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Clodesun brightnes solar street light

6 Tips to Choose Solar Street Light

Solar energy, a green energy source, and How to correctly choose solar street lamps, have received widespread attention from everyone in recent years. Today Clodesun will talk to you about the impact of parameters on product quality and how to choose an insurance solar street lamp.

Whether solar lights are of good quality depends on three points:

1: Brightness, the brighter the light, the more sense of security it gives people.

2: Last hours at night, a lamp that can continue to light up all night will give people a higher degree of trust.

3: Life span, no matter how cheap something is, you don’t want it to break after a few days of use. The price here is directly proportional to the quality.

However, in recent years, due to the vicious low-price competition of some suppliers who lack integrity, the solar street light market is leading to an embarrassing situation full of misleading information, and disorderly competition. The price of solar street lights with the same wattage may differ by 10 times; even if they look similar, the price will differ by 2 to 3 times. This is the current state of chaos in the market.

So How to choose Solar Street Lights, there are 6 tips as following: 

1. Solar street light internal structure

Solar street lights are a complex system, but this is only for the manufacturing process of the manufacturer; for dealers, contractors, installers, and users, it is very simple to distinguish the pros and cons of solar street lights! After getting samples from different manufacturers, take them apart and look at every accessory, and you have a 60% chance of seeing the truth.

Quality solar street light

2. Solar Street Lamps panels Size and types

1. Power & Size: Generally speaking, the power of a solar panel depends on its size; when the prices of two solar street lights differ several times, first compare their solar panel sizes.

All in one solar led street light

2. Type & Efficacy: The efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels; of the same size, the power of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline ones.

solar street light pv types


√Professional solar street light 20W vs.                  ×  low-price solar street light 20W

Monocrystalline solar panel power: 35~40Wp  ×Solar panel size: 270*220 mm

√Solar panel size: 820*272 mm                               ×Solar panel size: 270*220 mm


3. Solar Street Light Controller types and Waterproof Levels

1. Type of controller: MPPT or PWM? Usually, an MPPT controller is more efficient and costly than a PWM.

2. IP level: IP: refers to the waterproof level of the controller, which determines the service life of the controller. As shown on the right side of the picture below, the service life of a bare-board controller without waterproof treatment is much lower than that of a controller with a high waterproof level.

Solar street light controllers MPPT vs PWM

Solar street light controllers MPPT vs PWM


4. Solar Street Light Battery Types

Batteries are the key to cost and supplier quotations. They are the most controversial part of solar streetlights. Most unscrupulous merchants make huge profits by selling low-priced and inferior batteries as substandard ones.

A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from the electric car(D-class), over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use broken lithium batteries which are detached from Electricity cars, lifespan less than one year.

 A class solar street light batteryC class solar street light battery

4. Solar street lights Types and quantities of LED chips

1. LED chip & LED light efficiency: Different suppliers use different LED lamp beads, and the costs are also different. Take the 3030 chip as an example. For chips of the same size, if the manufacturer is different, the light efficiency, light attenuation, and service life of the chip are greatly different.

It is recommended to choose suppliers of famous brand chips, such as PHILIPS, CREE, SEOUL, and OSRAM.

solar street light LED chips

solar street light LED chips

2. Number of LEDs: At present, there is a wrong trend of thought: the more lamp beads, the higher the wattage of the lamp. So everyone started counting lamp beads. Adding lamp beads has almost no meaning in improving the brightness (luminous flux) of the lamp.

Taking Philips 3030 lamp beads as an example, when the driving power is within 0.5~0.7W/unit, the light efficiency of the lamp beads is in the high light efficiency range. Therefore: What determines the illumination of solar streetlights is the actual electrical power, not the number of LED lamp beads.

solar street light led chips quantities

solar street light led chip quantities

When people buy solar street lights, their core focus should be on comparing the luminous flux (LM) of the lights, which is the brightness, rather than the so-called wattage (W)!

5. Solar street light radiator

A good quality cooling and heat dissipation device is very necessary for LED light sources. LED modules without radiators will rapidly decay and accelerate aging. The brightness of the lamp will drop rapidly and the service life will be greatly shortened.

Solar street light radiator

Solar street light radiator

6. Solar street light Case material

1. Material: High-quality solar street lights use aluminum alloy casings, while low-priced street lights use iron or plastic materials.

all in one solar street light

2. Screws & Bolts: High-quality solar street lights use 304 stainless steel screws and anti-corrosion bolts; street lights installed on the seaside are equipped with 316 screws.

solar street light screws and bolts

solar street light screws and bolts

3. Appearance & size: For professional solar lighting projects, the focus should be on the rationality and stability of the lamp body structure, rather than the appearance of the lamp; there is no need to be overly obsessed with the appearance or spend too much money on the appearance.

All in one solar led street light

When purchasing solar street lights, relative brightness, quality, lifespan, and appearance should always be the last considerations.


Solar street lights systems are project products, usually, a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street light, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, Investing in a high-quality solar street light may result in long-term cost savings. and I hope that Clodesun summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.



    Solar Street Lights Government Project Proposal

    Solar Street Lights Government Project Proposal

    Solar streetlights have grown in popularity as a sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solution for public areas. Along with being environmentally friendly, these lights are safe and cost-effective. So more and more governments decided to adopt solar streetlights on government roads and outdoor car parks of government buildings to improve the safety of the traveling environment at night and reduce operating costs.

    solar street light government project

    Steps to Finish Government Solar Street Light Project

    Step 1: Solar Street Light Project Background Research

    Introduce the basic situation of the project area, including geographical location, climate characteristics, etc.

    Point out the problems that existing street lighting systems may face, such as energy consumption, maintenance costs, etc.

    Step 2: Solar Street Light Requirements Analysis

    List the main requirements of the project, including providing adequate lighting, energy conservation, and environmental protection, reducing maintenance costs, etc.

    Step 3: Solar Street Light Design Plan

    Based on factors such as sunshine coefficient, temperature, road width, length of rainy season, etc., the solution of using solar street lights is proposed.

    Introducing the working principle of solar street lights: energy is collected through solar panels and stored in batteries for night lighting.

    Evaluation of the installation situation

    Photovoltaic street lights mainly rely on sunlight to provide working energy and environmental assessment must be carried out before installation and design.

