is 30m, with 100W foldable all in one solar street light
      9m pole, pole to pole distance 35m, with 120W affordable all in one solar street light

      palm tree solar street light

      Scenic spots and parks are generally suitable for installing solar power street lights of about 7 meters, In night, the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on rural roads is not large, so it is generally installed by one-sided interactive lighting, and the installation distance is about 20-25 meters. If it is less than 20 meters, part of the lighting will be affected. In addition, one more street light should be installed at the corner to avoid lighting blind spots.

      solar power street light installation 3D photometric drawing

      If you want to install a solar power street light with a pole height of 8 meters, you must ensure that the distance between the street lights is 25-30 meters. You should use the cross-lighting method for installation on both sides. This method is mostly used for road lighting with a width of 10 -15 meters.

      For roads with 12-meter light poles, the longitudinal spacing of solar power street lights is generally recommended to be 30-50 meters. Symmetrical lighting on both sides should be used, and the road lighting width needs to exceed 15 meters.

       LED light source power

      The power of the LED light source will also affect the installation spacing of solar LED street lights. If it is the same height, although the irradiation range is the same, the power is different, the lighting efficiency is very different. The effect of low wattage is not as good as that of high wattage. At this time, we must consider shortening the installation distance of solar power street lights and make them closer together, which will improve the lighting effect.

      Installation in accordance with the above requirements can greatly ensure the road lighting requirements without causing waste of resources. when you have a solar street light project need to design it. Please consult the professional solar power street light manufacturer, who can customize it according to the client’s road or applications situation.

      Belinda has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing of solar and LED lighting, making our design perfectly adapted to the market’s needs. She is passionate about solar streetlights and loves sharing her knowledge with the world.

      solar home equipment

      5 Pieces of Home Equipment You Didn’t Know Could Be Solar

      Solar-powered home equipment is a great investment that could help you save the environment and your household costs in the future. Electricity consumption is rapidly increasing this year, but experts have reported that the demand for renewable energy is also simultaneously rising.

      Numerous homeowners enjoy the benefits of renewable energy due to the wide selection of solar technologies that are available on the market. Similarly, you can reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills through the following solar-powered home equipment.

      Solar Lights

      Brighten up your home with the help of solar lights. Because you won’t need to lay cables to install these lights, they are great additions to your yard or your garden. Most importantly, these solar lights will never fail to provide you visibility, even through power outages. In fact, LED solar lights can still supply enough luminescence for 2-20 days, despite unfavorable weather conditions. The best part is that LED solar lights are very low-maintenance, plus they can light up your home for as long as 20 years!

      clodesun all in one solar street light

      Solar Cookers

      You can minimize your carbon footprint and cook food in any location by using solar cookers. This particular innovation can cook vegetables, bread, rice, and meat by capturing particles of light to generate heat. For example, box cookers can heat up food up to 150°C degrees by trapping light through a reflector.

      On the other hand, you can bake bread or fry potatoes using parabolic cookers, which are capable of reaching 204°C. Finally, panel cookers are great for families who love to camp because they are portable. However, it is important to note that these solar cookers work best during warmer months or in tropical countries.

      Air conditioning Units

      Make the most out of the bright, summer sun by cooling yourself down with a solar-powered air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioners, so you’ll need to pick a model that can be powered using solar panels. Then, invest in on-grid or off-grid solar power systems with a capacity of 3 kW to 10 kW.

      These can power air conditioning units in bedrooms and living rooms that use around 900 watts of energy, while central air conditioners need 3500 watts. However, most on-grid systems cannot function without electricity because they also rely upon the primary utility grid. On the other hand, off-grid systems can power your air conditioning units all year long!

      Water Heaters

      Solar-powered air conditioning units can give you a lot of comfort during the warmer months, while solar water heaters will be a saving grace through winter. There is a growing demand for solar water heaters because homeowners can choose from various options based on their household’s needs.

      For instance, homeowners in tropical climates can invest in active water heater systems with direct circulation systems, while others can invest in indirect circulation systems. If your budget is a bit tight, then you can look into passive water systems because they do not need mechanical pump components.

      Solar-Heated Swimming Pools

      A swimming pool can provide a lot of fun and excitement for you and your family, but the weather may prevent everyone from using it as often as you wish. To maximize your swimming pool, you can heat it up using a solar blanket. These products must be placed on your pool during the night so that it can absorb heat to its passive system and transmit warmth to the water. Once you take off the cover the next day, your pool will be ready for you.

      Upgrade your home by investing in solar home equipment. These tools can help you save a lot of money in the long run, plus they can provide a lot of comfort and convenience for your home.

      Written by Cherine Sienna Casford
      Exclusive for

      all in one solar street light

      What is Integrated All-in-One Solar Street Light?

      In our modern world, technology and innovations keep on improving every now and then. Inventions are constantly emerging in many industry sectors which also include the solar lighting technology sector. Since its initial production and launching, it has developed considerably and been continuously changing and improving its features and performance.