    1. Sunshine time: greater than 2000H

    2. Ambient temperature: minus 20℃–65℃

    3. Surrounding environment:

    a. Check whether there are trees, buildings, etc. blocking both sides of the road in the installation section (mainly the south side or the east and west sides). If trees or buildings are blocking the lighting, measure its height and distance from the installation site, and calculate Determine whether it affects the lighting of the solar cell module; the general requirement for solar lighting is that the solar lighting can at least ensure that no obstruction affects the lighting between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

    b. Observe whether there are cables, wires, or other facilities above the installation location of the solar lamps that may affect the installation of the lamps (Note: It is strictly prohibited to install solar lamps under high-voltage lines);

    c. Understand whether there are cables, optical cables, pipelines, or other facilities that may affect the construction of the solar street light foundation and battery compartment underground and whether there are any signs prohibiting construction, etc. When installing, try to avoid the above facilities. If it is impossible to avoid them, please contact the relevant departments and negotiate and agree before proceeding with construction.

    d. Avoid installation in low-lying, soft soil or areas prone to water accumulation;

    e. Take on-site photos of the installation area;

    f. Measure the width, length, height, and distance of obstructions and other parameters of the road section, record the road direction, and provide photos and other data to the scheme designer for reference.

    Step 4: Solar Street light Technical parameters

    List the key technical parameters of the selected solar street lights, including solar panel efficiency, battery capacity, LED lighting effect, etc.

    1. Light pole: 6000mm special tapered street light pole; please see the drawing for appearance size and color requirements. It is made of hot-dip galvanizing/plastic spraying inside and outside. The surface is rust-proof and anti-corrosion-treated. It is smooth and flat, will not peel for 10 years, and is wind-resistant. Strength: 100 km/h.

    2. Working hours: 12 hours/night, working normally for ≥10 consecutive rainy days.

    3. The length of the street lamp body is 545mm. Please refer to the picture for the lamp head style.

    4. The solar energy is placed on the solar bracket, the controller is installed in the battery module, and the battery module is installed on the solar bracket and under the solar panel. It is portable and easy to install.

    5. The solar bracket is locked on the street light pole with expansion screws.

    6. The solar panels are made of polycrystalline silicon, with a total rated output power of 200W, a service life of ≥15 years, and a warranty period of 5 years; the conversion efficiency is guaranteed to be ≥18.5%, and the power deviation rate is ≤3%; it can withstand snow pressure: 2200Pa, can withstand Wind pressure: 3200Pa.

    ★7. Battery: Use lithium iron phosphate battery, service life ≥5 years, warranty period 5 years, capacity deviation rate ≤5%, temperature range: -20℃–65℃.

    8. LED light source: rated power 36W, using imported high-power LED integrated chips, lamp efficiency ≥135lm/w, service life 50000h, average annual attenuation rate ≤3%, warranty period 5 years.

    9. Controller: (1) Specifications: 24V, 10A, integrated light control and time control; (2) Lifespan ≥5 years, free warranty period of 1 year; (3) The product has under-voltage protection, safety lightning protection, load Short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, load overcurrent protection, reverse discharge protection, low voltage energy saving protection, charging voltage protection, load startup instantaneous high current protection. (4) Static average power consumption ≦0.05W; (5) -25℃~70℃ high and low-temperature resistance laboratory performance test, which can guarantee long-term normal use at high and low temperatures of -10℃~60℃ at least.

    10. Solar LED lamps Wind resistance : ≥100km/hs, protection level: IP65.

    Step 5: Solar street light government project Design details

    A detailed description of the components and installation methods of solar street lights, including the layout of solar panels, the installation height of lamps, etc.

    1. According to the width of the road and lighting requirements, choose the lighting installation method:

    a. One-sided arrangement

    b. Bilateral staggered arrangement

    c. Bilateral symmetrical arrangement;

    solar street light pole design

    Height of the solar street light pole

    The height of the solar power street light directly affects the illumination range of the LED lamps. The higher the light pole, the wider the illumination range according to the Pythagorean theorem.

    For our palm tree foldable all-in-one solar street light as an example:

    6m pole, pole to pole distance is 22m, with 60W  solar street light
    8-10m pole, pole to pole distance is 30m, with 100W solar street light
    9m-12m pole, pole to pole distance 35m, with 120W solar street light

    palm tree solar street light

    Scenic spots and parks are generally suitable for installing solar power street lights of about 7 meters, At night, the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles on rural roads is not large, so it is generally installed by one-sided interactive lighting, and the installation distance is about 20-25 meters. If it is less than 20 meters, part of the lighting will be affected. In addition, one more street light should be installed at the corner to avoid lighting blind spots.

    Step 6: Economic Analysis

    Analyze the economic benefits of using solar street light solutions, including energy saving, consumption reduction, maintenance cost savings, etc.

    Compare the overall investment and return of traditional electric street lights and solar street lights.

    Step 7: Sustainability and environmental protection

    Emphasize the sustainability and environmental protection advantages of solar street light solutions, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce energy dependence.

    Step 8: Risks and Challenges

    List possible risks and challenges, such as the impact of unstable weather conditions on energy collection, equipment maintenance, and other issues.

    Step 9: Future Outlook

    Looking forward to the future development prospects of solar street lights, combined with the improvements and innovations that may be brought about by technological progress.


    So far, Clodesun has undertaken the Kenya project and Yemen Solar Stree Lighting Government project of the United Nations Office for Project Services, the Syria project of the United Nations Development Program, the international Cameroon Project, as well as national projects of Benin, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.;

    We have accumulated experience in hundreds of domestic and overseas large-scale roadway lighting projects, creating feasible technology space for product innovation and upgrading.








      Endurance solar street light

      How to find Reliable Endurance Solar Street Lights

      In recent years, many customers often complain that the solar street lights they bought do not work properly or do not work even in less than six months. Because some suppliers are looking for quick profits in a hurry but do not pay attention to the quality standard of their brand products. A very good quality solar street light can last more than 5-8 years.

      Recently, a Malaysian and Australian customer was sad to talk with me and said that they no longer wanted to sell solar street light systems because the life of the solar street lights they bought never exceeded two years, I sympathize with their experience deeply, the solar street light market is very confusing these years.

      Solar Street Light Failure Project Analysis

      In 2015, for Pakistan’s 40,000 sets of solar street lights project, a Pakistani female senior official personally searched for Chinese factories.

      A good quality factory quoted a minimum price of 1,300 RMB per unit, but the Pakistani female senior officials demanded 900 RMB per unit, the factory refused as the price was not enough to buy the required materials.

      Meanwhile, another factory promised that it could be done for 900 RMB, and even gave the senior woman a “kickback” commission of 200 RMB per unit, leaving the price of solar street light products at only 700 RMB per unit. How was that possible? To cut costs, the supplier used cheap materials of poor quality.

      It turned out, that nearly all 40,000 sets of lamps were broken in less than 6 months. This high-level female official was arrested and has been in jail ever since.

      There is no industry standard, customers are always looking for low prices, and many solar street light factories to make higher profits, can only reduce the price of their products. Configured or with very poor quality materials, customers happily thought they were buying cheap and good products, but in fact, the quality of these solar street lights does not work for half a year or even less than two months, which led to more and more people no longer trust in solar street lights.

       Don’t just look at the solar street light parameters only

      When we buy quality solar streetlights, we must not just look at the specifications advertised by the suppliers. Because the battery that the supplier may advertise is 100Ah, the actual product purchased is only 10Ah. Even with the same capacity, the available capacity of batteries of different grades is different. For the same solar street light, some suppliers label 60W, and some may label 300W.

      The solar street lighting system is very different from the traditional utility city street light, such as in terms of the power of LED lights, You may often see 300W and 500W power solar street light systems in the market, As we all know, a 300W solar street light work 12 hours need power is 3600WH every night, so the power of solar panels needs at least 800W. This is undoubtedly an unreasonable configuration for a solar street road system, especially an all-in-one solar street light.

      Cheap & low-quality solar street lights= Waste of Money

      People want to buy the cheapest products, but the cheap ones do not mean the most cost-effective. It also depends on the effect and longevity. For example:

      With the 10-year lifespan of a $300 high-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $30.

      With the 1 year lifespan of a $100 poor-quality solar light, the average annual cost is $100. If it is broken, it is a waste of time and energy, which is not worth it.

      To get more business, some greedy manufacturers produce low-quality products with shoddy standard parameters, causing a large number of performance issues which lead to many people opting for electric street lights instead of solar street light products.

      Some customers lost faith in Chinese products. They think that Chinese products break easily. Here are some of the “horror stories” I’ve personally known over the years.


      8 Tips to Find Reliable Endurance Solar Street Lights

      1: Solar street light Battery life

      A-class LiFePO4 Lithium> B-class LiFePO4 Lithium>Ternary Li-ion Lithium> Broken Lithium detached from the electric car(D-class), over 90% of Solar street light manufacturers use broken lithium batteries which are detached from Electricity cars, lifespan less than one year.

       solar street light battery types

      Solar streetlight battery types

      If you want to buy high-quality solar street lights, Belinda suggests you choose an A-class A-class LiFePO4 battery or a B-class Lifepo4 battery, Although their cost is higher than other batteries, their lifespan will be extended by more than three to five years. if you need to install solar street lights in places where the sun is not particularly sufficient, we can also choose to use a Ternary lithium battery.

      A class solar street light batteryC class solar street light battery

      A plus LiFePo4 battery about 3.9-4.8$/Ah

      A class LiFePo4 battery is about 2.8-3.5$/ah

      C class LiFePo4 Battery is about 1-2$/Ah

      D class LiFePo4 Battery is about 0.5-0.9$/Ah

      The battery capacity directly affects the performance and functionality of solar streetlights. A battery with a larger capacity can power brighter LED lights, cover a wider area, and provide enhanced lighting intensity. This results in improved visibility, increased safety, and better security in the illuminated areas. Consequently, solar street lights with higher battery capacities offer superior performance, but their advanced capabilities contribute to their higher prices

      2: Solar street light Solar panel size

      Solar panel efficiency plays a significant role in the overall performance of a solar street light. Higher efficiency means the solar panels can convert more sunlight into usable energy. When selecting a solar street light, look for high-quality solar panels with good conversion rates to maximize energy generation.

      The wider solar panel size means Large load power, and high capacity, which can increase the solar panel Efficiency, could offer enough power for bearing power, and is the insurance of brightness and longer backup time during cloudy days.

      solar panel led street light size

      solar panel-led street light size

      However, the low-quality solar panel size configuration is less than two and a half times the load power. If the cloudy days exceed more than the expected design requirements, the LED light would not work.

      Solar Panel Capacity: Assess the solar panel capacity accurately. Higher solar panel capacity means more energy can be captured and converted into usable power. This directly impacts the charging capabilities and overall performance of the lights, especially during low sunlight conditions.


      mono solar pv VSpoly solar pv

      mono solar pv VSpoly solar pv

      3: Solar street light LED Chip Lumen

      The brightness and light output of a solar street light are essential considerations. It is crucial to determine the required brightness level based on the intended usage. Common units of measurement for light output include lumens and lux. Understanding these measurements will help you select a solar street light with adequate illumination.

      210lm/w: Brightness decayed in 5 years and more than 80% brightness remained.

      110lm/w: Brightness decayed in 2-3 years and about 20% brightness remained.

      solar led street light

      Lumen Output: Look beyond the wattage! The lumen output directly determines the brightness and effectiveness of the lighting solution. Don’t be misled by inflated numbers. Ask for verified lumen output data to ensure you get the desired illumination for your project.

      cree LED LIGHT

      Cree LED LIGHT

      4: Solar street light Solar panel size Case and Bracket Material

      Quality solar street lights use a customized die-casting aluminum mold, The advantages of die-casting aluminum mold are lightweight, strong corrosion-resistant, and anti-rust. Making it able to resist a strong wind load of up to 130MPH, stainless steel screws are used as fasteners to protect against any harsh weather. The die-casting aluminum mold is elegant and characteristic.

      Solar streetlights are exposed to various weather conditions throughout the year. Therefore, it is crucial to choose lights with sturdy construction and weatherproof features. Look for lights made from durable materials that can withstand harsh weather elements such as rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.

      Lower quality solar street lights just use mold and rough craft, the installing structure needs support by Knighthead, to recover the structure strength issue, making installation more complex, lack of stability, and not anti-strong wind.

       solar street light Bracket Material

      Bracket Material

      5: The Solar street light Motion sensor type

      The sensors are of two types:

      • Microwave induction ( can sense moving objects)
      • Infrared induction (detect only temperature-bearing organisms)

      The PIR or the Passive Infrared Sensor is included in many solar streetlights to help conserve energy. The sensors work by measuring infrared light allowing the sensor to detect movement.

      solar street light with motion sensor

      6: Whether heat Dissipation between solar panels and light

      In summer, the solar panel is as hot as 90°C, and 80°C inside the solar lamp body. (We have tested ), The maximum temperature of solar panels in summer can reach 90 degrees Celsius.

      Solar street light temperature

      Hot will damage the battery and LED source, so we separate the hot solar panel and it has a shadow, makes solar street light cool, and enlarges the lifespan of the battery and LED source.