      From the usual rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, concentrating solar power, to solar-grid integration, solar energy sectors also managed to use solar panels in powering street lights. Through technology breakthroughs, the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels has significantly improved, creating a more sophisticated solar street lighting system.

      Traditional street lighting system users are now gradually switching to the solar street lighting system. With the help of remarkable advancements in clean technology and their visions to produce cost-effective compact solar street lights, they have created integrated solar street lights. These street lights have high efficiency, prolonged backup and acquire the best overall performance better than the older versions of solar street lights, making them widely used today.

      In today’s article, we are going to break down why integrated solar street lights are gaining so much popularity recently.

      Definition: Integrated  Solar StreetLight

      Integrated solar street light or also called all-in-one solar streetlight is the newly designed street light with a compact lighting solution. From the word itself, “integrated” combined several components in one product. The package is made with high-quality materials that can withstand all the elements in the environment where it will be installed. It comes with solar panels, LED fixtures, LED driver technology, a lithium-ion battery with advanced charging technology, a PIR motion sensor, and other smart technologies and electronics all compacted in one body with a mounted pole stand. All-in-one solar street light is compact and can easily be mounted on a pole top.

      all in one solar street light installed on both sides of a deck

      This all-in-one solar street light product also comes with a motion sensor and smart technologies yet providing a low-energy consumption solution to consumers. Not to mention that it has a long-lasting life span and high luminosity with low maintenance. The intelligent controller and sensor have different control requirements depending on the product. It also has a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery that can provide longer backup time and a better lifespan.

      However, although the components are integrated into one unit, these solar street lights’ solar panels are separated from the LED, battery, units, and controllers to not cause overheating to other components. Since the solar panel comes as an independent part, you can adjust it according to the direction of the sunlight to maximize heat absorption.

      Furthermore, some integrated models produce consistent 100% brightness from dusk until dawn making it more ideal for areas where night-long light is required. On the other hand, some types of integrated light operate at full brightness for a few hours, then later on it will operate at a lower level for the rest of the night not unless it detects body movement.

      How Integrated Solar Street Light Work?

      The integrated solar street light uses a PIR motion sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED light when it detects movement at a near distance. When it detects any body movement near the light post, the LED fixtures will adjust and produce full brightness. Then, when it no longer detects movement, it automatically reduces its brightness.

      On the other hand, with its time sensors (dusk to dawn operation) and controller, the solar lights can intelligently power on and off its light. When dawn comes, the LED lights will automatically turn off since during this time solar panel voltage tends to rise at 5v, and it can already detect little sunlight in the morning. When there is enough sunlight during the day, the solar panel will work together with its battery to charge and convert the solar energy into power. The solar charge controller helps in preventing overcharge, protecting its batteries.

      Components of Integrated Solar Street Lights

      When you purchase an all-in-one solar street light, it comes in one compact package but has several components. From the word itself “integrated” or “all-in-one”, these components are individually made then corporated to make an innovative product which is a solar street light.  Generally, an integrated solar street light has four main components, they are solar panels, LED fixture/source, batteries, and mounting pole.

      clodesun all in one solar street light

      Solar Panel

      Solar panels are one of the most essential components of an all-in-one solar street light. These panels are responsible for emitting sunlight and converting the gathered solar energy into electricity. When it comes to solar panels, you have two options to choose from. The two main types of solar panels available in the global market are mono-crystalline & poly-crystalline. Both of these panels convert solar energy, the only difference is the conversion rate and efficiency of polycrystalline solar panels are low compared to monocrystalline solar panels. Thus, if you need high power capacity, the latter one is the right panel for you.

      solar panel street light

      LED Source

      To make the solar street produce light, an LED fixture is needed. Among the other light fixtures, LED is the most preferred one for modern solar street light as it produces more luminous and can withstand outside elements. Another good thing about LED fixtures is they provide higher lumens with low energy consumption. This feature will save you more energy while getting its best performance. In fact, LED’s energy consumption is only about half of what traditional HPS fixtures consume. Also, LED lacks warm-up time making them more ideal for motion detectors and body sensors, which is also one of the best features of all-in-one solar street lights.

      solar led street light

      Rechargeable Batteries

      Another important component to make integrated solar street lights work is their batteries, whether it’s LiFeP04 battery, lithium-ion batteries, gel cell deep cycle batteries, or lead-acid batteries. The battery acts as the power storage of solar street lights. It stores electricity during the daytime while producing electricity to light the LED or fluorescent bulb at night. Battery capacity plays a vital role in the life span of the all-in-one solar street lights, so considering what type of battery to choose is crucial. Among the battery types, lithium-ion batteries are the most preferred nowadays due to their compact size, eco-friendly features, and it suits well in solar street lights.

      solar street light battery price

      Mounting Pole

      Above all else, to make solar street lights more effective and efficient, mounting poles are also needed. PV panels, fixtures, batteries, and other electronics are integrated into the pole itself particularly those newer designs. When it comes to poles, you should choose a sturdy and strong pole since the components of integrated solar street lights are mounted on top of it. You should also consider the wind resistance factor when choosing poles as it accounts for the successful installation of your solar street light.