      The charging and discharging environment temperature of the LiFePO4 lithium battery is up to 65 degrees Celsius.
      The charging and discharging environment temperature of the Ternary Li-ion lithium battery is up to 50 degrees Celsius.

      Solar led street light battery temperature

      Solar-led street light battery temperature

      7: Whether Solar street light Solar panel size  solar panels can adjust

      Different countries and regions have different geographic locations and latitudes. When people install solar street lights someplace, on one side, the solar panel can face the sun directly, but on the other side, the solar panel can not face the sun, so if the solar panel can be adjustable, it will absorb more solar energy, which can maximize the conversion of solar energy while the lower quality solar led street light panel is fixed, causing low conversion rate of solar and the using areas are also limited.

      Because the maximum temperature of solar panels in summer can reach 90 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if you are in a hot area, such as
      Africa: Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Morocco, Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, Mauritius, Equatorial Guinea, Botswana, Gabon, Namibia, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria
      Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, UAE, Oman, Qatar
      Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Philippines
      South America: Chile Mexico
      You can only use LiFePO4 lithium batteries. Ternary batteries are easy to catch fire. The heat dissipation performance of the lamp must be good, and the solar panel should not be in direct contact with the battery.

      If you are at a latitude greater than 15 degrees, the sun will have an inclination angle greater than 15 degrees with the ground. Try to consider solar street lights with adjustable solar panel angles. Solar streetlights installed on both sides of the road should not have solar panels facing away from the situation of sunlight.

      solar street lamps panel fold

      solar street lamps panel fold

      adjust solar panel street light

      Adjust solar panel street light

      8. Solar street light warranty

      Warranty is also crucial because solar streetlights are electronic products and may have malfunction experience. There is No Solar Street Light Manufacturer that can guarantee that their solar street lights will never experience any faults during their usage.

      Solar street lights usually come with a 3-year warranty, and some manufacturers provide them with a 5-year warranty, of course, the 5-year warranty price is higher than 3 years.


      Solar street lights systems are project products, usually, a project needs dozens to thousands of sets of solar street lights, if you accidentally choose a low-quality solar street light, you will suffer huge losses, so I recommend customers choose carefully, do not just focus on low-cost products, Investing in a high-quality solar street light may result in long-term cost savings. and I hope that my summary of choose quality solar street light experience can give you some help.

        Endurance Solar Street Lights

        Why do solar street light batteries need to be buried underground?

        Solar street lights are loved by people because of their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, durability, low maintenance costs, cleanliness, and no pollution, and have become the main application of outdoor lighting in rural areas.

        solar street light batteries

        The Lifespan of solar street lights is 4 or 5 years, but the battery is relatively easy to break. Generally speaking, the batteries of solar street lights are buried underground, but do you know the reason why the batteries of solar street lights are buried underground? Let me take you through the analysis below:

        1. Anti-theft

        The battery is an important part of the solar street light, and the price is also relatively expensive, naturally, it will be targeted by some criminals. Therefore, the battery must be buried deep in the ground, and can not be buried too shallow, otherwise it will provide a convenient way for thieves.


        2. Prevent water from entering the battery

        Batteries are afraid of water intrusion, and storage batteries are no exception. Although the outer layer of the battery has waterproof measures, to achieve a better waterproof effect, it needs to be covered with cement around it. Some constructions also use waterproof battery boxes. for waterproofing.

        3. Antifreeze

        Batteries can generally be used normally at minus 30°C to 60°C, but in extremely cold environments, the battery’s endurance will be reduced, and in rare cases, it will stop working.

        Therefore, if you want to install solar street lights in the colder north, it is still necessary to bury the battery more than 2 meters deep to maintain a certain temperature.

        Nowadays, some solar street light batteries generally use gel batteries, which are larger in size and weight and cannot be installed on lamp holders or poles, so they can only be buried underground.

        Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

        ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

        Clodesun launched a foldable all-in-one solar street light in 2022, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.

          Solar street light waterproof IP65

          Solar Street Light with IP65 Waterproof

          What is Solar Street Light IP65 Waterproof

          IP (International Protection) level is the protection of the product shell against dust and water as stipulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Many outdoor products need to pass the waterproof test, and for electrical products,  there may be a short circuit, leakage, decay, interference with signals and so on if the IP lever is not good.

          IP54 is the protection level of outdoor ordinary lamps and lanterns, with basic protection against dust and water spray. Generally, the light source and electrical appliances of this type of lamps and lanterns are not used in buried or submerged environments, such as garden lamps, lawn lamps, road lamps, etc. IP54 standard can be used. General outdoor lamps and lanterns Like solar street lamps with IP65 or higher IP67 or IP68 are dustproof and waterproof better and can be used directly in the underwater environment.

          Waterproofing an LED Solar Street Light consists of making all parts resistant to water: the controller, solar panel, and the luminaire.

          The solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy throughout the day, the controller manages this process and the battery powers the streetlights with electricity at night. The solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy throughout the day, the controller manages this process and the battery powers the streetlights with electricity at night. Waterproofing the LED street lamp luminaire is also crucial. The stability and safety of the LED street lamp lighting at night can only be ensured by effectively waterproofing the LED street lamp luminaire. The stability and safety of the LED street lamp lighting at night can only be ensured by effectively waterproofing the luminaire.

          How to make Solar Street Light pass IP65 waterproof Level

          1. Lamp design: The lamps of solar street lights need a waterproof design, such as choosing a special sealing structure, waterproof joints waterproof switches, etc., to ensure that rainwater will not penetrate the interior of the lamps.

          2. Circuit protection: The circuit of the solar street light needs to be protected, such as choosing waterproof and moisture-proof circuit boards and electrical components to ensure that the circuit will not be short-circuited or damaged by rain.

          3. Installation location: solar streetlights need to be installed in a suitable location to avoid being affected by heavy rain or flooding. For example, components such as solar panels and circuit boards should be installed at a higher position from the ground, and sturdy and stable mounting brackets should also be selected.

          4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, checking circuit components, replacing damaged parts, etc., to ensure that the waterproof performance of solar street lights will not be affected.

          5. In short, by comprehensively adopting the above measures, the waterproof performance of solar street light can be effectively improved to reach the waterproof grade of IP65, to ensure the normal work and service life of the street light under adverse weather conditions.

          To improve the waterproof treatment of the solar street light controller, most of the controller is installed in the lampshade, and the battery box, generally will not get into the water, but in the actual case of the project will be some, such as improper installation or the controller’s circuit board did not do the three anti-painting treatment, which led to the rain will be along the controller’s terminals outside the wiring flows into the solar street light controller, which in turn caused the emergence of a short-circuit situation.


          Clodesun’s solar lights are water-proof IP68. For those of you who are worried about how well solar streetlights perform in bad weather, have no fear! Solar streetlights are designed to withstand wet seasons and winters.

          Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

          ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

          Clodesun launched a foldable all-in-one solar street light in 2022, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.



            200w solar street light

            What is the Price of 200w Solar Street Light

            Solar streetlight prices are influenced by many factors. solar street lights with poles and batteries are the 2 most important factors in understanding the pricing. When you are looking for 200w solar street lights, consider the aspects talked about during the article, which will help you choose a suitable, high-quality solar street light to avoid losses.

            How much of 200w Solar Street Light

            1. The number of lamp beads is not equal to a 200w solar lamp.

            There are dozens or hundreds of 200W lamp beads, so the number of lamp beads above has nothing to do with the power. A professional explanation is that the lamp beads commonly used in solar lamps range from 0.01W/piece to 5W/piece, and there are even integrated lamp beads of 10-30W/piece. Different lamp beads produce specific power and use different quantities. Lamp beads with different powers have different prices, so the more lamp beads, the better or brighter it is.

            2. The power of 200W is a virtual standard.

            Simply calculate the power consumption of a 200W lamp and compare it with the power generated by the solar panel to see if the daily power generated is enough for the daily power consumption. The derivation of the solar street light formula comes from: the solar panel’s power generation for the day = the lamp head’s electricity consumption for the day, so if a slightly more professional manufacturer configures the system, it will follow this principle. Normal solar street lights will not work at rated power all night but will operate at reduced power. We set their full power working time to 5 hours/night.

            Calculate the power consumption of 200W lamp: 200W*5H=1000WH

            Daily power generation of solar panels = wattage * peak sunshine hours on that day (calculated according to 3 in most areas of the country) * 0.75

            Small solar integrated light: 8W*3H*0.75=18WH

            Solar floodlight: 24W*3H*0.75=54WH

            Large solar integrated light: 88W*3H*0.75=198WH

            Obviously, none of the power generation capacity is enough to meet the electricity consumption that day, so they are all false standards.

            Conversely, we can also estimate the actual power of these lamps: daily power generation/5 hours of full power operation.

            Small solar integrated light: 18WH/5H=3.6W

            Solar floodlight: 54WH/5H=10.8W

            Large solar integrated light: 198WH/5H=39.6W

            3. How to calculate the actual power of solar panels

            The boards currently on the market, including losses, are roughly: polycrystalline 150W per square meter, and monocrystalline 1square meter 165W. Of course, if more efficient cells are used, or the overall efficiency of the cells is improved later, the power per square meter will increase accordingly. However, due to cost constraints, solar streetlights cannot use such good cells. On the contrary, cheap lights will only use worse cells. In other words, 150W/165W per square meter is calculated as the larger one for boards with a power lower than 50W.

            Small integrated lamp: 0.38*0.17*150W=9.69, the standard 8W is enough

            You can calculate it according to this method, and you can see that the power of some boards is also imaginary.

            4. Lithium battery capacity comparison

            First, look at its nominal specifications, some are marked mA, some are marked mAH, and some are marked AH. First, let’s learn about the units of lithium battery capacity. There are only two units of battery capacity, mAH and AH. The conversion relationship between the two is: 1000mAH=1AH.

            Some of the specifications are not clearly marked, and the editor thinks they can be eliminated directly. They do not even respect the minimum consumer’s right to know. Either he is a middleman and does not know the specifications at all, or he deliberately conceals it, and his integrity is questionable.

            Comparison of different voltages of lithium batteries: multiply the capacity and battery voltage to get the battery storage capacity and then compare

            For example, compared with 36000 mAH and 54AH 12.8V, which battery is larger?

            If the battery voltage is not marked, it can be calculated as 3.2V.

            36000 mAH=36AH *3.2V =115.2WH

            54AH * 12.8V = 691.2WH

            691.2/115.2=6, it can be seen that the difference between the two batteries is 6 times.

            To see if the battery configuration is reasonable, you can simply use the following calculation to see:

            Lithium battery storage power/street light power consumption for the day (actual street light power * full power working time) ≥ 2

            Personally, I feel that the discharge depth of the lithium battery should be less than or equal to 50% to ensure the life of the lithium battery.

            Let’s choose one from the above and calculate it:

            Small integrated lamp: the actual power of the lamp is about 3.6W, the full power working time is about 5 hours every night, the lithium battery is 8000mAH 3.2V

            That is: 8*3.2=25.6


            Therefore, from the data we deduced, this battery is a bit on the small side.

             How to choose the right 200w solar street light?

            1. Budget.
            For an ordinary small yard at home, Clodesun recommends a price range of 30-80 US dollars. The light source power can basically reach more than 10W, and the brightness is enough. Choose several models within this range, make a list of configurations, and compare them. For the same price, choose one with larger configurations. Of course, the final price still depends on your budget.

            2. Configuration.
            At the same price, choose one with a larger configuration. Another principle is that in areas with good sunshine, choose larger batteries, and in areas with poor sunshine, choose larger solar panels.

            3. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty.
            At present, the warranty on the market generally ranges from 1 to 3 years. Ask clearly about the warranty policy. If the lamp is broken, how will the manufacturer repair it? Should it send a new one directly or send the old one back for repair? How will the shipping cost be calculated?

            4. Try to buy from manufacturers.
            If you pay attention to quality, you need high-quality, long-lasting (8-10 year lifespan) solar street lights.

            Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

            ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

            Clodesun launched a foldable all-in-one solar street light in 2022, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.


              5 star review solar street light

              5 Reasons Why Solar Street Light doesn’t Work

              Solar street lights are widely used in our daily lives, in both urban and rural areas, on main roads or country lanes, and in scenic spots or courtyards. They bring significant convenience to our nighttime activities. However, since solar street lights are exposed to the outdoors, they are susceptible to environmental influences, leading to potential malfunctions. So, how should we troubleshoot and address these issues?

              best solar street light manufacturers in Brazil

              1. The Whole solar street light is not working.

              1. There are typically four reasons for a complete light failure. One common issue is water ingress into the controller inside the lamp head, causing a short circuit. First, check for signs of water or rust at the wiring terminals of the controller.
              2. If there is evidence of water ingress, the controller is likely damaged. Use a multimeter on the resistance setting to measure the continuity across the circuit’s two ends. The controller needs replacement if the resistance is too low, indicating a short circuit.
              3. Inspect the battery if the issue is not a short circuit caused by controller damage. Measure the battery’s voltage; if it is not holding a charge, prompt replacement is necessary.
              4. If the battery is functioning correctly, further inspect the solar panel. Check for voltage and current output under normal operating conditions. If there is no output, the solar panel may need replacement.