      How to Install Integrated Solar Street Light?

      Installing integrated all-in-one solar street lights must be easy and quick. If you have no idea how to do it, you may refer to the instructions below.


      Before anything else, you must choose a suitable area to install the street light. It is recommended to choose an area that directly receives abundant sunlight. Next, familiarize yourself with the manual included in your integrated solar street lights package, and makes sure all kits are complete.

      Secure the Foundation.

      Once you figured out how to install it, prepare your foundation. Make sure that the surface is flat and has no curve patterns to ensure that the pole is securely fastened to the ground.

      Install Battery Box.

      By installing the battery box, you also need to install the battery itself. It is often recommended to place your battery underground to prevent the direct impact of the sun.

      Solar Street Lamp Installation.

      Make sure you get the proper connections between the solar panels, batteries and other components. Install the lights onto the pole ensure to secure the LED bulbs in the lamp holder.

      Check all Connections and the Pole.

      Go and check if all connections work properly. Also, make sure that the lamp pole laps perfectly with the bottom foundation.

      Benefits of Integrated Solar Street Light

      The integrated solar street light will not gain popularity nowadays without its abundant and unending benefits to the environment and consumers. If you’re still undecided whether to switch on solar street lights or stay with the traditional one, you should consider checking out all-in-one solar street lights’ benefits. Below are some of its common advantages:

      1. Easy transport and installation.

      With its compact size, it is easy to ship plus it has an easy installation process that can be done in a few minutes only. When installing integrated solar street lights, there is no complex wiring process, unlike the traditional street lights. If you’re only new to this, you can still install it without any hassle since it doesn’t require an engineering or electrical background and skills in setting it up. All you need to do to finish the product installation successfully is the 12 pieces fastening screws.

      1. More than half lesser energy consumption than traditional street lights.

      The light sources of the standard solar street lights were Metal Halide(MH) or High-Pressure Sodium(HPS), which means the luminous efficacy is about 60 to 80 lumens per watt. Fortunately, with the help of clean technology sectors, a cutting-edge LED lighting system is invented. An LED source has significantly boosted the luminous efficacy up to 200 lumens per watt. Also, with the aid of solar batteries, consumers can still get the same brightness at night while consuming much less energy.

      All-in-one solar street lights equipped with this kind of light source can easily get 5+ days autonomy, making it possible to operate normally in areas with constant rainy seasons or get less sunlight.

      1. High hurricane/typhoon and shocking resistance ability.

      All-in-one integrated solar street lights are made and designed with compact style, unlike with that of split-types solar street lights, in which solar panels are separated from the LED fixtures. Due to its compact structure, it can withstand hurricanes/typhoons while offering better performance at the same time. Besides, it’s applicable for outdoors since has dustproof, waterproof, anti-static, and shocking resistant features.

      1. Lower shipping cost.

      Because integrated solar street lights are compact in structure and have an all-in-one design, it also has lower shipping cost. Besides, these lights are lightweight which makes the transportation and installation effortless.

      If you are planning to resell it, you should consider a compact design factor since it can affect your profit margin. The full shipping container loads of solar street lights could be twice or three times compared before. Today, the rent of a warehouse can cost much lesser than before.

      1. Minimal to zero maintenance.

      Compared to traditional street lights, all-in-one solar street lights require minimal to zero maintenance due to their materials and compact design. Plus, some models have their cleaning features.

      1. Ideal for almost every environment.

      You can install all-in-one and integrated solar street lights almost everywhere and anywhere such as street corners, roadsides, highways, driveways, parking lots, gardens, patio, backyards, pathways, playgrounds, parks and even in the remote areas as long as the area receives sufficient direct sunlight.

      1. Low risks of thefts and fewer accidents.

      Since these street lights have no external wires and cables used for components connection, they will not cause any accidents such as electrocution, overheating, and strangulation. Also, there will be lower risks of theft since all of its components are placed on the top of the pole.

      Why Choose Integrated Solar Street Lights?

      From what is stated above, there are many reasons why everyone prefers to use integrated all-in-one solar street light. One of those reasons is that these street lights make life easier and lighter with their features and simple installation process. Also, most of its components are made from high-quality materials and equipped with the latest smart technologies and electronics.

      Apart from their specific features, solar street lights generally have delightful effects on our environment. These street lights can provide a significant lowering of the carbon emissions created by people, residential, commercial and industrial operations. Besides, in terms of its overall cost, solar street lights are a way better investment compared to traditional street lights, considering the initial investment and O&M costs of the latter one. All in all, integrated solar street lights are a perfect eco-friendly lighting solution and alternative to conventional street lights.

      Clodesun provided 5 years warranty on all-in-one integrated solar street lights, we can offer this longer warranty as we are focus on using only high-quality all-in-one integrated solar street light components from reputable products.