              If all the above components are functioning properly, the light source itself may be faulty. Power the LED light source and observe if it illuminates normally. If not, timely replacement is recommended.

              Clodesun solar street light produce


              2. Solar street lights have a short illumination duration

              After using solar street lights for a certain period, even with sufficient sunlight, there may be a situation where the lights stay on for a short duration, and fail to provide illumination on cloudy or rainy days. This is often attributed to issues with the rechargeable battery, as its energy storage capacity may have decreased. This naturally leads to insufficient stored power. Timely replacement with a compatible battery is the solution, ensuring that the new battery meets the appropriate specifications.

              solar street light battery replace

              3.  Solar street light head stays fully illuminated and does not turn  off

              When installing solar street lights, some customers may encounter the issue of LED lights turning on immediately after installation and can not be turned off. In such cases, it is important to check whether the positive and negative terminals of the solar panels are correctly connected first. If they are reversed, it is necessary to correct the connection immediately.

              Subsequently, you can use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the solar panels and compare the readings. If the voltage values are inconsistent, and especially if they are too low, it indicates a potential quality issue with the solar panels themselves, and prompt replacement is advised.

              Solar street light install

              4. The solar street light LED Chips do not work

              When manufacturing solar street light LED sources, the occurrence of virtual welding is common and can easily lead to such outcomes. It is necessary to replace the corresponding light beads and ensure secure welding. If all light LED sources are well-welded, the issue may likely stem from the quality of the light source itself, necessitating the replacement of the entire lamp head.

              solar street light installations

              solar street light installations


              5. Solar Street Light Source Flickering

              The solar street light source flickers and the causes of this phenomenon are multifaceted. Firstly, consider replacing the lamp. If the issue persists after replacement, it may be related to the wiring. Check the wiring connections to ensure good contact and address any issues promptly.

              If the wiring is not the problem and the light source continues to flicker, it is necessary to inspect the battery. If the battery is in a discharged state with insufficient stored power, it could also lead to the flickering of the light source. In such cases, timely battery replacement is recommended.


              Addressing a solar street light not working issue promptly is essential for maintaining safety and ensuring the proper functioning of the system. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow when troubleshooting solar streetlights:

              1. Safety First:
                • Before attempting any troubleshooting, ensure your safety. Turn off the power supply to the solar street light system to avoid electric shock.
              2. Check the Basics:
                • Verify that the solar street light is in its designated operation hours (nighttime).
                • Ensure that the solar panel is not obstructed by any objects, dirt, or debris, preventing it from receiving sunlight.
              3. Inspect the Battery:
                • Check the battery for any signs of damage or corrosion.
                • Verify that the battery connections are secure.
              4. Examine the Solar Panel:
                • Clean the solar panel surface if it’s covered with dirt or debris.
                • Inspect for any damage to the solar panel and wiring.
              5. Evaluate the LED Bulbs:
                • Check if the LED bulbs are functioning. If not, they may need replacement.
                • Inspect the wiring between the solar panel, battery, and LED bulbs for any loose connections.
              6. Assess the Controller:
                • The charge controller plays a crucial role in regulating the charging and discharging of the battery. Check for any issues or malfunctions.
                • Ensure that the controller settings are configured correctly.
              7. Examine Wiring and Connections:
                • Inspect all wiring for signs of wear, damage, or loose connections.
                • Repair or replace any damaged wiring.
                • Confirm that all connections are secure.
              8. Battery Voltage:
                • Check the voltage of the battery using a multimeter. Ensure it’s within the specified range.
              9. Consult Manufacturer’s Instructions:
                • Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps and guidelines.
              10. Professional Assistance:
                • If you are unable to identify or rectify the issue, or if you are unsure about handling electrical components, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

              Remember, safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with electrical systems. If you’re uncertain about any step, it’s better to seek help from a qualified professional or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

                solar light price list

                2024 Solar Street Light Price: How Much Do They Cost?

                How much does the LED Street light price list

                Clodesun provided a list of LED street lights with their respective lengths and wattage ranges, along with associated price ranges as follows:

                3m 20W-30W LED street light $45-50.

                4m 30W-40W LED street light $50-58.

                5m 30W-50W LED street street light $62-70.

                6m 30W-80W LED street lamp $70-90.

                8m 80W-120W LED street lamp $120-150.

                10m 100W-120W LED street lamp $165-298.

                12m 120W LED street light $310-350.

                LED STREET LIGHT

                Solar Street Light Types Price Range
                All in one Solar Street Light $65-$340
                Split Type Solar Street Light $120-$420
                Solar Garden Light Solar Street Light $15-$100

                How much does the Integrated Solar Street light price list

                Clodesun provided a price lisAll-In-One t for different configurations of Solar LED streetlights. The prices are listed in ranges, probably reflecting variations based on specific features, quality, and perhaps other factors. Here’s a breakdown of the provided information:

                3m 20W-40W integrated solar street light: $65-70
                4m 12W-30W integrated solar street light: $75-120
                5m 24W-40W integrated solar street light: $135-150
                6m 24W-40W integrated solar street light: $150-168
                7m 30W-50W integrated solar street light: $170-180
                8m 40W-60W integrated solar street light: $185-200
                9m 60w-80w integrated solar street light: $185-238
                10m 100w-120w integrated solar street light: 265$-340

                It’s important to note that these prices might vary based on factors such as the supplier, quality of materials, warranty, and additional features.

                solar street light price in Dubai

                How much does the Solar Street light poles price list

                The cost of solar street light poles can vary based on factors such as height, material, and design. The prices you’ve provided seem to be estimates per meter for different pole heights, and they also include the cost of hot-dip galvanization. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and actual prices may vary based on factors like location, supplier, and specific design requirements.

                Here’s a summary of the estimated costs you’ve mentioned:

                1. 3m-4m pole: $45-$80
                2. 5m-6m pole: $75-$120
                3. 7m-8m pole: $119-$176
                4. 9m-12m pole: $171-$300

                These prices do not include the cost of the solar street light fixtures themselves, which you’ve mentioned separately based on their wattage. Additionally, other factors such as installation costs, shipping, and any customization or additional features can also contribute to the overall cost.

                8m solar street light poles

                How much does the Split Solar Street light price list

                Clodesun provided the details on the solar split street light prices. It appears to be a pricing range based on the height of the street light pole and the corresponding wattage of the solar light.

                3m-4 m 30W-40W Solar split street light $120-150
                5m 40W-50W Solar split street light $150-170
                6m 50W-60W Solar split street light $170-198
                7m 60W-80W Solar split street light $198-250
                8m 80W-100W Solar split street light $250-350$.
                10m-12m 100w-120w Solar split street light $350-420$

                split solar street light


                How much does the Solar Garden light price list

                Solar lights, use the sun’s energy to charge a battery, In most situations, the lights turn on automatically as the sun rises. Isn’t that brilliant? Clodesun Find out here the wholesale solar garden lights list price.

                1m-1.5m 15W-20W solar garden light: $15-30
                1.5m-2m 20W-25W  solar garden light: $30-50
                2m-3m 25W-30W solar garden light: $50-100

                solar garden light price

                How much does the Solar Flood light price list

                Clodesun provided a price list for different wattages of solar flood lights. Here’s the breakdown:

                • 10w Solar flood light: $15-25
                • 20w Solar flood light: $20-30
                • 30w Solar flood light: $29-40
                • 50w Solar flood light: $47-55
                • 100w Solar flood light: $65-88

                solar flood light price


                I have been working in the solar street light industry for many years, the most frequently asked question is, How much do solar street lights cost? But before we answer that question, let’s break down first some of the major factors influencing solar street light prices.

                Solar street light costs are highly influenced by several factors. Therefore, you should take note of these factors to understand the pricing. Compared to conventional street lights, solar street lights are essentially more cost-effective, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. While the upfront cost of solar street lights is more expensive than the cost of traditional street lights,

                Solar streetlight prices are influenced by many factors. solar street lights with poles and batteries are the 2 most important factors in understanding the pricing. When you are looking for a battery and pole for solar street lights, consider the aspects talked about during the article, which will help you choose a suitable, high-quality solar street light to avoid losses.

                We recommend purchasing solar street lights from reputable manufacturers only because they provide good biggest deals and high-quality solar street lights. Aside from that, they often offer discounted rates for bulk orders.

                Bonus: ClodeSun Solar

                ClodeSun (CLODE Optoelectric Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it is a high-tech enterprise in China. But ClodeSun sells a lot of products in Europe.

                Clodesun launched a foldable all-in-one solar street light in 2022, which was designed by our German team for more than 1 year and tested for 2 years. This light stands out among various integrated solar streetlights. It is widely praised by customers all over the world.


                  solar street light review

                  2024 Solar Street Lights’ Honest Bad Review

                  Reviewing solar street lights is an important aspect of ensuring their performance and efficiency. As senior engineers, We reviewed a solar street light today.

                  Plastic solar street light

                  I purchased this solar street light online for $17, and unfortunately, it turned out to be a major disappointment. Despite the attractive stats and the abundance of similar-looking lights in various online shops, this particular product did not live up to expectations.

                  17$ SOLAR STREET LIGHT ONLINE


                  • Affordable price at $17.
                  • Similar-looking lights with promising stats are widely available.


                  • Poor quality of light.
                  • [Specify any issues with brightness, durability, battery life, etc.]
                  • [Mention if there were any difficulties in installation or use.]

                  1 star solar street light

                  Solar lights are outdoor lighting systems that rely on the energy generated by the sun through solar panels. The core components of a typical solar light include:

                  1. Solar Panels: These are photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. The solar panels are usually mounted on top of the light fixture or in a separate panel that can be positioned to receive maximum sunlight panel
                  2. Battery: Solar lights have rechargeable batteries to store the energy generated by the solar panels during the day. These batteries are crucial for powering the light during the night or in low-light conditions when sunlight is not battery
                  3. LED Lights: Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) are commonly used in solar lights due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. LEDs provide the actual illumination when the solar light is activated.led chips
                  4. Controller/Charge Controller: The controller regulates the flow of electricity between the solar panels and the battery. It prevents overcharging of the battery during the day and ensures a steady power supply to the LED lights during the street light controller

                  In this solar street light review. First of all, we are going to talk about the many advantages of this solar street light. This is why many people buy it.

                  1. Lightweight Design:

                    This feature is undoubtedly beneficial for ease of handling and installation. The lightweight nature of the solar street light makes it accessible to a broader range of users, including those who may not have access to heavy-duty equipment.

                  2. Easy Installation:

                    The simplicity of installation is a key selling point for many consumers. The fact that no wiring is required and basic tools are sufficient makes it a user-friendly option. This ease of installation not only saves time but also appeals to individuals who may not have advanced technical skills.

                  3. Practical Sensor Function:

                    The sensor function, triggering the light to turn on when people are present and off when the area is vacant, is a valuable feature. This not only enhances convenience for users but also contributes to energy efficiency by ensuring that the light is only in use when needed. This is particularly advantageous for outdoor lighting, where energy conservation is often a priority.

                  solar street light review

                  So is it worth buying? Next, I’m going to talk about its 6 major disadvantages from the perspective of a professional senior engineer.

                  Disadvantage 1: Low Brightness

                  Its actual brightness is equivalent to that of a tiny light bulb.
                  On the right, we light up the solar street light in the lab test sphere.
                  On the left, I’m lighting up a 10-watt bulb inside the same test sphere.
                  Let’s compare them outside and again: the 10-watt bulb is much brighter.

                  SOLAR LIGHT BULBS

                  Disadvantages 2: Exaggerated wattage.

                  Many solar street light merchants mark 800 watts on the product’s page, falsely labeling it more than 100 times. This is more common in major online shops, and the manufacturer uses 160pcs of beads on this low-brightness light Misleading information can lead to consumer dissatisfaction and undermine trust in the industry. Because they create an illusion: the more the number of LED beads, the more power. They use very cheap beads. The cost is only one-tenth to one-twentieth of the quality beads

                  .800W solar street light

                  The power of a solar street light lamp is largely determined by the size of the solar panel and the battery capacity. Because the solar panel determines its ability to receive energy from the sun. and the battery determines its ability to store energy. So how can a solar panel that is so small drive an 800-watt light?

                  solar street light panel and battery


                  Disadvantage 3: Not environmentally friendly and does not comply with RoHS regulations

                  This lamp contains 160pcs LED lamp beads, and these lamp beads are soldered and require the use of solder paste. The cost of solder paste is directly proportional to the number of lamp beads. To save costs, most manufacturers use lead-containing solder paste, which does not meet environmental protection requirements.

                  ROHS CERTIFICATE


                   Disadvantage 4: poor waterproof performance.

                  When we open the solar panel of the purchased solar street light, we can find that there is no rubber ring or glue inside. This will cause rain or fog to enter the interior of the lamp body along this gap after a period of use, which will cause The internal electronic parts to be damaged and even cause the battery to catch fire.

                  solar street light waterproof

                  Disadvantage 5: Battery capacity is small

                  Although I didn’t test its capacity, I could check the size of its battery. Moreover, by looking at its other configurations, I have reason to believe that it uses cheap, low-capacity batteries with low-capacity retention. after a period of repeated use,

                  If the solar street light utilizes subpar batteries, it may experience issues, including decreased working time, reduced brightness, and overall diminished performance over time. Poor-quality batteries can exhibit faster degradation and have a limited number of charge-discharge cycles.

                  solar street light battery capacity

                  Disadvantage 6: The materials are ordinary

                  All metal materials are iron and plastic shells. It can be used for a short period, but over time, it will cause more problems due to rust, corrosion, etc. Moreover, the mounting holes of the lamp are too shallow, making it unsafe to use in areas with strong winds.

                  bad quality solar street light


                  To sum up, although this solar street light is easy to install and has some very practical sensing functions, it has too many key quality issues. So the review result I gave is 1 star.

                  Buying advice:
                  1. If you are using it for personal use, in an environment where there is not much rain, and your requirements for light color are not high, you can still buy this lamp but don’t have too high expectations.

                  2. In addition, you must also understand that this lamp is not cheap, because its brightness is not as bright as a small LED bulb (many bulbs also have simple waterproof functions), and a big brand bulb only costs a few dollars.

                  3. If you are a project contractor or Party A and need to match solar lights for some residential areas, villas, and road projects with high requirements, be sure not to choose this type of solar street light.

                    Solar Street Lighting Monitoring System

                    Solar Street Light with Intelligent Monitoring System

                    Why Clodesun launched the solar street light intelligent monitoring system solution

                    The deployment of green energy solutions, such as solar street lights, plays a crucial role in modern urban development with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Solar street lamps harness energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, providing a clean and renewable source of power for outdoor lighting. Here are some key advantages and contributions of green energy initiatives like solar street lamps

                    With the expansion of solar street light application and market, many problems in solar street light management are becoming more and more prominent, due to the installation of solar street lights in remote areas, the later inspection and maintenance workload is large, and the equipment also lacks unified management.

                    Clodesun has launched the solar street light intelligent monitoring system solution, to help solar street light efficient and unified intelligent management, and has been widely used in many countries at home and abroad.

                    To better change the traditional solar street light control and maintenance problems, Clodesun relies on our Internet of Things (IoT) technology advantages, through the remote terminal control equipment – and solar lighting control platform, to build a solar lighting intelligent monitoring system. Real-time monitoring of solar panels and batteries, equipment operation, and all-round enhancement of the level of remote intelligent control of solar street lights, to achieve a more efficient and convenient level of operation and maintenance.

                    Solar Lighting Intelligent Control


                    Solar street light intelligent monitoring system advantages

                    Intelligent control

                    Remote control of the solar street light switch, brightness, timely grasp of the operating status of the equipment, abnormal alarms, and other information

                    Automated operation

                    Remotely formulate, issue, and update preset strategy tasks, intelligent operation without manual intervention, record equipment warning information in all aspects, automatic inspection without manual intervention.

                    Convenience and Flexibility

                    Support real-time query of solar panel/battery voltage, current, power, and other operating data, and quickly generate various data reports.

                    Efficient Management

                    Realize solar street light remote unified centralized control and management, make solar street light more intelligent and energy-saving.

                    IOT solar street light system

                    Solar street light Intelligent monitoring System Case study

                    Malaysia Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

                    Malaysia is a tropical country located in the equatorial region, so this country enjoys an abundance of sunlight. In particular, the country’s average solar radiation ranges between 4.7 and 6.5 kWh/m2. For this reason, Malaysia is a strong contender for using solar energy as its primary source of power.

                    Furthermore, just like other developing countries, Malaysia faces the problem of a rapid rise in energy consumption due to an increasing population. And since fossil fuels are not renewable, nor are they healthy for both the environment and people, the government has to seek an alternative quickly. Solar energy is the best option for them.

                    Clodesun provided the solar lighting intelligent control system for this project, realizing the remote intelligent management of solar street lights.

                    The project uses high luminous efficiency LED chips, which greatly reduce the power of the whole lamp, and also uses the latest solar power supply technology, which can be charged normally even on cloudy and rainy days.

                    Through the solar lighting monitoring system, it realizes intelligent dimming, intelligent power reduction, time division to control light illumination, remote light switching, and remote fault inspection, which greatly reduces the artificial maintenance cost and improves the efficiency of street light management.

                    SOLAR STREET LIGHT PROJECT IN malaysia


                    Cameroon Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

                    In 2019 August, Cameroon power utility company Energy of Cameroon S.A. (Eneo) approved a consortium led by Norwegian solar developer Scatec Solar for the construction of two PV plants with a total installed generation capacity of 25 MW. So far, Cameroon has a total installed solar power capacity of around 1.3 GW and a population of 24 million people.

                    As one of the largest cities in Cameroon, this project provides solar street lighting for several roads in the park. Clodesun uses the latest solar-powered technology to help achieve intelligent control of high-efficiency solar lighting in the streets of Douala through solar lighting terminal control devices.

                    solar street light project in Camernoon

                    Thailand Solar Street Light Intelligent Control Project

                    Thailand is indeed located in Southeast Asia and has a tropical monsoon climate. It is situated roughly between latitudes 5°37’N and 20°27’N and longitudes 97°22’E and 105°37’E. This geographical location places Thailand close to the equator, contributing to its tropical climate.

                    Clodesun is contributing to the development of Thailand’s solar photovoltaic industry by providing intelligent management solutions for solar street lights. Using solar terminal controllers can be a smart approach to optimize the efficiency of street light management. Here are a few potential benefits and features associated with such systems

                    solar street light project in Thailand

                    Clodesun’s Solar Street Lighting Monitoring System is designed to create a network of intelligent solar streetlights for efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Such systems often aim to enhance the overall performance, monitoring, and management of solar streetlights. Here’s an overview of potential features and benefits associated with a solar street lighting monitoring system.